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Murders in Carter Co. [Justice]

Murders in Carter Co. [Justice]

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Surnames: Justice
Is there anyone that can tell me where to look for murders that happened in Carter Co in the 1860's. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Murders in Carter Co.

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Surnames: Justice
if you find anything out please let me know it sounds intresting.

Re: Murders in Carter Co.

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Hi Angela and Birdie,
Please check the archives of KY-FEUDS--we also research murders of KY:
I am researching murders done in the Bayes-Bowling-Hall and Sturgill family lines.
Thank You,

Re: Murders in Carter Co. [Yates, Kinney]

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Surnames: Yates, Kinney
Have you learned about Lottie Yates or Stella Kinney?
I am unsure of the date for Lottie Yates, but Stella's murder occurred in 1915. Lydia

Re: Murders in Carter Co. [Porter-Yates-Kinney]

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Surnames: Porter, Yates, Kinney
Hi Lydia,
I show that Austin Porter was hung June 6, 1892 at Leon in Carter Co. for killing his wife Charlotte Yates.
I do not have any info on Stella Kinney.
Take care,

Re: Murders in Carter Co. [Kinney-Yates-Frasure]

Lydia (View posts)
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Surnames: Kinney, Frasure, Fields, Vinson
Dear Ramona, I have a song typed some years back about Lottie Yates. I can make copies and mail it to you, if you don't have it.

I also have a song about Stella Kinney. Stella was my aunt.She was age 17, when her Uncle Robert S. Frasure killed her with a hatchet. He attacked her on the Garvin Ridge above Olive Hill, on a dark rainy night. It was May 2, 1915. She was his niece, and she 4 months pregnant with his child.
He endured six trials, and a changed venue to Lawrence County where the Judge sent for 75 honest men from Madison County, free from bribery and influence of Frasure's father. Those jurors from Madison County convicted him of willful murder. He served 9 years at Frankfort until Governor Jason Fields was persuaded to release him. Fred Vinson, who became Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
defended Frasure at Louisa during his latter trials.

Frasure was released to live among his people in Floyd County, and often visited Carter County. The parents of Stella Kinney kept their own counsel, ostracised for having defended their daughter, Stella; The Frasure family was divided over the case, wanting to save Frasure even after they knew he had murdered his niece. Until recently, over 85 years, family members, who are still living, remain estranged.
Stella is buried at the John Kinney cemetery on the hill above the Pottery
Shed store on old US 60, near Olive Hill, Kentucky Lydia

Re: Murders in Carter Co.

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Surnames: Kinney
I love collecting the folk songs of KY and would like a copy of Lottie's Song.
Also thank you for the excellent information on the tragic death of Stella Kinney.
Warm Regards,

Re: Murders in Carter Co. [Yates-Kinney-Frazier]

bj hall (View posts)
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Surnames: Yates, Kinney, Frazier
The murder of Lottie Yates occurred in Willard, Carter Co. Ky in 1895 - - Stella Kinney began on one Sunday night the second of May 1917 when Robert Frazier an educated and well to do merchan living in Ewing, Fleming Co ,Ky. murdered his 17 year old niece Stella Kinney on Garvin Ridge, just west of Olive Hill Ky

Re: Murders in Carter Co. [Yates-Kinney-Frasure]

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Surnames: Yates, Kinney, Frasure
Thanks, Mr. Hall about the data on Lottie Yates and Stella Kinney. Actually, Stella was attacked on May 2, 1915, and died the next day May 3, on Monday at noon at her father's home in the Pleasant Valley. She was my aunt. Are you also related?
The six trials for her murderer, Robert S. Frasure concluded in December, 1917 Lydia

Re: Murders in Carter Co. [Justice-Hall]

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Surnames: Justice, Hall
This message is for B,Hall. On the murder in Carter Co. of John Jarrett Nov. 1864. John was married to Jane Hall. Is Jane hall in your lingage? Have you heard or read of this murder?
Thank you so much for your time.
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