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Italian Orphanage

Italian Orphanage

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Anyone else have an Italian orphanage
called Casagrande as part of their
family history? Oral history - no documents



Jeff Casagrande (View posts)
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Same story, orphan in Italy. My family came from Venice. Apparently, Casagrande is a rather generic term, as my dad went to Venice to find THE orphanage but was not successful. Its a common name over there. In fact, when he went to Switzerland, the hotel clerk said "Casagrande, from Venice".
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No kidding! You're the first besides our family that I have heard that confirmed.
Other sources have said that in parts of Italy (southern?) Casagrande is for nobility.
Our's are from around Genoa as far as we know.

I have posted on Rootsweb and

Thanks for the reply.

Csagrande surname orphanage

Louis J.Casagrande (View posts)
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I am aware of the orphan lineage.Probably true. The genoa Casagrandes are most likely from a local orphanage. If you check back far enough you will see that Garibaldi's original group included men from Genoa with the name Della Casagrande (from the Big House),which could be an orphanage. The name is somewhat common in venice,tyrol and even Austria (Casagranda). Interestingly the Genoa group of Casagrandes migrated to the coasts,both east and west. Also Nevada was a popular stop for Genoese immigrants.

Frank Sinatra's maternal grandmother was Rosa Casagrande (my fathers aunt)and that group of Casagrandes came from the mountains North and east of Genoa.

Quite a few interesting stories from the Genoa group. A casagrande family migrated from the town of Moconesi (near Genoa) and migrated to Finland where they run a very sucessful business in Turku.

In conclusion the orphan story is probably correct(at least for the Genoa Casagrandes).

I have visited the area and if I return I will research it further.

Orphanage and Casagrande

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This is a most imformative reply. Thank you so much. I wonder if your lines and my husbands connect? Have you a website?
Please keep in touch. When I figure out the
USA Casagrandes, I hope to trace them to Italy. I don't know when they came other than census records in Nevada showing a daughter born about 1876 in New York. And I am in the midst of determining the name of gg grandmother's name, the wife of Luigi (B.about 1847 in Italy aka Louis)- Think it to be L.C. or Maria Corsiglia or Castro (b.about 1851 in Italy. I have contacted the Catholic Diocese in Nevada for more information.
Thank you,
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Oh and family lore does have Luigi in Garibaldi's army...this is from a letter written by his grandaughter.


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Louis Casagrande (View posts)
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John: I have a 1929 Booklet published to memorialize the completion of a road from Scoffera to Crovara in the Ligurian hills. The phamplet contains the names and towns of those who contributed. Included were Rosa Corsiglia and Stefano Casagrande (son of Carlo)both listed as living in San Marco D'Uri.They donated toward the completion of the segment of road from the frazione of Rossi to Piancerese. Rosa gave 45 lire and Stefano gave 30 lire. They may or may not have resided in Italy at the time,however, since the donation was in lire they may well have.This road was important in that it opened these small hamlets to the outside world. Anyway, birth and death records would be located in Lumarzo (Ge) Italy and I believe the Church records would be at San Martin du Vento (I've heard that the Church was recently vandalized and records kept there have probably been destroyed)


Adriana Bucelli (View posts)
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Hi, I'm a CASAGRANDE descendent, as well as many of you. I'm trying to find a birth certificate of Tadeu Casagrande, whose parents were Giovanni Casagrande and Tereza Moras. Tadeu was born in NYC, but left the city when he was a little child. Pls e-mail me if you heard anything about these names.
I also heard about the orphanage history, and all my family lives now in Brazil.
Thanks, Adriana.

orphans P.S.

Jim Justeson (View posts)
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P.S. The Rossi family from Stockton also told about "orphans from Genova". No doubt actually, "orphans from Colli, Maissano, Genova.
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