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descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

Dave Keyston (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hatfield, Haan
I have a couple of family Bibles that are supposedly connected to the Hatfield line. It would be very helpful if I could find a fairly complete geneological tree of William A. Hatfield (b. 9/9/1839) and his progeny, marriages, births, etc., so I can corroborate the authenticity of these and help a friend out by establishing certain connections for him. Also, did Wm. A. (Devil ANse) Hatfield have a son named Jacob? Thank you.

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

Bonnie Varney (View posts)
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Classification: Query

WILLIAM ANDERSON was born September 09, 1839 in Logan Co., Va, and died January 06, 1921 in Stirrat, Logan Co., WV. He married LEVICY CHAFIN April 18, 1861 in Logan Co., Va, daughter of NATHAN CHAFIN and MATILDA VARNEY. She was born December 20, 1842 in Logan Co., Va, and died March 15, 1929 in Island Creek, Logan Co., WV.

i. JOHNSON HATFIELD, b. January 05, 1862, Logan Co., WV; d. April 19, 1922, Logan Co., WV; m. (1) ROSANNA MCCOY, 1880, Pike Co., Ky; b. March 21, 1859, Pike Co., Ky; d. 1889, Pike Co., Ky; m. (2) NANCY MCCOY, May 14, 1881, Pike Co., Ky; b. 1865, Pike Co., Ky; d. 1901, Pike Co., Ky.
ii. WILLIAM ANDERSON HATFIELD, b. February 06, 1864, Logan Co., WV; d. August 22, 1930, Baltimore, MD; m. NANCY GLENN.
iii. ROBERT E. LEE HATFIELD, b. September 1866, Logan Co., WV; d. March 1931; m. MARIAH WOLFORD.
iv. NANCY BELLE HATFIELD, b. August 13, 1869, Logan Co., WV; d. May 01, 1939, Logan Co., WV; m. JOHN TOTTEN VANCE, May 16, 1889, Logan Co., WV.
v. ELLIOTT RUTHERFORD HATFIELD, b. November 12, 1872, Logan Co., WV; d. April 20, 1932, Charleston, WV; m. MARGARET SHINDER.
vi. MARY HATFIELD, b. March 09, 1874, Logan Co., WV; d. September 17, 1963; m. FRANK HOWE.
vii. ELIZABETH HATFIELD, b. May 15, 1876, Logan Co., WV; m. JOHN CALDWELL.
viii. ELIAS M. HATFIELD, b. January 02, 1878, Loagan Co., WV; d. October 17, 1911, Boomer, WV; m. PEGGY SIMPLE.
ix. DETROIT W. HATFIELD, b. November 20, 1881, Logan Co., WV; d. October 17, 1911, Boomer, WV; m. PEARL.
x. JOSEPH DAVIS HATFIELD, b. April 03, 1883, Logan Co., WV; d. May 13, 1963, Logan Co., WV; m. GRACE FERRELL; b. March 19, 1898, Mingo Co., WV; d. December 11, 1991, Huntington, WV.
xi. ROSE LEE HATFIELD, b. September 07, 1885, Logan Co., WV; d. August 31, 1965; m. MARION BROWNING.
xii. EMANUEL WILLIS WILSON HATFIELD, b. February 10, 1888, Logan Co., WV; d. May 25, 1978, Huntington, WV; m. (1) LAKE MAYNARD, Bef. 1911; m. (2) IDA L. CHAFIN, December 11, 1920, Logan Co., WV; b. July 11, 1894, Mingo Co., WV; d. July 01, 1937, Dehue, Logan Co., WV.
xiii. TENNYSON SAMUEL HATFIELD, b. July 28, 1890, Logan Co., WV; d. August 13, 1953; m. LETTIE HUNTER.

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hatfield
1. William Anderson Hatfield Sr. (b.1839;d.1921)
sp: Levisa Chafin (b.1842;m.1861;d.1929)

2. Johnson Hatfield (b.1862;d.1922)
sp: Roseanna McCoy (b.1859;m.Not mar.;d.1888)
3. Sarah Elizabeth McCoy (b.1881;d.1882)
sp: Nancy L. McCoy (b.Abt 1865;m.1881;d.Abt 1901)
3. William Anderson Hatfield III (b.1885;d.1917)
3. Stella Hatfield (b.Jan 1886;d.Aft 1900)
sp: Rebecca Browning (b.1871;m.1890)
3. Moss F Hatfield (b.1892;d.1936)
sp: Lillian Mae Curry (b.1895;m.1911;d.1921)
4. Cora Jane Hatfield (b.Abt 1913;d.1977)
sp: Andrew Caperton (b.Abt 1910)
sp: George Robinson (b.Abt 1892;m.1934)
sp: Thomas
4. Georgia Hatfield (b.1914;d.1936)
sp: Mat Bower (b.Abt 1894;m.1932)
4. Johnson Robert Hatfield (b.1916;d.1950)
sp: Zettie Cantrell (b.1921;m.1939)
4. Troy Kenny Hatfield (b.1919;d.1973)
sp: Pearl Trent (b.1926;m.1946)
4. Donald Hatfield (b.1920;d.1970)
sp: ?
sp: Nancy Jane Meadows (b.1896;m.Not mar.;d.1958)
4. Rebecca Violet Beatrice Hatfield (b.1914;d.1990)
sp: George Roy Perry Sr. (b.1901;m.1928;d.1988)
sp: Durley Allen (b.Abt 1900;m.1923)
3. Victoria E. Hatfield (b.1893)
sp: J. H. Fields (b.1885;m.1909)
4. Don Fields
4. Nancy Fields
3. Midge Hatfield (b.Abt 1895)
sp: Ernest G. Kent (b.1889;d.1961)
4. Kenneth Kent
4. Pat Kent
sp: M. Harold Johnson
4. Paul Kent
sp: Roxie Browning (b.Abt 1875;m.1896)
sp: Jinette Francis B. Toler (b.1864;m.1904;d.1952)
3. Robert Luther Hatfield (b.1904;d.1968)
sp: Josephine Mabel Hatfield (b.1909;d.1963)
4. Daniel Glenn Hatfield
4. Lloyd Luther Hatfield
4. Mary Lou Hatfield
sp: Alexander Nagy (m.1949)
4. Doris Helen Hatfield
sp: Ben Northern (m.1953)
4. Roger Hatfield
4. Frances Ann Hatfield
sp: Joe Leandearo
4. Noretta Gail Hatfield
4. Stephen Edward Hatfield
4. Edna Sue Hatfield
sp: Living Cline
4. Dillard Lee Hatfield (b.1928;d.1989)
sp: Living Weatherey

2. William Anderson Hatfield Jr. (b.1864;d.1930)
sp: Nancy Elizabeth Smith Glenn (b.1866;m.1883;d.1942)
3. Preston Hatfield
sp: Lucille Woody
3. Georgia Hatfield
sp: Joe M. Glenn
3. Muriel M. Hatfield
sp: Unknown Boone
sp: Louis Beres
4. Kendall K. Beres
sp: Patricia Ann Hatfield
sp: Edward Glen Dye
3. Coleman Alderson Hatfield (b.1889;d.1970)
sp: Bertha Marie Caldwell (b.1883;m.1907;d1963)
4. Christine A. Hatfield
sp: Leslie Earl Lilly (m.1936)
4. Coleman Caldwell Hatfield
sp: Arthelia Bird
4. Annabel Hatfield
sp: Claude A. Goode
4. Elizabeth Aileen Hatfield (b.1908;d.1946)
4. Son Hatfield (b.Abt 1909;d.1910)
4. Elinor Hatfield (b.1919;d.1920)
3. Sheppard Hatfield (b.1891;d.1898)
3. Levicy Hatfield (b.1893)
3. Louise Hatfield (b.1896)
sp: Charles A. Carter (b.Bef 1896)
3. Robert Emmett Hatfield (b.1897;d.1975)
sp: Mary Adams (b.1905;d.1975)
4. Jean Hatfield
3. Lionel Weaver Hatfield (b.1900;d.1983)
sp: Lucille Woody (m.1930)
4. Elba Robert Hatfield
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Blanche
4. Glennus Edward Hatfield (b.1932;d.1932)

2. Robert E. Lee Hatfield (b.1866;d.1931)
sp: Mariah 'Mary' Wolford (m.1886)
3. Ewell Hatfield (b.Abt 1888)
3. Forrest Hatfield (b.Abt 1889)
sp: Louisa Jane Collins Mullens (b.1854;m.1890;d.1938)
3. Anderson Hatfield (b.Abt 1890)
3. Craig Toliver Hatfield Sr. (b.1892;d.1956)
sp: Dixie Walls (b.Abt 1893;m.1913;d.Abt 1919)
4. Lula Monota Hatfield (b.1911;d.1993)
sp: Thomas William Cole (b.Abt 1890)
sp: Joseph Wayne Hatfield (m.1930)
4. Marie Beulah Hatfield (b.1914;d.1991)
sp: Maynard Murphy (m.1930)
4. Robert Wayne Hatfield (b.1916;d.1969)
sp: Virginia Lee Duncan (b.1915;m.1936;d.1977)
4. Melda Muriel Hatfield (b.1919;d.1955)
sp: Lawrence Justice (m.1936)
sp: Helen Belle Browning (b.1905;m.1920;d.1992)
4. Virginia Forrest Hatfield
sp: Roy B. Nester (b.1917;d.1983)
4. Norma Dale Hatfield
sp: Efford Endicott (m.1940)
4. Edith Maxine Hatfield
sp: James Jr. Roach
4. Tennis Samuel Hatfield
sp: Living Cantrell
4. Henry Drury Hatfield
sp: Living Johnson
4. Craig Tolliver Jr. Hatfield
4. John Tolliver Hatfield (b.1924;d.1960)
sp: Herman Marie Williams (m.1946)
4. Marcus Ewell Hatfield (b.1930;d.1992)
sp: Living Ellis
sp: Living Testerman
3. John B. Hatfield (b.1895;d.1930)
sp: Carrie Trent (m.Bef 1910)
sp: Monota Trent (m.1910)
4. Willis Troy Hatfield
sp: Lena Cline (m.1934)
sp: Lorna Mae 'Lula' Martin (m.1942)
sp: Gloss May (m.28 Jul 1920)
sp: Minnie Hatfield (m.1923)
4. John B. Jr. Hatfield
sp: Living Kennedy
sp: Freda Faye Cline (b.1937;m.1970;d.1982)
4. Craig Tolbert Hatfield (b.1927;d.1966)
sp: Merle Walls (m.1947)

2. Nancy Belle Hatfield (b.1869;d.1939)
sp: John A. Totten Vance (b.1858;m.1889;d.1939)
3. Orville Vance
3. Ward Vance
3. Early Vance
3. Mary Elizabeth Vance (b.1891)
3. Thomas Harvey Vance (b.1895)
sp: Charles W. Mullens (m.1928)

2. Elliott Rutherford Hatfield (b.1872;d.1932)
sp: Margaret Jane Schindel (b.1874;m.1896;d.1963)
3. Thelma Hatfield
sp: Latelle M. Jr. LaFollette
4. Latelle M. 'Bud' III LaFollette
sp: Alice Kuhn
3. Daniel S. Hatfield (b.1897;d.1937)
sp: Gladys Marvel (b.Aft 1897)
4. Virginia Hatfield
sp: Clem Hagen (m.Bef 1954)
sp: Ben Siechowicz (m.1954)
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Charles B. Hollis
3. Ewell Warren Hatfield (b.1901;d.1970)
sp: Ruth Barclay (m.1931)
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Jerome Callan
4. Living Hatfield
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Wright
3. Forrest Hatfield (b.1905;d.1988)
sp: Joseph Francis Fletcher (m.1928)
4. Joseph Francis Jr. Fletcher
sp: Living DeGorza
4. Living Fletcher
sp: Robert Geniesse

2. Mary Hatfield (b.1874;d.1963)
sp: Unknown Simpkins
3. Homer Simpkins
3. Vici Simpkins (b.1897)
sp: George Hensley (b.Bef 1874;m.1892)
sp: Frank Howes (b.Abt 1875;m.1900)
3. Harvey Howes
3. Joseph 'Joe' Howes
3. Lindsey Howes
3. Levicy Howes
3. Hattie Howes (b.Abt 1901;d.1951)
3. Anderson 'Anse' Howes (b.Abt 1903;d.Abt 1939)

2. Elizabeth Hatfield (b.1876)
sp: Andrew Jackson Sizemore (b.Abt 1868;m.Abt 1891)
3. Sarah A. Sizemore (b.Abt 1892)
3. Laura Mae Sizemore (b.Abt 1897)
sp: John Reed Caldwell (b.Abt 1871;m.1902)
3. Ocie Caldwell
sp: John Browning
4. Sarah Elizabeth Browning
sp: Fonzo Wright Dotson
3. Joseph 'Joe' Caldwell

2. Elias M. Hatfield (b.1878;d.1911)
sp: Peggy Samples (b.Aft 1873)

2. Detroit W. Hatfield (b.1881;d.1911)
sp: Pearl
sp: Cora Vance (b.Abt 1886)

2. Joseph Davis Hatfield Sr. (b.1883;d.1963)
sp: Virginia McDonald (b.Abt 1884;m.1905)
3. Lora Hatfield
3. Anderson Hatfield
3. Levisa Hatfield
3. Willis Hatfield
sp: Grace M. Ferrell (b.1898;m.1911;d.1991)
3. Evelyn M. Hatfield
sp: Unknown Gannon
4. Living Gannon
sp: Living Smith
3. Joseph Davis Hatfield Jr. (b.1922;d.1992)

2. Rose Lee Hatfield (b.1885;d.1965)
sp: Marion Browning (b.Abt 1887;m.1903)
3. Lora Browning
3. Levis Browning
3. Willis Tennis Browning
sp: Unknown
4. Roseanna Browning
sp: Philip Lee Spina
3. Joe Browning
3. Robert Anderson 'Anse' Browning (b.1904;d.1936)

2. Emmanuel Willis Wilson Hatfield (b.1888;d.1978)
sp: Lake Maynard (b.Aft 1888;m.Bef 1911)
3. Mary Alice Hatfield
sp: Tennie Halstead
3. June Hatfield
sp: Roy Farley
sp: Unknown Rutherford
3. John Hatfield
3. Joe W. Hatfield (b.1914;d.1976)
sp: Josephine Unknown
4. Living Hatfield
4. Living Hatfield
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Hughes
sp: Ida Pearl Chafin (b.1894;m.1920;d.1937)
3. Ruth Hatfield
sp: George Minotti (m.1941)
3. Robert Hatfield

2. Tennyson Samuel Hatfield Sr. (b.1890;d.1953)
sp: Charlotte Hunter (b.1896;m.1911;d.1968)
3. Dan Hatfield
3. James Hatfield (b.1914;d.1976)
sp: Sadie Viola Walters (b.Abt 1896;m.1917)
3. Evaline Marie Hatfield
3. Abie Hatfield
3. Jackson Anderson Hatfield
sp: Anna Marie Moore (m.1941)
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Unknown
sp: Living Curico
4. Tennis Leroy Hatfield (b.1943;d.1943)
sp: Oma Elzie Ritchie (m.Bef 1949)
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Beres
4. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Adkins
4. Living Hatfield
3. Henry Drury Hatfield
sp: Dorothy Davis (m.1951)
sp: Shirley Jean Wangler (m.1957)
3. William Grant Hatfield
sp: Marquita 'Margie' Ratliff (m.1948)
3. Tennyson Samuel Hatfield Jr. (b.1918;d.1978)
sp: Margaret Botney (m.1937)
3. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Unknown
3. Living Hatfield
sp: Living Peebles
3. Living Hatfield
3. Living Hatfield

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
Surnames: MOUNTS

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

Posted: 1192390994000
Classification: Query
Surnames: mounts and hatfields
is there a daughter of niece or granddaughter named columbia hatfield b:1884 married a bud mounts real name michell mounts in any of the records ?? I ve been trying to find the parents of columbia she is my gggrandmother and I think I found her living with the mayhons in the 1880 census but her name is not mayhon it is hatfield. I ve talked to a few people in west virginia and she was a hatfield they just dont know what family... one told us her father died in prison a WALL VALENTINE HATFIELD and she has a brother named sam that used to come see her when she got sick. please I need help
thanks charlotte mounts

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hatfield, Stevens, Morgan, Nay
I grew up with stories of being related to Devil Anse Hatfield.
My mother was born in Logan county West Virginia and was raised on Coal mountain ( I think this was in wyoming county West virginia). My Grandfather was a coal miner.
I am looking to learn if my ancestors were indeed related to Hatfields.
My Mothers name is Judy Arlena Stevens
Grandfather James Stevens and my Grandmothers name was Allana Morgan.

My name is Teresa Nay and it is said that my Husbands ancestors were from west virginia as well.

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1338601465000
Surnames: Hatfield/Heard
Dora Belle Heard married a Hatfield too. See attachments

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
Bud Mounts and Columbia Mahon's marriage record (see line # 15):

Bud MOUNTS was a son of Elijah Mounts and Nancy Robinette, and Columbia MAHON was born out of wedlock, and was a daughter of "V. Hatfield and S. Mahon".

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hatfield
I am not a descendant of Devil Anse, but have studied the Hatfields some due to a relationship by marriage to some of the close relatives. This exchange of posts has been very interesting. Some of you who are related would enjoy some of the library books on the Hatfields, the McCoys and the feud. There are several, and they are helpful both with the history of the event and family genealogy.

Re: descendants of WIlliam A "Devil Anse" Hatfield

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Classification: Query
My mother grew up on coal mountain also. Devil Anse was her fathers grandpa.
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