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the haislip book

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also am interested in purchasing a copy of The Haislip Book by Ezra Harold Haislip. If anyone knows how I can obtain a copy, contact me at

Haislip Bood

Ronnie Haislip (View posts)
Posted: 930716445000
Yes, I have the Haislip book by Ezra Haislip.
We made a couple of copies for ourselves
because the original is getting pretty worn.

I don't know what the copywrite laws are whether
it is legal for us to make more copies to sell.

I would be happy to look up information and/or
send it to you. My sister has a scanner so she
could send the whole page if needed.

Ronnie Haislip

Haislip Book

terry (View posts)
Posted: 957287081000
My greatgreatgrandfather was Issac Haislip would like to know if there is any thing in the book about him. We was the fourth son. He had only brothers, there was six or seven of them. He was born in Carrollton, Carroll County, Mossouri.

Isaac Haislip

sue (View posts)
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According to the information in the Haislip Book they had no records but it was presumed that he must be in the haislips that settled near St. Charles and Pike MO. and Windsor and Henry CO, MO. When he grew into manhood he enlisted in the Army in the War between the Statec and was in the Northern Army. He was the father of seven boys. John,Dave,Fate,Robert,Isaac,Dan and WilliamAll born in Carroll County MO

Issacc Haislip

Terry Myers (View posts)
Posted: 973508682000
Do you have any information on any of his boys at all and their family or do you know anyone with info. on them. Can i help you any way. Thanks a lot.

Isaac Haislip

Sally (View posts)
Posted: 973701821000
Isaac (Ike) Haislip was born May 22, 1843 and married Mary ann Keene. To this union eight children were born.He died July 28, 1910 Carroll Co. MO Buried Belt Cemetary
1.Rance Levi Haislip, born March22,1862 and married Betty Yarnell.
2. Jane Haislip,born Sept. 10, 1870 and married Pete Muffet.
3. James Henry Haislip,born May 22,1882 and married Sallie Maud Evans at Ozark, Ark, in 1919. She was born at Shady Point Ok.
4.May Haislip,born Dec.26,1886 and married Lem Drain.
5. Belle Haislip, born May 30,1888 and married Ernest Harris.
6. Richard Haislip.born Feb.18,1891 and married May Quick.
7. Pearl Haislip,born Nov.18,1895 and married Tom McKennon.
8. Frank Harvey Haislip,born Oct.27,1879 and married Gertrude Harris at berryville Ark. Jan 11,189This is all that I have on this family-hop that this adds to your info.

Issacc Haislip

Terry (View posts)
Posted: 974033768000
Frank Harvey Haislip and Gerturte Harris are my great grandparents. Would you like more infor on this family? It is nice to have the other information bout Frank's Family and Would like to go back farther if you know any one with Isaac Haislips parents and there family. Thanks again

Isaac Haislip/ Mary Ann Keen

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I am wondering if this Isaac Haislip who married Mary Ann Keen were from the Carroll Co, AR area. And if anyone knows who Mary Keen's parents might of been. I am searching for a Mary Ann Keen who parents were Isaac Keen and Pheba Simmons.I do know that they were in Mo at one time before moving to AR.

Isaac Haislip

Sally (View posts)
Posted: 979152200000
This information can be found in the Haislip Book by Ezra Harold Haislip 1967
"In writing the history of Isaac Haislip's forefathers we do not have available any records, but it is presumed he must be of the Haislips that settled near St, Charles and Pike, and Windsor, Henry Counties,MO.
When he grew into manhood he enlisted in the Army in the war between the satates and was in the Northern Army.
He was the fifth son of seven boys.
1. John Haislip
2. Dave "
3. Fate "
4. Robert "
5. Isaac (Ike) "
6. Dan "
7. William
All the children were born in Carroll County, Missouri.
Isaac (Ike) Haislip was born May 22, 1843 and married Mary Ann Keene. To this union eight children were born.
1. Rance Levi Haislip b.March 22, 1862 m Betty Yarnell.
2. Jane Haislip, b Sept. 10, 1870 m. Pet4 Muffet
3. James Henry Haislip b.May 22,1882 m. Sallie Maud Evans ay Ozark, Ark. in 1919. She was b. 1892 at Shady Point, Oak.
4.May Haislip b.Dec. 26,1886 m. Lem Drain
5. Belle Haislip b. May 30,1888 m Ernest Harris.
6. Richard Haislip b. Feb. 11,1891 m. May Quick.
7. Pearl Haislip b. Nov. 18, 1895 m. Tom McKennon.
8. Frank Harvey Haislip b. Octr. 27,1879 m. Gertrude Harris at Berryville Ark Jan,11, 1896.

Death notice of Isaac Haislip
Ike Haislip
Born May 22, 1843
In Carroll County, Mo
Died July 28,1910
Age 67 Years, 2 months and 6 days

Note by EH Haislip-Isaac was buried in Belt Cemetary.


Isaac Haislip

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Thanks for the information. I just have one question. Do you know who Mary Ann Keen's parents are? please email me
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