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Canon Stokely Doorly

Canon Stokely Doorly

Edward Rooks (View posts)
Posted: 1078356598000
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Surnames: Doorly, Rooks
Stokely Doorly, married Lalla Rooks in Trinidad, West Indies
b. 20 Jun 1882 in Trinidad, d. 23 Dec 1954 in Trinidad.
"Lalla" (Lillian) Alice Rooks, b. 1893 Trinidad. d. 1960 Trinidad.

Stokely: Uncle Stokely was principal of Queens Royal College in P.O.S from 1938 to 1943. He was also the Rector of All Saints parish and later Christchurch parish.

The "Colonial Office Lists" for 1903
(published by the Colonial Office in England and found in the Archives in T'dad) show "Canon Doorly" as the "Rector of St. Paul" (Church of England).

This must refer to Uncle Stokely's father.

We also think that James Gerald Stokely Doorly must have been Stokely's brother. Any help with clarifying Stokely's family history would be appreciated.

I am too young to have known Stokely, but Frank Rooks my cousin and keeper of the Trinidad Rooks family tree knew him as uncle Stokely. Frank and I emmigrated from Trinidad, he in the 50's and I in the 80's. I inherited two paintings of Trinidad scenes from Canon Doorly through my father.

Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

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Surnames: Doorly
Hi Edward. I live in the UK. I believe we may share the same great grand father. Although you are probably younger than me (48!) so may be out by a generation or so. What's that between Doorly's!!! I've been meaning to put up a family tree based on the info I have. In the meantime look at (run by Sean Doorly USA) for more background stuff. My father's father Arthur, was a brother of Captain G Stokely Doorly, Antarctic Polar Medal holder. Another of Arthur's brothers was Martin Doorly of Bajan Rum fame. Will add more later.

Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

Frank Rooks (View posts)
Posted: 1100381643000
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Surnames: Doorly
Hello David, Edward has called my attention to your posting. Many thanks for this.

Edward and I are only connected to the Doorly's by marriage; Canon Stokely Doorly's wife was a Rooks; she was my aunt and Edward's great aunt. So we do not have any Doorly ancestors.

We have for a long time been trying to determine whether Canon Stokely Doorly and the arctic explorer and author Gerald Stokely Doorly were brothers. They were both born in Trinidad, within two years of each other, and shared the name Stokely. Can you tell us? You appear to know for sure that your grandfather Arthur had two brothers, Gerald S. and Martin - so I would think that if Stokely had also been his brother you would know that.

What about the Christian Science practitioner John Doorly, who was born in Barbados around the same time - i.e., late 1800's? Do you know what relation he was to the others?

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

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Surnames: Doorly
Stokely and Gerald were indeed brothers - see below. My Grandfather Arthur Alexander, was Wiltshire Stokely's brother. After some research, the following presents my understanding of this Branch of the Doorly family:

DOORLY (Descendants of Major Martin Doorly & Dorothy Waldrond Nash - 13 children)

The following history of the Doorly family, as much as has been ascertained, was secured through the efforts of Stokley Doorly of England, and Regine Haynes Doorly, of Barbados, West Indies.
I, David Doorly, son of Arthur James Doorly, was passed a copy of this summary by Annie Ward in 1988 (daughter of Martin Doorly) and have added detail mainly for the family of Arthur James Doorly (b. 1909 d.1992). I imagine that most of the family tree information was collated prior to the 1950s.

DOROTHY WALROND (or WALDRON) NASH, born in 1816, married (MAJOR) MARTIN DOORLY in 1836; he was a member of the 74th Regiment, now 2nd, No.3, West Indian Regiment. Issue:

1. William Anton Doorly, born 1837 (moved to Newport, England); married Anne Amelia Aitken in 1858
2. Charles Graham Doorly (born? , died in infancy)
3. George Doorly (born ?, died in infancy)
4. Charles Thomas Doorly (born 1843, an ensign 20th Regiment)
5. James Graham Doorly (born 1845, Abergannany (Abergavenny?), Wales)
6. Martin Edward Doorly (born 1847, Demerara)
7. Alfred Doorly (born 1847, Demerara)
8. Wiltshire Stokely Doorly (born? Jamaica) (Archdeacon Trinidad)
9. George Edmunds Doorly (born? Jamaica)
10. Arthur Alexander Doorly (born 1854 Jamaica, died Penarth, South Wales 195??)
11. Amy Augusta Stokely Doorly (born 1856 Jamaica)
12. Annie Jane Doorly (born 1857 Jamaica)
13. Catherine Georgiana d’Arcy Doorly (born, 1859, Barbados)

1. William Anton Doorly (army musician, Colonial Government) b.1837 – d.1887
a. married Anne Amelia Aitken in 1853
ï‚· William Anton
ï‚· Elma Nairne
ï‚· Martin
ï‚· Mary

b. married Alicia Jervis White
ï‚· William
ï‚· Cecilia m. Jordan Smith (Kathleen m. a Malabre (two children))

c. married Louise Brown
 Eleanor (no children, Headmistress, Author: The Radium Woman & other children’s books)
ï‚· Anton m. a Malabre; 8 children
ï‚· Kate m. a Cassidy; 2 children
ï‚· Annie (a nun)
ï‚· Amy (a nun)

2. Charles Graham Doorly (died in infancy)

3. George Doorly (died in infancy)

4. Charles Thomas Doorly (b. 1843; army; colonial Government; Customs)
married Marie Pearson
ï‚· Annie Gooding (m. Reverend James Morley; 3 children: Charles, Carl, John)
ï‚· Charles Carte Doorly (musician; R.C. organist)

5. James Graham Doorly (b. 1845; Civil Engineer, Government)
married Mamie Hepburn
ï‚· Sir Charles, (b. 1875 d. 1942) Colonial Service, Administrator St. Lucia (m. Marie Lofthouse;; 3 children: Kathleen (m. M.S. Atwell); Ina, Margaret m. a Ross (1 child))
ï‚· Kate
ï‚· Martin (m. Kitty Poole; 2 children: Audrey,?)
ï‚· James (m.?; 2 children)
ï‚· Mary m. Rev. E. Merry (Trinidad); 4 children: Jack (m. Edith Withstanley; 3 children:??, Pat, John), Cyril (m. Clara Stolymeyer;4 children), Harry (m. Doreen de Verticul; 3 children), David (died active service RAF)

6. Martin Edward Doorly (b. 1847) Musician
married Catherine Isabel Carrington
 Martin (Creator of Doorly’s Rum in Barbados) m. Regine Haynes; 1 child Annie m. a Ward
ï‚· Charles (m. Ella Milligan; 2 children: Frances, Lorina)
ï‚· Edward (m. Rita Caldwell; 1 child Barbara); (m. Hallie ?; 3 children: Sanchia, Ned, Eric)
ï‚· Maximillian m.?
ï‚· George (m. Agnes Lamb; 2 children: George (m. Mary), Margaret)
ï‚· Harry or Henry (m. Margaret Hitchcock; 3 children: Katherine, Gilbert, Margaret) (Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha fame)
ï‚· John (m. Bertie Robinson)
ï‚· Arthur (m. Bertha ?; 2 children: Norman, Agnes)
ï‚· Nathaniel (m. Juliet Hoyt; 2 children: Marion (m. Harper Sowles, 1 son), Anita)
ï‚· Margaret (m. Henry Frohne; 4 children: Katherine, Nancy, William, Joan)

7. Alfred Doorly, (b.1849 – Navy, Engineer)

8. Wiltshire Stokely (b. ? Jamaica, - canon, musician)
m. Jane Cumming Driggs; 6 children
ï‚· Martin (m. Kate Poole; 1 child Audrey)
ï‚· Gerald b. 1880 d.1956 (m. Ina Watson; 2 children: Edith, Harry) (Captain Gerald Stokely, Polar Medal holder)
ï‚· Stokely (m. Lalla Rooks (church; blue cantal))
ï‚· Harry (m. Helen ?) Engineer
ï‚· Noel (m. Rose Barrett (widow; 1 child)) Colonial Service; Judge
ï‚· Arthur (m. (a) Freda Burt; (b) Bunnie ?) Doctor; lives in England

9. George Edmund Doorly (Engineer) not married

10. Arthur Alexander (b. 1854 Jamaica, d. Penarth, South Wales)
m. Flora Elizabeth Huggins
ï‚· Dorothy (m. Tom Pardoe)
ï‚· Horatio Nelson (d. 1911)

m. Rita Ryder (Dowland?) (died in childbirth)

m. Emma Braund
ï‚· Mary (m. Gwynn Jones; 1 child - Penelope m. John Baird 2 children: Benedict, Fabian)
ï‚· Arthur James (m. Freda Parris; 3 children: Diana (m. Vittorio Cester; 2 children: Roberto, Anna); David (m. Jackie Cooke); Helen (m. Richard Davis; 2 children: Philip, Paul)
ï‚· John (m. Leone Andrews; 2 children: Patricia; Patrick (m. Jan ? 1999)
ï‚· Patrick killed in action RAF 1941

11. Amy Augusta Stokely (b. 1856 Jamaica)
m. James Casmajor Gore (Lt. Colonel, Colonial Service)
ï‚· Violet Amy (m. Edward de Herdenstein; 3 children: Leone, Rosamund, Oscar)
ï‚· Marguerite Ursula Olga
ï‚· Dorothy Iris
ï‚· Ross St. John
ï‚· Veronica
ï‚· Charles Humphrey

12. Annie Jane (b.1857 Jamaica)
m. (a) Rowdon MacNamara (Doctor)
m. (b) George Blandford (Agent)
m. © Major Large (Colonial Service)

13. Catherine Georgina D’arcy (b. 1859, Barbados)
m. William Seddon (company director); 6 children:
ï‚· Alan Louglass
 William D’arcy
ï‚· Arthur Ernest
ï‚· George Noel (m.Violet, 1 girl)
ï‚· Leonard (died)
 Eric Rawdon Humphrey (married twice – 1 son)

Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

Frank Rooks (View posts)
Posted: 1105423825000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Doorly
Many thanks for all this information, David. The following facts emerge:

My uncle, Stokely Doorly, was (as we previously suspected) the younger brother of the famous polar explorer and author, Gerald Doorly. and the first cousin of Martin Doorly, perhaps equally famous (in some circles) as the creator of Doorly's Barbados Rum.

His father, Wiltshire Stokely Doorly, was also an Anglican clergyman. You show him as born in Jamaica, probably about 1848/49. You show him as "Archdeacon Trinidad". The Colonial Office List for 1903 (Trinidad Archives) show him as "Canon Doorly, Rector of St Paul's" (a church in San Fernando, Trinidad).

His grandfather (Wiltshire's father) was Martin Doorly, who it appears was a British career soldier stationed first in the U.K. and then in the West Indies. He fathered 13 children, apparently the final eight in various West Indian colonies. Your grandfather, Arthur Alexander Doorly, was one of those, born in Jamaica in 1854.

Your father, Arthur James Doorly, and my Uncle Stokely Doorly, were first cousins. So you and I are not genealogically related.

Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

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That's a neat summary. As regards Wiltshire Stokely's role in the church the "Archdeacon, Port of Spain Trinidad" is confirmed on the dust jacket of Gerald S Doorly's book on his travels "In the Wake". I highly recommend this book if you wish to gain an insight into Gerald's life in the merchant navy and his polar excursions. On page 24 he refers to my Grandfather (Arthur, Alexander) based at that time in Tenerife and handy at billiards and the owner of a rude parrot!



Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

Posted: 1301739978000
Classification: Query
Dear Gentlemen

My name is Roger and I am the Scout Leader of the 1st QRC Scouts, founded by Canon CS Doorly. Next year we celebrate our 100th Anniversary and I would be very interested in meeting any of Canon Doorly's relatives and of course having them participate in our celebrations. Any information that you can share on his life with us would be greatly appreciated - as his contribution to our group is indeed legendary.

I look forward to your hearing from you.

Re: Canon Stokely Doorly

Posted: 1302063302000
Classification: Query
Surnames: DOORLY
Please let me know if you receive any reply to your recent post, as I see that most of this thread goes back to 2005. Coincidentally, I am also researching Charles Stokely Doorly. Specifically, I am trying to help someone out who is writing up information on the Archdeacons of Trinidad. The DOORLY line married into my MERRY line and both produced Archdeacons of Trinidad.

I see by the previous posts that Charles Stokely is referred to as "Stokely", so that is confusing. However, it is not uncommon for people to use their middle names. Let me know if you would like to correspond via email and I will share what I find for your anniversary celebration.
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