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Dietz death dates in Maryland

Dietz death dates in Maryland

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Re: Dietz death dates in Maryland

sue dietz (View posts)
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Re: Dietz death dates in Maryland

Jodi Dew (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dietz
Those dates came from the Maryland Death Index project from the MD State Archives.

I am researching a dietz family line. I can first find them in Oella, Baltimore Co. MD in the 1880 census.

John Dietz b~1834 in Barvaria, Germany and wife Ann Elizabeth b~1831 in Hess Darmst, Germany.

Their daughter Elizabeth Ann Dietz (b January 01, 1863 d August 29, 1930) married William Stork (b 1853 d December 27, 1937). This is my g g grandmother.

I also have more information on John and Elizabeth's other kids.

But I have not been able to find this family in the 1870 census, or obtain any more information about their ancestors.

Does this line connect with yours? Would you happen to have any more information? If you want more information on this line I can email you the rest of it. Just let me know.


john m. dietz born 1834 died 28 nov. 1871?

sue dietz (View posts)
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Classification: Query
jodi, am excited because your john fits, esp. if the above is his date of death and he lived at 273 west pratt st. upon death.

oh pooh, i see wife, catherine and dau., annie m who died 29 apr. 1902 at 1102 west franklin. this info comes from diary of georg peter dietz and as i do not have it with me, am unsure if this is supposed to be john's family.

have you seen any of my other queries on message boards?

husband is not familiar with oella. his family has roots in baltimore as early as 1850, we think. have you checked balt. city directories?

martin's g.g.f., georg peter immigrated may 1850. he was found in balt. and winchester, va and front royal, va. his diary says he was born eschenbach in mittelfranken konig reich, bavaria and was born june 30, 1830.

have you tried censuses? in 1860 16-wd baltimore georg is listed as head of house with his wife, dau who soon dies, his mother mary a. and brothers: jacob b 1828, louis b 1835, francis b 1839, and joseph b 1841. there are 2 other females: elizabeth shoeman b 1838 and likely her sister, inliah b 1846. liz' birthdate does not fit, but info was only as accurate or truthful as the provider.

john m was not in hse. at time of census so prob. on his own with family, perhaps. these names show up in directory in 1855ish, depends upon name.

1868 dietz bros furniture shows up with john, louis and frank dietz listed at 16 n howard. there are other johns to confound our search. but for certain, our john lived and died at the above address for his obituary is in family bible.

we have photo of some of these dietz at a wedding and georg and his wife are in it. do you live anywhere near us so that we could get together in spring? we are florida residents, but spend spring/summer/early fall in front royal, va. did research at enoch pratt last summer. front royal is near winchester where we are originally from. we have homes there that we rent. my mother died very recently which frees us to travel around now when we return to va about june.

darn. i hope we have a connection and can help each other. there are so many dietz remaining in baltimore and i know there have to be relatives. georg peter died leaving a young widow and 2 small children, supposedly why he returned to balt.. to die and have family close by to assist his loved ones.

we are real fortunate to have georg peter's passport and a diary, bible, and letter about election of 1860. we have a chair that could have been made by the dietz brothers and a photo frame made my him along with a box and small cabinet like shelf believed made by him also.

hope we are connected. let me know if anything i can help to unravel. i have tried to contact dietz in the fatherland without success. language barrier i guess. may have to have a friend translate a letter to mail for us.

hope to hear. thanks for death dates. ours are in balt. sun. there is published death dates from that paper.

bye, s

Re: john m. dietz born 1834 died 28 nov. 1871?

Jodi Dew (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dietz
I can only find my John Dietz in the 1880 census. All of their sons stayed around the area in either Oella (Baltimore County near the Howard co. line), or on Johnnycake Lane in the Catonsville area (Baltimore County) which is really close to Oella.

There is a old german church in Catonsville that some of them belonged too however I wasnt able to find John Dietz or his wife buried there. I think they died shortly after the 1880 census and were buried in the Oella Cemetery.

I did check out your other Dietz queries. I have seen that George Dietz in the census. Was he the baker??

I am really at a loss to find my dietz's fmaily line too. My grandmother never met her great grandparents, although she lived with her grandparents and mother in Oella. She remembers an old ecentric lady coming to the door one day asking for her grandmother and the lady was her grandmother's sister that lived up in the woods.

Also, on my grandmother's grandmother's death certificate, her son in law said that her father was Charles Dietz. Maybe Charles was a middle name, or John was a middle name, or the son-in-law had it wrong????

I am going to the MD archieves this weekend and hope to find a death certificate of John and his wife. But I have to scroll through them all starting in 1880 to 1900, so we will see.

Does any of this fit into your line? Do you want me to send my entire Dietz line to send via email?


PS I live close to Frederick MD

Here is my Dietz Line

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dietz
My grandmother is Frances Sweet

1 John DIETZ b: 1834
+ Ann Elizabeth UNKNOWN b: 1831
2 John DIETZ b: Dec 1862
+ Annie UNKNOWN b: Apr 1865
3 Amy DIETZ b: Apr 1896
3 John DIETZ b: Feb 1889
+ Elizabeth UNKNOWN b: 1896
4 John DIETZ b: 1924
3 Louis E. DIETZ b: 29 Mar 1902 d: Apr 1979
+ Naomi L. KLINGELHOEFER b: 1905
4 Louis DIETZ b: 1929
3 Florence M. DIETZ b: Abt 1905
+ Edward Charles DIETZ b: Abt 1903
4 Pauline DIETZ b: Abt 1924
4 Edward C. DIETZ b: 21 Jan 1928 d: 22 Jul 1946
2 George DIETZ b: Apr 1873
+ Emma J. ALESHIRE b: Mar 1874
3 Ida J. DIETZ b: Dec 1898
3 ? DIETZ b: 1899
3 Oscar DIETZ b: 27 Jul 1908 d: Apr 1966
3 Andrew DIETZ b: Abt 1906
3 Marie DIETZ b: 1910
3 Mary B. DIETZ b: 1914
2 Anna DIETZ b: Abt 1862
2 Catherine DIETZ b: Abt 1865
2 Charles DIETZ b: 1870 d: 1949
+ Mary V. STUMP b: 1875 d: 1922
3 Elizabeth DIETZ b: Sep 1899 d: Bef 1910
3 Marie M. DIETZ b: Abt 1902
3 Edward Charles DIETZ b: Abt 1903
+ Florence M. DIETZ b: Abt 1905
4 Pauline DIETZ b: Abt 1924
4 Edward C. DIETZ b: 21 Jan 1928 d: 22 Jul 1946
3 Estella I. DIETZ b: Abt 1906
3 Clara M. DIETZ b: 1911
3 Louisa B. DIETZ b: Abt 1913
3 Samuel J. DIETZ b: 7 Jun 1913 d: 4 Apr 1986
3 Mary DIETZ
3 August Stiddle DIETZ b: 4 Feb 1898 d: 22 Apr 1986
+ Annie Marion DIETZ b: 11 May 1902 d: May 1972
4 Marion K. DIETZ b: 1941 d: 1950
4 Claude C. "Puddie" DIETZ b: 8 Mar 1944 d: Jun 1967
4 Living DIETZ
4 Living DIETZ
2 Phillip DIETZ b: 20 Nov 1871 d: 17 Sep 1940
+ Margaret "Maggie" AMENDT b: 25 May 1875 d: 1958
3 Willie R. DIETZ b: Abt 1892
3 Robert McKinley DIETZ b: 1896 d: 1982
+ Mary Blanche ADDISON b: 1886 d: 1973
4 Gertrude DIETZ b: Abt 1921
3 Phillip DIETZ b: 30 Jul 1890
+ Nellie UNKNOWN b: 1896
4 Phillip DIETZ b: Abt 1923
4 Lenore DIETZ b: Abt 1925
4 ? DIETZ b: Abt 1926
4 ? DIETZ b: Abt 1927
3 Annie Marion DIETZ b: 11 May 1902 d: May 1972
+ Joseph MACKENZIE b: 2 Aug 1890
4 Julia I. MACKENZIE b: 6 Feb 1925 d: 21 Aug 1992
+ George W. SWEET b: 13 Feb 1916 d: 6 Oct 1999
4 Ruby MACKENZIE b: Abt 1929
+ August Stiddle DIETZ b: 4 Feb 1898 d: 22 Apr 1986
4 Marion K. DIETZ b: 1941 d: 1950
4 Claude C. "Puddie" DIETZ b: 8 Mar 1944 d: Jun 1967
4 Living DIETZ
4 Living DIETZ
3 Charles A. DIETZ b: 11 May 1902 d: Mar 1981
+ Evelyn H. UNKNOWN b: 11 Nov 1907 d: 4 Apr 1997
3 Viola D. DIETZ b: 11 Apr 1905 d: Jul 1961
3 Elmer Veron DIETZ b: 16 Oct 1907 d: 14 Jan 1991
3 Minnie DIETZ b: 1912
2 Louisa M. DIETZ b: Abt 1875
2 Elizabeth Ann DIETZ b: 1 Jan 1863 d: 29 Aug 1930
+ William STORK b: 1853 d: 27 Dec 1937
3 Annie Elizabeth STORK b: 14 Apr 1896 d: Jul 1986
+ Franklin Owens SWEET b: 4 Jun 1897 d: 23 Sep 1987
4 Frances Elizabeth SWEET
+ Earl Williams DEW b: 1 Jun 1915 d: 27 Nov 1990
4 William SWEET
+ Dorothy L. SCHAFFER b: 1913 d: 1975
+ Ethel BURNS
4 George W. SWEET b: 13 Feb 1916 d: 6 Oct 1999
+ Julia I. MACKENZIE b: 6 Feb 1925 d: 21 Aug 1992
3 Barabra STORK b: Sep 1899
+ Alfred MARQUE

my Dietz Line

sue dietz (View posts)
Posted: 1110389469000
Classification: Query

we have similar family names, do you think there is a connect? we have georg, louis, ida, anna, john, of course, and others. what backs up your info? do you have a family bible or some kind of records?

john m. dietz

sue dietz (View posts)
Posted: 1110391126000
Classification: Query
Surnames: dietz and momenthy of baltimore, also travers, flanagan, harbaugh, sciaffino

keep in touch. we know frederick,md. not too far away. i have wanted to try anapolis for research. this is where you are going, right?

our georg came to this country as cabinetmaker which included furniture and caskets. unlike bros. he spent time in va. during war period. the names louis and francis were not common, in all records i have seen. but if the death date does not fit we do not connect. unless more distantly.

it doesn't seem likely our georg was a baker. brother joseph had other occupations, but the bros. mostly had jobs associated with furniture. they worked at camden station which was a big port booming in 50s-60s.

do you have a marriage record? that is where we found names of georg peter's parents. his father was john g. and mother mary a.. a marriage record would be very helpful.

have you tried the index of obits and marriages in baltimore sun? that gives john's death as 1869. gives g. jacob's and georg peter's also. not frank's or louis' though.

anyway, i have a feeling about this, so keep in touch. if you call or give address, i could send copy of wedding photo of one of dietz' bros' son's - we believe it is. charles lee, son of georg peter, is in photo with his first wife, emilie marie momenthy. she died within 6 months of her youngest child's birth. that child was charles lee, my husband's father.

i will send e mail to your address with cell phone # and you can send address to my e mail or call. since we move around we only have cell phone.

thanks for family hx.


Re: my Dietz Line

Jodi Dew (View posts)
Posted: 1110397246000
Classification: Query
I did find a family bible that had alot of this Dietz information in it, however it started with the AMENDT family and not the Dietz family.

I am going to the MD State archieves Friday so maybe I can find their death certificates. I havent found any marriage certificates for them. I am not sure when they immigrated to the states, so they could have been married here or in Germany. All of their childern were born in the states thouugh.

Re: my Dietz Line

Jodi Dew (View posts)
Posted: 1110822614000
Classification: Query
Sue, I lost your email address somehow. But I wanted to tell you that I was able to look up Elizabth Dietz's brother Phillip's death certificate and it does say that his father's name was John, not Charles like Elizabeth's says. So I think Elizabeth's son-in-law got it wrong onthe certificate.

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