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Casper Cable & Eliz. (Baker) Cable

Casper Cable & Eliz. (Baker) Cable

Christine Ellison Fritz (View posts)
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Surnames: Cable, Baker, Buckes, Street, Ellison
I'm from the line of Cables from TN & NC and KY. Casper Cable (Gobelle) 1755-1827 was from Hanover, Germany. He had 12 children. He married Elizabeth Baker Cable 1761-1865 from NC.
Casper's son Daniel Cable 1803-1850 married Elizabeth Baker Cable 1807-1910 who had 11 children, one named Calvin F. Cable 1826-1930 who married Susie Buckes Cable 1836-1940 had my grandfather Daniel Webster Cable-1851-1923. Daniel married Mary Ann Street Cable-1877-1955, they had 6 children, one which was my mother Hattie Cable Ellison 1913-1975 married Charles William Ellison 1911-1980. To my knowledge all the Cable's mentioned was born in NC and TN and most were also buried there too. My mother died in MD.

Casper ( Gobelle ) Cable

Gregory G. Creech (View posts)
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Surnames: Cable, Kincaid, Creech
In response to your query. I'm Greg Creech a direct descendent of Casper Gobelle Cable 1755-1827 Married Elizabeth Baker. My line comes through Joseph Cable 1791-1882 he married Rebecca Pierce. They were the parents of Jacob Cable Br abt 1820 in Va. He married Susannah Hobbs of Va.They had Stephen Cable Br abt 1848 in Lee co,Va Died 08/10/1936. They had a doughter named Lucinda Cable ( my ggrandmother. She married a Kincaid. My Grandmother married a Creech. I didn't know were Casper was from, or that he had 12 children. I have just the one. If possible I would like the rest of the children if you have them. The info that you gave will finally let me go back further in our history and will share anything with you that you want to know. ( This will make my Grandmother extremely happy) we have known very little about the Cable family. Again thank you very much. Oh by the way I'm from the Ky line of the Cable family, but I live in Va now. There is also another Daniel Cable Grandson to Casper. Good luck with your research. Greg Creech

Desc. of Casper Cable

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Surnames: Goebel, Cable
List compiled from the work of Randolph Shields with some notes and comments added. A date followed by + is the year of the most recent record seen; later ones may still exist.
1. Jacob Cable, 1781-1827+, m. Nancy Bolinger, 1790-1830+. Enlisted as Sgt. Nov. 13, 1814, settled near Tomkinsville, Monroe Co., Ky.
2. John Cable, 1783-1827+, m. Sarah Bu(o)linger, May 13, 1816, Enlisted as a private Oct. 18, 1813.
3. Elizabeth Cable, 1785-1857, m. Adam Mast, 1754-1857. They remained in the ancestral locality.
4. Conrad Cable, 1787-1850, m. Mary____, 1787-1850+. Remained in the family locality. (Have his line thru his son, Casper Thomas CABLE). This is my husband's ancestor.CC
5.Benjamin Cable, 1789-1853, m. Rebecca Campbell, 1789-1850+. Both buried in Dugger Cemetery at Sugar Grove on Watauga Lake.
6. Joseph Cable, 1791-1882, m. Rebecca Pierce, 1795-1859.
7.Peter Cable, 1792-1856, m. Catherine Hollows, 1794-1848. Settled in Cades Cove, Tn. before 1830. Both buried there in Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.
8.Sarah Cable, 1794? Known as Sary Bowman from inventory of Caspers estate.
9. Casper Cable, Jr. 1798-1884, unmarried? Owned land at Cades Cove, but remained at the family homestead.
10. Samuel Cable, 1800-1850+, m. Elizabeth Jones, 1796-1850+. They went to Cades Cove with Peter but moved on before 1840 to settle near the Little Tennessee River just above Fontana Dam?(not built until the 1940s C.C.)
11. Daniel Cable, 1802-1850+, m. Elizabeth Shu(e)ffield, 1807-1860+. Owned land at Cades Cove but lived in the home locality.
12. A daughter known only from representation in the estate inventory by a John Jones, presumably her husband.

Have more, you will have to e-mail me privately. Too much to type out here, especially desc. of Conrad Cable, son of Casper (Goebel)Cable.

Casper Cable

Leeunah (Lee) Woods (View posts)
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Surnames: Cable
I am direct descendant of Casper Cable & Elizabeth Baker
through their son Samuel - have more information if you need.

Casper Cable

Gregory G. Creech (View posts)
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Surnames: Cable, Kincaid, Creech
Thank you for your response Leeunah. Yes I would like any info you might have on Casper or any of his children. I'm slowly gathering info on all of them and would like anything that you can share and of course I'll share what I can find as well. Greg


Judy Taylor Murphy (View posts)
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Surnames: CABLE
Hi Lee

I too descend from Casper through his son Samuel (thomas-john marion-william robert-delphia) and would be interested in what information you may have on them.

Am particularly interested to find if you have anything on Casper Cable's military service on the American Side during the Revolution. Thanks Judy

Casper Cable

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Surnames: Cable

Hi, Would like information on Casper Cable and son Samuel
if you have it. Thanks. My e-mail is

Casper Cable

Leeunah Woods (View posts)
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Classification: Query
I will get together my info on Casper and Samuel for you -that is the same line as my family -

Casper Cable...

Eric Cable (View posts)
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Surnames: Cable, Smyth
Hello. My line from Casper is Casper>Joseph>Daniel>Millard>Casper>Keith>Myself.

I am from the Cable's in SouthEast KY.

The only known records of Casper's Military Service was Published by my Unlce, the late Raymond M. Cable, Ph.D., in the early eighties.

It contained photocopies of the actual muster of prisoners which lists a Casper Goebell as a prisoner after the Battle of Trenton.

Also is a muster report from a Hessian Regiment which later lists him as a deserter.

My Uncle (Who was born on 1905?) remembered the story from his Grandfather, who remembered from his grandfather so this story is only twice passed-down.

The story is that Casper was captured by Washington at Trenton, joined the Continentals, was leter re-captured by the Brits who returned him to a Hessian Regiment, who he in turn deserted and re-joined the Continentals.

My uncle spent YEARS and A LOT OF MONEY researching the family. He NEVER found any proof of Casper's service with the Continentals. The only real proof is the fact that he owned so much land after the war which must have been a grant from Congress (as with many of the Hessians that turned)

E-mail me with any other questions.

Eric Cable

Re: Desc. of Casper Cable

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I would like the information that you have on the Cable's of cades cove.
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