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Bozarths' Family Massacres and Survivials

Bozarths' Family Massacres and Survivials

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Surnames: Forinash, Bozarth, Morrison
John and Elizabeth Lee Bozarth (nee Forinash)were survivors of the 1779 Dunkard Creek (now Monongalia Cty. WV) Massacre. Later Mr. Bozarth and son were again attacked at relocated area of Buckcannon Valley 50 miles away and was fatally tomahawked. Mrs. Bozarth by 1802 was married to Mr.James Morrison and the matriarch of our huge clan here in Northern WV. Does anyone know more on these attacks?

The Bozarths and the Indians

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Surnames: Bozarth, Bozorth, Ivers, Borden, Mason, Marson, Hodgen, Larue, Wayne, Forenash, Morrison, Hargis
Hello, Diana Williams

I accidently ran across this Indian Captives Special Query Forum tonight. Am happy to see someone else is interested in the two attacks on the Bozarth / Bozorth families in 1779 and 1795. The Bozarth or Bozorth involved in the two attacks were brothers - Joseph Bozorth (his wife Elizabeth ________) and John Bozorth, Jr. (his wife Jane Ivers).

There are differing accounts about the people involved and the place of the attack in 1779. Most agree that the attack was in present Greene County, Pennsylvania and most agree that the Bozarth lady who killed three attacking Indians and wounded a fourth was named Elizabeth Bozorth / Bozarth. One account gives the location of the attack as the Cheat River; another as Dunkard Creek. Other locations have been given as well.

I believe this Elizabeth was the wife of Joseph Bozorth, who later sold his land on South Ten Mile Creek in December of 1779 in what was then Monongalia County, Virginia. He had moved to Jefferson County, Virginia (later Kentucky) by July of 1780. I have several naratives of this 1779 attack if you are interested.

Joseph Bozorth, s/o John Bozorth and Innocent Borden of Frederick County, Virginia, and grandson of Simon Bozorth and Mary Mason / Marson of Burlington County, New Jersey, died in Nelson County, KY - District of VA in 1790. His wife Elizabeth was named administratrix of his will along with Robert Hodgen and John Larue. The will named his children as John, David, and Joseph; "all my daughters who is now married"; and "seven youngest children". I have records on all of his children.

The "Massacre of the Bozarth Family", recorded in several history books as the last attack on the white settlers by the Indians in what is now West Virginia, occurred on July 25, 1795 on the Buckhannon River in present day Barbour Co, WV. It involved the family of John Bozorth, Jr. and Jane (Ivers) Bozorth. Two of their children were killed at the time of the attack (an infant and Jane, then about 10 or 12 years old). The attack by other Indians on John, Jr. and his sons George and John, III, who were working in the fields was not successful. A tomahawk was thrown at John, Jr, but it fell short. George was barely able to evade the rifle ball shot at him. Unfortunately, Mother Jane along with several of the children were captured. The captured children have been variously named as Rebecca, Zadekiah / Zade, Mary and possibly Elizabeth. They were taken to the Ohio county where they were later exchanged for Indian prisoners by General Anthony Wayne on September 9, 1795 at the signing of the Treaty of Greenville in Darke County, Ohio. Shortly afterwards John and Jane moved their family to Darke Co, Ohio where she died sometime between 1806 and 1810. John later returned to Virginia where he and Mary (?) Forenash, widow of Charles Forenash, were married in 1813. John died in the Fall of 1832. I have records for most of their children.

The information that I have for Elizabeth Bozorth, daughter of John and Jane, is that she married Uriah Forenash, the s/o Charles Forenash and his unknown first wife. Mary (?) Forenash was Charles' second wife and the step-mother of Uriah. Mary's second husband was John Bozorth. At the time of her marriage to John in 1813 she became Elizabeth Bozorth's step-mother. Thus Mary was a step-mother of both Uriah Forenash and Elizabeth Bozorth. Elizabeth (Bozorth) Forenash later married James Morrison. You stated in your query that Elizabeth was married to Morrison by 1802. I did not have a date for their marriage. I am most interested in learning more about Elizabeth and James' descendants. Does the history of your family show that Elizabeth was one of the Indian captives?

My husband's Bozarth line descends from Jonathan Bozorth and Mary Hargis of Frederick Co, VA (1754); Monongalia Co, VA (1770s); Nelson Co, KY/VA (1785); Hardin Co, KY (1793); Ohio Co, KY (1798) and Grayson Co, KY (1810-1830). Jonathan Bozorth (1754-1830) was the younger brother of Joseph Bozorth (c1735-1790) and John Bozorth, Jr. (1747-1832).

Jonathan and his brother John, Jr. lived on adjoining land grants in the 1770s in what is now Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia when it was known as Monongalia County, Virginia. Jonathan was in Nelson County, VA / KY by 1785.

Look forward to hearing from you about your Bozorth / Morrison connection. Let me know if you would like further information on the Bozorths / Bozarths.

Sincerely yours,

VirJean Potter Bozarth //

Bozarth / Cherokee

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Surnames: Lycan, LaCanne, Bozarth
Correction! a Elizabeth J. Bozarth was married on
02-09-1855 in Edgar Co., Illinois to John L. Lycan (changed from LaCanne?)

I had that listed as her birth.

Elizabeth J. Bozarth 1/4 Cherokee?

shawnie vedder (View posts)
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Surnames: Bozarth, DeMoss, Harrison, Thompson, Lankford, Rigney, Shook, Stone, Savage, Okesson, Virden, Brown, Lycan, Smith
I stumbled upon this site in a quest to find my Cherokee roots. I have a Elizabeth J. Bozarth born
02-09-1855 in Edgar Co., Illinois in my family who is said to be 1/4 cherokee, she married John L. Lycan. Could she be any relation?

Elizabeth J. Bozarth
02-09-1855 Edgar Co., Illinois

4(20) William Henry DeMoss "Billy" (See Supplement of this book for
DeMoss line)

Born 03-08-1829 Indiana page 3,4, and 6

Died 07-24-1904 Burried Swars Prairie Baptist Cemetery South
of Seneca, Missouri

Married Elizabeth Mariah Harrison "Ry"

Born 1830 Illinois (census record)

Father: Andrew Harrison Farmer
Born Kentucky 1810

Mother: Elizabeth

Born Tennessee 1813


Born Illinois 1829

Mariah (See above)

James Married Winnie Thompson (see
below) 1831





Marion (Francis) See Lankford line
Married Nancy Margaret Lankford Great niece of William Henry De Moss


Eliza A

Note-Winnie Thompson was the sister-in-law of William Henry DeMoss'
daughter Eliza who married Isom J. Thompson brother of Winnie
Thompson. See Blankenship Line Page 8

1(3) Elizabeth De Moss "Sis" (Shows a space in De Moss?)
Born 05-05-1853
Died 11-26-1938 Burried (sic) "Old" Stroud, Okla. Cemetery
Married Thomas Benjamin Rigney
Born 02-05-1851 Kentucky
Died 03-10-1924 Burried in "Old" Stroud Cemetery. Stroud, Okla. Thomas
gave the land for this cemetery, with the agreement that his family
would be buried there. Stroud's "New" cemetery is across the road
from the "Old" cemetery.

1(4) William Benjamin Rigney "Bill"
Born 01-11-1873
Died 02-24-1968 95 years of age
Married Memphis Ann Melvina Shook
Born 03-23-1873
Died 02-13-1958

1(5) Retha Rigney
Born 1895
Died Infant

2(5) Irl W. Rigney
Born 02-11-1896
Died 11-30-1926


3(5) Rigney


Died Korean War

3(5) Tom Rigney
Died Burried Bristow, Oklahoma

1(6) Minia Rigney
Born 1935
Married Hal Savage
1(7) Savage

2(7) Savage

3(7) Savage

2 (6) Phillip Rigney

Born 1938


Married Mary Stone

1(7) Rigney

2(7) Rigney

3(6) Thomas William Rigney

Born 1945


Married Patrica Okesson



1(7) Rigney

4(5) Sarah Rigney
Married Virden

5(5) Ethel Rigney
Married Brown



6 (5) Carl Rigney


Died Buried Stroud, Oklahoma



7 (5) Earl Rigney: Police Officer
Died Buried Stroud, Oklahoma
Earl lost his life in the line of duty as a police officer in
Seminole, Oklahoma.
Earl was a help to Lenora Wood DeMoss in 1927 when she operated a
Hotel in Stroud, Oklahoma. Oil field workers were drinking men, even
though they were told "No Drinking" was allowed.

2 (4) Johanthan Douglas Rigney
Born 11-09-1876 Seneca, Mo
Died 01-30-1952 Boise, Idaho
Married Leoda Lycan

Born 01-16-1881 Cowley County, Kansas

Died 06-03-1963 Boise, Idaho

Father: Andrew Ward Lycan

Born 12-02-1856
Stilesville, Iowa

Died 10- - 1940 Stroud,

Married Nancy Emmer Smith

Born 04-13-1860 Giarel,

Died 10-12-1920 Stroud,

Grandfather: John L. Lycan



Married Elizabeth J. Bozarth
02-09-1855 Edgar Co., Illinois

Grandfather: John Smith



Married Nancy



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