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Enoch Hadley of Deering/Weare NH, Hillsborough County, husband of Mary Ann Hadley, related ti Elbridge Hadley and E. Cleaves Hadley 1867

Enoch Hadley of Deering/Weare NH, Hillsborough County, husband of Mary Ann Hadley, related ti Elbridge Hadley and E. Cleaves Hadley 1867

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Surnames: Hadley, Bartlett
I have located a deed dated March 11 1867. It is for a parcel of land in Weare NH.
It is between the Hadley's mentioned and one Parker Bartlett. It mentions that Enoch's father was also named
Any relatives?
Signatures are also included Hadley's mentioned.

My Hadley's (kinda long)

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Surnames: Hadley, Kimball, Hadly, Proctor, Davis, Wiggin, Whittaker, Folsom, Weare, Mudgett, Peaslee, Wells, George, Woodbury, Ordway, Martin, Flanders, Clement, Stark, Kendall, Stark, Skillings, Pettis, North, Goodwin, Colby, Pemberton, Lowe, Potter, Wiggins, Whiting, Weed, Sargent, Plummer, Blye, Emerson, Marble, Webster, Gitchell, Martain, Bugby, Morrison, Weare, Johnson, Mudgett, Balch, Gove, Hedding, Peaslee, Hedding, Currier, Townes, Clemet, Davis, Rodgers, Hamel, Williams
The name Hadley is of ancient orgin and is found in several English countries, including Middlesex, Suffolk and Somerset. As a family name Hadley appears in England from very early times in various forms. We find it in the twelfth century as deHaddeleigh and deHaddesley. The name has undergone several changes having been variously written Headley,Hedly and Hadley. Some authorities state that the name is composed of two Saxon words, head( high or elevated) and leagh( place), which perhaps accounts for the spelling and pronunciation of the word Headley.
George Hadley of Ipswich, Massachusetts, the original emigrant, was a native of England and came to this country previous to 1639. He was born about 1600. One account says he was about 40 years of age when he went to Ipswich and settled there in 1635; if that is so, he must of been born in 1595. He resided in Ipswich until December 1655 when he moved to Rowley on the Merrimack River near Haverhill, Massachusetts. In this remote frontier home he spent eleven years and without a doubt had the hard experiences of New England settlers. In November 1666 he exchanged his Rowley farm with Thomas Kimball of Ipswich and immediately removed there. The Kimball farm was in the westerly part of Ipswich known as the Line Brook Parish near Topsfield.
It may be of interest to state that on May 3, 1676 the house Thomas Kimball recieved of George Hadley was burned by Indians, Kimball was killed and his wife and 5 children carried into captivity.
On December 11,1678, he is recorded as having taken the oath of allegiance to Charles II. December 2, 1679, he was one of those by law who was allowed to have his vote in town affairs. He seems to have been well situated after his return to Ipswich as his real estate is described: houses, barns, orchards, wood and underwood and also a right in the common land. George Hadley had 7 children.
There are in Englad three places bearing the name: Hadleigh, in Suffolk County (Hadley, Massachusetts was named for this town), Hadley in Essex and Hadley of the Mouks, Middlesex.
Arms granted to Hadley families in England may be found in Burk's Amery- the most ancient one mentioned dated 1397 is as follows: the crest upon the mounted vertical, a falcon billed or supported in the dexter claw, a buckle argent, and holding in the beak three ears of wheat of the second. Motto- "God is my Help".
families of this name were found at extremely early dates. As early as the 12th centery the name was recorded in the form of deHaddeligh and later simplified to Hadley by one Cadigan of the name in Chesire, England.
One Sir John Hadley was elected to Parliament in 1369 and about ten years later was elected Lord Mayor of London.
In the early 15th century, one Sir Robert Hadly or Hadley was resident of Suffolk and is believed to have been the progenitor of a large and illustrious family.
Samuel son of George and Mary Proctor Hadley was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts before 1655, was a weaver by trade. In 1680 he was a member of the training band of Amesbury. He was a member of the church in the west parish of Amesbury, and chosen tythingman in 1702; was taxed for the support of preaching in the west parish in 1726. He was a soldier in the Narragansett War and recieved provincial government the grant of a share of land in the township of Buxton, Maine. He also was granted with others one-half of the shareof the township of Warner, New Hampshirein consideration of being a soldier in the Narragansett War, which was subsequently disposed of Capt. Francis Davis. The location of his home was in the northwesterly corner of Amesbury near the point of the intersection of the town lines of Amesbury and Haverhill, Massachusetts and Plastow and Newton in New Hampshire.
The 1741 Settelment of the Massachusetts Line located some Hadley families in Plastow and Newton, New Hampshire insted of Amesbury and Haverhill.
Benjamin Hadley, son of Samuel and brother of George was granted land in Dunbarton on which to build a saw mill. He was a large land owner in Manchester, Goffstown and Dunbarton.
He was sold "Lot 4" in the 6th range for $50.00 on his giving obligations to build a corn mill and to keep in repair said mill for use of the town. Later this mill became the property of Hezediah Woodbury on the site of Page's Mill.
Manchester history states that as early as 1750 he built and owned a saw mill and grist mill upon the Amoskeag Brook south of Granite Street. He established a ferry somewhere about 1735 below where was afterwards the Amoskeag or McGregor Bridge. After his death, it passed into the hands of Thomas Hall and was known as Hall's Ferry.
Benjamin Hadley is not in our line of direct ancestors, but was the brother of George of our direct line.
George Hadley (not our direct line) son of George and Sarah Wiggin Hadley, born April 24, 1709 was drowned in Island Pond in 1740 before his birth of his son George. Hampstead, New Hampshire History states that he was the first peron buried in Center Cemetery.
There is a cemetery called "The Hadley Cemetery" on Central St., East Hampstead.
There are several graves marked by crude fieldstones without and inscruptions. These are the graves of solders of the French and Indian Wars. Beyond that there is no record.
Thirty five Hampstead men marched to Bunker Hill, June 1775.
Amos was the son of Samuel and Sarah Whittaker. Amos built a house and barn in Dunbarton about 1770. The house was destroyed by fire in 1926 and at that time was considered one of the oldest houses in that town. At the time of the fire, it was occupied by Albert Grant. It was occupied by family members of the Hadley family for about 145 years. His son Samuel was born and died there.
Amos Hadley was chosen Highway Surveyor in 1783 and 1792; also collector and constable in 1784. He purchased a pew in the meeting house in 1789. He died August 13, 1793. His widow was often called Dolly Hadley.
Obediah Hadley was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted at the age of 16 in thecompany which marched from Pembroke, New Hampshire in July 1777 and joined the Northern Contintental Army at Bennington and Stillwater, Vermont. He served in the famous Battle of Bennington under General John Stark and was one of the 12 men from Dunbarton, New Hampshire to take part in the battle. He was citizen and office holder in Bradford, New Hampshire. He resided in Bradford in that part of the town known as "Fisherfield". He served at the Battle of Bennington at the age of 16, enlisting from Dunbarton.
After the Battle at Concord, Massachusetts, Col. Nathaniel Folsom was elected Commander of the New Hampshire Troops.
Weare sent 36 men to Cambridge. Seven other Weare men were also in regiments at that time.
John Mudgett and Ephraim Hadley were among the 36. Fifteen Weare men were at Bunker Hill. Ephraim Hadley was one of them.
Werehad a New Hampshire Declaration of Independence. 131 men signed it. 29 Quakers refused.
Nathaniel Peaslee, Silas Peaslee, Benjamin Peaslee, Ebenezer Peaslee, Johnathan Peaslee, Caleb Peaslee and George Hadley were among the 29, but later four of them (one being George Hadley) served in the Continental Army.
When Arnold was defeated in the naval battle on Lake Champlain and the British took Crown Point, New Hampshire, men turned out in large numbers. George Hadley was among them.
Ephraim Hadley went to Cambridge for eight months in 1775.
Daniel Hadley went with Col. Stark for two months in 1777. Daniel Hadley was in Bennington for two months, also Ebenezer Mudgett was there for two months.
Capt. George Hadley of Hampsted(not our direct line), was the son of George and Elizabeth Hadley. He was born in Haverhill about 1742. Married (1) April 23, 1764 to Lyndia Wells at Hampstead. Born in Haverhill 1742. She died Jan. 28, 1806 in Weare New Hampshire. (2) Married April 11, 1809 Mrs. Mehitable Toy of Weare. Born January 24,1768, daughter of Daniel and Mehitable Whittaker Hadley. He came first to Goffstown where he lived a few years and then settled in South Weare. Capt. Hadley, when very young, was a soldier in the old French and Indian War. He also served in the Revolution.
In 1762 George purchased Lot # 62 on the north side of the Piscataquog River. This land is now owned by Hillsborough County. He was an extensive land owner in Goffstown. He moved to Weare in 1771. Weare history states that he served in the Revolution War under two enlistments. He died November 1823 (about 83 years old) and had 11 children. Capt. George Hadley was the father of John Langdon Hadley.Enoch, son of Capt. George married Abigail George and lived just over the line in Deering. Had eight children.
James, son of Capt. George graduated from Dartmouth. Classmate Levi Woodbury.
Capt. George Hadleys father was George. George was the brother of Samuel, our direct ancestor.
Daniel Hadley (not our direct line) was born in Hampsted January 15, 1744. He was the son of Joseph and Hannah Flanders Hadley who were married July 12, 1721.Daniel married (1) Mehitable Whittaker (2) Hannah Ordway. He served in the Revolutionary War.
Daniel's father, Joseph, was the son of Samuel and Jane Martin Hadley. Joseph was born in Amesbury, Massachesetts December 26, 1700 and married Hanna or Anna Flanders. ( Hanna died in Hampstead November 1760) Joseph and his wife are probably buried in the Hadley Cemetery at Hampstead although no headstones are found. Joseph died October 11, 1758 in Hampstead. Daniel had 2 children by his first wife and 14 by his second marrage. He settled in Weare very early on Toby Hill. In 1794 he moved to Sandwich and settled near Young Mountain where he died.
Daniel was the 11th child of Joseph and Hanna Flanders Hadley. The forgoing Daniel was the son of Joseph, who was the brother of George of our direct line.
Joseph Hadley located on 100 acres of land in Hampstead in 1732. The name of Joseph Hadley, Sr. is often found on old deeds before the town of Hampstead was incorporated.

Church Windows in Congregational Church, Goffstown, N.H.
Luther Hadley 1804-1878 Mary Hadley 1810-1886
Luther Hadley was born March 16, 1804. Married Mary A. Barr of Goffstown. Born January 3, 1810, daughter of Daniel and Anna Kimball Barr. She died March 24, 1886.
In 1834 Luther Hadley purchased what was known as the Daniel Kennedy plase on the road leading from Parker's Station to Dunbarton, where he afterwords resided. He was skillful mechanic, which he combined with his farming; was greatly interested in all religious work and for many years was the efficient superintendent of the Sabbath School. He died February 12, 1878 in Goffstown.
Luther's parents were Richard and Abigail Clement Hadley.

Church Windows
Henery W. Hadley 1837-1873
Henery was born Jan. 1, 1837. Married Mary A. Stark of Goffstown. Born Febuary 4, 1840. About 1860 he moved from the Home Place to Goffstown Village where he was afterwards engaged in manufacturing. In the spring of 1868, he with the late Kendrick Kendall and Lewis H. Stark, formed a co-partnership for the manufacture of sash and blinds, under the firm name Kendall-Hadley Co. and built the building where the business has since been carried on. He died January 18, 1873 in Goffstown.
Henry was the son of Richard and Lucy Hadley. Richard was the brother of Luther.

*Obediah ( * means direct descendent)
*John R.
*John R. Jr.

*George Hadley, Ipswich, was a native of England, the original emigrant and came to this country previous to 1639. He was born 1595-1600. Died September 29, 1686. He married (1) Mary Proctor, born 1633, daughter of John and ?? Proctor, who came to AmericaApril 12, 1635. She died about 1667. (2) Deborah Skillings on June 29, 1668. She died 1692. George died September 29, 1686. His will was executed September 18, 1684 and admitted to Probate November 4, 1686 and is on file in the Probate Office in Boston, Massachusetts.

*The children of George and Mary Proctor Hadley (all born in Ipswich).

1. John- born ?, died 1711. Married May 3, 1682. Susannah Pettis, Ipswich, removed to Glouster in 1683 and lived near Black Rocks, where he died in 1711. No children.

*2.Samuel- born (before 1655). Married Jane Martin about 1676. She was born November 2, 1656, daughter of George and Susannah North Martin.

3. Martha-

4. Abigail- born ? died September 12, 1661.

5. Elizabeth- born ? died March 2, 1660

6. Mary- born? Married ? Paige

7. Joseph- born? Settled in New York. (Nothing further heard of him)

*The children of Samuel and Jane Martin Hadley (all born in Amesbury).He was born in Ipswich before 1655. She was born November 2, 1656. He died?

1.Easter or Hester- born? Married Richard Goodwin January 6, 1701 or 1702.

2. Samuel Jr.- born ? Married Dorothy Colby January 20, 1703 or 1704.

3. Hanna- born ? Married Ephram Pemberton June 24, 1707.

4. John- born? Married Hanna Lowe November 8, 1707

5. son unknown?

6. Susanna- born? Married Thomas Potter September 18, 1714.

*7. George- born August 25, 1686. Married Sarah Wiggins. Died after Sept. 7, 1762 in Newton, New Hampshire.

8. Elizabeth- born October 10, 1688.

9. Sarah- born? Married Thomas Wells, Jr. Dec. 15, 1720.

10. Martha- born Febuary 24, 1694 or 1695. Married Samuel Whiting December 21, 1714
11. Joseph- born December 26, 1700. Married Hanna Flanders July 12, 1721.

12. Benjamin- born February 24, 1703 of 1704. Married Anna Weed November 21, 1727.

*George was the son of Samuel and Jane Martin Hadley. He was born in Amesbury August 25, 1686. Married Sarah Wiggins of Haverhill before 1707. He came to Goffstown. He had 11 children.

* The children of George and Sarah Wiggins Hadley.

1.Anna- born September 25, 1707. Married September 21, 1727 to Elias Sargent.

2.George- born in Haverhill April 24, 1709. Married Elizabeth Plummer January 14, 1732 or 1733. He drowned in Island Pond, Hampstead in 1740 before the birth of his son, George.

3. Johanna- born April 10, 1711. Married April 2, 1732 James Blye of Haverhill.

4. James- born September 9, 1713. Married March 9, 1737 Judith Emerson.

*5. Samuel- born Febuary 24, 1714 or 1715. Married Feb. 5, 1735 or 1736 to Sarah Whittaker.

6. Hanna- born November 1, 1715. Married March 18, 1771. Enos Marble and on November 23, 1788 Moses Webster.

7. John- born April 28, 1717.

8. Sarah- born July 31, 1718.

9. Mehitable- born July 6, 1722.

10. Rhoda- born April 1, 1724.

11. Joshua- born April 12, 1727.

*Samuel was the son of George and Sarah Wiggins Hadley. Probably he was born in Haverhill February 24, 1714. Married February 5, 1735 or 1736. to Sarah Whittaker. Died after Jan. 29, 1793.

*The children of Samuel and Sarah Whittaker Hadley

1. Abel- born August 13, 1737 in Haverhill

*2. Amos- born October12, 1739 in Plaistow. Married Dorothy Sargent about 1760.She was born Sept. 12, 1740. He died August 1793.

3. Simeon- born February 27, 1741 in Plaistow

4. Ezebiel- born March 18, 1743 or 1744.

5. Sarah- born June 8, 1746.

*Amos was the son of Samuel and Sarah Whittaker Hadley. He was born in Haverhill or Plaistow. Oct. 12, 1739. He married Dorothy Sargent about 1760. She was born Sept. 12, 1740. He died Augest 1793.

*The children of Amos and Dorothy Sargent Hadley.

*1. Obediah- born January 18, 1767. Married Anna Gitchell of Sutton. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Settled in Bedford.

2. Abel-born about 1764. Resided in Canaan.

3. Simeon- born about 1766 or 1767. Married March 5, 1789 Lucy Martain.

4.Moses- born May 1, 1769. Married March 24,1793 to Molly or Mary Martain, sister of his brother Simeon's wife. Resided in Canaan.

5. Stephen- born? Married February 2,1787to Mary Cheny of Dunbarton.

6.Samuel- born August 29, 1774.

7. Philip- born about 1776.

8.Amos- born April 27,1778. Married November 1, 1799 to Sarah Colby of Bow.

9. Nathaniel- born?

10. Dolly-born ?

11. Israel- born April 6, 1781.

12. Nancy- born ?

*Obadiah was the son of Amos and Dorothy Sargent Hadley and was born January 18, 1761. He married Anna Gitchell of Sutton. He had a large family and settled in Bradford. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, fought at the battle of Bennington under General John Stark at the age of 16. He enlisted from Dunbarton. He lived in Dunbarton. His father,Amos, settled there in 1770. Anna died in Bradford October 27, 1824.

*The children of Obadiah and Anna Gitchell Hadley

1.Sarah-born July 10, 1781

2. Stephen- born January 15, 1783.

3. Nathaniel- born August 12, 1784

4. Dolley- born Sept. 13, 1788.

5. Nancy- born May 5 or 21, 1790

6. Ezekiel- born February 12, 1792 in Bradford, NH. Died August 6, 1874. Married Sarah Bugby and their son, Ezekiel, married Sarah J. Morrison July 3, 1851.

7.Hannah born June 1, 1794.

*8. John Raymond- born March 22, 1797

9. Jenney- born July 8, 1799

10. Obadiah- born January 8, 1801

11. Abel- born April 10, 1805

*John R. was the son of Obadiah and Anna Gitchell Hadley. He was born March 22, 1797 in Bedford, New Hampshire. He died March 17, 1833 in Weare, NH. He married Hannah Johnson of Weare in 1819. She was born Feb. 23, 1792 and died September 11, 1873. She was the daughter of Tristran and Rhoda George Johnson. He was a farmer on Barnard Hill. Sh is buried in the East Weare Cemetery with her daughter Sarah and son George.

*The children of John R. and Hannah Johnson Hadley

1.Anna- born 1821

2 Sarah- born July 1824

3. Moses- born 1827

*4. John R. Jr.- born 1829. Married Roxanna Mudgett who was born in 1836. He died in Deering NH November 27, 1894. He was a carpenter and builder.

5.George- ?

*John Jr. was the son of John R and Hannah Johnson Hadley. He was born 1828 or 1829 and died November 27, 1894 in Deering NH. He was a carpenter and builder. He married Roxanna Mudgett who was born in 1836. Married August 9, 1851. She was the daughter of Moses and Aurinda Boynton Mudgett.

*The children of John Jr. and Roxanna Mudgett Hadley

1.George Frank- born July 1666, 1854, died 1939. Married Dora Balch, born 1855 died 1944.(Emma, born 1881, was their daughter. She married Chauncy Height. Gerald Hight of Weare is one of their children)

2. Sarah- born? Unmarried

3. Hattie- born January 10, 1856 (was a twin) Died July 18, 1883

*4. Harry A.- born January 10, 1856. Died 1931. Married Lillian Gove who died. Married Lucy Hedding. Born 1859, died 7/21/51

5.Ezra- born January 1, 1858. Carpenter. Died June 25, 1897 in Weare.

6. Williams Raymond- born Febuary 25, 1869. Married Minnie Peaslee.

*The children of Hary A. and Lucy Hedding Hadley (married Oct. 22, 1889)

*Leon- born August 4, 1890. Died Feb. 16, 1954. Married K Currier of Hopkinton. They had 5 children
2. Ruth- born July 10, 1894. Married Ralph Hazen, born 1888.No children.

*Leon D. was the son Harry A. and Lucy Hedding Hadley. He was born August 4, 1890 and died February 16, 1954. He married Nettie K. Currier of Hopkinton. She was born Feb. 9, 1899.

*The children of Leon D and Nettie Currier Hadley

1.Robert- born July 8, 1921 Married Ester Mary Townes November 23, 1945.They had 5 children.

2. Ruth Norma-born May 15, 1923. Married John Herrick Nov. 28, 1946. They had 5 children.

3. Elinor- born Febuary 16, 1925. Married Robert Clemet Sept. 16, 1946. They had 5 children

*4. June - born July 8, 1928. Married Lloyd Davis Sept. 26, 1946 (double ceremony with Elinor)

5.Nancy- born June 22, 1940. Married George Rodgers June 26, 1965. They Had 2 children.

* June married Lloyd Davis on Sept.26, 1946. Their daughter:

*Lorraine- born December 21, 1968. Married Walter Hamel June 8, 1968. He died November 7, 1974
*Their daughter: Lori A.Born December 10, 1968 Married Richard Williams September 26, 1987. Their children: Nicholas- born Oct. 17, 1985
Katie- born Nov. 26, 1986 Elizabeth- born Jan. 8, 1990 died June 10, 1990

Married Edward R. Lauriat April 1, 1978 in Goffstown, NH
* Their son: Jeremiah D. Born March 23, 1980


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Thanks so much for that wonderful history. Unfortunately I didn't see
any tie in with the deed mentioned but I bet a lot of people will benefit from your info!

Re: My Hadley's (kinda long)

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Surnames: Hadley
Enjoyed reading you letter.Did you run into any Smith Hadley`s while doing research??That is our line.Thank you

Re: My Hadley's (kinda long)

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Surnames: Hadley, Smith, Golden
The Smith Hadley's wouldnt be a Phoebe Smith would it? My great grandmother was a daughter of Simon Hadley and Emma Golden.I have only just started doing this line. I would appreciate any input.

Re: My Hadley's (kinda long)

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Surnames: Hadley, Lilis
I just read your old post, you sure have alot of information. I am looking for my ggreatgrandfather. Nathan Hadley born about 1800. He married a Susan Lilis. Says she was from England. In the 1850 cencus of Licking county of Ohio he is listed as being born Mass. I heard New Hampshire. They had the following children in Ohio . Now the ages are from 1850 cencus:
James Hadley 19
Mary A Hadley 16
Abigal Hadley 7
Nancy Hadley 12
Charles B Hadley 23

Re: Enoch Hadley of Deering/Weare NH, Hillsborough County, husband of Mary Ann Hadley, related ti Elbridge Hadley and E. Cleaves Hadley 1867

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Surnames: Hadley, Flanders
I had an Uncle Russell Hadley. He was married to my Aunt Jenny (Flanders) Hadley. They lived on top of Clinton Grove on Flanders Memorial Road in the 1940s. They lived across the street from my grandparents--Alfred and Nettie Bell Flanders. The houses still stand to this day. Can you tell me if Russell's name is on the deed too? They died years ago.


Re: My Hadley's (kinda long)

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Surnames: Hadley, Smith
Lori. I wonder if you ever found any information about George, son of John R & Hannah Hadley? Believe you & I corresponded some time ago re my George W Hadley. I still cannot find when & where he was born, other than NH, and his parents. I did find him in the 1880 census for Manchester, NH, together with wife Lydia (Smith) and daughter Isabell(a). Any ideas? Thanks very much. Judy

Re: My Hadley's (kinda long)

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These people were my ancestors. Samuel Hadley and Jane Martin were my grandparents. I would love to hear from you since we may distantly be related. My name is Jan Corley and I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Hope to hear from you in the near future.

Re: Enoch Hadley of Deering/Weare NH, Hillsborough County, husband of Mary Ann Hadley, related ti Elbridge Hadley and E. Cleaves Hadley 1867

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Is there any possibility you could scan that deed and post it so those of us that are related to these Hadley's could review the content of the deed? Thanks Jim Hadley (Please see my website at:
per page

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