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Beets family ancestry

Beets family ancestry

Ray Beets (View posts)
Posted: 956605384000
Hi I live in Indiana and have some info on our family. I have it back to about 1740, a George Washington Beets from Holland. His wife was Eve (last name unknown) Their kids were John Beets, Peter Beets, George Washington Beets, Jr., Adam Beets, Joseph Beets, Daniel Green Beets. Does anyone have this link and if so can you add more. I would also like some info on the origin and other spellings of the name. Our family was from Pennsylvania, then Ohio, then Illinois, then Indiana areas.

George Beets (Beats) from Holland

Dan Beets (View posts)
Posted: 957615029000
Hi Ray,

I'm a descendent of George Beets' son Daniel. I grew up in Mississippi and now reside in Idaho. I am also interested in any information you can dig up on George, including his ties to Holland. Do you have some evidence that he is from Holland? I've seen some spellings of his name with an A.

A friend of mine, recently from Amsterdam, tells me that the Dutch pronounciation of Beets is Bates... so it makes me wonder if we might also have some ties to folks who's name was Anglicized.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Shane (Dan) Beets

George Beets

Ray Beets (View posts)
Posted: 957616777000
Hi Dan it was nice to hear from you. You can email me if you want at

I lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago and have been on this family tree stuff since. I am 39 years old and live in Indiana.

The George Beets, Sr. that I speak of had 6 kids, John, Peter, George, Jr., Adam, Joseph and Daniel. Is this the same as yours. Peter Beets is my lineage. I will have to look and see where I got Holland info from. Hope to hear from you.


George Washington Beets

Kees Beets (View posts)
Posted: 971009455000
Dear Ray,

I don't think your George is comming directly from the Netherlands becouse none of the names of his kids, wife and George himself are Dutch. It is possible he came from England in the area of Norwich where lots of Dutch people fled to for the Spanjards from 1550 on.
The name Beets should indeed be pronounced as Bates, and is the name of a small village in Holland. There also are vilages with this name in Friesland (now devided in Nij Beets and Beetsterzwaag) and North Germany (Beetz)
And indeed I know people who changed their name from Beets to Bates when the left to the U.S.
I hope you can do something with this information.

Kees Beets

Beets Family

Don Beets Snr (View posts)
Posted: 977735488000
Could send you a disk of Beets Family that I been working on for several years? I live in England and it has the info on the generations you mention.

Don Beets Sr. reply to my post

Ray Beets (View posts)
Posted: 977765838000
Ok Don email me and we will get together. I think you already have written to my dad, Rex Beets in Indiana, a few years ago about some family info. I would appreciate any info you have. Let me know what I owe for postage, etc. email me at


Ray Beets


Posted: 977807875000
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Do you have a connection with A. Beets married to George Derby in Tennessee? You may contact me at Thank you.

Beet Family

Posted: 979075438000
Edited: 1057262468000
I was reading you message re a disk of the Beet
Family. Would you have any info on
Harry Churchill Beet b.1874 (maybe England)
had a sister Louise. He was awarded the VC in 1900
Died in the 1940's in Canada
Thank you - Gerry

Peter Beets

Millie Taylor (View posts)
Posted: 982406878000
I am researching a Mary Beets/Bates who
was the daughter of Peter Beets. Mary
married James William Cooper in 1868 in
Sullivan Co., MO. James Cooper was born in
Indiana and Mary supposedly was born in Ohio,
that's according to her death certificate.
Did your Peter Beets have a daughter Mary???

Beets Family History

Don Beets (View posts)
Posted: 990212954000
To Don Beets Sr. in England. We conversed many years ago in researching the beets family. Would love to exchange info that I have developed since. Contact me at
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