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John Furby

John Furby

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I am looking for the parents of John Furby of London England. He was born ca 1813, He married Mary A. Bowron in Darlington.

FURBY name

rachel (View posts)
Posted: 940874051000
my family name is FURBY, we are from south MS. suppose to be of choctaw decent.

Furby, London

Gary Slater (View posts)
Posted: 955817065000
I am looking for details of Alfred Munn Furby born c1848 Richmond, London. Married Alice Winkworth Piper


rachel (View posts)
Posted: 959184261000
did any of your furbys live in the united states

furby names

Erik Furby (View posts)
Posted: 967242218000
Well yes my last name is Furby and I am happy to see that I am not alone in this world being talked to about the stupid toy. Anyway, I am Erik Furby (and I am 15) in Oregon USA, and My dad was David furby, son of Arthur Furby, who was the son of John furby. So that makes John Furby (who lived in England by the way) my Great Grandfather. and rachel, if you are talking about the same John Furby as I am, that would be absolutely awesome! I hope to hear something back from any of you soon,
-- EDF

English Furbys

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My Furby family came from the Darlington in NE England ca 1870s. Where in England did you family come from? about what time period. Where did they live in the US, ie mine were in Knightstown ID, Onarga IL, and Vancouver WA. MY Grandfather Robert was a doctor. His father Joseph Byers came from England.

re: English Furbys

Erik Furby (View posts)
Posted: 967328069000
my mother whent over to England and married David Furby (my father) in 1982. I was born in 1984, and my parents and I came to Portland in 1987. in the 5 years that my mother was in England we were in the Walrow house on Walrow Road in Brent Knoll, England. I don't remember a single bit of it because I only lived there until I was 2 y/o. I believe that I am the only remaining Furby in my immediate family in the united states, but I do not know the whereabouts of my father. He "left" 3 years ago Monday Aug. 28th (thursday aug. 28th, '97). I would like to know more...
-- EDF

Furbys in America-Dead beat DAD.

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My best sugestion is talk to your mom about her folks and what she might know about you grandparents Furby, check out the return address on old Christmas cards for address or your moms address book. Talk to them they might know something or maybe one of your aunts or uncles know something, did you try them? By the way the last John Furby in my end of the family wasmy uncle John Stevens Furby who died as a POW on Batan during WWII.


Erik Furby (View posts)
Posted: 967376336000
well I don't really know how much my mom and her side of the family knows about my dad's side which is the furby side. My dad was an only child and both his parents are dead and his grndparents too. And I am also and only child. and the John Furby that I am talking about was my great grandfather who was in England for I believe his whole life. and it was too early for WWII. I would think John Furby might have lived in the mid 19th century. Thanks anyway.

Furby geneology on line

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This is what I have can any one add to this?

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