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welch family orphaned Circa 1868

welch family orphaned Circa 1868

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I am looking for any family with this history named Welch, My grandfather, Jim /Welch was orhaned abouth 1868 dob. about 1865. He did not remember names of parents, bein only 3 at time. He was told he had been orphaned with 9 brothers, Some names he remembered were Pat, Mike, and Martin. He found Martin in later life, Pat and Mike joined army. One deaf brother was sent to Deaf school in or around Louisville Ky, He and rest went to a Catholic Orphanage in Louisville area. possibly at Brooks Ky.

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

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I have no idea if my family is related, but my great grandfather's name was Martin A. Welch. He was born in 1865 in County Mayo, Ireland and he was an orphan when he came to the United States when he was about 9 yrs. old. When he first came to the US, he worked as a farmer in the Berkshires, MA. He later married Annie Convey and lived in Pawtucket, RI and fathered 7 children. He died of pneumonia before the 7th child was born in 1906. Martin's fathers name was Martin Welch and his mother's name was Bridget Dooley. I don't know anything about Martin's siblings. Is your family from Mayo?

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

valhen20 (View posts)
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I dont where my Grandfather was born. I know that he was of irish descent. He may have been born in the united states. his parents were supposedly irish. My Grandfather was born around 1859. He was only 3 when orphaned.. He was 1 of 10 supposedly. One of whom was a Martin Welch, who he ran in to because they looked so much alike, that a neighbor broiught Martin to Samuels Ky. to see Jim. Martin was living in Cincinnatti Ohio at the time. Did your Martoin ever live in or near Ohio, or Kentucky? Jim was so young he didnt remember living anywhere but Kentucky. If Your Martin lived in Ohio they could be siblings.

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

Lynn Perry (View posts)
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There's very little my family knows about my great grandfather, Martin Welch. He was born in County Mayo, Ireland and the story goes that he came to the US at the age of 9 as an orphan and he worked in the Berkshires, MA as a farmer. No one knows if he had any siblings. He married my great grandmother, Annie Convey, in Pawtucket, RI in 1890. He died in 1906, at the age of 41 in Pawtucket, RI of pneumonia, leaving his wife with 6 children and pregnant with their 7th child.
I don't think he was ever in Ohio. Too bad. I was hoping I would connect with someone with more info than I had. Good luck with your family ancestry search.

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

George (View posts)
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I haven’t been able to piece together the family you describe. I was not certain when James was born and his parents died. One of your postings has James born in 1859 and another in 1868. Which dates are correct? Who was James’ wife?

I think the following John Welch/Welsh is the brother of James that was deaf. There may be a marriage record for John (in Jefferson County?) that would possibly give his parents names. If this looks like James’ brother, he would have been old enough to know his parents’ names.

1870 Census
Boyle County, Kentucky
Page 21, Danville, 06-04-1870, Household# 142/143
Deaf & Dumb Asylum (later called Kentucky School for the Deaf)

John Welsh 21 Student KY Deaf and Dumb

1880 Census
Jefferson County, Kentucky
ED 93, Page 1, District No. 93, 06-01-1880, Household# 4/4
Household of James H. Comley

John Welsh 30 Servant Farm Laborer KY KY KY Deaf and Dumb

Three of James Comley’s children were also listed as deaf and dumb.

1900 Census
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Magisterial District 2, Fairmount Precinct, ED 149, Sheet 17A, 07-09-1900, Household# 329/324

John Welch 51 (born July 1848) KY KY KY farmer partner
Louisa 42 (born Jan 1858) KY KY KY

Married 20 years. 1 child born and still living (must have already married).
Right edge of page was annotated with ‘DD’ (deaf and dumb) for John and Louisa.

1910 Census
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Malott Precinct, ED 14, Sheet 8A, 05-05-1910, Household# 171/173

John Welch 60 KY KY KY farmer truck farm
Louisa 56 KY KY KY

Can’t read number of years married. 1 child born and still living.
Last column annotated with ‘DD’ (deaf and dumb) for John and Louisa.

1920 Census
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Magisterial District 2, Hokes Precinct, ED 14, Sheet 8B, 04-22-1920, Household# 160/165

William Comley 69 KY KY KY farm laborer
John Welsh 70 KY KY KY farmer laborer widower?

Language spoken column annotated with ‘DD’ (deaf and dumb) for John and William.

1930 Census
Jefferson County, Kentucky
4th Magisterial District, Home for Aged and Infirm, ED 56-207, Sheet 22B, 04-11-1930,

(Line 88) John Welsh inmate 80 KY Ireland Ireland married
(Line 93) Mrs. John Welsh inmate 76 KY KY KY married

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

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One of the other pieces of the puzzle was the possibility that some of the sons went to an orphanage. The following is for the St. Thomas Orphan Asylum in 1870. (There were no Welsh or Welch children in the orphanage in 1860 or 1880.)

1870 Nelson County, Kentucky
Bardstown, Precinct No. 1, 07-18-1870

Welsh, Mike 13 KY parents foreign born (Page 17, Line 38)

Welsh, James 10 KY parents foreign born (Page 19, Line 12)

Welsh, Pat 12 KY parents foreign born (Page 19, Line 25)

Welsh, Anthony 18 KY farm hand parents foreign born (Page 20, Line 12)

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

valhen20 (View posts)
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to George who sent me Message . Im so excited I could dance. I think you have found a way for me access my great grandparents. Yes the name of the boy sent to deaf school was John. and I think this is him. I will try to find Marriage records. How did you access the orphanage Census files ? Did you just look under 1870 Census with name of orphange? I didn't think to try that. James or Jim as he went by was born in or around 1859. He never knew his birthdate. But was supposedly around 2 or 3 when parents died around 1861. We always thought name was Welch. But easily could have been Welsh. He had brothers Mike and Pat. He also had one named Martin but he may have been already farmed out by 1870.Anyway Im sure this is his family. I cant wait to find out through Filson Club in Louisville how tro access John's Marriage records and find out Great grandparents names. Jim married Catherine Louise Coomes at Nelson Co. Ky. and raised 15 children. I know his history after he was grown. He just didnt know parents names or where in Ireland they came from. Thank you soooo much for the help.

Re: welch family orphaned Circa 1868

George (View posts)
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I used Google to find the orphange in KY, then found the county it is in, and then went to the 1870 census looking for Welsh children in that county. I did the same for the school for the deaf to find John.

I tried everything, and still can't find this family in the 1860 census. There are some Welsh families in Kentucky with sons that have names matching yours, but only one or two, not all of them in one family. Maybe they weren't listed.

Do you think all 4 of the Welsh boys in the orphanage in 1870 were brothers? If so, that would account for 6 sons, counting John and Martin (where ever he was).

I hope you can find John's marriage record, and it lists his parents. I don't know how detailed they were in the 1880s. I believe John died during the 1930s. There is probably a death record for him. It may or may not include his parents names.

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