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Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

Jan Kohli Lynch (View posts)
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Looking for information regarding the Kohli family from Bern Switzerland--they may have been tailors in Bern

Kohli from Switzerland

Gary Speck (View posts)
Posted: 962434822000
My KOEHLI/KOHLI/KAHLEY family also hails from Bern Switzerland. I know the "O" had umlauts and was sometimes "Anglicized" to either an "O" only or an "OE" combo. Later they family changed the name to KAHLEY.

My great grandmother was Anna Margarete KAHLEY (b:1863 Moline, IL d:1903 Ayreshire, IA), and her father was Friedrich Wilhelm KOEHLI (b:1825 Kallnach, Bern CH d:1883 (Maquoketa/Smithtown, IA). He is said to have been a Dairy Farmer in Switzerland.

Kohli family Genealogy

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Julius Billeter has a compiled genealogy of a Kohli family in Switzerland which might connect to your line. It can be found on the microfilm

FHL INTL Film 193476 probably about the 55th item on the film.

This is, of course, the LDS Family History Library whose website is at

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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My family name was originally Kohli. For some reason, the spelling changed from Kohli (written with the two dots above the "o" to Kohly).

The last person of my line to be born in Bern was Johanne Bautista Kohly Schneider. He (accidentally) emmigrated to Cuba in 1802 and married someone by the last name of Benitez. (I am not sure of the correct spelling in German of his middle name, basically the translation would be John Baptist Kohli. In Cuba he was called Juan Bautista Kohly). He was born in Bern in 1773, he died in Cuba in 1814. In Cuba, her married someone by the name of Benitez.

Their son, Juan Bautista Kohly Benitez, was the father of my great grandfather Federico Kohly Zalba. (married to Josefa Embil Quesada).

One of his surviving sons, Miguel Angel Kohly, born in 1892 and died in 1956 in Cuba) was my grandfather. He was married to Dolores de la Torre Soublette.

My father, Miguel Federico Kohly de la Torre, was born in 1919 in Cuba and died in 2005 in Miami, FL, US. He had 8 children, 5 born in Cuba, 3 born in the US. He was married to my mother, Carmen Cosculluela Villalon. The family now resides in Miami, FL

For several generations, most of the Kohly family were developers and city planners. There are areas of Havana and a large avenue there that bear the family name.

I am not much of a geneologist, but I have this information from notes my father left me. I came across this thread accidentally and hope this will be helpful.

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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I just noticed in my father's notes that Johannes Kohli Schneider was a tailor and that may have been the family business. There was also some family connection to cheese, but I'm not clear on that part.

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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Surnames: Maria
Conozco una persona en Cuba que lleva este apellido. Fue mi profesor de Química y luego estudió Sicología. En un encuentro casual y al saber que yo residía en Suiza, me habló de sus antepasados de Berna y me contó que el otrora aristocrático Reparto Kohly de la Habana, se hizo en terrenos de la familia. Me pidió indagara sobre posibles parientes. Su nombre es JUAN CARLOS KOHLY,de más de 50 años.

Je connais un descendant Kohly qui habite à la Havane. Il s'appelle JUAN CARLOS KOHLY, il a plus de 50 ans et m'a parlé de ses origines bernoises.

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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Surnames: Kohly, Kohli
Yo tengo el mismo apellido. Mi padre, que nacio en 1919, era hijo de Miguel Kohly Embil (y Dolores de la Torre y Soublette) y nieto de Federico Kohly y Zalba (y Josefina Embil y Quesada). Estos, junto con el hermano de mi abuelo Luis Kohly Embil, fueron los que desarroyaron el Reparto Kohly y, mas tarde, el Nuevo Vedado (inicialmente conocido como Alturas del Vedado) usando terrenos propios.

Se que Federico tenia un hermano que se llamaban Ricardo, casado con Carolina Fernandez Morrell, que tuvo seis hijos: Gulllermo, Carlos, Alfredo, Maria Luisa, Consuelo y Ricardo. De este grupo, yo solo recuerdo conocer a Guillermo, Maria Luisa y Consuelo y ninguno de esos tres tuvieron hijos. Es posible que este senor sea descendiente de alguno de los otros hijos del hermano de Federico, mi bisabuelo. Pero, en realidad, no se.

Por otra parte tengo una nota que el hijo llamado Carlos (a quien llamaban Charlie) tuvo 2 hijos (no se con quien estaba casado). Los hijos se llamaban Dr. Carlos Kohly (a quien le llamaban Cuco) y Nena Kohly (no se como se llamaba en realidad) que se caso con un Mejicano y nunca volvio a Cuba. Dado su nombre, yo buscaria por aqui primero.

Se que el primer Kohly que llego a Cuba se llamaba Johannes Kohli Schneider. Aunque parece que alguien en la familia tenia negocio de sastreria, Johannes era representante del negocio de su hermano que tenia que ver con quesos. El principalmente trabajaba en Bourdeux y Paris pero, como Haiti era una colonia francesa tan rica, viajo a Haiti. En 1802, con el rebellion de los esclavos, escapo a Cuba con los franceses. Parece que le gusto y se decidio quedar ahi, pues en 1807 se caso con Ana Josefa Benitez y Torres. No se decirle cuando fue que Kohli cambio a Kohly, pero fue en Cuba.

Johannes y Ana Josefa tuvieron un hijo, Juan Bautista Kohly y Benitez que era abogado. Juan Bautista se caso con Teresa de Zalba y estos eran los padres de mi bisabuelo, Federico Kohly y Zalba y de Ricardo Kohly y Zalba.

Espero que esta informacion le sea util a su amigo.

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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Surnames: Kohly
I too am a descendent of Frederico Kohly Zalba. He was my great grandfather on my grandma's side. They seem to have been a very affluent family in Cuba and I have some great pictures I can send to you. You mentioned that Johanne Bautista Kohly Schneider "accidently" emigrated to Cuba. Do you have any more info on this? What was their profession in Switzerland. Thanks for any help!

All the best,

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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Andrew, we're cousins. Your dad and brother Michael were my son's (Nicolas) baseball coach. The "accident" was that he had no intention of going to Cuba, he was happily selling cheese in Haiti (which was very prosperous back then). Then there was a slave revolt where all the whites were being massacred so a big chunk of the French Haitian population escaped to Santiago de Cuba (the nearest province to Haiti). This explains why there are so many French last names from that part of the country. Anyway, Johanne jumped on a boat and escaped as well. He liked Cuba and never returned to Switzerland.

The family profession was, traditionally, being tailors. However, one of Johanne's brothers apparently started a cheese enterprise and Johanne traveled all over creating markets for it. Maybe this is how Swiss cheese got to Cuba and, thus, the Cuban sandwich was born. (My speculation, no proof at all).

Re: Kohli family from Bern Switzerland

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Surnames: brauen tschennan kohli
I have an Elizabeth kohli in my family tree , she was from bern she was married to my dads greatgrandfater benedictbrauen born approx. 1829 im looking for help to find any info on our family
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