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Rollands of Oklahoma

Rollands of Oklahoma

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Hi...The Rollands of Oklahoma are Ed Riley Rolland, Jake Rolland, Peter Rolland, all born from 1878 thru 1890 sometime. Their father was Amos Rolland. Anybody recognize these names???

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

ron hughes (View posts)
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Surnames: rowland
Arlene, maybe one of these is your family.Rowland and related names in the 1830 Census of Carroll Co., TN.

Jessie Rollins, p. 187; John Row, (Rowland?), p. 172; Thomas Rowlan, p.179; Jeremiah Rowlin, p. 172; Thomas Rowlin, p. 183; Thomas Rowlin, p. 190.
Rowlan (Rowland?) Williams.

In the 1840 Census of Carroll County Tennessee;

Henry Rolings; Jesse Rollings; Aaron Rowland; Amos Rowland; Elms (Ellums?) Rowland; Green Rowland; Loyde (Lloyd?) Rowland; Sherod (Sherwood?) Rowland; and two Thomas Rowland's.

Compare the two census records. John Row (Rowland?), has gone or died between 1830-40, as has Jeremiah Rowlin. Jesse/Jessie Rollings, if they are the same, is listed, in both census records, as are two of the three Thomas Rowlan/Rowlin's.

Added to the 1840 list is Aaron Rowland, Amos Rowland, Elms (Ellums?) Rowland, Loyde (Lloyd?) Rowland; and Sherod (Sherwood?) Rowland, have just been added to the 1840 Census.

This indicates that they either moved to Carroll Co., after the 1830 Census or they attained majority or family head of household status, in the intervening 10 years. (Note, even though it is easy to assume that the name Sherwood may have been "bastardized or corrupted into the name Sherod/Sherrod, this may not be the case. Perhaps the two names are not related at all. There is a family of Sherrod's existing throughout NC, GA, and AL. RLH-2000

Smith, TN, 1830 Federal Census (INDEX)
37 26 Rollings James pg0029.txt 68 21 Rowland David pg0065.txt 50 4 Rowland James pg0041.txt 90 8 Rowland Robert pg0089.txt
Now a little Census information that gives us a little setback.

Rutherford Co., TN, 1830 Federal Census (info supplied by Jesse Lynn Lynch, Jr. on June 15, 2001.)

Benjamin Rowland
Lewis Rowland
John Rowland
(Note Mr. Lynch wrote that there were no Rowlands listed in the 1830 Census of Bedford Co., TN.)

It has been written that our direct ancestors, William Thomas and Nellie Burleson Rowland lived in this area before coming to Mississippi about 1838. In 1830, as reported above, only three Rowland families lived in the area. They were Benjamin, Lewis and John Rowland. Elsewhere in this report you will read that some researchers have listed Benjamin Rowland as being related to our family. How are Lewis and John related? Where was William and Eleanor at this time?

I did find one record, somewhere, that listed a William Rowland in 1820 Bedford Co., TN. It may be that William and Eleanor Rowland had moved by 1830 into Wilson, Davidson, Williamson, Maury, Marshall or Lincoln Co., TN. Maybe the family moved west along the Duck River?

I have also found records of a John Rowland who married Eliza Tuder (Tudor?), about 1840 in Williamson Co., TN, and another John Rowland married Sarah H. Carter about 1814 in Williamson Co.

It looks like a lot more Census results need to be checked to find out. RLH-2001

List of Thomas Rowlands, continued.

3. Thomas A. R. Rowland, b. 1821AL, son of Amos Rowland and Mary Polly Simms

4. Thomas Laid Rowland, b. Nov. 2, 1852, in Carroll County, TN, the son of Amas (Amos) Rowland. Thomas Laid Rowland, married Emly B. Malone.

Note, are the above both sons of the same Amos Rowland? Or is one the son of a son of Amos Rowland named Amos, Jr., or are they different Amos Rowlands.?

5. Thomas Rowland, b. 1774 in Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., VA, the son of Burwell Rowland.

6. Thomas Elliott Rowland, B. Jan. 7, 1814 in Charleston, SC, the son of Charles Elliot Rowland and Henrietta Sommers.

7. Thomas Burton Rowland, b. about 1844, married to Nancy ____?, he is the son of Ellums (Elms) Rowland and Elizabeth E. Allen.

8. Thomas Rowland, b. Dec. 5, 1819 Norfolk, VA.

9. Thomas Rowland, b. about 1750 NC, the son of James and Elizabeth Rowland of Bladen County, NC.

What a collection of Thomas Rowland's, eh?, and the above list does not include all possibilities.

Marriages before 1825 in Alabama for names that may be Rowland.:

Roland, James married, Hudstreth, Polly 26 Sep 1817 Madison Co., AL

Rolands, Thomas married, Sims, Betsey 24 Aug 1812 Madison Co., Al

Rolland, Amos married, Sims, Polly 12 Feb 1813 Madison Co., AL

Roller, Jacob married, Horton, Violet 30 Oct 1819 Madison Co., AL

Roller, John married, Pernel, Rebecca 4 Oct 1819 Madison Co., AL

Rollin, Jeremiah married, Prewett, Polly 3 Jan 1814 Madison Co., AL

1. Amos Rowland, received five land patents in Alabama in 1823. These were Patent Numbers, 127, 128, 129, 216, and 493. All of these Patents were for land in St. Clair County, Alabama. Now we may have heard of Amos Rowland before. He may be one and the same as Anios Rowland, (note I think Anios is just a mistype or mis copy of Amos), as found above. (see the following)

Look under my "Thomas Rowland" section where I found the following;

No. 3. Thomas A. R. Rowland, b. 1821AL, son of Amos (Anios?) Rowland and Mary Polly Simms.
Amos Rowland, received all of his land patents in St. Clair County, Alabama which is located just North East of present day Birmingham, AL. One of the "Self", men, married Rachael Rowland in nearby / adjacent Jefferson County, AL in 1831.

To have received these patents, Amos must have been at least 20 years old in 1823, which would place his date of birth as before 1804. If he was more like our ancestor, he may have been age 35-40 when he received the patents and if we assume he is one and the same that served in Perkin's Regiment, 7th Battalion of the Mississippi Militia during the war of 1812, he most surely would have been born before 1793 and possibly as early as 1780. Possibly his son, Thomas A. R. Rowland, married in nearby Calhoun County in 1855.

Just Southeast of St. Clair County is found, Shelby County, where Thomas Rowland is listed in the 1830 Census.

Just Southeast of Shelby Co. is found Bibb County, where William Rowland married in 1845.
Nancy Rowland is found in the 1850 Census of St. Clair Co. and James Rowland is found in the 1870 St. Clair Census.

Just South of St. Clair, I found William Roland in the 1850 Census of Talladega Co.

And just South of Talladega and Shelby counties, I found Benjamin and R. W. Ryland and Charles Rowland in the 1850 Census.

Hiram Rowland was found in 1850 in Fayette County which is just Northeast of Tuscaloosa Co.

Seaburn Rowland was found in Lamar County, Al, in 1838, which adjoins Fayette Co., and is located on the Mississippi State line, adjoining Monroe Co., MS. Seaburn is listed numerous times in this report.

In Monroe Co., MS, I found the 1855 marriage of Thomas J. Rollins, the 1867 marriage of Potter Rollins and the marriage of Jim and Sam Rowland in 1864.

Daniel Rowland, received Patent number 9078 on Oct. 16, 1834. He had to be born in 1815 or earlier. This land is located in ????????????.

I have also found a "Daniel Rolen" in the Church of Jesus Christ, Ancestral Files. The following is a the record in this file;

Daniel Rolen, b. Abt. 1788, in SC, he died before Sept. 22, 1851 in Tuscaloosa, AL. He married Elizabeth ?, she was born abt. 1790 in North or South Carolina, she died after 1860. They had a number of children with some born in Tennessee and others in Alabama.
These children were;

1. Rachel Roland, b. TN, Abt. 1812; 2. Aretta Roland, b. TN, Abt. 1813; 3. Adaline Roland, b. TN, Abt., 1814; 4. John H. Roland , b. AL, Abt. 1819; 5. Delilah Roland, b. AL, Abt 1822; 6. William C. Roland, b. AL, Abt., 1834; 7. Andrew W. Roland, b. AL, Abt., 1825; 8. Elizabeth Roland, b. AL, Abt. 1826.

Green Rowland, received Patents 4411 and 4412 on August 17, 1838, this land is located in ??????????. Green Roland is found to have married in Culliam County, Al in 1887. Note "Green" or Greenberry Rowland is a common name in some Rowland lines.

James S. Rowland, was found to have received Patents 26257, 26258 for land located in ??????, Co. in 1837. He appears to have received Land patents all over.
The following is more information on a "James S. Rowland"; he received land patents in Marion Co., AL in 1859 and in Montgomery Co., AL in 1843.

Ron Hughes

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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Surnames: Rolland
Ron, Thanks for all that info but my Rollands were Creek Indians. It doesn't sound like yours were, were they? My amos Rolland (rowland) should have been born around 1850. Thanks anyway.


Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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Hi my family is the Rowland's of Oklahoma. My grandmother was Madena Rowland daugther of Thomas Lloyd Rowland born in Carroll co. Tenn in 1852 and died in Mead, Oklahoma in 1928. They moved from Tenn to Ark and then on to Oklahoma. Is this some of your family?
Madena Rowland married George James and my mother is Clara Mae James Thompson.
Would love to hear from you
Wanda Thompson Hines

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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i have an old picture of my g.g.grandfather whose name was peter francis rolland not sure if same guy

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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Hmmm......was he a Creek Indian?

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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i don't know the pic has him in a suit but i know we have indian some where

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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here is the pic

Re: Rollands of Oklahoma

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Wow. thanks for the pic. The pic I have of him he is older and bald. Where is this Peter Rolland from? do you have any of his children's names? His wife? Email me at, please. Thanks.
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