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member of Appleberry family

member of Appleberry family

D. Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 959798890000
Would like to exchange information with someone. My husband is a direct descedant of Henry Clay Appleberry.

henry clay appleberry

mary elizabeth cook (Appleberry) (View posts)
Posted: 964045266000
Hello, my name is mary elizabeth cook my dad was Eldon Appleberry he passed away Aug,28 it will be 3years next month please e-mail soon

Re: Henry Clay Appleberry

D. Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 964131547000
Hi! In my records of the family I know Eldon's name and your name. My mother-in-law is Henry Clay Appleberry's grand-daughter. I would like to here from you again.

eldon appleberrys daughter,elizabeth

mary elizabeth (View posts)
Posted: 964131933000
HI, Got your message,good to hear from you.

eldon appleberrys daughter,elizabeth

mary elizabeth (View posts)
Posted: 964131965000
HI, Got your message,good to hear from you.

RE: D.Johnston

mary elizabeth (View posts)
Posted: 964132876000
do you have an E-MAIL addederss


mary elizabeth appleberry cook (View posts)
Posted: 964206211000
Hi, D.Johnson i got your you know my sister Deloris Jean and brother billy ray?my mother was Goldie appleberrys mothers name was pauline appleberry,she re-married to Bill Mccabe,she passed away 1year ago, also my dad did to. I live in Georgia .

Re: Appleberry

D. Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 964463878000
Mary Jane (Appleberry) Johnson is my mother-in-law. Her dad was Walter Appleberry. I had your name but no others. Do you have other brothers or sisters? I'd like to exchange more information with you. My e-mail address is Keep in touch.

walter appleberry

Posted: 966450872000
Edited: 993441418000
Hi, Walter Appleberry is my grandfather. My dad, Lloyd, is one of his 13 children. I have not talked to him in many years as after my mom and he divorced he sort of disappeared. He still lives in Lebanon Mo and runs an auto parts business there. He had 12 brothers and sisters, of which I can remember a few. They are: Clay; Lee; Betty, Larry; Donnie; Herbert; Lloyd; Lonnie; Shirley; and the rest I can not remember. My Mom tells me there were 9 boys and 4 girls. I have done a fair amount of research, and believe my line is as follows: Walter and Lillie(Flannigan) to Henry Clay and Nora C. Hunter(Nelson) to William Henry and Mary Elizabeth Hunter to John Pickney and Elizabeth Ann Stevens. This is about the best I have been able to do at this point and is based on records obtained from the LDS database.Several of the brothers have died, and I know one of the sisters died in a house fire. Grandpa died when he was hit by a car and Grandma died of cancer some years back, early 80's I believe. The last time I saw her was in 1974 when I visited her. At that time she told me there was an Aunt who lived in Kansas City who had the Appleberry family Bible and that she would try and get it. But the Aunt would not let anyone touch it or see it. I do no know who the Aunt was or where it is now. If anyone out there knows anything about where it is, let someone know. As I have been able to find Appleberry's as far back as 1673 in Abermarle VA it would be very helpful if we could find the Bible and establish our roots. Also, for those who do not know, there is an Appleberry cemetary in Fluvanna VA and St. Francois MO. There is also an Appleberry Mountain in Greenmont VA, part of the Smokeys I believe. If anone wants to compare notes or information let me know.

Re: Walter Appleberry

D. johnson (View posts)
Posted: 966538610000
Hi! I'm so glad to here from you! Lloyd Appleberry is my husband's uncle. My mother-in-law, Mary Jane, is Lloyd's sister. According to Mary Jane and the other family members, Lillie's maiden name was Swanigan. Our story is that Appleberry isn't really our name. William Henry had a different name and for some reason had to change it. He chose Appleberry. We have no proof. I'd really like to share information with you and I'm sure Mary Jane will be glad that you got in touch with us. D. Johnson
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