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Antrim, Ireland McGavocks

Antrim, Ireland McGavocks

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Hi, I am wondering if any of the McGavocks living in Ireland have traced or helped the American cousins trace the roots further back and into Scotland.

I understand that when our decendant came from Scotland to Ireland that he could not read and his name was misspelled to its current fashion McGavock.

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Debra Scherf (View posts)
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Surnames: McGavick McGavock McNeill McNeil
My 3 Gr. mother was a Margaret McGavick/McGavock . Family stories tell us she was from Scotland poss Gigha. Do you have a Margaret born 1792. Married a Hugh McNeill.? They left to Antrim Ireland abt. 1810. Hope we tie in. E mail

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Robertson McGavock (View posts)
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Surnames: Re. "Carnton" Glenarm...McGavock
Hi Ms. Parker,

I will be visiting No. Ireland, specifically around Glenarm in County Antrim, around 1st Apr. this year and hoped someone might be able to narrow down a more specific location for "Carnton" near Glenarm. Would be nice to tread on "the old sod" of James Sr., et al I have migrated (via Fl) to Chattanooga, Tn. I am one of six boys of John Williamson McGavock lll (Virginia.....son of James Hampton Mcgavock of Thaxton, Va. Have enjoyed your work!!
Sincerely...Bob McGavock

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James McGavock (View posts)
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Surnames: McGavock
Kathleen, I came across this "by accident"..
I would doubt that James being illiterate caused any mispelling. Though it's hard to say just how literate he would have been, he did become a JP and significant landowner and trader. I should've thought a serious literacy deficit would've hindered this greatly. Besides so far as I know, Protestants were encouraged to read and study the King James bible.

The name McGavock has continued in Ulster to this day, spelled just so. His mother (who remained to tough it out in Antrim with his brother Hugh) was my great, great etc... grandmother. My father was a James, his father a Hugh and so on.

I'm (45 and live with my two boys, Martin and Russell - yep this time I gave them their individuality namewise) in Scotland where there are only a few of us now, but the family this side of the Atlantic, including my grandfather, was visited by Tenessee Historical Commision researchers whilst compiling the book Pen and Sword (Col. Randal McGavock). I have a copy.

I've a hunch that a very old west of Scotland name such as Garvock (As in a nearby "Garvock hill" and various other Garvock or Garvoch connections is a more likely root. Sometime I'll maybe discover if it has a gaelic or norse meaning.


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Scott A McGavock (View posts)
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I too are keen to research and find out as much as possible on the McGavock family lineage. I am 3rd Australian and I have found that there are approximately 450 McGavocks worldwide. The common thread to our name is its source. All family members seem to have come from Glenarm, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, including my great grandfather. Even the 1st McGavock to the USA in the 1700's James McGavock came from Glenarm Antrim. This therefore means that at some point in time we all came from the same family. My challenge so far is to try and connect the dots. Any help from the US family would be appreciated. From your long lost cousin down under. My email is: Scott McGavock

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debra Scherf (View posts)
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Surnames: McGavick McDabhoc shows in 1848 There are 25 McGavock households in Antrim Ireland . The records are from a primary property survey of 1848-64.For paying Families of parishes only.
it also shows our surname is rare and descends from
Mac Dhabhoc in Galic, Diminutive of David Originally related to the Burkes of Connacht.
If any one knows the Scottish History I'd love to read it on this sur name McGavock/McGavick.
I've been told it was McGavick in Scotland.

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Surnames: McGAVOCK
All of my ancestors come from Glenarm and my sister (another Canadian) lives in Glenarm. We have a George McGavock married to Annie Crooks. They had a daughter named Elsie b. June 10, 1927. My sister hand copied the baptismal Records for Glenarm and Carnalbana (both on one register)Presbyterian Church from 1861 to about 1926. They are unpublished records and I have them. I also have some from 1841 - 1851 for Buckna Baptisms. The record for Elsie McGavock was in the Glenarm Baptisms but I didn't see any other McGavock's. Is there any other names you would like me to look up? Were the McGavock's you have Catholic or Protestant? Its odd that I have only found one in my records. Any connection to your ancestors?

Hope this helps.


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The name was not misspelled in the way you think. It was originally McGavocke. And as to the origins in Scotland.. it would have been WAY back. Felix McKillops book, speaking about Carnton, Glenarm, states that " The McGavock family have been associated with this sub-denomination with in the townland of Libbert for centuries". Libbert is adjacent to the location of the town of Glenarm.

I have a bit more information for you about the Glenarm McGavocks.

A new book was released in November 2006 by a local historian Felix McKillop titled Townlands, People and Traditions. It is 300 pages of stories and pictures about families in the Glenarm area. The McGavock name appears throughout.

My GGGgrandmother Margery McCloy was a McGavock. She was born in Munie, Glenarm, Antrim Ireland
in 1757 and died at 103 years in 26 MAR 1860. She Married William McCloy 1746-1813 and both are buried at the McCloy family plot in the old church (church gone) graveyard at Glebe, Glenarm. I have been there several times.

We are reasonably certain the Margery was the daughter of Daniel McGavock born 173?. Daniel, Randal and Joseph McGavock were brothers of James McGavock who emigrated to America. Their father was Hugh McGavock who's father I believe was a Hugh McGavock who was possibly the son of Bryan McGavocke who was in the land records of 1666 for the area.

The book can be purchased directly from Felix McKillop at 21a Aughaboy Road, Aughaboy, Glenarm, Balleymena, Co Antrim, N. Ireland, BT44 0DZ

Felix email address is

I hope this helps your family research. I welcome any information you may have about the family.


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Surnames: Alcorn, McGavock

I have 2 relatives, Eli James "Mack" McGavock Alcorn (my gt. Grandfather) and Eli James "Mack" Darbro (his cousin). I am questioning the name, as it is highly unusual for 2 relatives to have the same name, sans the surname.

My question is this...."Does anyone know of a McGavock that goes by this name also?" (Eli James McGavock)

By the way, in the Annals of SW Virginia, my GGG grandfather, John Alcorn and James McGavock worked very actively in the justice systems in the 1770's.

Thanks for any input or assistance.


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Surnames: McGavock
Just came from a talk in the National Museum about those Irish who fought in the American Civil War. A Col. McGavock (Randal) took my interest - he fought with the Conferadates - as my grandmother was Mairin McGavock from Glenarm and my grand aunt (both long deceased) was Margaret (or Meg)McGavock.

The extended family has built up a very extensive family tree if this is of interest.

Conall O Morain
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