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Looking for any info on Abraham Lincoln Banta and family.
He was born in Henry Co., MO ca. 1868 the son of John O. Banta (d. ca. 1869 MO> )& Margaret Chalmers.
He is with his Mother Maggie Wright Sumner Co. KS in 1880 (Don't have a Mr. Wright's name). Don't know what happened to her after 1880 census..There is also listed a Bro. Charles T. Wright 8 mos. b. KS & sis. Maggie E. Banta 12 b. MO
Abraham is listed in 1900 & 1910 Census OK, Noble Co., White Rock Twp.


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The Abraham Lincoln Banta from Noble Co. Oklahoma was married to my Great, Great Grandmother Mary Francis Taggart (it was her 2nd Marrage). His grave marker states he was born in 1868 and he died in 1947. His is buried in Billings, OK in a Cemetery behind our family farm.

My Father and Uncles have all kinds of stories about Abe Banta.



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Thanks for reply.
I am connected via the Chalmers family.
The following is what I have collected thus far on his ancestors:


Generation No. 1

1. ABRAHAM LINCOLN BANTA, born 01 Jan 1865 in HENRY CO., MO; died 30 Jun 1949 in NOBLE CO., OK. He was the son of 2. JOHN O. BANTA and 3. MARGARET DOROTHEA CHALMERS. He married (1) MARY FRANCIS.

*1900 Census OK, Noble Co., White Rock Twp., 29 June, pg. 50B:
HH 376/379
Banty, Abraham, head, June 1865, 35, married 4 yrs, b. MO, both parents b. MO, farmer, owns farm
Francis, wife, Nov. 1864, married 4 yrs, 2 children-2living, b. KS, f/b. GA, m/b. KY
Thomas W., stepson, Oct. 1886, 13, b. CO, f/b. OH, m/b. KS, at school.
Frank, stepson, Oct. 1888, 11, b. CO, f/b. OH, m/b. KS, at school
& a farm laborer.

*1910 Census OK, Noble Co., White Rock Twp., 11 May, pg. 830B:
HH 39/39
Banta, Abraham L., head, 45, married 1, 13 yrs, b. MO, both parents b. MO, general farm, farmer, owns farm.
Mary ?, wife, 44, married 2, 13 yrs, 4 children-2 living, b. KS, f/b. GA, m/b. VA.
Mary D., dau, 5, b. OK
Taggert, William T.,stepson, 21, married 1, o yrs, b. CO, F/b. OH, m/b. KS, farmer, general farm.
Martha, dau law, 10, married 0, no children, B. OK, both parents b. IA.
& a hired hand.

*he is also listed in census 1920 & 1930..
in 1930 Census OK, Noble Co., he is living in the town of Billing along with wife in HH of son-in-law Robert Cole & daughter Mary D. Cole both 25 married less than a year.

He is listed in Billings Union Cem. Noble Co. OK.:
Row K
Abe L. 1/1/1865-6/30/1864
Wright, Margaret D. 12/21/1840 (believe this is Abraham's Mother)
Mary Francis 11/8/1937-10/22/1937

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN O. BANTA, died 25 Jul 1869 in HENRY CO., MO. He married 3. MARGARET DOROTHEA CHALMERS 01 Jun 1862 in HENRY CO., MO.
3. MARGARET DOROTHEA CHALMERS, born 21 Dec 1840 in MISSOURI; died 13 Dec 1909. She was the daughter of 6. JAMES B. CHALMERS and 7. MARGARET EVANS.

More About JOHN O. BANTA:

*1870 Census MO, Henry Co., Tebo Twp., P.O. Clinton, 20 July, pg. 361 (next door to bro. Charles Chalmers)
HH 131/131
Banta, Margaret 29, keeping house, b. MO
Bettie 7, b. MO
Abraham 5, b. MO
Margaret 3, b. MO

*1880 Census KS, Sumner Co., Guelpe, pg. 111A
Maggie Wright, self, Married??, 39, b. MO, both parents b. MD, keeping house.
Charles T. son, 8mos, b. KS, f/b. YN, m/b. MO
Abraham L., Banta, son, 15, b. MO, both parents b. MO, works on farm.
Maggie E. Banta, dau, 12, b. MO, both parents b. MO, at home.


i. BETTIE BANTA, born Abt. 1863 in HENRY CO., MO.
1 ii. ABRAHAM LINCOLN BANTA, born 01 Jan 1865 in HENRY CO., MO; died 30 Jun 1949 in NOBLE CO., OK; married MARY FRANCIS.
iii. MARGARET E. BANTA, born Abt. 1867 in HENRY CO., MO.

There is a marriage Sumner Co., KS for a Maggie Banta to William F. Pope 22 April 1884, Bk. B-pg. 343.

Generation No. 3

6. JAMES B. CHALMERS, born Abt. 1801 in MARYLAND; died 1873 in HENRY CO., MO. He was the son of 12. JOHN (JR) "REV." CHALMERS and 13. MARY ASHBURY ALKIN. He married 7. MARGARET EVANS 14 Feb 1833 in COOPER CO., MO.
7. MARGARET EVANS, born Abt. 1804 in MARYLAND.

*1840 Census, Cooper Co., MO, page. 117. (his brother Horation on same page)
J. ? Chalmers 210001-00001
(2 males <5, 1 male 5/10, 1 male 40/50; 1 female 20/30)

*1850 Census Mo., Cooper Co., Dist. 23, 7th Sept., pg. 104.
James B. Chalmers, 49, farmer, b. MD
Margaret, 46, b. MD
James ?, 15, b. MO
Horace S., 13, b. MO
John W(?), 10, b. MO
Margaret D., 9, b. MO
Emanuel K., 7, b. MO
Charles E., 5, b. MO
He also is listed on the 1850 Cooper Co., MO Slave Schedule, District 23,
page 528. 11 & 12 Sept., 1 female 20, black.

Land Patents:
James B. Chalmers-Cooper County Missouri, 2 November 1837, land office
Fayette, cash sale:
Doc. # 9236, SESE, Sec. 5, Twp. 46-N, Rg. 19-W, 40 acres.
Doc. # 9237, E1/2SW, Sec. 4, Twp. 46-N, Rg. 19-W, 80 acres.

*1860 Census MO, Henry Co., Tebo Twp., Aug. 1860, (web page):
Chalmers, James, 59, PV$681, farmer, b DC
Margaret, 54, b. MD
James 23, b. MO
Margaret 18, b. MO
Emanuel 16, b. MO
Charles 14, b. MO

Census 1840: 1840, COOPER CO., MO
Census 1850 - free: 1850, COOPER CO., MO
Tax roll: 1835, COOPER CO., MO

On, Missouri Marriages compiled by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, ca. has Margaret's maiden name as other verification.

From LDS film # 0902782
State pf Missouri}
County of Cooper}
I hereby certify that on the 14th day of February 1833 I Solemnized the rite of matrimony between James B. Chalmers and Margaret Evans both of the aforesaid State and County. Given under my hand this 18th day of February 1833.
Archibald M. Cockle MG

State of Missouri}
County of Cooper}
Recorded on the 21st day of February 1833 in Book A page 164.
Robt P. Clark clk

i. JAMES CHALMERS, born Abt. 1835 in MISSOURI.

**Civil War
5th Prov. Reg't Enrolled MO. Militia
Chalmers, James T., Private, enrolled & organized 10 Aug. 1862, Calhoun, ordered into active service 4 Aug. 1863, Lexington MO, by Gen. Vaughn.

ii. HORACE SAMUEL CHALMERS, born 13 Sep 1837 in MISSOURI; died 01 Sep 1920 in MURRY, UT.

*1900 Census UT, Salt Lake Co., Mill Crk Presinct. 2nd June, pg. 243A.
Chalmers, James, head, Sept. 1841, 58, married 7 years, b. MD, both parents b. MD, dry goods pedler, rents home,
Ann, wife, Jan. 1846, 54, married 7 yrs, no children, b. IL, f/b. IL, m/b. IN
Wright, Charles ?, nephew, Oct. 1879, 21, b. MO, both parents b. MO, day laborer (he is the son of James' sister Margaret Chalmers/Banta/Wright)
*1910,1920 Horace in Murry UT..but in 1920 he has a wife named Malinda age 68, , b. England, came to US 1868.

*Horace Samuel Chalmes b. 13 Sept. 1837, d. 1 Sept. 1920, age 82, Murry UT, Cert. # 1920004024, burried Murry City Cem.

Burial: 05 Sep 1920, MURRY CITY CEM., MURRY, UT

iii. JOHN W. CHALMERS, born Abt. 1840 in MISSOURI.
3 iv. MARGARET DOROTHEA CHALMERS, born 21 Dec 1840 in MISSOURI; died 13 Dec 1909; married (1) JOHN O. BANTA 01 Jun 1862 in HENRY CO., MO; married (2) WRIGHT Bet. 1870 - 1879.
v. EMANUEL K. CHALMERS, born 01 Jan 1843 in COOPER CO., MO; died 1922 in MO; married EMMA J. EAST 07 Mar 1865; born 23 Jan 1848; died 20 Oct 1876.

**Civil War:
*5th Pov. Reg't Enrolled MO. Militia
Chalmers, Emanuel K., private, enrolled & organized, 10 Aug. 1862, where: Calhoun, by: Col. Marvin, ordered into service 10 Sept. 1863, relieved from duty 17 Nov. 1863, Remarks: Jined by transfer from Co. K, 70 days service.
* R. Allen Co. Citzen Gds Regt. E.M.M.
Chalmers, Emanuel K., Pvt., capt. Robert Allen, enrolled 4 July 1864, Calhoun Mo., Relieved from duty 6 Nov. 1864.actual service 35 days.

*1880 Census MO, Henry Co., Deer Creek, pg. 399A
E. K. Chalmers, self, 37, b. MO, both parents b. MD, farmer.
Maggie, dau., 14, b. MO, both parents b. MO, at home.
Herbert, son, 8, b. MO, home
Earnest J., son, 6, b. MO, home
Mary T. East, mother, 51, b. TN, both parents b. TN, keeping house
Wm. Hall, other, 17, b. MO, both parents b. MO, laborer.

*1900 Census Mo., Henry Co., Deer Creek Twp., 18th June, pg. 147B
Chalmers, Herbert, Head, Aug. 1871, 28,single, b. MO, both parents b. MO, farmer, owns farm.
??, male, 22, July 1878, 22, single, b. MO, both parents b. MO, farmer
Emanuel K, father, Jan 1843, 57, widower-1 year, b. Mo, F/b. MO, m/b Maryland

*1920 Census MO, Henry Co., Deer Creek Twp., 13 Jan., pg. 4B
HH 91/91
Fredich H., head, 48, single, laborer/stock famrer, b. MO
John E., head, 43, married, farmer, gen. farm, b. MO
Ollie B. , wife, 36, b. MO
Emanuel K., father, 77, w/1yr., b. MO, both p/b. MD

source: 1883 History of Henry Missouri , National Historical Co., pg: 799
--- E. K. Chalmers, farmer and stock raiser, section 23, was born in Cooper County, Missouri, January 1, 1843, being the son of James B. Chalmers, a native of Maryland, who grew to manhood there and married a Miss Evans, of the same state. The family removed to Missouri in an early day, and were among the pioneer settlers of Cooper County. In 1860, they came to Henry County, where J. B. Chalmers died in 1873. E. K. was reared in this county as a farmer's boy, and enjoyed fair educational advantages. In 1862, he enlisted in the Confederate army, and serving about six months returned home. He subsequently served in the enrolled militia till the close of the war. Mr. Chalmers was married March 7, 1865, to Miss Emma J. East, of this county, and a daughter of George A. and Mary T. East. She died October 20, 1877, leaving three children: Maggie B., Frederick H. and John Ernest.


More About EMMA J. EAST:

vi. CHARLES E. CHALMERS, born Abt. 1845; died Bef. Jun 1877 in MO; married ALICE ELIZABETH RENFRO; born 06 Feb 1847 in HENRY CO., MO; died 07 Jan 1926 in MO..

**Civil War
R. Allen Co. Citzen Gds Regt. E.M.M.
Chalmers, Charles, Private, Capt. Robert Allen, enrolled 4 July 1864, Calhoun, 7 days actual servic.

1870 Census MO, Henry Co., Tebo Twp., P.O. Clinton, ? July:
(Next to sister Margaret Banta)
H/H 130/130
Chalmers, Charles, 25, farmer, RV$200, PV$500, b. MO
Elizabeth, 22, keeping house, b. MO
Mary 4, b. MO
Edward, 7/12, b. MO, Oct.

1880 census MO, Henry Co., Springfield, pg. 448B
Rurel Johnson, self, 44, farmer, b. VA, f/b. PA, m/b. OH(indexed Renal)
Elizabeth, wife, 33, b. MO, f/b. KY, m/b. MO, keeping house
Mollie Chalmers, dau, 13, b. MO, both parents b. MO, at school (indexed as Chalonus also bros.)
E. Chalmers, son, 10, b. MO, both parents b. MO, at school
C. Chalmers, son, 8, b. MO, both parents b. MO, at school
Sandy Johnson, son, 6, b. MO, both parents b. VA.

Generation No. 4

12. JOHN (JR) "REV." CHALMERS, born Abt. 1771 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 05 Jun 1833 in MONTGOMERY CO., MD. He was the son of 24. JOHN (SR.) CHALMERS and 25. mrs. chalmers. He married 13. MARY ASHBURY ALKIN 02 Jul 1797 in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.
13. MARY ASHBURY ALKIN, born Abt. 1772 in MARYLAND; died 04 Aug 1822 in WASHINGTON CITY, DC. She was the daughter of 26. THOMAS "REV." ALKIN and 27. ELLEN (ELLIN) MIDDLETON.

Notes for JOHN (JR) "REV." CHALMERS:
*From "National Intelligencer & Washington Advertiser Newspaper Abstracts 1806-1810" by Joan M. Dixon, 1996 Heritage Books, Inc. Bowie, MD:
Pg. 202: Wed. Jun. 6, 1810..Elected to City Cncl of Wash:.........Elected 2nd Chamber:...John Chalmers.
Pg. 218: Wed. Sept. 10, 1810..Strays-mare & gelding, at my place on Greenleaf's Point, John Chalmers, Wash.
Pg. 229: Fri. Nov. 2, 1810..For sale-cordage of every kind. -John Chlmers, at his Rope Factory, lower end of Greenleaf's Point, Wash.
(This area is at the present location of Ft. McNair, where the Potamac & Anacosia Rivers merge SE part of DC. Close to the navel yard)
Also from extrations of The Daily Nat'l Intelligencer, Tues. 13 Dec. 1825:
For Rent- Two story brick dwelling house near Coobes' Wharf, lately occupied byt the Rev. Chlamers, application to be made to Erasmus J. Middleton or D. W. Middleton, nearly oppisit the premises.

* Washington DC Directory 1827 (
John Chalmers, Occ. Magistrater
Place: Lou av near 7w; Dw (dwelling) Vir av btwn 3 & 4e.

**Departed this life on the 5th instant (1833) in 62nd year of his age,
the Rev. John Chalmers. His friends and aquaintances are resectfully
requested to attend his funeral at Sligo Meeting-house, near Mrs.
Elizabeth Ross' Montgomery Co., at 11 o'clock on Thursday, the 6th
instant. (Nat'l Intelligencer)

**Rev. John Chalmers, Jr. had traveled as a Methodist itinerant for
a number of years until 2 July 1797, when he married Mary Ashbury
Alkin Gilder (widow of Dr. Rubin Gilder). after a few years in
Baltimore during which time his name can be often found in Methodist
History as one of the prominent preachers at various Camp Meetings
throughout Maryland and even down the Easter Shore into Virginia. The
family is shown in the 1822 Directory as being on '1st St.-East,
fronting Capitol Square', about where the Congressional Library now
stands. Rev. John Chalmers, Jr. was appointed Justice of the Peace
in CC in the years 1819, 1824 and 1829 (each probably for a five year
period). He was a City Commissioner for the fourth ward; also is
shown as a Magistrate in 1827 & 1830. (Bulletin of the Maryland Ge.
Soc. Feb. 1967, by the late Mrs. Harold H. Arnold)

From: General Minutes (M. E. Church) 1834 - Baltimore Conference, page
16. John Chalmers was a native of Annapolis City, Maryland.
When but a boy he embraced religion, and began to preach the gospel
before he was sixteen years of age. As appears from the Minutes, he
entered the itinerant connection of the Methodist Episcopal Church on
trial in 1788. In this relation to the church he labored with great
acceptance and usefulness for nine years. At the Conference of 1797
he located, and remained a local preacher till 1832, when he was
readmitted into the travelling connection as a supernumerary and
appointed to Fairfax circuit. During this year his health failed very
much. He attended the Conference in 1833, and was reappointed in his
former relation to Fairfax circuit. From the feeble state of his
health, though he reached his field of labour, he soon retired to a
friend's in Montgomery County, Maryland, where, on the 3d of June,
1833, he closed his mortal existence.
Did we not esteem it a duty carefully to abstain from every thing
like eulogy of the dead, much might be said in regard to the deceased.
He was long and extensively known, highly appreciated as a pious man,
and greatly beloved as an able and successful minister of Christ.
Many were the seals to his ministry, some of who entered the port of
rest before him; others remain to bless the church with their godly
walk and conversation.
The last moments of brother Chalmers were such as might have been
expected from a life like his. His intercourse with God through the
mediator was uninterrupted, his peace undisturbed, his triumph
complete. He died indeed like a man of God, full of faith and the
Holy Ghost; and "rests from his labours, and his works do follow

**from - U/S. Congrssional Cicuments and Debates 1774-1873:
Pages 535, Feb. 1814 (a possible- could be his father- See Charles B. for more)
Mr. Yancey, of North Carolina, from Committee of Claims, made favorable report on the petition of John Chlmers, who asks Congress reimbursement of certain expendituresmade by him in manufacturing certain cordage for the United States, which, together with the rope-walk, were burnt at Baltimore on the approach of the enemy, by order of the Commanding General. the committee also reprted a bill for the relief of John Chalmers, which was twice read, and, together with the report, referred to a Committee of the whole House..............

Page 92, 29 Dec. 1835 (the original petiition on page 275, year ??, Mr. Archer presented a petion of John Chalmers, jr. praying compensation for a rope walk, which was situated in the city of Washington, and destroyed partly by troops of the United States, and partly by the enemtm in the month of August 1814.)
Mr. Mercerpresented a petition of James B. Chalmers, Horatio S. Chalmers, Mary Jane Chalmers, and Dorothy A. Chalmers, heirs pf the late Rev. John Chalmers, deceased, praying for the payment of a claim in favor of their ancestor, for property destroyed during the invasion of the city of Washington by the enemy in 1814.


Mrs. Mary A. Chalmers, wife of Rev. John Chalmers died 4 August. 1822,
at her residnce on Capitol Hill, in her 51st year. (Nat'l
Intelligencer, extraction)

From "District of Columbia Probate Records -Will Books 1-6 1801-1852, Estate Files 1801-1852" compiled by Wesley E. Peippenger, Willow Bend Books 1996, Heritage Books, Inc, 2003.:
Pg. 114
Chalmers, Mary Ashbury, of Washington Co., DC
21 Jul 1822
29 Aug 1822
To three daus. Mary Jane, Dorothy Ann, and Elisabeth Ashbury Chalmers (the youngest and under age), all income from properties in Baltimore (William Stansbury in trusties for same).
To Mrs. Francis Clifton or Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker, of Washington, $83.
Ext.: Husband (name not given)
Wits.: William Doughty; Philip Miller, Henry Tims
Bk 3, pp172-174 (209-211): Box 7
*note: don't know connection of Mrs.'s Clifton & Tucker.

From Historic Congressional Cemetery Washington DC web pages:
*Chalmers, Mary A. d. 5 Aug. 1822 Row 52/ site 10
Newspaper extraction: Chalmers. Yesterday morning between between 2 and 3 o'clock at her residence on the Capitol Hill, Mrs. Mary A. Chalmers, wife of the Rev. John Chalmers, in the 51st year of her age. Her friends and acquaintances are are invited to her funeral this morning at 9 o'clock.
*Chalmers, Emanuel K. d. 5 Oct. 1820 21 yrs. Row 52/site 10
Newpaper extraction: Chalmers. Yesterday at 7o'clock, Mr. Emanuel K. Chalmers, in the 21st year of his age, after tedious years of affliction, in the full prospect of a more glorious state. His friends and acquaintances are invited to his fumeral, this morning at 10 o'clock, from the residence of his father, the Rev. John Chalmers near the Navy Yard.

Marriage Notes for JOHN CHALMERS and MARY ALKIN:
Marriages from Baltimore Newspapers (FTM CD 521):
Chalmers, John, Jr., and Mrs. Mary Gilder, both of Baltp., were married Sun. eve. by Bishop Asbury. (BT, 4 July 1797)

Children of JOHN CHALMERS and MARY ALKIN are:
i. EMANUEL K. CHALMERS, born Abt. 1799; died 04 Oct 1820 in WASHINGTON CITY, DC.

Chalmers, Emanuel K., son of Rev. John Chalmers, died Oct. 4, 1820 in
his 21st year. (Nat'l Intelligencer)

6 ii. JAMES B. CHALMERS, born Abt. 1801 in MARYLAND; died 1873 in HENRY CO., MO; married MARGARET EVANS 14 Feb 1833 in COOPER CO., MO.
iii. HORATIO S. CHALMERS, born 22 Feb 1805 in MARYLAND; died 17 Oct 1881 in SUMMERFIELD, ILL; married ELIZABETH ANN SUMERS 26 Sep 1825 in POSEY CO., IN; born 15 Jan 1808 in PENNSYLVANIA; died 07 May 1888 in LENZBURG, ILL.

*1840 Census MO, Cooper Co., pg. 117 (his bro. James same pg.)
H. S. Chalmers 11001-101001
(1 male <5, 1 male 5/10, 1 male 20/30; 1 female ,5, 1 female 10/15, 1 female 20/30)

*1850 Census MO, Cooper Co., Dist 8, 21st Oct., pg. 460
HH 1847/1847
Oratia S. Chalmers, 45, school teacher, b. MD
Elizabeth, 42, b. PA
Mary E., 19, b. VA
Robert A., 16, printer, b. KY
Horace S., 9, b. MO
James B., 6, b. MO
George W., 3/12, b. MO
##Also on slave Schedual 4 Oct. 1 female, 50, black & 1 male malato.

*1860 Census MO, Audrain Co., city of Mexico, 17th July, pg. 733
HH 893/868
H. S. Chalmers, 57, school teacher, PV$450, b. Washington city
E. 56, at H keeping, b. PA
Mary, 27,school teacher b. m city
R. 24, merchant, b. ??
H. 19, clerk, b. MO
J. B., 16, printer ?, b. MO
G. W., 9, b. MO

*1880 Census IL, St. Clair Co., city of Summerfield, 4 june, pg. 191D
HH 75/79
Horatio S. Chalmers, 76, b. MD. both parents b. MD, at home
Elizabeth A., wife, 72, b. MD, both parents b. MD, at home
In looking at dif. census the S. often looks like a other surnames)

Ancestry World Tree Project: Lawrence BranchReturn to normal view
Lawrence Branch
Entries: 1626 Updated: Tue Feb 11 20:11:01 2003 Contact: David Lawrence
Descendant Register, Generation No. 1
1.Horace S. Chalmers (John Chalmers Jr.3, John Chalmers Sr2, James
(Silversmith) Chalmers1) was born 22 FEB 1805 in Washington/Maryland, and
died 17 OCT 1881 in Summerfield, Ill. He was buried 19 OCT 1881 in
Summerfield, Ill. He married Elizabeth Ann Sumers 26 SEP 1825 in Posey Co.
Ind.married By Rev.Jas.Meek, daughter of Jacob Sumers. She was born 15 JAN
1808 in Pennsylvania, and died 7 MAY 1888 in Lenzburg, Illinois. She was
buried 8 MAY 1888 in Summerfield, Ill.

Children of Horace S. Chalmers and Elizabeth Ann Sumers are:+2
i.Mary E. Chalmers was born 22 JAN 1829 in Washington/Maryland, and
died 12 JUL 1893 in Mexico Mo..
3 ii.Robert A. Chalmers, was born 1834 in Kentucky, and died OCT
1863 in Idaho.
4 iii.Dorothy Ellen K. Chalmers was born 21 DEC 1835, and died 26
AUG 1847 in High Point, Moniteau Co., Mo.
5 iv.Horace S. Chalmers, was born 1841 in Missouri, and died OCT
1863 in Idaho.
+6 v.James B. (Jimmie) Chalmers was born 1844 in Missouri, and died
14 JUN 1882 in Mexico, Mo..
7 vi.Lelia Elvira Chalmers was born 24 AUG 1844, and died 27 AUG
1847 in High Point, Moniteau Co., Mo.
+8 vii.George W. Chalmers was born 4 APR 1850 in Mexico, Missouri,
and died 4 MAR 1893 in Belleville, Ill..
Descendant Register, Generation No. 2
2.Mary E. Chalmers ( Horace S. Chalmers4, John Chalmers Jr.3, John
Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith) Chalmers1) was born 22 JAN 1829 in
Washington/Maryland, and died 12 JUL 1893 in Mexico Mo.. She was buried in
Elmwood Cem.Mexico Blk G Lot 43 Space 6. She married Robert D. Dunbar
Deacon 1 NOV 1860 in Mexico, Mo.. He was born 9 MAY 1828 in Pennsylvania,
and died 22 MAY 1892 in Mexico, Mo.. He was buried 24 MAY 1892 in Elmwood
Cem.Mexico Blk G Lot 43 Space 7.

Children of Mary E. Chalmers and Robert D. Dunbar Deacon are: 9
i.Lizzie Dunbar was born ABT 1861 in Mexico Mo., and died 4 APR
10 ii.Meddie Dunbar. She married D.P Moore.
11 iii.George Dunbar was born 28 OCT 1863 in Mexico Mo., and died
20 JUL 1889 in Mexico Mo..

6.James B. (Jimmie) Chalmers ( Horace S. Chalmers4, John Chalmers Jr.3,
John Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith) Chalmers1) was born 1844 in
Missouri, and died 14 JUN 1882 in Mexico, Mo.. He was buried in Elmwood
Cem.. He married Laura R. Issacs 11 APR 1872 in Audrain Cty. Mo., daughter
of John Issacs and Elizabeth Rolle. She was born 18 JUL 1852 in Missouri,
and died 28 FEB 1934 in St. Louis, Mo.. She was buried 3 MAR 1934 in
Elmwood Cem lot 59 sp3 blk J.

Children of James B. (Jimmie) Chalmers and Laura R. Issacs are: 12
i.Kalloola Chalmers, died in Mexico, Mo..
13 ii.Bessie Chalmers, was born JAN 1875 in Mexico, Mo..
+14 iii.Josephine (Josie) Chalmers was born 1878 in Mexico, Mo..
15 iv.Mary Chalmers, was born APR 1881 in Mexico, Mo.. She married
Mr. Storman,.

8.George W. Chalmers ( Horace S. Chalmers4, John Chalmers Jr.3, John
Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith) Chalmers1) was born 4 APR 1850 in
Mexico, Missouri, and died 4 MAR 1893 in Belleville, Ill.. He was buried 6
MAR 1893 in Summerfield, Ill. Cem.. He married Eliza Jane Orten, daughter
of James E. Orten and Clarissa Buck. She was born 15 APR 1860 in Clinton
Co. Ill., and died 8 AUG 1917 in Belleville, Ill.. She was buried in
Belleville City Cem. Ill.. He married Eulalia Burke 14 APR 1872 in St.
Clair Cty, Ill.. She was born 11 MAY 1852 in Oswego, New York, and died 1
MAR 1878 in Summerfield, Ill. She was buried 2 MAR 1878 in Summerfield,

Children of George W. Chalmers and Eliza Jane Orten are:+16 i.Mary
Elizabeth Chalmers was born 26 AUG 1879 in Mexico, Mo., and died 23
JUN 1947 in Pine Lawn, Mo..
17 ii.George Washington Chalmers, was born 24 FEB 1881 in
Summerfield, Ill., and died 30 MAR 1948 in St. Eliz. Belleville,
Ill. 12:25 pm. He married Helene Reimers 1909 in Granite City, Ill.
She was born 1883.
18 iii.Clara Marie Chalmers died 10 AUG 1975 in Highland, IL. She
married Floyd J. Groothuis.

Children of George W. Chalmers and Eulalia Burke are: 19 i.Horace
R.(Harry) Chalmers, was born 1872 in Summerfield Ill.
+20 ii.William J. (Will) Chalmers was born 1873 in Illinois, and
died SEP 1932 in Nogales, NM.
21 iii.Nettie Eulalia Chalmers was born 19 FEB 1878 in
Summerfield, Ill, and died 17 JUN 1878 in Summerfield, Ill..
Descendant Register, Generation No. 3
14.Josephine (Josie) Chalmers (James B. (Jimmie) Chalmers5, Horace S.
Chalmers4, John Chalmers Jr.3, John Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith)
Chalmers1) was born 1878 in Mexico, Mo.. She married Hugh Davidson Merrick
7 OCT 1904 in St. Clair City, Illinois, son of Harrison Hopkins Merrick
and Dell Markland Martin. He was born 22 JAN 1841 in Carmel, New York, and
died 1942.

Child of Josephine (Josie) Chalmers and Hugh Davidson Merrick is: 22
i.James Eugene Merrick was born 10 JUL 1910 in Bath, England, and
died MAY 1984 in Miami, Florida. He married Viola Kathleen Douglas 3
AUG 1939 in Miami, Florida. She was born 7 AUG 1921 in Miami, Fl.,
and died 12 JUN 1997 in Miami, Fl..

16.Mary Elizabeth Chalmers ( George W. Chalmers5, Horace S. Chalmers4,
John Chalmers Jr.3, John Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith) Chalmers1) was
born 26 AUG 1879 in Mexico, Mo., and died 23 JUN 1947 in Pine Lawn, Mo..
She was buried 27 JUN 1947 in Belleville City Cem. Ill. She married
Herbert Jacob Fink 7 MAY 1901 in Belleville, Ill, son of Henry William
(Heinrich) Fink and Mary Elizabeth Bauer. He was born 1 JUL 1875 in
Belleville, Ill, and died 21 FEB 1940 in Belleville, Ill.. He was buried
22 FEB 1940 in Walnut Hill, Cem.Belleville, Ill..

Children of Mary Elizabeth Chalmers and Herbert Jacob Fink are:+23
i.Flora Clara Fink was born 26 MAY 1902 in Belleville, Ill., and
died 21 FEB 1974 in Belleville, Ill..
24 ii.Eliza Jane Fink was born 1904 in Belleville, Ill., and died
21 FEB 1929 in Belleville, Ill.. She married Arthur Truttman. He was
born 1 MAR 1899 in Belleville, Ill., and died FEB 1975 in Il, 62223.

25 iii.Herbert J. (Herb) Fink Jr. was born 25 SEP 1905 in
Belleville, Ill., and died 4 NOV 1989 in Vandalia, Ill.. He married
Irene Griebel 9 MAR 1928 in Belleville, Ill., daughter of William
Griebel and O'tillie Schnur. She was born 2 NOV 1909 in Freeburg
Township Il., and died 5 NOV 1999 in Vandalia, Ill.
+26 iv.George William Fink was born 24 FEB 1907 in Belleville,
Ill., and died 1 MAY 1959.
27 v.Thelma E. Fink was born 29 MAY 1911 in Belleville, Ill., and
died 17 JAN 1975 in Greensboro, North Carolina. She married Earl L.
Lasyone. He was born 19 MAR 1919 in Verda, Louisiana, and died 19
OCT 1991 in Pineville, Louisiana.
28 vi.Dorothy Helen Fink was born 14 SEP 1912 in Belleville, Ill.,
and died 29 DEC 1998 in Des Peres Health Center. She married Arthur
Stanley Lawrence 11 OCT 1936 in Belleville, Ill., son of Charles
Oscar Lawrence and Margaret Metcalf. He was born 8 OCT 1911 in
Harrisburg, Illinois, and died 24 MAR 1983 in Florissant, Mo..
29 vii.Wesley Francis Fink was born FEB 1920 in Belleville, Ill.,
and died AUG 1982.

20.William J. (Will) Chalmers ( George W. Chalmers5, Horace S. Chalmers4,
John Chalmers Jr.3, John Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith) Chalmers1) was
born 1873 in Illinois, and died SEP 1932 in Nogales, NM. He was buried in
Knights Of Pythias Cem. Nogales, Ariz.. He married Clara Duarte. She was
born 12 AUG 1894 in Arizona, and died 5 JAN 1974.

Child of William J. (Will) Chalmers and Clara Duarte is: 30
i.Robert James Chalmers Sr. was born ABT 1913, and died 1942.
Descendant Register, Generation No. 4
23.Flora Clara Fink (Mary Elizabeth Chalmers6, George W. Chalmers5, Horace
S. Chalmers4, John Chalmers Jr.3, John Chalmers Sr2, James (Silversmith)
Chalmers1) was born 26 MAY 1902 in Belleville, Ill., and died 21 FEB 1974
in Belleville, Ill.. She was buried in Belleville City Cem. Ill.. She
married Frank Nagel. He was born 18 OCT 1901, and died OCT 1972.

Child of Flora Clara Fink and Frank Nagel is: 31 i.Imogene Nagel
was born 16 FEB 1930 in Collinsville, Ill., and died 17 OCT 2000 in

26.George William Fink (Mary Elizabeth Chalmers6, George W. Chalmers5,
Horace S. Chalmers4, John Chalmers Jr.3, John Chalmers Sr2, James
(Silversmith) Chalmers1) was born 24 FEB 1907 in Belleville, Ill., and
died 1 MAY 1959. He was buried in Walnut Hill Cem.Belleville, Ill.. He
married Cecelia Louise Wuerz 3 OCT 1929, daughter of Joseph A. Wuerz. She
was born 1 DEC 1907, and died 4 JUN 1979 in Belleville, Ill.. She was
buried in Walnut Hill Cem. Belleville, Ill..

Children of George William Fink and Cecelia Louise Wuerz are: 32
i.Rosemary C. Fink was born 30 DEC 1930 in Belleville, Ill., and
died 22 JAN 1976 in Ca..
33 ii.Helen Lucy Fink was born 28 FEB 1934 in Belleville, Ill.,
and died 2 APR 1996 in San Jose, Ca..
34 iii.Nancy Lee Fink was born 9 SEP 1935 in Belleville, Ill., and
died 9 SEP 1935 in Belleville, Ill..
35 iv.Margery Anne Fink was born 27 AUG 1936 in Belleville, Ill,
and died 27 JUN 2000 in St. Elizabeth's Hosp. Belleville.

From the marriages posted on his name is Horatio S.

iv. MARY JANE CHALMERS, born Abt. 1806 in WASHINGTON, DC; married STEPHEN CALVERT ROSZEL 13 Jun 1830 in WASHINGTON CITY, DC; born Abt. 1810 in GEORGETOWN, DC; died 16 Sep 1865 in LEXINGTON, FAYETTE CO., KY.

See Jesse Hunt & son Stephen S. for 1870 census.

*Abstract: Lexington Press, 1 Oct. 1873, pg. 4, col. 5:
Mary J. Roszell, 69, died at home of her son-in-law, J. J. Hunt.

**1850 Census MD, Blatimore Co., Baltimore City, 6th ward, pg. 252, 30 or 31 July 1850:
Stephen C. Roszel 40, merchant, b. Georgetown DC
Mary J., 44, b. Washington DC
Mary C., 19, b. MD
Sarah A., 15, b. MD
Stephen G., 13, b. MD
Stephen S., 6, b. MD
Louisa C., 3, b. MD
Washington Roszel 49, b. VA (could this be a brother?)
Ellen Dickson 33, blk, b. MD

**from "The Baltimore Sun" 1847-50 < aka 2003:
Roszel, Louisa, 23 June 1845, dau of Stephen C. & Mary J., 6/25/45-2
Roszel, Mary, 11 June 1847, 6/12/47-2
Roszel, Stephen M. K., 5 Mar 1839, Susanna A. Ehlen, 3/7/39-2
Roszel, Stephen W., 29 May 1838, brother-in-law of Thomas Woodward, 5/31/38=3
Roszell, Stephen G., 14 May 1841, 5/17/41=3
Roszel, Stephen George, Meth. Min., ordained 1789, d. 1841, age 72.

Roszel, Stephen C. & Chalmers, Mary Jane, married lic. July 9, 1830.
(Washington DC Marriages from 1806-1850,
S. C. Roszel amd Miss Mary Jane Chalmers, dau. of Rev. John Chalmers,
all of this city, were married 13 June by Rev. Mr. Robb. (1830 Nat'l

v. DOROTHY ANN CHALMERS, born Abt. 1807 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; died Bet. 28 Sep 1835 - 01 Aug 1837 in MISSOURI; married THOMAS EMANUEL "DR." EVANS 10 Jan 1828 in WASHINGTON CITY, DC; born 21 Oct 1805 in PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., MD; died 10 Sep 1874 in SMITHTON, PETTIS CO., MO.

In a letter written by Dorothy's bro. James B. Chalmers to his bro. Horatio there is this info:
March 27th 1833
My Dear Brother,
>>>several lines down:
Thos. left here for Washington left here on his way to W. He called at .....Louisville.....on his return home it was immpossible for him to see you without running the risk of having to stay all winter at Louisville because the water was low and there was great apprehension that the river would be blocked with ice. ....they came came to St. Louis..............
Thos brought with him Margaret Edwin Plato obliging which made him hurry on much more than he was want to do because every delay was an increase of expence. Thos. regretted vary much it was out of his power to write. When When he found it immpossible to see you when he and Dolly first came down the Ohio river....stayed in Cincinattia.....something like two days very unpleasantly for Dolly was quite sick and her two youngest children to take care of................
I must answer your questions or I shall have to coclude with out doing so. Thos. & Dolly have three children, Edwin Chalmers, Thos. Burneston and Mary Ashbury. Little Mary is walkinf but can not talk.>>>>>>>>>>

*From: "Daily Democrat" Sedalia Mo., 6 Sept. 1874:
Dr. W. H. Evans received a dispatch yeasterday morning, from Smithton, containing the sad intelligencethat his father Dr. Henry Evans, was dying. Dr. Evans and his brother immediately left to pay their last ___ respects to their dying parents.
(note by SKAK Feb. 2005..The name Dr. Henry Evans is misprint..should read Dr. Thomas Evans)

*From: "Daily Democrat" Sedalia Mo., 14 Oct. 1874:
(For the Democrat)
In Memorium
But a short time since our city papers informed us of the death of one of our best citizens, Dr. Thomas Evans, at his residence, in the town of Smithton, Pettis county, Missouri.
His death was not unsespected by his friends, for had been failing for months. Still the death of such a man cannot but produce a th___ of heart-ache in the community where ___ person was as long known, and his presence so oftern felt, so that harbinger of relief and comfort to the anxious attendant in a bed of sickness and suffering.
Dr. Evans was for many years the only educated physician in this part of Pettis county, having settled in the county in 1842, at a time when a few scattered settlements along the boarders of the creeks made up the population of the county. From the time of his advent his practice became extensive, and owing to the sparsely settled population, very laborous. Among his patrons he was universally loved for his plain and unpretentious manners; his ardent devotion to his profession, and his tender regard for the whims and eaprices (so trying to the busy practioner) of his patients. But few of his earlier patrons are among us now, most of them having preceeded the Doctor to the better land; but few that remain speak of him in terms of warmest praises.
To the young asperation for professional sucsess, the Doctor was always affordable, couteous, never regarding him as a rival, but as one to whom the helping hand of age and experience was due, and by him always cheerfully extended.
The last two or three years of the Doctor's life was years of patient umcomplaining suffering. No expressed desease, but the general break down of health, incident, some what, to approaching age; but more especially the result pf long, continued and frequent exposure necessary in an extended practice among the widly scattered population.
Dr. Evans was born in Prince George county, Maryland, on the 21st of October 1805, wanting but a few days, when he died of completing his 69th year. He read medicine under Dr. R________ pf Washington city, and graduated at Columbian College, District of Columbia, in 1827. Married his first wife (the mother of Dr. Edward C. Evans) Miss D. A. Chalmers in 1828 and in 1832 emigrated to Missouri, settling in Cooper county, in what has since been known as the Walker settlement. Having lost his first wife he married Mrs. Susan J. Joplin, subsequently the mother of Nancy Evans, in 1837, and moved into Pettis county in 1842, where he continued to reside until his death.
Immediately after the organization of the Pettis county medical society, Dr. Evans became a member, and when health permitted, was a regular attendant at its meetings, often partisipating in its discussions, giving to its members the benifit of his long experence in the treatment of the diseases peticular to the county, at his death the society passed resolutions highly commandatory of his standing asa physican and exellence as a man. His death was calm and peacxefull, in full possession of his mental faculties to the last momentm after talking to his friends and family of the firm and blissful hope of a happy immortality that enabled him to meet, the long expected hour of parting, with not only the fortitude of the philosopher, but with the brighter, happier hope of the christian.
R_quescat in pace. M D

WILL OF THOMAS EVANS (date written 17th September 1870)
I Thomas Evans, of sound mind, of the County of Pettis in the State of
Missouri, do make and publish this my last will and testament as
I give and bequeath,
1st To my son Edwin C. Evans the sum of Five ($500) Hundred Dollars:
To my Wm H. Evans the sum of four Hundred ($400) Dollars:
To each of my daughters Charlette H. Evans, and Susan V.
Stone, wife of B. W. Stone, the sum of One Thousand ($1000)
Dollars each.
2nd The Residue of my property both real and personal Estate, after
paying my past debts, that is to say, the interest uses and benefits
thereof, not to exceed in amount______Dollars annually exclusive of
the use of the homestead, now occupied by her, I will and bequeath to
my beloved wife Susan Jane Evans during her natural life.
3rd After the death of my beloved wife, I will and bequeath to these
of my children, Edwin C. Evans, William H. Evans, Susan V. Stone and
Charlotte H. Evans, the sum of Thirteen Hundred Dollars each.
4th The other of my children, to wit, John M. Evans, Phillip E.
Evans, Thomas B. Evans, Charles H. Evans, and Mary A. Joplin, wife of
Clark Joplin, having each of them received of me by way of advance
money and property the sum of Twenty three Hundred dollars or its
equivalent are not to receive anything more until the distribution of
my Property is made and shall not be required to pay back any amounts.
Edward C. Evans and William H. Evans, have not received amounts as
advances which together with the bequest herein before mentioned make them equal with others of my children.
5th After the distribution of my Estate as herein before provided for
and mentioned these the residue or remainder of any of said estate, I
desire to be divided equally among my children herein mentioned.
I do hereby make, constitute and appoint William H. Evans, hire and
lawful Executor of this my last will and testament. In wintness
whereof I herewith set my hand and seal this 17th day of September
Signed: Thomas Evans
(This text of the will is taken from a photocopy obtained from Pettis
County Historical Socitey..extracted by Thomas Evans.)

From the Book "Directory of Maryland Church Records" Compiled by Edna
A. Kanely & "Indexes of Church Registers 1686-1885" Prince George's
County, Maryland, VOL. 1...King George's Parish (aka St. John's
Parish), page317.......Evans, Thomas b. October 21, 1805, bapt. May
11, 1806 son of Philip and Mary. ( The territory now Washington was
formerly a part of Prince George's Co. MD and was ceded to the US in
1790..incorporated as a city in 1802, and finally chartered in 1815.)
It appears that Thomas Emanuel did not inherit any personal property
from his father. However it is clear in the will of Philip Evans, he
made provisions "to give liberal education to minor children". It is
likely this provision by his father allowed Thomas Emanuel to attend
Columbia College, Washington DC. There was a Thomas Evans who
graduated in 1827 from Columbia. Columbia College was established in
1821, the medical school established in 1824, in 1873 it was renamed
Columbian University and renamed a second time in 1904 to George
Washington University.

**Possible 1830 Census Dist. of Columbia, uncorporated, pg. 42:
line 4-Tho Evans 20001-00001(2 males <5, 1 male 20/30- 1 female 20/30)
line 9-Mary Evans 0000001-000110001(1 male 40/50- 1 female 15/20, 1 female 20/30, 1 female 60/70)
**is this mother Mary Hurley Evans???

**Possible 1840 Census MO, Cooper Co.(this would have Evans & Joplin children)
Thos. Evans 342001-110002 (3 m.<5, 4 m. 5/10, 2 m 10/15, 1 m. 30/40 & 1 f. ,5, 1 f. 5/10, 2 f. 30/40)

**1850 census of Pettis Co., MO, Dist. 68, enumerated on 29th day of
August 1850 by Jno. S. Brown states as follows:
HH 165/165
Evans, Thos...44, Physician, value $4,000. Dr. Col.
Susan J. 43..VA...wife
Edward C. 21, Physician DC......
Thos. B. 19 DC..
.Mary H. 17 DC...
Philip E. 16 MO...
Charles H. 14 MO....
John M. 12 MO...
William H. 10 MO....
Susan V. 8 MO..
Charlotte 2 1/2 MO.)
***Slave owners 1850 census, pg. 86A, 28 Aug. 1850, Dist. 68..lines 19-29 ( a possible):
Evans, Thos.
1 male 65
1 female 45
1 male 22
1 female 20
1 male 18
1 female 12
1 female 10
1 male 6
1 female 4
1 female 1
1 female 1

**1860 Census MO., Morgan Co., Richland Twp., 2d July, pg. 563, P.O. Florence:
HH 366/343
Thos Evans, 55, Physician, RV$8,400, PV$8,000, b. MD
Susan, 53, b. VA
Saml, 30, b. VA (believe this is Samuel C. (Clark) Joplin m. Mary Evans 1863)
Mary, 26, b. MD (wife of Samuel..d/o Thomas)
Charles, 24, b. MO
John M. 22, b. MO
Sue 18, b. MO
Charlotte, 11, b. MO

**1870 Census MO, Pettis Co., Smith City, P.O. Sedalia, 8th July, pg. 443
HH 23/23
Evans, Thomas, 66, Physician, REV$5,?00, PV$3,000, b. dist Columbia
Susan, 60, keeping house, b. VA
Lottie, 21, at home, b. MO
Seymour (hard to read), James, 11, at home, b. MO
HH 24/24
Evans, Wm. H., 27(hard to read), physician, RV$2,00, PV$600, b. MO
Ella, 19, keeping house, b. MO

MO. BK 92 PAGE 1018, pub. 1895 ] C.H. EVANS, Post-office, Smithton, Merchant.
The subject of this sketch is a son of Dr. Thomas Evans, who came to
Cooper Co., MO., in 1833, and located near the line of the county. He
was the first physician in this part of the country, and during
pioneer days he was forced to make many hard trips. He was a first
class physician, and was highly honored in the community in which he
lived. He was a member of the M E Church, south of his place. In
1870, he retired from business. He was called to his loving home in
1874, leaving many friends to mourn his loss.

Evans, b. October 21, 1805 in Washington City....was educated
Columbia College, DC...Educated in Literary and Medical Departments.
Came to Missouri in 1832. Moved to Pettis Co., Mo. in 1840. He
located on a farm on the eastern border of the county which he
improved himself. He lived and practiced medicine there until he sold
the farm and located in the town of Smithton in 1872. Dr. Thomas Evans
died September 10, 1874 and is buried in the Smithton Cemetery. Dr.
Evans was no ordinary man. Deeply imbued with the greatness of his
calling, he never by word or deed, lowered the standard of his
profession. His reputation extended over Cooper, Saline, Pettis,
Morgan and Benton Counties. For 30 years he served this people with a
fidelity that will not soon be forgotten. He never held public office.
He leaves three sons residing in this county, two of whom, Drs. E. C.
and W. H. Evans, are leading physicians of Sedalia.
Engaged in practice in Washington, DC. until 30, when in 1832 he
removed to Booneville, Cooper Co., MO.

Baptism: 11 May 1806, ST. JOHN'S PARISH, PRINCE GEIRGE'S CO., MD
Burial: 1874, SMITHTON, PETTIS CO., MO
Census: 29 Aug 1850, PETTIS CO., MO
Tax roll: 1835, COOPER CO., MO
Will: 17 Sep 1870, PETTIS CO., MO

vi. ELIZABETH ASHBURY CHALMERS, born Aft. 1807; died 16 Apr 1829 in WASHINGTON CITY, DC.

Chalmers, Miss Elizabeth Ashbury, daughter of Rev. John Chalmers, died
in this city 16 April 1829. (April 17, 1829 Nat'l Intelligencer CD)
From National Intellegencer Newspaper Abstracts, 1827-1829 by Joan M.
Dixon, published Hertage Books, Inc. 1999, page 368.
Friday April 17, 1829:
Died: yesterday, in Wash City, Miss Eliz Asbury Chalmers, d/o Rev John
Chalmers. Funeral today from the hse of Capt Gilder, in 7th st.
(Spelling is how it reads)

Generation No. 5

24. JOHN (SR.) CHALMERS, born 1750 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 19 Jun 1817 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD. He was the son of 48. JAMES (SILVERSMITH) (SR.) CHALMERS. He married 25. mrs. chalmers Abt. 1769.
25. mrs. chalmers

Notes for JOHN (SR.) CHALMERS:
From: The Numismatist, November 1948, pages 721 & 722.
John Chalmers, Issuer Of The Annapolis Coinage, by Wm. F. Perlitz.
John Chalmers the issuer of the well known Annapolis shilling,
and coinage bearing his name, was the eldes son of James Chalmers a
local silversmith who first appeared here in 1750. He was a great
believer in advertising, as his names appears often in the Maryland
Gazette, which by, the way is still being printed in annapolis, and is
the oldest newspaper in the country. Like many of the Annapolis
silversmiths he also kept a tavern, and his shop was known as "At The
Sign of The Golden Ball." He passed away in 1781.
His famous son who was born in 1750 carried on his father's
But it is not for his household silver that John Chalmers is best
Known. In 1783 "I Chalmers," minted in Annapolis silver shillings,
six-pence and three-pence pieces. There can be no question that I
Chalmers was John Chalmers, at this time a prosperous silversmith, as
his father James was then dead, and his brother James Jr., as yet an
obscure young workman.
From: The Numismatist, November 1984, pages 2293-2312.
The Life and Coins of John Chalmers, by Henry W. Schab.
John Chalmers was born in 1750 in Annapolis, Maryland, eldest son
of James Chalmers and Sarah Ridgeway. He had two younger
brothers--William, born in 1758, died at the age of three when run
over by a cart in the streets of Annapolis; James Jr. was born in
James Chalmers was a well-known silversmith in Annapolis, and
both his sons learned the trade and followed in his footsteps.
It is believed that John married in 1769 at the age of 19. No
information exists as to who his wife was or how many children he
fathered, though for certain he had a son, John Jr., born 1771, who
later became widely known as a Methodist minister. A second son,
Charles Bainbridge, probably was born about 1800, but nothing is known
about his later life or occupation.
According to the Annapolis tax listing of 1783, John Chalmers was
fairly well-to-do businessman. financially, he ranked among the top
20 percent of Annapolis citizens, and an inventory of his property and
real estates reveals the following information:
2 lots, 1.25 acres, value---L413
2 slaves
3 white male inhabitants
5 white female inhabitants
Total value of property---L538.04
(about $25,000 in 1984 money)
Little evidence of John's silversmithing business exist today.
Nevertheless, some silversmithing work can be attributed directly
to John Chalmers, as verified in old record books kept by colonial
merchants. the account book of Davidson Brothers, a Londontown
mercantile, indicates that on May 26, 1781, John Chalmers was paid 31
shillings, 10 pence for producting a pair of silver buckles, and on
January 15, 1783, the same establishment paid him 2 shillings, 5 pence
for silvermounting a pair of temple spectacles. Finally, records show
that on June 30, 1785, Thomas Jefferson gave Chalmers L3 as payment
for crafting a silver cover for an ivory book.
The Revolutionary War period was an active one for John Chalmers.
He served in the Continental Army as a recruiting officer and later a
supply officer.
Later, as a recruiting officer, Chalmers' efforts were aimed at
the Maryland militia, whose principal duty involved containing the
British Tories and Loyalists who lived in large numbers on the eastern
shores of Maryland.
Several references to Chalmers are made in various military
records of the period. A letter dated June 2, 1777, and addressed to
Maryland governor Thomas Johnson refers to enrollment of men for
service in the 19th Battalion in Somerset County: "...John Chalmers
and Thomas Woodford volunteered as Lieutenants and were told to raise
the men as soon as possible..."
A second document dated August 19, 1777, in part reads,"...John
Chalmers, First Lieutenant of Q Company of Militia embodied in
Dorchester County under the Resolution of Congress to serve under
Colonel W. Richardson..."
Chalmers duties as a recruiting officer were well financed, as
evidenced by many accounting entries recording payments made to him
for his recruiting successes. One such entry, dated January 18, 1780,
reads"...that the said Treasurer pay Capt. John Chalmers, a Recruiting
officer in Anne Arundel County, three thousand dollars to be expended
in the Recruiting Services."
Chalmers and several other prominent citizens were appointed by
the Governor to "seize all the pork and fresh meats in your district
and impress all wagons, carriages, drivers, etc. and send them to the
head of Elk River to help the troops, baggage, cannon, provisions,
etc,. to Virginia."
John Chalmers showed an active interest in local politics and
government, and in 1783 was elected to the position of common
councilman in Annapolis.
In addition to his interest in public life and community affairs,
Chalmers was concerned about higher education for the youth of his
In 1785 John Chalmers became the first white male to join the
Methodist church in Annapolis. In writings pertaining to this
religious group, it is recorded that "in the house of Mrs. Small John
Chalmers was converted. He was a man who moved in the higher circles
and his company was agreeable amongst all...Brother Chalmers owned a
lot in the northeastern part of the City not to far from the
Governor's residence where he proposed to give a sight (sic) for a
meeting house."
Land records show that in 1786 part of this "lot" was indeed
sold, for the sum of 55 shillings, to the trustees of the Methodist
church for the purpose of building a meeting house.
There is evidence that Chalmers extended himself financially and
plunged deeply into debt, for in 1789 he mortgaged property on Hanover
Street in Baltimore, which had been inherited from his father, to
partially cover "L2,553,29 due Wallace Johnson and Muir of Annapolis."
John Chalmers was addressed as "Senior" because by this time his
son also had embraced Methodism and joined his father in spiritual
holidays. Reverend Henry Boehm notes in his Reminiscences that "in
the morning John Chalmers preached with great effect. He was followed
by his son, John Chalmers, Jr., who preached..........." The son
pursued his ministry and was a traveling Methodist minister for many
years until his death in 1833.
John Chalmers was appointed to the board of trustees of the first
college erected by the Methodist Church in America, Cokesbury College,
named for Bishop Coke of England and Bishop Asbury of Maryland. The
college was built in 1787 on a six-acre campus in Abingdon, Maryland,
an area approximately 18 miles northeast of Baltimore. However, it
burned to the ground in 1795..........
Unfortunately, Chalmers' life of religion ended quite abruptly in
1813 when he was expelled from the methodist Society for his alleged
sexual relations with a female slave.
John Chalmers remained in Annapolis for several years after the
Revolutionary War, but economic hardship finally forced him to move
his family to Baltimore sometime after 1791. It is believed that he
"achieved rank and status" in that city, for records indicate that he
opened a ship chandler's store on Cheapside Street near Baltimore's
dock area, and that in 1796 he and his son became involved in the
operation of a rope factory.
Chalmers' name appears many times in official Baltimore records.
The War of 1812 brought new adventures for the Chalmers family.
Records show that John held the rank of private with Captain Watson's
Company, 39th Regiment.......Both john and his brother James, aged 64
and 52, respectively, were members of the Baltimore troops that, in
September 1814, stood in the trenches at North Point when the British
bombarded Fort Mchenry, the battle that inspired Frances Scott Key to
compose The Star Spangled Banner. It is known that John was released
from military service shortly after that battle.
John Chalmers died on June 19, 1817, at the age of 67, and was
buried in the "Burial Yard, Methodist Old Town" in Baltimore. A
search of old cemetary records has failed to reveal the location of
his resting place.
From: 1989 A Guide Book of United States Coins, by R. S. Yeoman, 42nd
Revised Edition, Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin,
1988, page 27.
J. Chalmers -- Annapolis, Maryland
John Chalmers, a gouldsmith, struck a series of silver tokens at
Annapolis in 1783. the shortage of change and the refusal of the
poeple to use underwight cut Spanish coins, or "bits." prompted the
issuance of these pieces.
The shilling with rings on ther reverse is very rare. The common
type shilling has two clasped hands on the obverse. The reverse shows
two doves competing for a worm.
The sixpence has a star within a wreath on the obverse, and a
cross with hands clasped on the reverse. The threepence has the
clasped hands on the obverse side, and the reverse shows a branch
encircled by a wreath.

**Anne Arundel Co. MD Marriages:
17 Nov. 1786 - Sarah Chalmers to Cadwallder Edwards (bro. to William below).
10 Nov. 1787 - Elizabeth Chalmers to William Phelps.
20 June 1789 - Ann Chalmers to William Edwards.
18 Sept. 1783 - James Chalmers to Lucy Skinner.
5 Feb. 1791 - Margaret Chalmers to Thomas Hewett.

***Baltimore Maryland Tax Records 1798-1808 (
John Chalmers - 1804-1808, pg. 75
John Chalmers Sr. - 1798, pg. 76; 1799-1800, pg. 53; Assessement Bk. 1800, pg. 169; 1801-1803, pg. 53.
John Chalmers, Jr. - 1798, pg. 55; 1799-1800, pg. 57; Assesment Bk. 1800, pg. 82;; 1801-1803, pg. 56.

***Chalmers in Baltimore Directory (Maryland Achives online) Don't know the connection:
James, grocer, SW corner of Mulberry & Pearl.
Geo. W. (M.D.) apothecary at Dispensary, 10 Holiday st.
David, drayman, W. Pratt, W. of Wolfolk's.
Mrs. boarding house, Fayette st e of Charles.
James, keeper of the city spring, Calvert st between Soratoga and Pleasant sts.
William, rope manufactory, Harford avenue.
Philemon, tailor, Eutas st near Saratoga, dw Franklin st w of Chatswortli.
Wm., rope maker, Harford av at rope walk.
F. S., merchant tailor, 69 Pennsylvania avenue.
Jas., rope maker, Harford avenue.
James, cabinet maker, 264 Franklin.
James W., rope manufacxturer, Harford av. s of Point lane.
Philemon s., tailor, 21 Brune.

***Marriages, Births & Deaths of Chalmers in Baltimore - Don't know all the connections:
4 July 1797 - John Jr. and Mrs. Mary Gilder, both of Balto. were married Sun. Eve. by Bishop Asbury (BT 4 July 1797)
13 Dec. 1801 - John and Ruth Richards, Methodist Church (East City Station) Balt. Co.
22 Jan. 1802 - James to Miss Prudence Gough Holliday, both of Balto Co., married last Eve. by Rev. Lee (BRAD, 22 Jan. 1802)
2 Nov. 1805 - Timothy to Lucy Burton, Balt. Co.
24 Dec. 1805 - Sally d/o Rev. John Chalmers to Samuel Davis m. last Thurs. by Rev.Hagerty, BA 24 Dec. 1805.
5 Mar. 1806 - Elizabeth to William V. Wells, First Methodist Episcopal Church.
21 Oct. 1806 - David to Mary Clark, both of Balo, were married Last Thurs. by Rev. Dr. Bend (BA, 21 Oct. 1806) (Mary Sparrow Clark)
9 July 1807 - Sarah to John Chayman, First Methodist Episcopal Church.(or Chapman, Balt. city station))
19 Feb. 1811 - Capt. Timothy and Miss Jerusha Harlow, all of Balto., were married last Mon. by Rev. Richards (BPG 19 Feb. 1811)
10 Sept. 1811 - W. to Sarah Wilson, First Methodist Episcopal Church.William and Sarah R. Wilson, dau. of James Wilson all of Balto. were married last Tues. by Rev. Roberts (BA 16 Sept. 1811)
12 June 1812 & 13 June - Ann to Samuel Taylor, First Methodist Episcopal Church - d/o Mrs. Jas. Chalmers marrid by Rev. Stiers Wed. last Thurs. (BBEA 16 June 1812.)
17 July 1813 - Philip to. Catherine Flanigon, Balt. Co.
5 Sept. 1815 - John M. to Matilda Pickett, First Methodist Episopal Church. - John M. amch (BPEA 8 Sept. 1815)
16 Jan. 1817 - Mary Ann to William H. Hough, Baltimore.
16 Nov. 1820 - Eliza to William I. Smith, First Methodist Episcopal Church.
28 May 1832 - Sarah Ann to Gay Moore, First Methodist Episcopal Church.
24 Sept. 1833 - Henriette to George Lighthize, First Methodist Episcopal Church.
21 Jan. 1836 - Prudence Gough to Richard Cornette Matlack, First Methodist
Episcopal Church.
0 July 1838 - James Sr. (Balt. Sun 7/23/38-3).
6 Oct. 1838 - Sarah Ann to John Franklin, Baltimore. or Shanklin, First Methodist Episcopal Church.
28 Nov. 1838 - George W., to Sarah Jane Sollers, First Methodist Episcopal Church.
11July 1839 - Elizabeth to William M. Boswell, Baltimore.
5 June 1841 - Philemon S. to Catherine A. Wilhelm, Baltimore.(6 June 1841 (Balt. Sun. 6/8/41-2)
3 Oct. 1842 - James W. to Ellen C. Bosley, Baltimore. (4 Oct. 1842 (Balt Sun. 10/6/42-2)
21 Oct. 1843 - Laura M. Chalmers d/o William to Isaac. P. Cook, Balt. Sun.
28 Nov. 1843 - William to Susan Wilson, Baltimore.(Balt. Sun 12/2/43-2)
5 Jan. 1845 - Prudence G., widow of Mjames Jr. (Balt. Sun 1/8/45-2)
22 May 1845 - William (Balt. Sun 5/23/45-2 & 5/24/45-2)
11 Feb. 1847 - Sarah (Balt. Sun 2/17/47-2)
14 Feb. 1848 - James k. son of James & Ann M. (Balt. Sun 2/16/48-2
10 June 1849, Henriette, Widow of James (Balt. Sun 6/11/49-2)

*Marriages in Washington DC
12 June 1812 - John Chalmers Ann Wilson. (There is a marriage of a Mrs. Ann Chalmers to a Offa Wilson on 22 Sept. 1825, all of this city, by Rev. Ethen Allen (Nat'l. Intellegencer 29 Sept. 1825).(An Offa Wilson of Washingto DC. d. 11 Dec. 1834 & there is a Will recorded 12 Aug. 1834-8 Jan 1835, in extraction Ann is not mentioned).
9 Dec. 1815 - John Chalmers to Mary Stone.

**Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly (Archives of Maryland online):
*Thursday Morning 21st October 1773
..this House will take into Consideration the Petion of John Chalmers and others, Praying an Act may be passed to enable the said john Chalmers to Sell Lott, N o 78, in Baltimore Townm for the Payment of his Fathers Debts.
*December 1794
...John Chalmers...present trustees and govenors of Cokesbury college at Abingdon, situated in hartford county in this state, ....


Children of JOHN CHALMERS and mrs. chalmers are:
i. JAMES C. CHALMERS, born Bet. 1769 - 1800; died 05 Jan 1845 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; married PRUDENCE GOUGH-HOLIDAY 20 Jan 1802 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD.


12 ii. JOHN (JR) "REV." CHALMERS, born Abt. 1771 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 05 Jun 1833 in MONTGOMERY CO., MD; married MARY ASHBURY ALKIN 02 Jul 1797 in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.
iii. SARAH (SALLY) CHALMERS, born Abt. 1780; died Jul 1825; married SAMUEL DAVIS 24 Dec 1805 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD.
iv. WILLIAM CHALMERS, born Abt. 1786 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 25 May 1845 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; married (1) SARAH WILSON 10 Sep 1811 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; born 1796; died 05 Mar 1831 in MARYLAND; married (2) ELIZABETH G. MERRYMAN 23 May 1833 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD.

Marriage recorded First methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD.

v. CHARLES BAINBRIDGE CHALMERS, born Abt. 1800 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 30 Oct 1837; married ANN WATKINS 08 Jul 1834 in MARYLAND.

From - U.S. Gongressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1873, Journal of the House of Representatives, pg. 155, 31 Dec. 1836.
Mr. William B. shepard presented a memorial of charles B. Chalmers in behalf of the late (unabe to read the nest word) of John Chalmers and Son, and the Late John Chalmers, praying indemniflication for spoltations prior to 1800; which memorial was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

26. THOMAS "REV." ALKIN, died 1773 in QUEEN ANNE'S CO., MD. He married 27. ELLEN (ELLIN) MIDDLETON 02 Mar 1767 in ANNAPOLIS, AANE ARUNDEL CO., MD.
27. ELLEN (ELLIN) MIDDLETON She was the daughter of 54. HORATIO SAMUEL MIDDLETON and 55. ANNE.

Notes for THOMAS "REV." ALKIN:
Marriages and Deaths from The maryland Gazette, 1727-1839, compiled by
Robert Barns: Alkin, Rev. Mr. Thomas, Rector of St. John's Parish, Q.
A. Co., died lately. (April 8, 1773 Gazette)

Marriages and Deaths from The Maryland Gazette, 1727-1839, compiled by
Robert Barnes: Alkin, Rev. Mr., of Q.A. Co., and Miss Ellin
Middleton, daughter of H. S. Middleton, of this city (Annapolis), were
married Mon. Evening. (March 5, 1767 Gazette)
*5 AA-2, St. Anne's Parish, Vol. II; copy made in 1889, by Harrison, at
Alkin, Thomas Rev. of Queen Anne's Co., MD m. Ellen Middleton 2 March

13 i. MARY ASHBURY ALKIN, born Abt. 1772 in MARYLAND; died 04 Aug 1822 in WASHINGTON CITY, DC; married (1) REUBEN "DR." GILDER 05 Oct 1790 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; married (2) JOHN (JR) "REV." CHALMERS 02 Jul 1797 in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.

Generation No. 6

48. JAMES (SILVERSMITH) (SR.) CHALMERS, died 1780 in MD.

There is will extraction of Thomas William carpenter, Annapolis, A.A. Co., 9th Dec. 1723-20 Oct. 1731...(20, 282) of the Testors was JOHN CHALMERS (could this be the father of this James???)
*From Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1698-1731 (vol. 25, pg. 347(Archives of Maryland Online):
1716/17...Mr. Ricd Done factor for Mr. Richard Guildard & Company Merchts in Liverpoole having presented to his Excellency a list of names of fitfty five of the Rebbells Transported in the Ship the Good Speed Arthur Smith master...
The said Mr. Done also Delivered to his Excy the following protest being taken from One of the Rebbells on board the afsd Ship Called the Good Speed sighned by Jno Chalmers One of the said Rebbells Viz.
* A John Chalmers/(Chambers) Jacobite prisoner on the ship "Goodspeed" 1716/16 was sold to Charles Diggers..a John Chalmers comments on this are recorded in the Proceedings of the Council of Maryland 1716/17 pg. 349 Vol. 25 (Archive of Maryland Online), Resolved and Ordered that a proclamation Issue declaring whosever setts free any of the af'd said Rebbells transported into this Province shall give security for their abideing within this Province and be of good behaviour for the Term of Seaven years as follows:
Maryland ss.
By his Excellency the Capt Genll & c.
A Proclamation
Whereas there has been transported into this Province by his majtys Royall Command fifty five psons most of them Scott men taken in the late rebellion at Preston & imported in the Ship the Good Speed of Liverpool.........(signed) John Chalmers.
*There is a John Chalmers noted on dif. probate recors in AA Co. 1739, 1743 * 1750.
*There is a 1749 deed whereby John Chalmers of A.A. Co., Innholder, and Sarah, his wife, lately Sarah Ridgeway, sell land called "West Land" lying in Talbot Co. on the north side of Choptank River to William Ridgeway. (info by Mrs. Harold H. Arnold submitted to Maryland Gen. Soc.)
*A Jo. Chalmers was a Wit. to the will of Carroll Charles, City of Anaapolis 14 Sept. 1754 (29. 503)(extraction)

***From Maryland Historical Society News July-Sept. 1990:
Recent Acqusitions
In March of 1999, the MHS purchased a highly important silver canister..made by James Chalmers, Sr. ca. 1750 for Thomas Worthinton.....Chalmers worked as a silversmith and tavern keeper in MD approximately 1749 thru 1780. His silversmith shop ' At the sign of the Golden Ball" was located primaily in Annapolis. However, he also worked in Baltimore from 1655 until 1768. His 2 sons, John and James, were also Annapolis silversmiths.....

24 i. JOHN (SR.) CHALMERS, born 1750 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 19 Jun 1817 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; married mrs. chalmers Abt. 1769.
iii. JAMES JR. CHALMERS, born 14 Jul 1762 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; died 20 Jul 1838 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; married (1) LUCY SKINNER 18 Sep 1783 in ANNAPOLIS, ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD; married (2) HENRIETTA 1810; born 1778; died 10 Jun 1849.

From Maryland Gen. Soc. bulletin, Vol. 6, No.1, feb. 1965, pg. 6, FTM CD208:
Obits of Rev. Soldiers:
Chalmers, James, Sr., d. 20 July 1838, aged 76 yrs. served in Rev. War and War of 1812. He was the 1st methodist in the city of Annapolis, & was keeper of the Clavert St. Spring for many yeaes. (SUN, 23 July 1838)

54. HORATIO SAMUEL MIDDLETON, born Abt. 1713; died 1770 in ANNAPOLIS, AANE ARUNDEL CO., MD. He married 55. ANNE.
55. ANNE, died Abt. 1773 in ANNE ARUNDEL CO., MD.

Colonial Families of Maryland, Early Families of Southern Maryland,
CD184 Family History, Vol. 5, Middleton, by Else Greenup Jourdan.
Family Lines Publications 1996; page 197-198,
No land has been located for this family in anne Arundel Co. The
will of Ann, wife of Horatio Samuel, metions the sale of boats,
suggesting that the family might have been involved in some sort of
business relating to fishing or shipping.
Horatio Samuel Middleton, b. ca 1713, age 54 in 1767 (MMD); m.
Ann______; d. ca 1773; their children were:
1. Samuel Middleton
2. Joseph Middleton, b. 1744
3. William Gilbert Middleton, b. 1752
4. Ellin Middleton
A notice in the Maryland Gazette of Thursday, 15 Mar 1759,
advertises that the Schooner Pauline is for sale at the house of
Samuel Middleton in Annapolis for the benefit of the captors.
Will of Horatio Samuel Middleton, Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co.;
written 29 Apr 1770; probate 7 Aug 1770
To wife Ann
Children: Joseph, William Gilbert, Ellen Alkin ( believe that
there should be a comma between William & Gilberts names...refer to
wife Ann's Will)
Granddau. Elisabeth Midleton
Tract; Pools Delight in Frederick Co.
Wit: John Clapham, James Keith, Joseph Selby
(MCW XIV; Willis, 38.31)
** Will of Ann Middleton, city of Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co.,
written April 1772; probate 22 Nov 1773 (see also Ann notes)
To son Joseph Middleton, two negroes
To son William Middleton, ex., one negro, my son to pay to
L5 yearly according to my late husbands will
To Dau. Ellin Alkin, one negro
To son Gilbert Middleton, one negro
To granddau. Elisabeth Middleton, l20
To 4 Children and grandau., of my son Samuel Middleton, the
boats to be sold and money gotten to be divided, also to
children and granddau. my personal estate
Wit: Nathan Hammond, John Daniel Jaquest
William Middleton refuses the executorship
(MCW XV 92; Wills, 39.450)
Ann Middleton, Anne Arundel Co.; L574.10.9; 26 Jan 1774; 14 Apr
1774; nok: Ellin Alkin, Joseph Middleton; ex. Gilbert Middleton
(f 116.55)
1. Samuel Middleton
1-1 Elizabeth Middleton
2. Joseph Middleton, b. 23 Oct 1744
3. William Gilbert Middleton, b. 23 Aug 1752
4. Ellin Middleton; m. 2 Mar 1767 St. Anne's Parish to Rev.
Thomas Akin of Queen Anne County.
2 Market Space
Annapolis, MD 21401
(Established 1750)
The Middleton Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland......The Tavern is
one of the oldest continuously operating taverns in America" says
General manager Michael Timm.
A Brief History of the Tavern - Middleton Tavern was host of the
nation's most revered leaders during the period following the American
Revolution. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
were numbered among the prominent patrons. The Tavern was frequented
by members of the Continental Congress meeting in the State house on
such historical occasions as the resignation of George Washington's
commission, December 23, 1783, the ratification of the Treaty of Paris
ended the Revolutionary War in January 1784, and the Annapolis
convention which laid the groundwork for the Federal Constitution held
the following year in Philadelphia.
The building was probably occupied as early as 1740. In 1750,
Elizabeth Bennett sold the property to Horatio Middleton who operated
the building as an "inn for Seafaring Men". The nautical oriented
Middleton also owned a ferry that linked Annapolis to the Eastern
Shore of the Chesapeake.
Following the death of Horatio Middleton, the Tavern was operated
by his widow, Anne, and later by his son Samuel Middleton, who also
continued to operate the ferry boats as well as an overseas trade
operation and ship construction business - all from the Tavern site.
The Tavern was an all important stopping place for early
travelers using the ferries to cross the Bay, including George
Washington; Tench Tilghman, on the way to Philadelphia with the
message of Cornwallis' surrender at yorktown; and Thomas Jefferson,
whose records note that in 1783 he gave Samuel Middleton passage money
to Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore.
In those days, Middleton's was much more than a tavern; it has
been described as one of the early showplaces of Annapolis, with
gardens spreading from Prince George Street to the water's edge.
During the Revelution, the tavern was operated by George Mann, but
when the war ended, Samuel Middleton's son Gilbert, operated the
business until the 1780's. The next owner was John Randall, a
distinguished Revolutionary logistic officer who, , prior to the war,
was a builder and a partner to the renowned architect William
Buckland, desighner of Annapolis's Hammond-Harwood House.


Notes for ANNE:
From FTM CD208, Maryland Gen. soc. Bulletin, Vol. 26, #3, Summer 1985, Anne Arundel Co., Adm. Accounts 1777-1799:
Gilbert Middleton Admr. Will of Ann Middleton also of Horatio Samuel Middleton, 7 July 1778.

Children of HORATIO MIDDLETON and ANNE are:
27 i. ELLEN (ELLIN) MIDDLETON, married (1) THOMAS "REV." ALKIN 02 Mar 1767 in ANNAPOLIS, AANE ARUNDEL CO., MD; married (2) THOMAS BURNESTON 07 Nov 1780 in BALTIMORE. BALTIMORE CO., MD; married (3) EMANUEL KENT 19 Jun 1788 in MARYLAND.


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I am terribly sorry it took so long to respond back to the information you gave me. I’ve been extremely busy with work. I appreciate all the information. It may help me find my biological Great Great (GG) Grandfather. I am brand new to genealogy. My Mother got me interested in tracing the family history. Most of the information I have on my relatives is very sketchy, since I am just getting started. I gathered up as much information as I could locate on Abraham Lincoln Banta. I hope the following information will be useful in some way.

Abraham (Abe) Lincoln Banta married my GG Grandmother Mary Francis Taggart. This was Mary Francis’ second marriage, and Taggart was her married name from her first marriage. Mary Francis’ first husband had died some where up north, but I do not know where or when. Also, I do not know her maiden name, or my biological GG father’s name. She had two boys from her first marriage Thomas William and William Francis (Frank) Taggart. Abe Banta raised Tom and Frank as his own, but never adopted them. (As an aside, the information from the 1910 should read William F, for Francis, as the stepson living with Abe and Mary. Thomas W. Taggart died in 1904 at the age of 18 years). They later had a daughter Mary who married a Robert Cole. All are buried in the Union Cemetery in Billings OK.

Abe Banta was quite a character. He was one of the original 101 Ranch cowboys, and was the first president of the Cherokee Strip Cowpunchers’ Association. The 101 Ranch was the name of the headquarters for the Oklahoma Cowboy Show. It was one of the greatest Wild West shows, like Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. It had famous people like a) Pawnee Bill; b) Joe, Zack and George Miller, c) Ike Club, d) Zack Mulhall and e) Will Rogers. It was named the 101 Ranch, because it encompassed 101,000 acres at one time.

Here is a couple of websites that talk about the 101 Ranch and a few websites that mention Abe Banta:

When I was a child, my Grandmother Dorothy Naomi (Taggart) Tipps would take me to Enid Oklahoma, and show me Abe Banta’s signature carved into a buffalo hide hanging in a museum. I believe it was the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum in Enid, but I am not certain. Abe Banta was involved in the mass buffalo hunts that occurred in Oklahoma at one point. There may even be a picture of him (or more) in the museum. I was quite little when she would take me, and I don’t live in Oklahoma anymore.

Abe Banta would drive cattle from up North down into Oklahoma and Texas. Thus, he knew a lot of people through out the region. Also, from what I have been told about Abe Banta he was an extremely well liked and charming individual. He had a larger than life personality. Wherever he went, the town’s traffic would come to a stop, so people could stop and talk to him. I don’t know if this was because of his personality and travels, or because he worked at the 101 Ranch.

Our current family farm may have originally been a part of the 101 ranch. I believe the farm was originally Abe Banta’s and it was passed to Frank Taggart (my GG father), then to my Grandmother, and now it belongs to my Dad. The Union Cemetery is right behind the family farm, and I may be able to get photo of gravestones.

My Dad would be a good source if you are interested in hearing personal stories about Abraham Lincoln Banta. My Dad remembers Abe Banta (his step Great Grandfather) well. He was very fond of Abe and vice versa. Abe Banta use to rock my Dad to sleep at night and tell him wild stories about the old west.

If I could be of any other help, let me know.


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Thanks for all the info.
In tracking Mary Francis' parentage & marriage to Taggart, you might check obituaries and death certificates..also burial records..
Mary Francis, per census was b. KS, Taggart b. OH & the Taggart sons b. CO...
per page

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