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Robert Swinford

Robert Swinford

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Surnames: Swinford Stumme
Looking for family of Robert Swinford. Born approx 1922 to Norval Lee Swinford, sr and Flossie (Florence) Stumme. She used several other names. Robert's older brother was born Norval Lee Swinford JR born 1920 at FT Bragg, NC died 2009 in Wisconsin. Both boys were in foster care by 1930 census Robert on DE and Norval in MD.
Robert was in Army Air Corps in WWII but dont think he was ever deployed.
ANY of this sound familiar? If so, would love to share info!!

Re: Robert Swinford

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Sherry - Have some Swinford info but will have to look for it - you can contact me if you like

Re: Robert Swinford

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Wonderful! I've found the older brother but last I know of Robert is during WWII. Will be in contact. thanks!

Re: Robert Swinford

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SWINFORD's in Nodaway Co MO

Burial Records on mogenweb

Swinford Cemetery on mogenweb

Find A Grave index of Swinford's in Nodaway County

Death Certificates from the Missouri State Archives

Books at concerning Nodaway County that mention "Swinford".
A Biographical history of Nodaway and Atchison counties, Missouri

The history of Nodaway county, Missouri

Marriage Records for "Swinford" in Nodaway County.

Swinford, Allie J wed Thompson, Samuel T 08/30/1876

Swinford, Alma T wed David, George 08/15/1906

Swinford, Angeline wed McClain, Douglas 02/01/1934

Swinford, Anna Christine wed Mason, Larry Gale 07/05/1986

Swinford, Arda Maxine wed Kerwin, Martin 04/25/1959

Swinford, Blaine Eugene wed Protzman, Anna Christine 07/19/1980

Swinford, C Mildred wed Lyon, Ernest W 04/24/1909

Swinford, Carrie Dee wed Schrader, Sylvester H W 10/08/1899

Swinford, Carrie E wed Halasey, John 08/30/1891

Swinford, Carrie wed Pasch, Chris 10/05/1906

Swinford, Charles G wed Sadler, Bertha L 12/24/1905

Swinford, Charles wed Heflin, Mahaley 06/01/1873

Swinford, Clare wed Heflin, John D 02/28/1938

Swinford, Claudia wed Pfander, Charles C 08/09/1939

Swinford, Dollie wed Purcell, Gabe L 04/01/1894

Swinford, Donald Keith wed Wharton, Brenda Joyce 09/19/1970

Swinford, Dwight wed Smith, Frances 08/28/1906

Swinford, Emma H wed Protzman, Joseph 04/26/1875

Swinford, Florence E wed Purcell, Gabe L 01/01/1905

Swinford, Florence Pauline wed Smith, Forrest C 11/21/1926

Swinford, George M wed Hobbs, Ruth 11/04/1914

Swinford, Gladys wed Avery, E W 08/20/1935

Swinford, Glenn D wed Kenan, Bessie L 10/08/1911

Swinford, Hazel wed Carmichael, Marvin S 06/10/1956

Swinford, Jack Lee Jr wed Kelmel, Kimberly Dawn 02/18/1995

Swinford, James M wed Berry, Mary E 10/19/1898

Swinford, James M wed Lee, Angeline 08/30/1868

Swinford, Jean wed Swaney, Albert 04/04/1936

Swinford, Jessie wed Vickery, Andrew C 05/28/1909

Swinford, Joyce Jean wed Piveral, Steven Wayne 06/12/1977

Swinford, Karen Kay wed Leader, Ronald Lee 05/25/1991

Swinford, Kate wed Shelman, Samuel E 12/23/1896

Swinford, Keith Michael wed Fulton, Melissa Ann 08/30/2003

Swinford, Kristina Marie wed Aley, Jonathan Robert 06/29/2002

Swinford, Larry Eugene Jr wed Green, Melissa Jill 12/21/1990

Swinford, Larry Eugene wed Fisher, Joyce Joan 08/10/1969

Swinford, Lucinda wed Hood, John 01/05/1879

Swinford, Lydia F wed Williams, William F 01/16/1901

Swinford, Mark Allen wed Scroggie, Twila Eileen 06/17/1978

Swinford, Martha wed Stephenson, John H 08/30/1860

Swinford, Marvin wed Jensen, Martena 09/11/1937

Swinford, Mary wed Allen, Crawford W 02/19/1874

Swinford, Mattie wed Parrish, Hiram J 03/16/1887

Swinford, Minnie wed Appleby, John A 11/21/1894

Swinford, Miriam wed Torrance, Thomas P 06/10/1868

Swinford, Nellie wed Scowden, J P 02/10/1880

Swinford, Norma Jean wed Bragg, Robert Lawrence Jr 05/23/1981

Swinford, Oliver W wed Saunders, Ella 11/13/1878

Swinford, Ollie E wed Carter, James A 10/04/1902

Swinford, Paul F wed Meyers, Ida Mae 03/23/1911

Swinford, Paul Kenneth Jr wed Anderson, Joyce Elaine 01/21/1962

Swinford, Paul Kenneth Jr wed Birker, Pamela 08/31/1984

Swinford, Randy Lee wed Ratliff, Barbara Jean 09/05/1997

Swinford, Randy Lee wed Coulter, Shirley Nadene 02/10/1979

Swinford, Rebecca F wed Stewart, George W 06/04/1860

Swinford, Richard wed Ferguson, Maxine Y 08/24/1957

Swinford, Richard wed ODonnell, Mildred 10/18/1938

Swinford, Ronald Raymond wed Nielsen, Susan Coleen 06/21/1975

Swinford, Rosa B wed Richards, L H 09/30/1916

Swinford, Sallie L wed Shell, Claude E 10/13/1901

Swinford, Sarah J wed Johnston, James H 01/14/1869

Swinford, William A wed Filker, Verna E 02/22/1911

Swinford, William wed Cooper, Rebecca 01/18/1861

Swinford, William wed Gray, Sarah Jane 07/23/1865

Swinford, William wed Lucas, Sarah 12/24/1885

Swinford, William wed Sharr, Rosa Belle 10/12/1882

Swinford, William S wed Thompson, Mary A 11/29/1876

Re: Robert Swinford

Posted: 1331908309000
Classification: Query
Thanks so much for the info! Looks like my Swinfords are from KY but spent most of lives in IL.
I'll go through your great info over the weekend! thanks again,
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