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Sinful Jones (View posts)
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Surnames: Runnels Boykin, Hanson Weems, Stanger, Austin, Perry

Hello BRAZORIA COUNTY~~~~~~~8 November 1999

Yo!!! Squire Roberts!!! You ol' flap lip...where've ya been all this time...ain't seen nor heard from you in a 'coon's age. Myself...I been busier than a long tail cat in a room full o' rockin' chairs.
I hear tell that you been up to no-good with Phillips and uncovered a new give it up an' tell all yore fans which one it is. I for one would like to git that cup o'coffee ya owe me and find out about it. I still have a couple I need ta find out if'n ya know about too. Crank up that singin' wire o' yores an' holler back.

Vaya Con Dios,

James Elliot BLACK

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: ROBERTS
Brasoria Co, 11 Nov 1999.
Hello Mr. Sinful, aufle good to see ya stil up to yore ol' triks. What cupa coffee are ya talkin' bout? I ain't ow'd nun in years. I bin mity mity busi tha las fuw munts. In tha las 4 and then sum munts I found me some new relations. Turns out I gotta few yankee cuzons out there in tha State of Orgun an a cuple new-uns hear in Texas. It's takin me 4 and then sum yeres jest ta fine who ma grate gran-paw wuz. Aint thata pop in tha slop bucket! Hav-ya bin talkin to those Clute bruthers, Bobbie an Billie? They's ones that foun tha grave nere tha Phillups plaze. Beleve them 2 graves to be suns of James Black. Ol' James wus born 1798 an buried in West Columbia cemetary. On his tomb it sez "HIS MOTTO THRO LIFE WAS TO ATTEND TO HIS OWN BUSINESS & TO LET OTHER PEOPLE'S ALONE." James wasa mity fine gentlemun. Now ol' Billie an Bobbie or go getters an found more-un one cemetarys. They went an found bunches of em.
Now, What can I do ya fer? I've hogged tha wire long enuf.
Squire Roberts
PS had a cuple of ladies ask me who is that there Sinful Jones purson. One of em said she thankin bout writin a book on ol' Brit. How bout them hen apples!

James Elliot Black & DRT Camps

Sinful Jones (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Runnels, Stanger, Hanson, Perry, Austin, Bryan, Lee, Washington, Boykin

Hello, Brazoria County!!!! 13 November, 1999

Squire Roberts:

I wuz referrin' ta the cup o'coffee ya promised
me over the e-lectrical gadget ya call a Telly
Phone. Anyhow, no siree bob....haven't seen anybody
ta talk to about yore new DRT Camps.
(Dead-Right-There) Heard about 'em from somebody
that saw the pictures o' one of 'em. Didn't know
about the others..will they help anybody on this
wire out? If so, where in tarnation are they? If
not, where are they? I'd kinda like ta go visit 'em
jest ta see who's there.
As to the other question about the
ladies...yessir, one has contacted me and the other
is 'sposed to. Seems they might be kin to my wife.
Hope all's well in yore camp and ya may be hearin'
from me quicker'n ya other means...I'll
send up a smoke. Thanks for the help.

Vaya Con Dios,
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