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PERHAJ-Location of "Medvidea, Austria" and "Bosica"

PERHAJ-Location of "Medvidea, Austria" and "Bosica"

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Researching Anton and Johanna PERHAJ, arrived NY Ellis Island 1902 from Bosica(no country listed), and 1910 from Medvidea, Austria. Immigrated to Leadville, CO then Ely, MN.Can anyone advise guidance on where to find location in 1910 of Medvidea and Bosica? Believe they were in Slovenia. Please E-mail with any info--your help is sincerely appreciated!!

PERHAJ-Location of "Medvidea, Austria" and "Bosica"

Robert Jerin (View posts)
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I can only believe the placenames are mis-spelled. Perhaps it is a Medvedica listed in a name of Slovene places and Austrian alternates. Medvedica translates little bear. Closest to Bosica that I found is Busnica. I have seen enough discrepancies in the Ellis Island transcriptions to say this!

Check this web page for accounts of Slovenes in Leadville, Co. and Ely, MN.

There are more listings in the on line Slovene phone books for PERHAJ, sounds like parrrhigh.

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Gottscheers are descendants of the people who lived in the German-speaking district of Gottschee in the Austrian Duchy of Carniola (Krain), which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918 when the Empire was dissolved following World War I. From 1918 until 1991, Gottschee was part of the northernmost Yugoslav Repulic of Slovenia. Since 1991, Slovenia has been an independent country. Today, Gottschee is a city and district in Slovenia and is known by its Slovene name: Kocevje.

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A good search engine, just type in surname followed by genealogy may find others who have information you are seeking

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland, Ohio

Location info from Robert

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Robert, thanks VERY much for the info you sent. SOme of the links you provided I have been to, but MANY I have not. I appreciate you taking the time to send I am sure it will be invaluable. Regards, Denise

Re: Location info from Robert

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I noticed that you mentioned Leadville above . . .

Does anyone of you have old photos from Leadville?

I have some unidentified photos from Leadville during the same period as you are discussing.

Would you be kind to check if you can find any match between your photos and my photos or you might have information about some of the persons on my photos? My unidentified photos are published at the Internet page

I'll be grateful for every single clue that will help my research; my contact information will be found at the Internet page

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