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Treats in Frontier Religion

Treats in Frontier Religion

John D. Treat (View posts)
Posted: 987016030000
I am an Arkansas Treat living in Maine and a descendent of Stephen Treat (born PA, 1811, died Big Flat,AR 1885). I am interested in assembling information on the family’s religious history.

As many of you know, information on the Treats’ role in the religious life of colonial CT and NJ is plentiful. I am having more difficulty in pinning down the circumstances surrounding my branch of the family’s joining the Restoration Movement which gave birth to both the Disciples of Christ and to the churches of Christ.

This conversion must have taken place between 1810 and 1835 as the family passed through Western Pennsylvania, OHIO, and finally Indiana. Unfortunately, these are exactly the years and locations where the growth of the Restoration Movement was most intense.

Any information on this conversion or other aspects of the Treats’ 19th century religious history would be most appreciated.

Gov. Robert Treat Family History

Susan Dabrowski (View posts)
Posted: 992468476000
My grandmother's name was Florence Treat and was a descendent of Gov. Robert Treat of CT. I have just begun to check into my family history and I'm especially interested in the spiritual aspect. Any information you can give me would be appreciated. My daughter and I are planning on researching our family history as a summer project with my grandchildren. My e-mail address is

Re: Treats in Frontier Religion

Posted: 996315529000
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Surnames: TREAT
You are doing a very interesting study. I'm curious to know how it comes out. Here is something I've come across. Hope it can help some way.

I am also a descendant of Stephen Treat who died Big Flat, AR and of Gov. Robert Treat of CT. Gov. Treat was born in England 1625, married in CT 1647, died 1710 CT.
Following him was Joseph. 1662-1721,CT,
Stephen..1715 CT,
John..1776-.CT, died 1834 Morgan Indiana. (move from CT)
Stephen..1811, PA.,.died 1885, Big Flat AR

Records show family connections between (the family Treat) and Heber J. Grant...head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Personal relatives or not? I don't know.

I work in the Family History Center. If I can help, let me know . Sincerely Lorene Poe

Re: Gov. Robert Treat Family History

Posted: 996317565000
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Surnames: TREAT
What a lovely project. God luck.

Am also a descendant of Gov. Robert Treat. Posted some information before I saw your message. It may, or may not, be helpful.

The Treat family goes back to somewhere around 1700. Some of the branches, or roots, go much farther.

If you have questions, I'm happy to help.

Couldn't get through at the email address.

Re: Gov. Robert Treat Family History

John Treat (View posts)
Posted: 997206151000
Surnames: Treat, Mason

Thanks for the info. I don't know about anything about Treats who were LDS. I do know that the Church of Christ, with which my branch of the family is long-connected, and the LDS began about the same time. The two groups' hfrontier missionaries were in very active competition with one another in the early 19th centuries. Debates between LDS missionaries and those of the Church of Christ were common on the frontier, drawing large crowds and often being reprinted in local newspapers. Some sociologists of religion consider the two groups to be the first distinctly American religious sects since their beliefs harmonized so well with the frontier ideals of family, manifest destiny, and individual good works.

Can you tell me anything more definite about the Heber Grant connection?

I haven't done any work in a while, but I'll post anything of interest that I find.

On a related note, since you work at the center. My mother's mother's surname was Mason. I have wanted to do more research on her familly. According to family tradition, two of my grandmother's great-great-great uncles became Saints and left White or Jackson County Arkansas for Utah around the time of the Civil War. As you know, Mason is so common that it's hard to track. I keep hoping that I can make some connection to a family of Utah Saints who may have already done some work. Any suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me,

John Treat

Re: Gov. Robert Treat Family History

LORENE POE (View posts)
Posted: 998405147000
Classification: Birth
Surnames: Treat, Grant
Greetings John;
Sorry to be so slow. Been digging in a few places. In the IGI the connection between the family TREAT and PRES. HEBER JEDDY GRANT of the LDS Church is evident in several states. This includes NY,Conn, and Maine, where I understand there are, or were, members of our branch of the family. Here are a few brief samples, from the beginning of the list, from JUST Conn, NY and Maine. Does anything ring a bell?

Name Born Date Place Parent/Spouce/Relative
Abigail Treat....B...abt 1787...Conn....R...Heber J. Grant
Abigail Treat....B...abt 1804...Conn....R... "
Abigail Treat....B...abt 1810...Conn....R... "
Abigail Treat....B........ 1811...Maine...R... "
Ann Treat.......B.........1696...Conn....R... "
Bethue (Betheu)Treat B 1768..Conn....R.. "
Bethue (Betheu)Treat B 1806..Conn....R.. "
Beulah Treat....B.........1745....Conn....R.. "
Calvin Treat......B.........1803....Conn....R.. "
Calvin Luther Treat..B...1835....Maine...R.. "
Catherine Treat..B........1796....Maine...R.. "
Catherine Treat..B........1802....Maine...R.. "
Clara Treat........B........1768....Conn.....R.. "
Clara Treat........B........1842....Maine....R.. "
David Treat........B........1782....Conn.....R.. "
David Treat........B........1793....Conn.....R.. "
David Treat........B........1797....Conn.....R.. "
(David)Davie Allen Treat..B..1812..Conn..R.. "
David Bonfoey Treat B...1812....NY.......R.. "
David Mudge Treat.. B...1814....NY.......R.. "
David Nichols Treat..B...1818....Maine...R.. "
David Shepperd Treat.B..1821...Conn.....R.. "
David Beach Treat....B...1826....NY........R.. "
David Beach Treat....B...1826....NY........Fa Charles Treat.

Do you have more information on that Mason line you are interested in?

Re: Treats in Frontier Religion

Posted: 1010175934000
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Surnames: Treat
I'm curious. Why do you say "unfortunatly" as The Church of Christ was the New Testament Church, founded by Christ, and discribed in the Bible? Those who hold true to His teachings live as nearly as humanly possible to the way given in the Scriptures, neither "adding to" or "taking from" the Word of God.
Stephen Henry Treat, a man of many seeming contradictions earlier in life, after moving to Arkansas or at some point was converted, and was one of the charter members of the Church of Christ in Big Flat Arkansas. He became a "walking preacher" traveling our beautiful mountains preaching, sometimes with his son, Mason Steven Treat with him. Mason became a "walking preacher" in his own right, and his picture is in the book, Angels of Arkansas- a book about the Walking Preachers.
Stephen was my gr-gr-grandfathers brother, and nearly 150 years later, I proudly declare my love for Jesus, and am a member of The Church of Christ, as were my parents, sisters and their family, my husband of 32 years who I met in Church when I was about 4, and our sons.

Re: Treats in Frontier Religion

John D. Treat (View posts)
Posted: 1010256995000
Classification: Query

I say "unfortunately" not because of any judgement on the church of Christ, but because the family became involved in the Restoration Movement at exactly the time and exactly the place where the church was growing the fastest. If they'd been in Virginia or Georgia or had joined the church at a different time, it would be much easier to pin point. As it is, the Treats became members of the church of Christ somewhere between Pennsylvania and Indiana at a time when people were joining by the hundreds and when congregations were just being founded and were therefore the least likely to have records.

I too am a descended from Stephen Treat. Our branch of the family moved to White County around 1900 and most are members of the church of Christ.

Re: Treats in Frontier Religion

Posted: 1010270791000
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John-Thank you for your quick reply.sorry I misunderstood.
I am not descended from Stephen, but from his younger bro. John Berry. My dad had told me the story of his (Stephen) being able to lift a filled water barrel and drink out of the bunghole years ago-but he never knew his name, or even whether he was related or not. I wish he could have known of his family's rich heritage.

Steven Treat

Posted: 1011118599000
Classification: Query
Could you please send more information on this line of the Treat family? I know that this is my Great-Great Grandfather's 2nd wife's (Martha Elizabeth Treat) Father - but, that's all I know about this line. Do you know of other children? Do you know of siblings & families? Please advise - my address is - thanks.....JMK
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