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John Locke, born in England abou 1700+/-

John Locke, born in England abou 1700+/-

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hey everybody.

i'm descended from a John Locke born in England about 1700 (maybe 1706) and possibly a shipping captain. i have seen that it is a possibility his father's name was Robert Locke (b. about 1679), a shipping captain.

and i am also descended from a Samuel Locke (b. 1554) through his daughter Elizabeth Ann Locke (b. 1580) who married John Howard (b. 1578).

what i am trying to do is find the missing link between these two Locke families.

i know that some of the ancestors of Samuel Locke were Sheriffs of London and merchants, having possession of their own ships,etc. and if John Locke from above was some sort of shipping captain, i am led to believe that the families are in fact connected. i'm just missing the one little nugget of info i need to prove it.

if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated. i've been working on this for months (on and off) and am getting close to proving my point, but am needing some help i think.

thanx again to anyone that may be able to help.
(p.s.-i've looked online at the 'book of the lockes', and know that it may be an excellent source of info. just haven't had the funds to try to purchase my own copy as of yet)....

Re: John Locke, born in England abou 1700+/-

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Surnames: Lock(e)
I'm drafting a thesis on 'Lock(e)s in, southerly and westerly of Norwich, Norfolk, England during 16th to mid 19th century'.

Like many other researchers using, I have information about the Lock(e)s living in Brockdish Hall, Norfolk, starting with Michael Lock born c1520 and his wife Jane Wilkinson who moved from London to Brockdish Hall, where one of their sons Samuel Lock was born in 1554. I also have the connection to Elizabeth Lock (Samuel's daughter)and her husband John Howard, who immigrated to the USA.

However, I haven't identified a John Locke born c1700, at least not born in Norfolk, England. Do you know where he was born?

He may have descended from William Locke (of London) born c1480-1490, who was Samuel's grandfather via one of William's first two of four wives. William's first wife Alice Spencer bore him 12 children, including Samuel's father Michael, and his second wife Katherine Cooke bore him 9 children. Between them, they lost about 7 of their 21 children in infancy, born during 1511-1537 (averaging almost 1/year - little wonder the women died fairly young!).

I've only done a little research on a couple of the 7 or so surviving male children, since I've not (yet) found a connection between my direct ancestors and William's descendants.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Ken Lock

Re: John Locke, born in England abou 1700+/-

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Surnames: locke
i don't know so much about the lockes of brockdish hall. but i do know that i am descended from samuel lock and his daughter elizabeth through her marriage to john howard. my line goes down to an ariana worthington that married an ijames (innes) man in the late 1700's.

and i have run across the michael lock with 4 wives, etc, as being a possible ancestor of samuel.

the john locke from 1700 would have declared capt. john locke. and he may have been born in england (though i've never been able to find out where as of yet).

but i have seen that he and his father was(capt.) robert locke, born approx. 1679.
and i do know that many of the early locke men were shipping captains usually as mercers or (later) the transportation of people as well as goods.
and i guess that is my main reason for believing that there is a connection between my john from 1700 to samuel locke and his ancestors. because it seems to me that a trade such as mercer (like many other trades of the past few hundred years) would have been passed down from father to son and so on.
that doesn't give me 100% proof of a connection, but it's a thought...i am on my way to work right now and can't say much more, but feel free to message me for further info if you think it'll be of any help.

good luck.
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