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2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Surnames: McCabe
I recently found an entry on the British archives that my ancestor Francis McCabe must have rejoined the British army AFTER his discharge from the 7th RVB in 1815. I can not find any info on the 2nd for the time frame 1818-1820. Does anyone know where the unit was during that time?

tom mccabe

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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The Vetran Battalions were formed, disbanded and reformed several times each during the early 1800's. Here's a link to the National Army museum website, perhaps they can give you some further information to help track the battalion.

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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If his original record is:

WO 97/1132/7 Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers Service Documents; 760-1854: discharge papers arranged by regiment, but each described at item level. (WO 97/1-1271); 7th Battalion, Veterans: McA – You:

FRANCIS MCCABE; Born MACHARDONE, Monaghan; Served in 13th Royal Veteran Battalion; 74th Foot Regiment; 7th Royal Veteran Battalion; Discharged aged 33; dates [served ] 1809-1816

Then this is what you’re looking for:

WO 121/209/912 Royal Hospital, Chelsea: Discharge Documents of Pensioners; Certificates of Service and related correspondence. (Described at item level):

FRANCIS MCCABE; Born MAGHERADONE, Monaghan; Served in 7th Royal Veteran Battalion; 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion; Discharged aged 38 after 8 years 8 months of service; Residence or place where pension paid stated in document. Date 1825.

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Missed from my last:

From an archived copy of the web site:

13th Royal Veteran Battalion

1813.03.25 raised at Lisbon from men in regiments there that were found fit only for garrison duty
1815.06 renumbered on disbandment of other veteran battalions to become 7th Royal Veteran Battalion
1816.05.24 disbanded at Chelsea

Deployment and Service:
813.03.25 raised at Lisbon
Portugal: Lisbon
1815.02 England
1815.04 Belgium: Ostend.
1816.03 England: Sheerness
1816.05.24 disbanded at Chelsea

7th Royal Veteran Battalion
1819.11.25 re-formed at Inverness from out-pensioners to curb political unrest
1821.04-05 disbanded at Chelsea

Deployment and Service:
1819.11.25 raised at Inverness
1819 Scotland: Inverness
1820.01 England: Chatham
1820.04 Channel Islands: Jersey & Guernsey
1821.05 disbanded at Chelsea

2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
1819.11.25 re-formed at Portsmouth from out-pensioners to curb political unrest
1821.06.24 disbanded at Gosport

1821.12.25 re-formed at Newry
1826.04.24 disbanded at Enniskillen

Deployment and Service:
1819.11.25 raised at Portsmouth
1819 England: Gosport
1820.08 Waterford
1821.06.24 disbanded at Gosport

1821.12.25 raised at Newry
1822.04 Ireland: Londonderry
1826.04.24 disbanded at Enniskillen

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Thanks for your help.

tom mccabe

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Surnames: Nixon McCordick

You appear to have access to information about the 2nd Royal Veteran's. I am interested in information about a John Nixon who served in the British Army from 1810-1832 when he evidently was discharged from the 2nd Royal Veterans - in 1832 at Enniskillen(?)

What I would really like to know is whether he married a Mary Ann McCordick (or some variation of that name) or where his pension was sent, assuming he got one.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Nothing obvious comes up on my searches, You can get copies of musters of the unit from the British archives in KEW.

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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Surnames: Nxon
This is a possibilty. He was discharged from the 2nd Reserve Battalion in 1816. However, many soldiers were recalled into the reserves in Ireland later in the 1820s.

First name(s): John Last name: NIXON Calculated year of birth: 1781 Parish of birth: Town of birth: Duleek County of birth: Meath Age at attestation: 35 years Discharge date: 1816. The National Archives reference: WO119

Re: 2nd Royal veteran Battalion 1818-1826?

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He couldn’t have been discharged from the 2nd Veteran Battalion in 1832 as the last battalion to be raised with that name was disbanded some 7/8 yrs earlier.

Taking the overall dates of service you gave he would have qualified for a pension so there should be a record in document series WO97 at Kew; this looks like it could be him:

JOHN NIXON Born MONEA, Fermanagh
Served 6th Dragoon Guards; 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion; 77th Foot
Discharged aged 39; Dates [served]: 1810-1832

Enlisted in 6th Dragoon Guards aged 18 [served 26 Jan 1810 – 31 Aug 1821]; enlisted 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion [served 25 Dec 1821 – 24 April 1826]; transferred to 77th Foot [served 25 April 1826 - 7 Dec 1831], service counted to 11 Jan 1832, giving total pensionable service of 21yrs 236 days. Discharge signed off 7 Dec 1831 at Waterford Barracks.
Stated ALL service at “home” [i.e. within England, Wales, Scotland and the whole of Ireland]
No details of family and no future place of residence at discharge given.
National Archives Ref WO 97/883/9

Record available via

From National Archives link above you will see you can view the record free at the National Archives or follow link to FMP for pay per view access.
If you chose FMP once registered, select “Subscribe” and then scroll down the page to “PayAsYouGo options”, you’ll only need the lowest priced option.

Once you’re ready from “search records tab” select “Military, armed forces & conflict” > Regimental & Service Records > British Army Service Records 1760-1915. Enter his name and select record set WO 97.

Very little detail about deployment of 6th Regiment of Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) is ready available online.

1807 England & Scotland; 1813 Ireland; 1815 England & Scotland; 1821 Ireland; 1824 England & Scotland.

2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Raised at Newry 25 Dec 1821; Apr 1822 Ireland Londonderry; 24 Apr 1826 disbanded at Enniskillen.

77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot
Main body of regiment was in Jamaica 1824-1834, (see ) so if he served with them “at home” 1826-1831 he must have been with the depot or reserve companies.

To confirm service and possible locations, you will need to check the Muster Books & Pay Lists for the regiments at the National Archives, Kew; you could also try a search of the LDS Family History film library as some pre-1850 British Army musters were microfilmed. Once you have that information it will enable you to check parish records for the marriage.

Musters & Pay Lists
6th Dragoon Guards
WO 12/357 [01 January 1806 - 31 December 1807]
WO 12/358 [01 January 1808 - 31 December 1810]
WO 12/359 [01 January 1811 - 31 December 1813]
WO 12/360 [01 January 1814 - 31 December 1817]
WO 12/361 [01 January 1818 - 31 December 1821]
WO 12/362 [01 January 1822 - 31 December 1825]

2nd Royal Veterans Battalion
None found for 1821-1826 period

77th Foot (only 1st Battalion found, no depot)

WO 12/8265 [01 January 1826 - 31 December 1826]
WO 12/8266 [01 January 1827 - 31 December 1827]
WO 12/8267 [01 January 1828 - 31 December 1828]
WO 12/8268 [01 January 1829 - 31 December 1829]
WO 12/8269 [01 January 1830 - 31 December 1830]
WO 12/8270 [01 January 1831 - 31 December 1831]

Details of place of pension payment/intended place of residence would normally be in the Out-Patient records of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, for 1831 & 1832 these are in piece number WO23/2 & WO23/3; they are not indexed or available online.
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