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Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate, London, brother of Crooks Godfrey

Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate, London, brother of Crooks Godfrey

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Surnames: Godfrey, Huggett, Windus,
Does anyone know who are the parents, or who is the wife, of Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate Street, London, England, who was born about 1741, died in 1812?

His daughter, Mary Godfrey, b. 1768 d. 1819, married Edward William Windus.

Mary and Edward's son, Benjamin Godfrey Windus, continued the family business at 61 Bishopsgate.

(As explained below, there had been a Benjamin Godfrey listed at the 61 Bishopsgate in London Tax and Land records, since 1732.)

England Selected Deaths and Burials (1538-1991) record Benjamin Godfrey's burial date, 29 Mar 1812, at age 71, at St. Botolph's Bishopsgate.

It was at 61 Bishopsgate that Benjamin Godfrey manufactured a medicine widely known in the 18th and 19th centuries as "Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial."

In his will, Benjamin Godfrey passes down the Cordial patent to Edward William Windus, and also mentions siblings Crooks (of Walthamstow, Essex), Thomas, Elizabeth and Sarah. (I have found a Crooks Godfrey from Walthamstow, Essex (b. 1730) in many ancestry trees-- he might be the Crooks Godfrey mentioned in this will.)

Sat, Jul 13, 1776 in the Ipswich Journal, there is a notice from Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate saying that he is the nephew of the late Dr. Benjamin Godfrey and had inherited the recipe for Dr. Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial.

Information I have about this Uncle Benjamin Godfrey:

Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate Street, London is shown on Land and Tax records from 1732 on.

The Derby Mercury in an article from Sun., 14 Sept 1732 states that Benjamin Godfrey "late a baker in Shoreditch, but who now goes by the name "Dr. Benjamin Godfrey," had been found guilty in a suit filed by Thomas How relating to Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial, also known as the General Cordial.

Thomas How, the Derby Mercury article goes on to say, is the brother of the late John How, the son in law of Thomas Godfrey of Hunsdon, Hertfordshire with whom he prepared the Cordial. (Thomas Godfrey of Hunsdon has been credited with originating the Cordial.)

John How, the article says, married Thomas Godfrey of Hunsden's only child. Both John and Thomas, the suit alleges, held the the true recipe. The suit was settled in Thomas How's favor. It was the second suit against Benjamin Godfrey in the last two years for this offense, notes the article.

Benjamin Godfrey, M.D. of 61 Bishopsgate somehow came in possession of rights to the Cordial, though, from advertisements for the Cordial placed by him in the ensuing years.

It seems possible; or better, likely, that Benjamin Godfrey of the Derby Mercury article ("late a baker from Shoreditch") and Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate Street are the same.

Who was this uncle Benjamin Godfrey, whom Benjamin Godfrey adverts to in the Ipswich Journal notice of 1776?

I have found the following couple of article in

1) In the Newcastle Weekly Courant of Tue, Aug 18, 1744, Benjamin Godfrey advertised for sale two estates, Crookham and Hetherslaw, in Northumberland.

2) In the London newspaper, The Public Advertiser, on Fri, Mar 3, 1758, Benjamin Godfrey gives notice that all should apply to him that might have any claims against the person or estate of Elizabeth Best of the parish of St. Matthew's Bethnal Green. She had recently died after living for many years on charity.

So much for information about the uncle Benjamin Godfrey (of nephew Benjamin Godfrey d. 1812, whose daughter married Edward William Windus).

Also, note, this possibility:

Mary Godfrey Windus may have had a brother, Jonathan Godfrey based on evidence of a similarity between a the Benjamin Godfrey signatures on the respective parish marriage records of Mary and Jonathan. Speculation about a common parent is only a conjecture and has nothing more to support it besides the signature.

For what it's worth, Jonathan's marriage, with Benjamin's signature, was to Hannah Hugget, in 1808.

A death record from Deal, Kent shows a Jonathan Godfrey buried there in 1809.

There is a death record for Hannah Huggett in Greenwich, London, in 1866, at age 77.

If anyone has any information, or even an interesting or good guess about the ancestors of this family, please let me know.

If I am related to them, it is through Jonathan.

Re: Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate, London, brother of Crooks Godfrey

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Hi Jock, I came across an interesting book that has extensive information on the cordial. Google search "The Pharmacological and Epidemiological Aspects of Adolescent Drug Dependence edited by C. W. M. Wilson". Has a picture of Dr Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial advertisement and a picture of the bottles.
Best wishes

Re: Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate, London, brother of Crooks Godfrey

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Hello Jockcrawford,
Wonder if you have this information ?.
1851 Census
10 Evelyn Street
St Paul's Parish
Thomas Huggett Head age 65 b. 1786 Dover, Kent. Dock Yard Pensioner.
Hannah Huggett Wife age 62 b. 1789 Deptford, Kent.
Emblen Huggett Daughter Single age 31 b. 1820 Woolwich, Kent.
Mary Ann Huggett Daughter Single age 27 b. 1824 Woolwich, Kent
Hannah Huggett Daughter Single age 19 b. 1832 Woolwich, Kent.
Margaret Edwards Visitor age 12 b. 1839 Kent

1861 Census
5 Horrocks Row
St paul's Parish
Thomas Huggett Head age 75 b. 1786 Dover, Kent.
Hannah Huggett Wife age 70 b. 1791 Deptford, Kent
Emblem Huggett Daughter Single age 41 b. 1820 Woolwich, Kent.
Emily A Stees Grand Daughter ag 6 b. 1855 Deptford, Kent.

Hope this helps in some small way.

Re: Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate, London, brother of Crooks Godfrey

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Surnames: Godfrey
Hi Maureen,
I found the attached regarding a wedding, but it just confused me - Haha.
I also found a 'Edward Godfrey of Cullompton' in "Devonshire Wills: A Collection of Annotated Testamentary Abstracts".
Are these Godfreys from the same Godfrey family?
Also are there any Trade Unionists or suffragettes in this family?
Best wishes

Re: Benjamin Godfrey of 61 Bishopsgate, London, brother of Crooks Godfrey

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Have a look (if you get a chance) at the presentation, in Power Point and as a pdf, at this link:!Atu_J3efk5TBhphcwZ33xrg_dYo8WA?e=OswtWh

The main presentation tells what I've found out about the Godfrey family of Benjamin of 61 Bishopsgate since I posted my query. (There is an Appendix in it presenting genealogical speculations about my own family.)

I am still not certain who Benjamin and Crooks Godfrey's parents were. It has been suggested, with some documentation offered, that they are from a family in Essex, England, a family shown in the presentation.

I haven't found yet that there were any were Unionists or suffragettes in the family.

Benjamin Godfrey Windus, Benjamin Godfrey's son in law, was a patron of the arts.

The person most responsible for the success of Godfrey's Cordial, Dr. Benjamin Godfrey, was a public spirited person, as shown by his acts of charity in some of the newspaper articles and advertisements that I cite in the presentation-- where it is reported how he assisted those in trouble with the law.

Perhaps some of his charity is attributable to the Quaker roots of the Essex family of Thomas Godfrey of Hunsdon, the person noted in historical citations as having created the Cordial.

There is an article, The Hunsdon Quakers (a link to which is included in the presentation "Godfrey Cordial Godfreys"), includes a mention of Thomas Godfrey of Hunsdon in the Quaker movement of Hundson, Hertfordshire. I include a snapshot, attached.

As Quakers, they squarely put themselves on the other side of the law in the interest of bettering their brothers and sisters-- setting an example that was likely taken note of and emulated by the unionists and suffragettes who came after.
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