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and would be willing to look up
and let me know what it says about him?

I have tried every way to find out about him.but can't find him anywhere.

He lived in HOWTH,North Dublin, at COLUMBA HOUSE, ABBEY STREET , HOWTH that is all I know.(He is mentioned very, very, very, briefly in a small Dublin directory for 1911.) that is how I know where he lived.

I would be most grateful if someone can tell me something about him, perhaps where he trained etc.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.



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Give me a week or so and i'll see what i can get for you., mick


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Surnames: Morrison & Angus
Hi Mike,

Thank you so much, that will be graet,

Where are you.?

I am in Worthing,West Sussex,UK



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Hi Heppy, research did'nt go very well. according to Griffiths Valuation there was only 1 Angus registered in the dublin area but they were logged in the St James area which is on the opposite side of the city.
I have been doing research on the Howth area for the last 12 years now and I have noticed that in the late 1860s there was a large influx of families from the northern counties particularly county Down. With this in mind I checked valuation record for Angus in the Down area. there was a large group of families in this area and John Angus was very often noted in the Donaghadee area, a coastal town which could have been the starting place for your seafaring ancestor.
I will be dropping into the national archives and I will check out the 1901 and 1911 census for the howth area and I will post it on to you.
if you could hit me with some marraige names/dates it may help.
Sorry this is not what you wanted to hear but maybe next time may be better news


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Surnames: ANGUS
Hello Mick,

You ask for some dates about JOHN ANGUS. He was born I think about 1825 and died around 1911. He married a CATHERINE MORRISON which I would guess around 1845/6/7/8

He had 8 children one ELIZABETH Eleanor ANGUS was my Grandmother, she married Samuel COCHRAN.

JOHN ANGUS was skipper of a 3-masted ship. I don't know the name of the ship (which I'd love to) or where she sailed to etc.

I would dearly love to know what you have found out about HOWTH as you have been researching about it for the last 12 years. As my ANGUS'S were born there (I'm not sure wether JOHN was or moved there, certainly his children were born there.)

He JOHN ANGUS built at least 3 houses in HILLSIDE TERRACE ( now I beleive renamed THONMANBY ?Terrace) 2 of his dauhters, Frances (Fanny) and Olive (Ollie) ran a tea shop there and I remember that, as a very small child I played croquet on their back lawn.

My dad Fred CoCHRAN was born at No 7 St Lawrence Ave or Road, Howth. ( He died a year ago aged 95)

John ANGUS (JUNIOR) known as JACK. was coxswain of HOWTH life boat station for 30 years. the longest serving coxswain they have had (yet no mention of him in their history on the internet), I have written to them to ask why but had no reply.

My Great uncle Dr WILLIAM.F.ANGUS MD. PHYSICIAN / SURGEON lived at COLUMA HOUSE , Abbey Street, HOWTH. but I can't find out anything at all about him. I wonder does COLUMBA house still exist ?? may be you can tell me if your are researching HOWTH.

The ANGUS family also ran a CHANDLERS outfit on West Pier HOWTH, I don't know whether it was JOHN ANGUS senior, or his family, they were also coal merchants.

I there is anything else you have found I would realy love to know about the ANGUS'S or any photos you might find.

If you come across in your research the GILMORE'S they are related to me also. and one has only about 18 months ago moved out of HOWTH, they lived in 1, Hillside Terrace, which was the first house JOHN ANGUS built.

My older sister was born at 1,Hillside Terrace. my parents rented the house from my Great Grandfather John Angus.

Are you living in HOWTH, or near to there, and are you having your research published.?

I am at:-

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.and thanks for your help,


michael nangle (View posts)
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Hello Heather.
Just back from the archives where I spent an hour going through the 1901 census. This was before I got your last message so I do'nt know if any of this is new to you.
on census night 31st march 1901 in howth harbour shipping returns show the James Stevens belonged to the Lifeboat Institution and its Captain or Master of the vessel as John Angus. It had a crew of 13 persons ALL ashore at time of census.
The Curlew, an open boat of 1 tonnage used for pleasure was owned by John Angus with a crew of 3 all ashore. there was no registered number on The Curlew .
The Vision, a 5 ton pleasure yacht, Registered number D625 was owned by George Angus, Johns son. Its 5 person crew were ashore.
The Styx, a 2 tonne pleasure yacht, Registered number D684 was owned by George Angus. Its 4 person crew were ashore.
in the Angus household on the night of census John lists himself as head of household. he lists his age as 73, a retired merchant and born in dublin. As he later lists his children as born in Howth County Dublin I assume he was born in city. This would bring the St James st area where the only listed Angus in the Griffiths valuation of 1846 back into the equation.
Johns wife Elizabeth is listed as aged 64 and born in Carlow.
Harriete was listed as aged 29 and a restaraunt keeper.
George was listed as aged 25 and a ship chandler.
Annie was listed as aged 18 and an assistant.
John Thomas Angus owned 4 adjoining houses in Howth and besides Johns residence which was also a restaraunt the following is the head of each tenant family and number of persons residing in each house.
mr Phillip Gilmore , 6 persons living in 8 rooms.
Ms Harriette E Atkinson, 1 person living in 4 rooms.
Mr Samuel Cochrane, 3 persons living in 5 rooms.
That is all I have for now and I hope there is something new in it for you.
My Grandfather Michael Nangle lived in 20 St Lawrance Terrace and my uncle still lives there. My Father lived there till he married a girl from Carlow then moved down the hill to Baldoyle.
With the new info you sent me I will see if I can get anymore details on my next visit and pass it on to you.
Have you got copies of the 1901 census returns, if not I will email the copies I got today to you.
talk to you soon ...Mick


michael nangle (View posts)
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Hi Heather, just pressed the delete button instead of reply to your email but luckily I noted your address before i lost the message.
on the night of the 1901 census the persons in the gilmore household were as follows;
Phillip Gilmore aged 38 an accountant and born in County Antrim.
Fanny Gilmore, Wife, 27, and born Co. Dublin
William Gilmore, Son, 4 ditto
George Gilmore, Son, 2 ditto
Nora Gilmore, Daughter, 1 ditto
Agnes Green Servant 21 Born Galway.
the Gilmores are not listed in the 1911 census for the area. However the house was not listed Vacant so they may have been away that weekend. the same applies to the Cochrane household.

The Residents of the Cochrane Household in 1901 were as follows;
Samuel Cochrane, head, 39 Watchmaker and Jeweller and born in Wexford.
Lizzie E Cochrane, wife, 34 born County Dublin
Robert A Cochrane, son 1 ditto

In the 1911 census for the Angus household there is just John, Elizabeth and Annie. In 1901 Liz has listed being born in Carlow but in 1911 her birthplace is listed as County Mayo. This census notes that of 8 children born alive only 6 were still alive at time of census. They also note they are married 35 full years.

George is listed in his own home as aged 35, ship Chandler and married 5 years.
His wife Rebecca is aged 31 and born in Dublin.
George signs the return as George William Angus

can you resend the info on your email to see if i can get anymore info. Still no luck with William. sorry about that.
Im going to post you the copies of the census returns so you can browse through them at your leisure.
Talk to you soon Mick


michnangle (View posts)
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went for a game of golf yesterday in howth. Thats not me in the picture. What picture?. When you get the envelope around Thursday you will understand..
Talk to you soon. Mick


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Hi Heather, Not Much new but I wonder do you know if there is a Scotish branch in your records. I ask this as a result of an extract from record of wills I came across.
Mr Henry Angus 18 Belvedere Rd Dublin, Distiller, Died 25 December Bequethed to his son WILLIAM Angus, Partick ,.Glasgow. I have full address which I'll forward to you.
In Thoms Street directory 1914 and 1930 for Howth George is listed as residing at Hillside (Thormanby) and also at BELVEDERE. Belvedere Rd is a few hundred yards from The Mater Hospital and Temple street Childrens Hospital so I will check this out for you.
Iwill also check Mercer Street for any info on William.
The Historian who I spoke to you about george and Charlie Gilmore can be contacted at
Talk to you soon. Mick


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Heather, SORRY , Henry died in 1884 but his will was not probated till 1897. Mick
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