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Clark; Partain/Partin

Clark; Partain/Partin

Sarah Clark Stevens (View posts)
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Surnames: Clark, Partain/Partin, Hargrave, Gregg
I am looking for any info on the family of DAVID CLARK b. 1 Oct. 1817 to parents GILBERT and MARY ANN WARD CLARK. David m. first to SUSANNAH GUEST abt 1839. Two children were named Johnnie and Nancy Ann. Susannah apparently died, and David m. second to CLARA EMELINE HARGRAVE in Hopkins Co. on 4 April 1845. Five children were named Franklin, James Elliott Hopkins, Edward H., Cassandra, and Emeline. Emeline d., and David m. the third time to ANN T. PARTAIN/PARTIN on 1 June 1856 in Hopkins Co. Two children were named Mary and William Perry Clark. 1850 census lists an ELIZABETH PARTAIN and family living next door to THOMAS CARR CLARK and family with David Clark and family living in the next household. Ann is listed as 25 and living in her mother's household. Sister of David, REBECCA CLARK m. WILLIAM GREGG. Their daughter NANCY GREGG m. JAMES L. PARTAIN/PARTIN who was a brother of Ann. Any info on these families would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

Lisa (View posts)
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Hi Sarah-
It looks like by 1860, both Nancy and Rebecca were both widows.

1860 Census-Hopkins Co.:

Rebecca D., 40, f, farmer, AR
James, 19, m, laborer on farm, TX
Mary, 18, f, serving, TX
David, 16, m, laborer, TX
Margaret, 14, f, TX
William, 12, m, TX

Next Door:
Nancy, 24, f, seamstress, TX
Rebecca, 4, f, TX
William, 2, m, TX

Next Door:
J.G, 21, m, TX
Harriet A., 18, f, IL

David, 42, m, farmer, AR
Annie, 35, f, TN
Mary, 3, f, TX
William, 1, m, TX
Frank, 13, m, TX
James, 12, m, TX
Edward, 10, m, TX
Casandre, 7, f, TX

Same area:
T.C., 38, m, farmer, AR
Elizabeth, 36, f, IN
Mary, 15, f, serving, TX
James, 13, m, TX
John, 12, m, TX
Albert, 10, m, TX
William, 8, m, TX
Nancy, 6, f, TX
Isabella, 2, f, TX

1870 Census:

John L., 20, m, w, farmer, TX
Susan, 20, f, w, keeping house, MO
Edward, 1, m, w, TX
Clara, 9, f, w, TX
Isabella, 10, f, w, TX
Nancy, 15, f, w, TX
(The last three are apparently sisters to John L.)

James, 22, m, w, farmer, TX
Malinda, 22, f, w, keeping house, MO
Lu Ella, 2, f, w, TX
Joseph, 1, m, w, TX
(Brothers, John L. and James Clark may have married sisters, Susan F.C. and Malinda M. Bartlett)

Perry, 48, m, w, farmer, IN
Casander, 38, f, w, keeping house, AR
John, 13, m, w, TX
Charles, 9, m, w, TX
Casander, 15, f, w, at home, TX

I believe there were two other brothers to David and Thomas Carr, both from AR - Benjamin and William Clark.

1880 Census:

E.H., w, m, 30, wagon maker, TX, TN, IN
Sarah, w, f, 24, wife, house keeper, TX, AL, KY
J.E., w, m, 4, son, TX
Ada, w, f, 3, dau, TX

Living two houses over with the Mary J. Lollar family is:
Clark, James, w, m, 32, blacksmith, TX, TN, IN
(Don't know what happened to the rest of his family.)

I did not find any of your Clarks in the 1900 Census, nor 1910 Census Index.....did they move out of the county by then?

Hopkins Co. Marriages, 1846-1890:

Edward H. to Merrell, Sarah D. on Oct 28, 1875, Vol. 4, Pg. 155
Frank H. to Yates, Mary A. on Apr 2, 1866, Vol. 2, Pg. 342
J.E. to McKinney, M.E. on Oct 12, 1884, Vol. 5, Pg. 328
James P. to Bartlett, M.M. on Aug 25, 1866, Vol. 2, Pg. 375
John L. to Bartlett, Susan F.C. on Oct 26, 1867, Vol. 3, Pg. 131, (Issued-NR)

Excerpt taken from the book by Florene Adams, Hopkins County and Our Heritage:
On the history of Hopkins County, talking about the Tarrant community, which is where the first county seat of Hopkins Co. was established....
The first wedding on the 16th day of October, 1843. T.C. Clark and Elizabeth B. Hargrave; the license was procured at Clarksville and Esq. Abner McKinzie, of Clarksville, performs the ceremony.

From the book, Pioneers of Hopkins County, Texas, Vol. II:

There is mention of a Cassandra Clark marring James Perry Hargrave on Sept. 28, 1848. It listed her father as Gilbert Clark of Kentucky. She was born Feb. 9, 1831. Her parents had lived in the Red River District of Texas since 1834. James Perry and Cassandra Hargrave lived in the Sulphur Bluff community of Hopkins County.
The reason I mention this is because in another story, there is mention of a Rebecca Clark marrying William Gregg on Dec. 28, 1834. He was born Oct. 26, 1806, north of Troy, IL, died May, 1848, near Clarksville, Texas. Rebecca Clark was born in 1819, in North Carolina. She was the daughter of Gilbert Clark, who moved to Texas when Rebecca was 14 years old. It goes on to list the children of William and Rebecca Gregg. This story was submitted by Iva Elizabeth Mitchell. The story about Cassandra was submitted by Cynthia Hargrave Orth, written by Eli Hargrave. There are many, many Hargrave in Hopkins County. They were a founding family. There are many Hargrave books in our Research Library in Sulphur Springs.

This is taken from the book, Roots and Branches, Vol. II:

Gilbert Clark
Archibald Clark
John Clark, d. 1792
Benjamin Clark, b. Jan., 1759, in Dobbs, N.C.; m. Mary McLendon (dau. of Jesse McLendon and Elizabeth Ball); d. Feb., 1838
Gilbert Clark, b. Jan. 12, 1791, in Edgefield Co., N.C.; m. Mary Ann Ward (b. Sept. 11, 1796 in Duplin Co., N.C.; d. Feb. 4, 1852; dau. of Luke Ward and Rebecca Drew) on Oct. 11, 1811; d. Sept. 16, 1854 in Hopkins Co., TX
Cassandra Clark, b. Feb. 9, 1831, in Miller Co., AR; m. James Perry Hargrave on Sept. 28, 1848; d. Dec. 29, 1912 in Hopkins County, TX.
This was submitted by Mrs. Thera Bagley, 8322 Huckleberry, Anchorage, AK, 99502. (Thera was a great, great granddaughter to James Perry and Cassandra Clark.)

From the book, Hopkins County Remembered:
There is another story about the marriage of Thomas C. Clark and Elizabeth Hargrave being the first in the county. There was no minister in the county, so Abner McKenzie, the Justice of the Peace at Clarksville, rode over on horseback to perform the ceremony.
Also, from this book:
Gilbert Clark, a Presbyterian preacher, native of Kentucky, came here from Red River County during 1843, and his son, Thomas Clark, married a daughter, Barilla (?), of William Hargrave, Oct. 16, 1843, this being the first wedding in the neighborhood. Perry Hargrave, brother of the bride-to-be, went with Clark on horseback to Paris for the license and they had to swim Sulphur River on the way. Abner McKenzie, J.P. at Clarksville, came on horseback to perform the marriage ceremony.

Hope this information helps you with your family research. Good luck.

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

Sarah Clark Stevens (View posts)
Posted: 1025575880000
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Thank you so very much for all the detailed info!
Yes, Nancy and Rebecca were both widows by 1860. I know that Nancy Gregg, daughter of William and Rebecca Clark Gregg, m. James Partain. Uncle Eli Hargrave's writings tell of him dying on a trip to Jefferson when the whole group caught "quinzy" from the hogs and died. William Gregg d. in 1848. As to my Clark family, James Perry Clark d. in 1885 with his first family grown and his second wife with two small children at home. Margaret Christina Burkhart Clark then went to live with her bachelor brother named Joseph Burkhart. Uncle Jo reared my grandfather from a young boy. Thomas Carr and Barilla Hargrave Clark both d. in 1864. The younger girls apparently went to live with the brother John Luke Clark and his wife Susan Francis Bartlett. John d. in 1871. John Luke and James Perry Clark did m. sisters Mildred Mariah and Susan Francis Bartlett daughters of John Newman and Sarah Pursley Barclay Bartlett. They were sisters to my maternal g grandmother Martha Harriet Bartlett Hargrave. My parents were cousins, and my roots run deeply through these Clark and Hargrave families. A cousin had contacted me recently who descended through my gg grandfather Thomas Carr Clark's brother named David whose third wife was Ann Partain. I was attempting to find some info for her on this Partain line. Again, thank you so very much for taking the time to help me with all the wonderful detailed info!

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

Debra (View posts)
Posted: 1034868296000
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After the death of James Partian, Nancy Gregg partain married Charles Barnett Burkham on June 20, 1865 in Hopkins County, Texas.
I would like to know when & where Nancy was born. And when & where she died.

Debra Burkham-Haney

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

Sarah Clark Stevens (View posts)
Posted: 1034897620000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Clark; Partain/Partin
1860 Hopkins County Census shows Nancy at age 24 resulting in her being b. abt. 1836. The census says that she was b. in Tx. Her parents William and Rebecca Clark Gregg were m. 28 Dec. 1834 in Red River Co., Tx. The census lists Nancy as a seamstress. I do not find any listing in June Tuck's Hopkins Co. Cemetery Book for her or her husband.

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

becky (View posts)
Posted: 1048116312000
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Since you have some info on the Bartletts, what do you possibly know of Celia and Frank Pickle who married Henry Thomas Bartlett and Polina Elizabeth Bartlett?

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

becky (View posts)
Posted: 1048116323000
Classification: Query
Since you have some info on the Bartletts, what do you possibly know of Celia and Frank Pickle who married Henry Thomas Bartlett and Polina Elizabeth Bartlett?

Re: Clark; Partain/Partin

Sarah Clark Stevens (View posts)
Posted: 1048126489000
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Info shared with me by other family says that Celia Ann Pickle b. 2 Feb. 1849 in Mo. and her brother Frank Pickle b. Feb. 1855 in Tx. were two of eight children born to Robert and Adeline Sutherland Pickle. Celia Ann Pickle m. Henry Thomas Bartlett 7 Sept. 1865 in Hopkins Co., Tx. Frank Pickle m. Elizabeth Polina Bartlett who was Henry Thomas Bartlett's sister. Henry Thomas and Elizabeth Polina were the children of John Newman and Sarah Pursley Barclay Bartlett. They were siblings of my maternal g grandmother Martha Harriet Bartlett Hargrave.
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