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Wolfgang Eberwein, California

Wolfgang Eberwein, California

Jeanette Kelley Menaker (View posts)
Posted: 978278299000
My husband is the son of Wolfgang Eberwein of the Santa Rosa CA area. He was born 23 Nov 21 and died 17-March 72. My husband would like to locate his half sister Dianna Eberwein. He has had no contact with her since 1976. At that time she was living in the San Francisco area. We would also like more information about Wolfgang and other Eberweins. My husband was born Wolfgang David Eberwein but was adopted by his step-father and his name was changed to David Byron Menaker. Please contact us if you have information about Wolfgang or Dianna. Thank you.

Re: Wolfgang Eberwein, California

Rosemary (View posts)
Posted: 1014912985000
Classification: Query
I am trying to help a friend of mine contact a wolfgang Eberwein who is the Brother of her Mother whose name is Diane Eberwein. If you wish you can contact me direct at my e.mail address which is

Perhaps you are related because her family lived in California also.

Thanks Rosemary

Re: Wolfgang Eberwein, California CORRECTION!

Posted: 1014979156000
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Wolfgang EBerwein is my uncle. Myname is kathy Morris (Now I am married, Kathy Rankin).

Wolfgang had a daughter, her name was Diana Eberwein and the
last time I sawher was when I was about 13, or 1972?

When I was 16 my grandmother died. Her name was Emilie Klenk,
born Emily Eicht, married an Eberwein, I think my grandfather's firstname was Robert. I am not sure.

Wolfgang's sister Louise B. Morris is still living in a retirement center.
She is 84 now. If there are any relatives living on EITHER side of the
family, (I am also searching for relatives related to MORRIS, ARTHUR).

My brother Arthur J. Morris Junior passed away 2001 at age 63.

My other Robert L. Morris (Bob) is still living. Neither brother had
ANY children!

Re: Wolfgang Eberwein, California

Kathy Rankin (View posts)
Posted: 1016695992000
Classification: Query
Are you still looking for Diane Eberwein or info on wolfgang Eberwein?
My mother is wolfgang's sister, they had the same parents and Louise
is still living, is 84 and I hope that you are still online to read this?
Please email me and let me know that you have not dropped off the face of the earth? I was surprised to see your post and that you too are
looking for Diane, Diane is also my cousin, my only cousin in the Eberwein Family (my mother's side). I really hope you contact me.
thanks. I am kathy, I was probably only about 6 or 10 when David met me at his dad's house in Santa Rosa, he jumped into his dad's swimming pool one time with his clothes on in the winter, I think he had
just got off work? I remember that very well for some reason?

It would be so cool if you would get ahold of me, I would like to find diane too.

Re: Wolfgang Eberwein, California

David Eberwein Menaker (View posts)
Posted: 1020147485000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wolfgang Eberwein
Wolfgang Wberwein of Santa Rosa CA was my birth-father and he had a daughter named Diana who is my half sister. I would like to contact her.
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Re: Wolfgang Eberwein, California

Posted: 1381964037000
Classification: Query
Hello Jeanette, my name is Diana Eberwein, daughter of Wolfgang & Gradene Eberwein. I apologize for the time but I just found this site.
I left San Francisco years ago and have since lived in Arizona, Texas, Germany & now back retired is Arizona.
My email address is & I look forward to hearing from you. So sorry about David.
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