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Bronner's in OH

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Hie everyone. I am looking for any and all information on Bronners from OH. Specifically Cincinnati. Many of them married and moved out of state. however if you have any Bronners that lived in Cincinnati from the 1850's to the turn of the century I may be able to connect to you!
Thanks in advance.

Bronner's in Reading, OH

Pete Bronner (View posts)
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My father William August was born in 1898 in Cincinnati (Price Hill)died in Reading 1953. His father was Joseph - known as Coffee Joe Bronner. Dad had one brother (Joe) and a sister, Madeline. Madeline married a Koenig and after he died a Drexler.
My family owned a tavern in Reading from 1940 to 1968 known as Wag's Cafe.

Bronner's in Reading

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Hi Pete,

My Bronner's lived in Reading also and my great grandfathers name was Joe and he owned a tavern also. He married a Gertrude Zimmer. Wonder if this is your dad's brother? It sounds like it. I have been trying to find info. on them with no luck.
P.S. I also have that Bronner history page from a relative so bet there is a connection here.


Pete Bronner (View posts)
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Connie - I believe we may have the same grandfather - Joe Bronner (Coffee Joe). My dad's brother Joe never owned Coffee Joe's or later Wag's Cafe. From what I know there are still Joe and Bob Bronner that are my first cousins (sons of my uncle) they also had about 5 girls - from memory they married an Anderson, a Vaske, a Kretchmier and a Wiesbrod -- don't know of any others. Joe Bronner definetly married Gertrude Zimmer since I have that on a history compiled by my sister. My dad (William August) married Florence Schehr and had 8 kids as follows:
Florence (Dudie) married Donald (Pete) Meyer and had one daughter- Mary Jane.
Paula married William Ballman and had four kids - Kurt, John, MaryAnn and Marlene.
Helen married Eugene Flege and had six kids.
Nancy, Tom, Eugene,Joyce, Paul and Al.
Janice married Donal Foley and had four kids.
Don, Mark, Nancy and Mike.
Faith (Faye) married Carl Wernery and 3 kids.
Charlie, Tim and Beth.
Patricia (Pat) married Charlie Dilert. 4 kids
Charlie, Luke, Nick and MaryAnn.
William August married Janet Theis. 3 kids.
Bill, Jeff and Julie.
Peter J. Bronner married Barb Feldhaus.5 kids
Jenny, Andy, Danny, Katie and Amanda.
(Note: Andy married Julie Lictenburg whose mother was a wisebrod- her mother was a Bronner and hence Julie and Andy are fourth cousins.
Other relations from dads sister Madeline are. Norma (Koenig) Bollender. Catie (Koening) Rebholtz. Jim, John and Lucille (Marshall) Drexler. Wag's Cafe got its name from when John Drexler owned it and his nickname was Wag. I'm out of time. More when I hear from you.


Connie Anderson Reinhold (View posts)
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Hi Pete,

Well I guess we are cousins. I am so excited to find all this info. My grandma Caroline was Joe's daughter and Coffee Joe's grandaughter, she was the one who married an Anderson, my dad James is her son, so that is how I fit into the picture. The Vaske was my Aunt Marion, than there was my aunt Gert who also married an Anderson they were brothers and than there was Joe and than Bob. I talked to my dad last night and he said that the family owned Wag's sorry about that I had that wrong, but he remembers going in there when he was younger. Do you have any idea what country the Bronner's came from I have heard Germany and the Netherlands and it is driving me crazy. Also do you know the names of Coffee Joe's wife and also his mother? Thanks for getting back to me this has made my day and I have found a new cousin also.

Take Care,


More Info

Pete (View posts)
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Hi Cousin,
I have picture that I got from Anna Maria Bronner (daughter of Harry Bronner). Unsure of when picture was taken but best guess is 1840. It show a Real Old Joe Bronner and wife.
Sons: Joe, Charles, August and Harry. Two daughters Madeline and Martha (?). I would assume the Joe in this old photo is Coffee Joe's father. I also have a picture of 'Coffee Joe' in horse drawn coffee wagon dated about 1920. I have a nice picture of Aunt Madeline your grandfathers and my fathers sister (married the Koenig then Drexler).
The old photo (1840) was given to me by Anna Maria Bronner who had a sister Martha and a Brother Harry. I think Harry was the original Harry of Harry's Corner carpet store. None of the three ever married and they were fairly well off. Harry went to Europe and traced the family history back 1572 when we were mercenary troops from Switzerland lend out to a French monarch to help fight in a war. The document is three pages long so I will condense it. We were enobled by the next king and given land in Alsace Lorraine which on the border of France and Germany. Of course this land was always in contention (thats why the king gave it to his 'friends'). In France because of the title we would be deBronner in Germany it would Brunner. The colors on our shield our Blue in Gold with a unicorn and some mountains and a stream. Apparently our name in German/French means 'fountain'.
My sisters have a bunch of oral history of some this stuff but when you get them talking they get off the subject and I lose track (believe me they can talk).
I was glad to confirm the Anderson part of the family. I will try to get with my sister Paula this weekend and see if she knew Coffee Joe's wife name (I do know that he was married twice but no kids by the second marriage ---his second was named Nora but I don't know her last name). By the way your cousin Dan Vaske was elected Supreme President of the International Knights of Saint John which is a pretty big honor. They had a big blast for him at the KofJ hall last Saturday night. Hope some of this information helps and I have more but it is boxed up in a closet.


Connie Anderson Reinhold (View posts)
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Hi Pete,

Thank you so much for all the info. it is all so interesting. I dont know why my grandma never told me much of this. She may not have known. I know she did have the document though as well as my dad. When we moved to Detroit when I was 9 we did not see the relatives as much and kinda lost touch even more so when my grandmother died. So please let's stay in touch. I am so excited about finding you. If you do find out anything on what Coffee Joe's wife's name is I would greatly appreciate it. I want to try and trace back to the first person who came to America in their family also I dont know if you know that, but if I find out anything at all I will keep you updated. Also if you have any questions on my grandma's family I can answer them for you. Please take care and have a great Thanksgiving. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Cousin,



Tara (View posts)
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Oh my goodness. I was so excited after reading the first post I replied to quickly. Ok yes Connie you are my cousin and I guess that would make Pete also a cousin. I have been trying to follow the Anderson roots but I seem to know more about the Bronner's than Anderson's. Connie I'm Tim's daughter and I still live here in Cincy. Just seen your mom and dad a few months ago. I would love to see the info you have Connie. Since you guys did move to Michigan when you were young (basically all the Anderson boys moved except my dad) I was very close with grandma until she pasted away. She babysat Marc and I and I spent every weekend with her. I know mom and dad got a lot of things when she died and they have alot of paperwork that I havent even gone through yet. Did you know grandma was in beauty pagents when she was a little girl?? I believe she won one. I recently aquired a picture of her when she was about 4 or 5 years old in the original frame. Now when you both are talking family names. I know that some of the names that I know are associated is Zimmer, Vaske, Bullock, Bronner, Anderson, And somewhere in there is Reinhold and Herrin. Now I know mom has some kind of love letter from bronner she was telling me about and I think she said it was from Switzerland or something. Also a little fact I don't know if you know or not... Grandma's full name was Caroline "GERTRUDE" Bronner. She hated her middle name and always said she didnt know it and mom and dad found it out and confronted her and she admitted it. I have grandma's locket that has her initial CGA on it. But if you all can help me figure out more things and help me learn how to get info i would appreciate it alot.. And I'll try and give what I can... Connie, I hope you all are doing good and if you talk to your mom or dad or chris tell them all I said hi... I hope sometime we can see each other again. seems like you and chris are the only cousins I never really see.. I am getting married in about a year maybe you all can come up..

Bronner/ Vaske family tree in Reading

Dan Vaske (View posts)
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Hello Connie and Tara,
Let me first introduce myself. I am Dan Vaske, and I am one of your first Cousins Connie, and our second cousin Tara. My mother, Marian, was your mother's sister. Pete Bronner gave me your name at The Knights of St. John Hall in Reading. Pete was a first cousin to our mothers. His father and our grandfather were brothers. Let me try to map it out.

Joseph married Madeline Bronner (great great grandparents)
children (I a have a family photo)
Joseph (also known as "Coffee Joe" because he sold coffee and tea from a wagon I have a photo of this to) married Caroline Fenneman (not sure of spelling) mothered all the children he then married Nora Lynch (great grand parents)
children ( there may have been more children, Pete would know)
Madeline (Koenig - Drexler)
Joseph married Getrude Zimmer
Marian (Vaske)
Caroline (Anderson)
Gertrude (Anderson)

I hope this helps you find what you are looking for Connie. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas tell your parents I said HI!. It has been a long time since I have seen either of them. My home phone is 513-733-0198.

I must

Dan Vaske (View posts)
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Hi Connie, I must appologize for the note last night. I hadn't read all your notes, and Pete took me your mothers name was Gertrude. So I thought you were Aunt Gert's daughter. You are my second cousin. How is your Dad, I knew Jim very well. My mother and your grandmother also Connie were more than sisters, they were great friends. I know all your uncles Pat, Allen, Mike, Sam (Butch) and Tim. I could tell you some stories about them all. How's your Dad doing? I assume by now he has retired from the FBI. Please tell him I said hello and I hope he is in good health.
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