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Surnames: Pratt, Lewis
Looking for any information on Lott Pratt and Polly Lewis, who were married on July 1 1829 in Greenup KY.

Three or More Lot PRATTs

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Surnames: PRATT
I, too, am researching the PRATT surname in Greenup County, Kentucky. Lot PRATT, Jr. was a brother of John PRATT, who was born in Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont in 1800.

Lot PRATT, Sr., who was born 1766 or 1767 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, married Mary "Polly" ALDRICH, 22 Oct 1787, in Bridgewater.

I have more information on the PRATTs, from Vermont records and Kentucky records. Then there is the mystery of the North Carolina Lot PRATTs.

My interest in the PRATTs stems from John PRATT's associations with my third-great grandfather William COOPER, in the village of Liberty, which was renamed Lynn. John PRATT owned a store in Liberty, oversaw a shoemaking factory and speculated in land in partnership with Samuel SEATON.

William COOPER was married in Liberty in 1846, and owned a town lot there in 1847-48.

John PRATT died in 1849, as a result of being struck in the head by a piece of pig iron thrown by a disgruntled tanyard worker.

I have corresponded with a researcher who shares our focus on the PRATTs, and will bring out the emails.

Pratts from Greenup

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Surnames: Pratt
I am also researching the Pratts from Greenup. My grandmother was Minnie Pratt born June 12, 1910 in Greenup. She was the daughter of Charles Pratt and Elizabeth Christian.
Charles, b Nov. 3, 1863 in Greenup was son of George W. b Aug 21, 1823 in Ky or OH, son of John, b 1801 in Caledonia VT., son of Lot, b 1767 in Bridgewater, MA. Is my John Pratt from Caledonia the same John that oversaw the shoemaking factory in Liberty? George W. is listed in the 1850 Greenup County census with the occupation of shoemaker.

John & Lott Pratt

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I am also searching Greenup County Pratts. My line is Sarah Jane Pratt, m. Benjamin Franklin Lacock. Sarah was the daughter of John Pratt & Eliza Bellow/Barlow of Greenup County. He was the brother of Lott. The papers that I have show his line back to Plymouth Colony and the ship "Ann".

Here is what they say about the Vermont connection:

Lott Pratt, son of Thomas, with his wife Molly Polly Aldrich and four little children traveled over sixty miles on horseback from Wells River to Croftsbury, VT. A few years later, he had removed to Peacham.

He went from Vermont to Newark, NJ where he was a successful shoe manufacturer, amassing quite a bit of the property that now lies in the heart of Newark.

His sons, John and Lott were born in Peacham, VT. They moved to French Grant, Ohio, thence to Greenup, KY, where they started in the shoe business.


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Surnames: PRATT
George W. Pratt was actually the son of Lott Pratt, John's brother. After John got chunked with the pig iron, he had time to make out a will naming all his children: Mary Eliza MacKoy, Sarah Jane Lacock, James M Pratt, Samuel Pratt, Cassius Pratt and John F. Pratt. Lott made out a will too, but only named one son, Nelson. The inventory of his estate included 24 pairs of shoes, a set of shoemakers tools, a side of upper leather and 28 lb of sole leather. George Pratt was one of the purchasers.

George Pratt

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I can not prove it at this point, but I really do believe that George is the son of John Pratt of Greenup County instead of Lott. One reason is this: George was born in 1823. Lott and Polly Lewis were married in 1829, meaning George was born before they were married. John and Eliza Bellow were married in 1822. I also recently heard a different pig iron story. That is that it was John's son, William Fletcher who was hit in the head after an argument with an unnamed 14 year old boy that John had took in. The boy supposedly had lice and the rest of the men at the tanyard objected to being with him. William Fletcher Pratt spoke to boy about the lice, the boy became angry and threw the pig iron at him and the blow was fatal. I have no idea if this true. Records do show that William Fletcher was killed, but the date was 1858. John supposedly died in 1849.
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Here's what a fellow researcher and I have discovered: Old Lott Pratt was married three times. In one of the settlement papers for Lott's estate five children are mentioned: Nelson, Mary Ann, Jane, Indiana, and George W. These are the children from his first marriage. There may have been another child, America, but not sure about her yet. Lott and Polly Lewis had Lucy and Cassandra. Then Lott married Urania Hart and had a son Benjamin. I've got dates and stuff if you want to contact me directly. That's a great story about William Fletcher!

Cassandra Pratt

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Surnames: Pratt
The Lott Pratt and Polly Lewis daughter Cassandra..
Is that the Cassandra Pratt who married William Willis?
If so, she is my gggrandmother.

America Pratt daughter of John

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Surnames: Pratt, Billeau, Bellow, Willow, Ravenscraft, Weldon
According to my family's records, America Pratt was the daughter of John Pratt and Eliza Billeau. America Pratt was born in Greenup County, Kentucky, in 1828, and died there in 1867.

She married William Harrison Ravenscraft (son of John Ravenscraft and his wife Sarah) in Greenup Co. on March 20, 1843, and lived in Gallia Co., Ohio. Together they had seven (7) children:

1) Jasper, b. August 1845 in Gallia Co., Ohio, d. September 4, 1919, in Clark Co., Kansas. Served with Ohio Infantry during Civil War. Burried Highland Cemetary, Ashland, Kansas. Never married.

2) Laura E., b. February 12, 1847 in Gallia Co., Ohio, d. September 9, 1853 in Gallia Co. Burried Kyger Cemetary, Cheshire Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

3) John Fletcher, b. January 10, 1850 at Kygerville, Gallia Co., Ohio, d. 1917 at Buffalo, Harper, Oklahoma. Served under General Custer in 1868 and 1869, and helped establish Ft. Sill, OK. Married 1-Mary Olive Heywood, 2-Caroline Garretson on September 25, 1887, in Greenwood Co., Kansas.

4) William, b. 1851 in Gallia Co., Ohio, d. February 1857 of smallpox in Gallia Co., Ohio.

5) Horace, b. 1853 in Gallia Co., Ohio, d. February 1857 of smallpox in Gallia Co., Ohio.

6) Lot R., b. January 12, 1855 at Kygerville, Gallia, Ohio, d. July 10, 1931 at Ashland, Clark Co., Kansas. Burried Highland Cemetary, Ashland. Married Nancy Catherine Simmons (daughter of Joseph F. Simmons -- orig. Fitzsimmons -- and Nancy Jane Layton) on February 11, 1884, in Louisberg, Miami Co., Kansas.

7) Eliza, b. October 8, 1857, in Greenup Co., Kentucky. Married Walter Ely Blackmore and resided in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

After loss of America's 1st husband (William Ravenscraft) to smallpox along with two (2) of her children, she returned to Greenup to bear their last child. She later re-married to Edward Sardine Weldon, and had one more child:

1) William Howard Weldon, b. August 7, 1860 in Gallia Co., Ohio, d. October 3, 1946 at LaJunta, Otero Co., Colorado. Married Emma V. Pittman on February 23, 1885 in Louisberg, Miami Co., Kansas.

According to America's son, Lot Ravenscraft, her first husband and her oldest brother -- Jonathan Howard Pratt -- formed a partnership in Gallia, where they all resided.

After America's death, all children were orphaned and four were sent to live with various uncles and aunts back in Greenup. According to the 1870 Greenup County Census, those relatives included:

1) Alan and India (Pratt) Meyers -- Lot Ravenscraft.

2) John and Mary (Pratt) MacKoy -- Jasper and Eliza Ravenscraft.

3) Samuel and Ida (?) Pratt -- William Weldon.

I'm not sure what happened to John Fletcher -- but, suspect he may have stayed with his uncle John Howard Pratt in Gallia.

Given that all relatives noted in the above Census were descended from John Pratt, and not Lott, I hope this information helps put to rest the "questions" surrounding America Pratt's heritage.

Re: America Pratt daughter of John

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Surnames: Pratt, Deese, Sellers, Brock
I am looking for a John W. Pratt who was in Anson County
in the 1800's. I have info. that tells me that he was married
to a Mary (polly) Deese. They had a son named John Deese
who married Harriet Sellers. I have all kinds of info on the
Sellers Family. John P. and Harriet S. had children one being
my gtandfather Edmond or edward or as my father says just
plain ED. We dont know anything about John W. Pratt or
Mary Deese or John Deese and why did they take the name
Deese? Also was John W. Pratt first married to Sarah Pratt
maybe she was a Sellers also, I dont know. I seem to be stuck
in a place where I cant get any further so any info you can
give is greatly appreciated.
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