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Eliason's in Chippewa County

Eliason's in Chippewa County

Warren Williams (View posts)
Posted: 957096000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Eliason
I am looking for information on my Great Aunt Antonia Eliason who lived on a farm near Montevidio during the first half of this century. I believe they raised purebred cattle. Thank you. Warren Williams


Kurt Kragness (View posts)
Posted: 957355200000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gunderson
Looking for descendants of Gunder and Anne (Eliasdotter Brandmo) Gunderson lived near Wegdahl.

Relatives & descendants

Jan Finjord (View posts)
Posted: 968932800000
Classification: Query
Anne Eliasdotter BRANDMO was a daughter in one of 3 closely related Norwegian families who in the 1840s moved from South Trondelag County to Hattfjelldal in Nordland County. During the latter half of the 19th century virtually everybody in the (by then large) families emigrated to USA, settling mostly in Chippewa County and surrounding counties. Only a sister of Anne's father remained in the area near Hattfjelldal, and in the 20th century many of her descendants also emigrated. The following is based on data from the Vefsn 'bygdebook' office in Mosjoen, with some additional data from the 'Brandmo Genealogy' by Lydia Mitlyng POKRASS:

Anne's parents were Elias Torstensen BRANDMO (1817-1901) and Marit Rollefsdatter (1816?-1902). The link to the other two families mentioned is via Marit, f.i. to all people in USA by surname WEFSENMOE. The name Wegdahl may well have been derived from a similar place name near Mosjoen in Norway where some in the family lived temporarily.

Gunder GUNDERSON (1831-?) came from Brandval in Southern Norway and married Anne while in Norway. A grandniece of Gunder became a countess in Transylvania by marriage. A nephew of Gunder, Lars GUNDERSON (1850-1903), em. to Alaska and has descendants. The genealogy of Gunder's relatives is being studied by a researcher in Lillehammer, Norway.

Children of Elias and Marit BRANDMO:

1. Thorstein (1838-1912), m. Mattea ERIKSEN (1863-1936), descendants. Photographer in Bodo and in USA
2. Maren (1842-1923), m. Anton ISRAELSON (1840-1920), descendants
3. Anne (1844-1918), m. Gunder GUNDERSON (see below)
4. Else (1847-?), m. Lars IHLE, m. Andreas OLSON, descendants
5. Lars (1849-?), used surname ELIASON, m. Helena WOLD, descendants. Farmer in Porter, MN
6. Andreas (1852-?), m. Martha AAS (?-1912), descendants. Photographer in Appleton and Montevideo
7. Rollev (1855-1942), photographer
8. Lovise (1857-1934), m. Erik HUSBY (1848/50-1918) in Montevideo (see my query of 12 Sep), descendants by name HUESBY

There were also completely unrelated ELIASONs in the area. F.i. one Gustav ELIASON in Hagan / Big Bend Township (see my query of 5 Sep). It is therefore not sure that the Antonia ELIASON in the query of 30 Apr which started this thread, has any relation to Lars ELIASON.

Children of Gunder and Anne GUNDERSON; all of them emigrated:

1. Caroline (1870-1945)
2. Anna (1873-1960), m. Nels KRAGNESS (1870-1925), descendants
3. Marie Ovidia (1875-1962), m. Lars Johnson MITLYNG (1865-1949), descendants. See
4. Gustava (1878-1932)
5. George (1881-1966), m. Lilly ENGSTROM
6. Elias (1883-1953), m. Amy WEFLIN
7. Peter (1886-1956), m. Lilly ADAMSON, descendants

The 'Brandmo Genealogy' has information about 2-3 further generations.

Jan Finjord


james r wefsenmoe (View posts)
Posted: 977745600000
Classification: Query
Surnames: wefsenmoe
hey i am looking for info on wefsenmoe's pete wefsenmoe marred to bell, his son olye and 3 sister's names. i have some info on others still liveing. drop me a line james


Jan Finjord (View posts)
Posted: 978868800000
Classification: Query
As mentioned earlier in this thread, 14 Sep 2000:
There were 3 families moving from Meraker to Hattfjelldal in the 1840, of which almost everybody later emigrated to USA. Elias Torstenson BRANDMO and Marit Rollefsdatter settled on the Brandmo farm. There were also Ola Rollefson VEFSNMOEN (19 Mar 1806--15 Sep 1884) and his wife Ingeborg Halvorsdatter (5 Feb 1812--24 Aug 1887), who settled on the Vefsnmoen farm; and Nils Rollefson DALEN (1808--?) and his wife Marit Jensdatter (1811--?), who settled on Dalen. All had children, and all got more in Hattfjelldal.

Ole and Nils were brothers, and Marit Rollefsdatter was their half-sister. All those immigrants to USA were thus closely related. The following data about VEFSNMOEN immigrants is based on information received in 1998 from the Vefsn 'bygdebook' office, with some additional notes from Lydia Mitlyng POKRASS's Brandmo Genealogy:

Ole Rollefson and Ingeborg Halvorsdotter married 12 Feb 1833. They moved to Hattfjelldal in 1845, and settled on Vefsnmoen in 1841. They emigrated in 1868. The surname was subsequently spelled WEFSENMOE. They are buried in the Saron Cemetery in Chippewa County, a few miles east of Montevideo. Their children:

1. Marit (14 Feb 1833--?). Did not follow family to Hattfjelldal. Did not em. with the others in 1868
2. Sollaug (16 May 1834--?). M. 24 May 1858 Hemming ARNESON (2 Mar 1827--?), b. in Hegra. Em. 1867 with family (see below)
3. Halvor (24 Aug 1836--?). Not in Hattfjelldal in 1865 census
4. Rollef (30 Apr 1839--?). M. 21 Apr 1862 Ingeborg Torstensdatter from Hegra. Em. 1868 with family (see below)
5. Ole (29 Sep 1841--?). Em. 1868
6. Maren Olina (22 Dec 1843--1847)
7. Nils Mikal (11 Nov 1845--?). Em. 1868
8. Mikal (5 Feb 1848--?). Em. 1868
9. Marianne (8 Apr 1850--?). Em. 1868
10. Ole Johan (17 May 1852--?). Em. 1868
11. Helena Maria (9 Jul 1854--?). Em. 1868
12. Ingeborg Anna (25 May 1858--10 May 1890). Em. 1868. M. 24 Nov 1876 in Montevideo Knut HUSBY (1843--?), brother of Erik HUSBY who m. Elias BRANDMO's daughter Lovise. Buried in Saron Cemetery close to her parents

Sollaug and Hemming ARNESON first settled at Vikdalen in Vefsn. Their children, who em. with them in 1867 (they may have had more in USA):

1. Arne Mathias (1857--?)
2. Ole Holberg (1860--?)
3. Kjelberg Julius (1861--?)
4. Marie (1864--?)
5. Emilie (1866--?)

Rollef and Ingeborg OLSEN had first settled at Stabbforsmoen in Hattfjelldal. Their children, who em. with them in 1868 (they may have had more in USA):

1. Oleanna (1862--?)
2. Inge Torsten (1865--?)
3. Mikal (1867--?)

Which surname the various people used is not . WEFSENMOE, ROLLEFSON/ROLLOVSON, ARNESON, OLSON and more may have been used. Many or most of them settled not too far from Montevideo. It is tempting to speculate that the Wegdahl settlement, some 5 miles SE of Montevideo, got its name from Vikdalen in Vefsn where the ARNESON family had lived.

The 1868 immigrants, including Knut HUSBY, travelled on a ship by name 'Jonas' or 'Johan'. The ship came into a storm in the North Atlantic and just barely managed to reach harbor.

More information about the immigrants would be of interest.

Jan Finjord

Re: wefsenmoe's

jamesrwefsenmoe (View posts)
Posted: 1007174147000
Classification: Query
James,hi my name is roxanne.your dad is my cousion,his dad my uncle (ole jackson)his wife-virgina.His sisters,Ida,Nora ,Rose.I belive your uncle John lives here in sister beth has e-mailed you before.I have a me an I will send you a copy.I sent a copy to jan in Norway hope to hear from you,Roxanne

Re: wefsenmoe's

james (View posts)
Posted: 1007346778000
Classification: Query
Surnames: wefsenmoe
hey this is great! yes emal me at or 904 291 1430, or james wefsenmoe 3037 morning sun dr middleburg fl 32068

hope to hear from ya soon JAMES

Re: wefsenmoe's

james (View posts)
Posted: 1020259293000
Classification: Query
hello i was hoping you would email me @ roadwef@yahoo.comm i would love to talk to you.

Re: Relatives & descendants

Posted: 1020473950000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gunderson
I am a descendant of the Lars Gunderson (or Gundersen) who emmigrated to the US and then moved to Alaska. Can you put me in touch with the researcher following this line of the family?

Re: Gunderson (descendants of Gunder and Anna Gunderson)

Scott Kragness (View posts)
Posted: 1041254927000
Classification: Query

Their daughter Anna (1873-1960) was married to Nels Kragness, and their son Harold Kragness (1903-1980) is my grandfather.

I have a file in Family Tree Maker that outlines many anscestors and descendants. I can e-mail it to you.

Contact me.
-Scott Kragness (Indianapolis, IN; originally from Minnesota)
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