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William Drew(e) - Please help

William Drew(e) - Please help

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Surnames: Drew, Drewe, Matthews
Hello from the the Midwestern United States.

I am currently researching a mystery in my direct ancestral line, and I very much need the help of my friends and future friends in England. Please take a minute and read through to see if you have any answers or direction for me.

I have traced my direct line to a man named William Drew. Every source I've seen so far for William states that he was bon in 1627 in Devonshire. One source states that a claim was made by William while in Durham New Hampshire that he was a descendant of Sir Edward Drewe, also of Devonshire.

Here is my problem. I can not find a single document that shows who William's father was. Many of the public trees show that William was the son of William (1603-1669) who was the son of Sir Thomas who was the son of Sir Edward. I can't take it on faith that everyone has found a source, yet no one states what the source is.

I'm hoping that someone in Devon, (Devonshire) might read this and assist me with obtaining records on who my William my be.

He was in New Hampshire in 1648 for sure according to tax logs. He married Elizabeth Matthews, daughter of Francis Matthews (Also from Devonshire), and from their line, I have all of the descendants to present day. I just can't seem to go back any farther with William.

My hope is to find the link to Sir Edward or Sir Thomas, because there are records going back much farther in time, and that line actually links in to William the Conqueror and Richard the Good, etc.

Please help.

I offer up my assistance for any Central Ohio, USA record searches if you have any need.

Thank you,
Brian Van Bibber

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Hi Brian

Send you this from: A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 4 by John Burke 1838. Hope it might be of some help.




DREWE, EDWARD, esq. of the Grange, in the county of Devon, b. 20th August, 1805; m. at Berne, in Switzerland, 5th June, 1828, Jane-Susan-Adele, daughter and heir of JeanGaspard Prevost, Conseiller d'etat in the Republic of Geneva, and has issue,

Francis-edward, b. at Geneva, 24th August, 1830. Edward, //. at Grange, 26th February, 1834. Adele-Caroline, b. at Geneva. Alice-Fanny, b. at Grange. Mr. Drewe succeeded his uncle, John-Rose Drewe, esq. in 1830. He is a deputy-lieutenant of the county of Devon, and in the commission of the peace. William Drewe, m. Joan, daughter and heir of John Prideaux, of Orclmrton, in Devonshire, and co-heir of her mother, Agnes, or Amy, eldest daughter and co-heir of Robert French, esq. of Hornford, by Anne, or Maud, daughter and heir of Robert Wynard, of Haccombe. By this alliance he (William Drewe) acquired the estate of Sharpham, in the county of Devon, and held it in right of his wife, whose maternal ancestor possessed the lands in the time of Henry IV. He had issue, William, his heir. John, who had no issue. William, of Kene, in Devon, ancestor of the Drewes of St. Leonards and the city of Exeter. The eldest son and heir,

William Drewe, esq. of Sharpham, was father of

Henry Drewe, esq. whose son and heir,

William Drewe, esq. dying 3rd September, 1532, was .s-. by his son,

Thomas Drewe, esq. of Sharpbam, b. in 1519, »h. Elinora, daughter and co-heir of William, second son of Roger Huckmore, of the county of Devon, and left a son and heir,

Edward Drewe, esq. of Sharpham, Killerton, and Broad Hembury, in the county of Devon, of the Inner Te'inple, barristerat-law, recorder of the City of London 1584 (26 Elizabeth), and recorder of Exeter, sergeant-at-law and queen's sergeant, 38 Elizabeth, 1596. This gentleman married Bridget, daughter of — Fitzwilliams, of Lincolnshire, and had issue.

Thomas (Sir), his heir.

George, of Morchard,) . „ .

Edward, of Hayne, \ In Devonshire.

Mary, m. to Thomas Mollins, esq. of Westhall, in the county of Dorset. Elizabeth, m. to William Richardson, esq. of Holdswortby, in Somerset- shire. Frances.

Mr. Sergeant Drewe d. in 1622, was buried at Broadclist, and *. by his eldest son,

Sir Thomas Drewe, of the Grange, in Broadhambury, in the county of Devon, who received the honour of knighthood at the coronation of King Charles I. and was sheriff of his county in 10 James I. Sir Thomas sold Killerton to Sir Arthur Acland, bart. and erected the family seat on the site of an ancient Grange of Donkeswell

Abbey.* He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Moore, of Odiliam, in tlie county of Southampton, and by her, whorf. in 1(335, had, with five daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, Bridget, Jane and Anne, two sons,

William, his successor.

Francis, heir to his brother. Sir Thomas died in 1C51, was buried at Broadhembury, and 3. by his elder son,

William Drewe, esq. of the Grange, b. in 1603. This gentleman married no less than five times. His first wife was Katherine, daughter of JohnSymes, esq. of Pouusford. in the county of Somerset, and by that lady he had an only child, Elizabeth, who To. Roger Coleman, esq. of Tiverton. His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Francis Fulford, of Fulford. She d. in 1635, leaving a daughter, Ursula, who m. — Alford, esq. of Eastcott. His third wife was a daughter of Mohun, of Lanherne, in Cornwall. The fourth, a daughter of — Pollard, of Mimpton Regis, Devon, and the fifth, Florence, daughter of William Walrond, esq. of Illbrewers, in Somersetshire, by those ladies he had no issue. He d. in 1654 (will dated 2nd November iu that year), and was s. by his brother,

Fiuncis Drewe, esq. of the Grange, b. in 1604, m. Mary, second daughter of Richard Walrond, esq. of Illbrewers, and bv her, who d. 14th September, 1699, had issue,

Thomas, his successor.

Francis, heir to his brother.

Edward, in holy orders, archdeacon of Cornwall, canon of Exeter, heir to his brother Francis. Susannah, m. to Andrew Davie, esq. of Valdhay. * The Grange was evidently built by Sir Thomas (on quitting the mansion at Killerton, which his father, the sergeant, had erected) upon the site of an ancient dwelling of the Abbots of the adjacent abbey of Donkeswell, to winch monastery extensive lands in Broadhembury belonged, and a large portion of which had been purchased by sergeant Drewe from Henry, Earl of Southampton, grandson of Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, grantee at the dissolution. Some portions of the ancient house of the Abbot appear to remain. The dwelling built by Sir Thomas was a handsome mansion, in the form as it seems of an I in compliment to .1 \ wi s I. it has,however, undergone considerable alterations. One remarkable chamber, wainscoted with carved oak of very rich and elaborate design, and skilful workmanship, is still in perfect preservation ; and presents a specimen, perhaps, unequalled, of the richly decorated withdrawing room of the time of James I. The royal arms and initials of James decorate the chimney piece; and amongst the various ornaments are to be observed the bearings of the huilder, Sir Thomas Drewe, and of the family of bis wife, the Moores of Hampshire.

Mary, m. to William Bragge, eaq. of


Bridget, m. first, to Francis Fulford, esq. of Fulford, and secondly, to Bampfield Rodd, esq. of Stoke. Elizabeth, m. to John Aruudel, esq. of Cornwall. Margaret, m. to Charles Vaughan, esq. of Otlery.

He d. in 1675, and was s. by bis eldest son, Thomas Dhewe, esq. of the Grange, b. in 1635, M.P. for the county of Devon in 1699, Jh. in 1661, Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter Prideaux, bart. of Netherton, aud by that lady, who d. in 1695, had issue, Thomas, rf. young. Eli/abeth, m. to Sir Charles Chiches- ter, bart. of Youlson. Margaret, m. to Charles Kellond,esq. of Painsford, Devonshire. He d. 10th August, 1707, and was *. by bis brother,

Francis Drewe, esq. of the Grange, b. in 1636 ; m. Miss Martha Webb, and by her, who il. in 1729, had four daughters, viz. Anne, j«. to — Thomas, esq. auditor

of the Impress. Martha, ^ Mary, ( died unm. Elizabeth,) He d. 22nd April, 1710, and was s. by his brother, the canon of Exeter,

Edward Drewe, who m. Joan, daughter and co-heir of The Right Rev. Dr. Anthony Sparrow, bishop of Exeter, and by that lady, who d. in 1703, had issue, Francis, bis heir.

Susan, m. first, to Thomas Ayloffe, LL. D. professor of civil law at Cam- bridge ; and secondly, to John Bayly, of London. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Michell, esq. of Exeter.

He d. 17th December, 1714, was buried in his cathedral, and -• by his only sou,

Francis Drewe, esq. of the Grange, b. in 1673, M.P. for Exeter in 1714. This gentleman sold the Sharphani estate iu 1715, and died in 1716. He »«. Mary-Davie, daughter of Humphrey Bidgood, esq. of Roctbeare, in Devon, and had issue, Francis, his heir.

Edward, of Starpoint and Exeter, barrister-at-1 aw, b. in 1714, d. in 1787 ; m. first, Philippa-Anna, daughter of John Cholwich, esq. of Faringdon, and by her had txvo daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, who both died unm. He m. secondly, Dorothea-Juliana, daughter and at length co-heir of George Treby, esq. of Plympton, Devon, and by that lady had

Edward, major in the army, d. in


Jl'LlANA-DoROTllEA, only surviving

daughter and eventual heir, m. to Arthur Kelly, esq. of Kelly. Mary, ft. 20th March, 1703, m. to Thomas Carew, esq. of Crowcombe, in the county of Somerset, M. P. for Minehead.

Elizabeth, m. to Theophilus Blackall, D.D. chancellor of Exeter, son of bishop Blackall. Mr. Drewe was *. by his elder son,

Francis Drewe, esq. of the Grange, ft. in 1712. sheriff of Devonshire in 1738 ; m. first, 21»t Sept. 1737, Mary, daughter and heir of Thomas Rose, esq. of Wootton Fitz Paine, in the county of Dorset, and by her had Francis-rose, his successor. Thomas-Rose, of Wootton Fitz Paine, in the county of Dorset, inherited the paternal estates on the decease of his elder bother in 1801. Edward, d. an infant. Richard-Rose, ft. 28th December, 1743, m. Hannah, daughter of — Spencer, esq. of Dublin, and had an only child, Harriet, who rf. 26th April, 1792. He d. 23rd January, 1801. WlLUAM-RosE, heir to his brother

Thomas in 1816. JoHN-RosK. successor to his brother William.

Herman, in holy orders, rector of Wootton Fitz Paine, Dorsetshire, and Combraleigh, Devon, perpetual cu- rate of Sheldon, 6. 6th May, 1749, rf. 19th April, 1817; m. Sarah-Mary, daughter of the Rev. William Ha- therly of Colyton, Devon, and had two daughters, his co-heirs, viz. Sarah-elizabeth, m. 9th June, 1800, to Edward Wright Band, esq. of Wookey House, Somer- set. MARy, m. 30th December, 1801, to the Rev. Lewis Way.

Francis Drewe m. secondly in 1753, Mary, daughter of Thomas Johnson, esq. of London, and had by her

Edward, in holy orders, rector of Willand, Devon, b. 27th September, 1756; m. in 1793, Caroline, daughter of John Allen, esq. of Crisalley, in Pembrokeshire, and dying25th June, 1810, left by her, who died in 1836, one son and three daughters, Edward, heir to his uncle. Marianne, To. to Algernon, third son of Bennet Langton, esq. and died leaving a son, Bennet. Harriet-Maria, m. 6th April, 1816, to Robert Gilford, esq. who became subsequently lord chief justice of the Common Pleas, and was created Baron Gifford. Georgians,m. toSir Edward H. Alderson, baron of the exchequer.


Samuel, of London, ft. 19th November, 1759, director, and at one time go- vernor of the Bank of England ; m. Selina Thackeray, and d. 3rd Febru- ary, 1837, leaving issue, Frederick-William. Emma, m. to her cousin, Francis, third son of John Fownes Lut- trell, esq. and has issue. Augusta. Fanny, m. 15th July, 1833, to the Rev. Thomas Marker, rector of Gittisham, and vicar of Farway, Devon. Anna. Mary, m. in 1782, to John Fownes Luttrell, esq. of Duuster Castle, in the county of Somerset, M.P. and had Catherine, d. unm. in 1772. Charlotte, m. lo Francis Fownes Luttrell, esq. commissioner of the customs, second son of Henry-Fownes Luttrell, esq. of Dunster Castle. Francis Drewe's eldest son,

Francis-rose Drewe, esq. of the Grange, 6. 23rd September, 1738, purchased Leyhill, in Payhembury, Devon, an ancient seat of the Willoughbys. He d. t. p. 29th April, 1801, and wns $. by his brother,

Thomas-rose Drewe, esq. of Wootton Fitz Paine, Dorsetshire, and afterwards of the Grange, Devonshire, 6. 14th May, 1740, who m. Betty, daughter of Benjamin Incledon, esq. of Pilton, in Devon, but dying*, p. 1st June, 1815, was *. by his brother,

William-rose Drewe, esq. of New Inn, London, and of the Grange, ft. 10th July, 1745, at whose decease, in 1821, the estates devolved on his brother,

John-rose Dkewe, esq. of the Grange, ft. 6th June 1747, who m. Dorothy, only daughter of the Rev. Charles Bidgood. of Rockbeare, and by her, who died 11th December, 1834, had one son and one daughter, viz.

Charles, who rf. unm. in 1801. Dorothy-Rose, m. to William Miles, esq. of the life guards. Mr. Drewe died 31st August, 1830, and was *. by his nephew, the present Edward Drewe, esq. of Grange.

Arnu—Ermines a lion passant gu.: so borne by all the branches, with the differences of" houses only. The famly of Drewe, of Drewe's cliff, descended from the same source, nppear to have had for Crest a buss's head, in the mouth three wheat ears or, very probably assumed from a family whose coat they quartered, arg. a fess nebule sa. between three buss's heads gu. In 1593, 40 Elizabeth, Robert Cooke, Clarencieux finding, " in the ancient records of his office the ancient arms which of righte are belonging to that name and family of which Edward Drewe, sergeant-at-lawe, is lineally descended, makes manifest the same, and finding no creaste or cognisance unto the said arms, he gave and allowed to them, said Edward Drewe and his posleritie, by way of increase for their

Crest—On a mount vert, a roe buck saliarit, or.

Quartet-ings—Prideaux, Wynard, Hickmore, Folkeray.le Baron and Charapernon.

Estates—In Devon.

Seat—The Grange, near Honiton.

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Yes, this is precisely the family I'm trying to link into. I just can't seem to link William Drew b. 1627 in Devon to this family.

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Surnames: Drew
Slightly older but William Drew b1617 Paignton, below, may be of interest. Paignton is in the area given in your message.
(This IGI website gives lots of Drew(e)'s in parishes surrounding Paignton)
See Google Maps or (parish information)

IGI: ELLIZE (Ellis?) DREW Marriage: 23 NOV 1612 Paignton, Devon
ELLIZE DREW Chr: 28 AUG 1613 Paignton, Devon
WILLIAM DREW Chr: 01 AUG 1617 Paignton, Devon
THOMAS DREW Chr: 17 SEP 1619 Paignton, Devon

WILLIAM DREW Chr: 15 NOV 1618 Paignton, Devon
Death: 25 AUG 1621
Father: WILLIAM DREW gives
DREWE Ellis Marledon 1587 15 Rutland
Good luck.

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Surnames: Drew

You could pay the archivist in the Exeter Achieves to do the research for you. They charge £20 per hour for a maximum of 2 hours or a total of $60. The Drews are all over Devon and William was a common name. I paid for some and got back as far as 1523 in Okehampton but mine all lived in three villages about three miles apart.

The Achieve people are on line.


Richard Drew

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Hi Brian,
I'm in the same boat and I believe our William (b. 1627) was not a grandson of Sir Thomas Drewe of Broadhambury. William's father was named William and he settled on an Isle of Shoals in the 1640s and died there around 1657. Many Ancestry member trees list this William as Sir Thomas' son, however, Sir Thomas' genealogy is pretty well documented and he did have a son named William, however, that William had no male progeny and there's no mention that he ever left Devonshire.

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Surnames: Drew Matthews
Allison is absolutely correct. The William Drew who came to New Hampshire and died at Oyster River, NH in April 1669, is not the son of Sir Thomas Drewe. In fact, there may have been two men named William to came to America. Another William has been suggested as a possible father of the John Drew who died 19 July 1721 at Plymouth, Mass. He appears to be a of separate line of Drews.

Re: William Drew(e) - Please help

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Surnames: Drew, Drewe
I have been doing a lot of research on my Drew family line genealogy. I have found some different information in the following book. I copied a section from it below. Hopefully one day we can figure out who is who

The book link

(I) Vincent Drew, immigrant ancestor, came from England or Wales before 1636, and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts, where he was a proprietor that year. He removed to Boston before 1655, and with Thomas Hammond bought a farm at Muddy River, deed dated August 30, 1658. His will, made November 29, 1677, proved January 30 following, bequeathed to son Vincent, to son John and his wife Mary and their children, to Rozman Drew. Children: i. John. 2. Vincent, Jr.
(II) John Drew, son of Vincent Drew (1), was baptized at Hingham, April, 1641. He is said to have been a "Welshman" by Winsor, the historian of Duxbury. He was a ship carpenter by trade. He arrived in Plymouth colony about 1660 with five sons, it is said, of whom three settled in Plymouth and two in Duxbury. Children: 1. Samuel, died May 21, 1678. 2. William, mentioned below. And three or more others.
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