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Question about Rolls

Question about Rolls

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Surnames: Crow, Russell
I'm at a certain point in my genealogical research, and have found some familiar names on the Dawes Roll, but how do I know for sure if they are my kin or just have the same names?

Here's where I am: Lucinda Crow Russell (1807-1899) was my GrGrandmotherx4. Supposedly she was Cherokee. There's a Lucinda Crow on the Roll, as well as David Russell, Sarah Russell, Lucy Russell, etc (all names of her children). How do I know if these are "mine"? Seems like some of the birthdates and ages on the Roll don't correspond.

Re: Question about Rolls

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Hello, Kathryn

One of the ways to know if these are your or not is sot know that the people on the Final Roll were all LIVING in 1900. They also had to be resident in the Indian Territory and on one of several census rolls to be considered for membership without petitioning the Cherokee Nation for citizenship. If either of these two criteria is a NO, then they will not be on the rolls, although they could be on the 1894 Dawes index as having petitioned for citizenship. Those on the 1894 index were rejcted before the actual commission work and never made it beyond that petition for citizenship. Those that died between time off application and approval will be on the rejected rolls. They may be listed on a card, but with no roll number.

This is an abstract of the card for Lucy Crow, courtesy of

Cherokee Baldridge C 0 M 2135 P
Cherokee Baldridge Nancy 0 F 2135 P
Cherokee Crow Addie 0 F 2135 P
Cherokee Crow Clarence 7 M 1/4 2135 5534 BB
Cherokee Crow Clark 0 M 2135 P
Cherokee Crow Claude 9 M 1/4 2135 5533 BB
Cherokee Crow Hugh C 33 M IW 2135 NR BB
Cherokee Crow Lucinda 28 F 1/2 2135 5532 BB
Cherokee Crow William 5 M 1/4 2135 5535 BB

To read this: Lucinda Crow is the half-blood Cherokee wife of Hugh Crow, who is an inter-married white (IW). His parents are Clark and Addie Crow. Lucinda's parents were C. and Nancy Baldridge. The children listed all belong to Hugh and Lucinda. The family census card number is 2135 and the roll number for each person comes after the census card number. You will note NR (no roll number) for Hugh. This is for one of two reasons - he might have died before the final determinations (although, in this case I was able to ascertain from the 1900 & 1910 census that he was living, although Lucinda was dead before 1910) or, and the most likely, is that Hugh and Lucy had not married before the cutoff for him to be considered "Cherokee by Marriage".

This is the card for the Russells:
Cherokee Miller Hannah 0 F 10141 P
Cherokee Miller Rufus 0 M 10141 P
Cherokee Russell David 0 M 10141 P
Cherokee Russell David C 1 M 1/16 10141 26891 CENTRALIA BB
Cherokee Russell Frank 1 M 1/16 10141 26890 CENTRALIA BB
Cherokee Russell Lucinda 21 F 1/8 10141 26888 CENTRALIA BB
Cherokee Russell Lucy C 5 F 1/16 10141 26889 CENTRALIA BB
Cherokee Russell Sarah 0 F 10141 P
Cherokee Russell William W 39 M IW 10141 NR CENTRALIA BB
Sarah and David were William's parents, and the Miller's were Lucinda's parents.

This URL will take you straight to the search page for the Dawes Roll at Access:

Can you provide any other details? Where were they living?

Happy time travels!

Re: Question about Rolls

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Lucinda Crow, census #2135, is not the same Lucinda Crow Russell in your family.

The enrolled Lucinda Crow was born 1871 (NOT 1807) in Indian Terr. #2135 was the daughter of Columbus & Nancy Baldridge. Columbus was enrolled, but Nancy died before 1902. Neither of the parents was born by 1807, the posted DOB of your Lucinda. Your person would have been enrolled by her married name. There was no one named Lucinda Russell in the Cherokee Nation Censuses in 1880 or 1890.

Clark Crow, a white man, May 1836 in GA, and Ada, his wife, also white, born Aug 1839 in AL were residents of El Paso county Colorado in 1900 (Federal census pg 23). Hugh (aka Hue) Crow was 1869 in Kansas. This Clark & Ada are very likely his parents. Hugh married Lucinda c1888/89.

Lucinda Russell was born 1879 and married to David, a white man. Once again, these are not your family.

Sources: 1880 & 1890 Cherokee Nation Census, transcribed by Barbara Benge. Dawes Roll Plus transcribed by Bob Blankenship. 1900 Federal Census of Colorado & Indian Territory.

Lucy Russell on the Dawes Roll was nee Lucy Starr, b 1839, d/o James Starr & Nellie Maugh. She was the 1st cousin of Dr. Emmett Starr.

Re: Question about Rolls

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Alrighty then, many thanks for the help!
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