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Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

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Surnames: Abbott, Fenton, Geary, Miller
My greatgrandmother was Louisa Fletcher Fenton born in Plains Twsp. Luzerne Co. PA on 11 May, 1880 and died 16 Oct. 1918. She married Andrew Geary ( b. 15 June 1875 d. Apr. 1942) on 16 Dec. 1896 in Binghamton, Broome Co. NY. They lived in Luzerne Co. and had many children there.

Louisa's parents were George Fenton and Mary Elizabeth Abbott. I have just found out that Mary was from Gordon Co. GA. She was born there in 1858 and is listed in the 1860 census as 1 year old. Her family traces back to the George Abbotts in Essex Co. MA in the 1600s and to England before that.

My mystery in this is who is George Fenton? Where was he from? How did a GA girl end up with her husband in Luzerne Co. PA?

I have looked through all the information on Fentons that I have but cannot make a connection. I have found a couple of Geoge Fentons hanging loose on the Fenton family tree but have no way of connecting them to Mary and Louisa by records or geography. The fact that Mary was born and raised in Georgia really threw me for a loop, as there are local Abbotts (unrelated) in Luzerne Co. I thought there might be a clue in Louisa and Andrew getting married in Binghamton, Broome Co. NY, as there were Fentons in that area. Still, no sound connection.

Two George Abbotts I am looking at are 1) the son of Elisha Fenton and Mary A. Snow born 6 Sept. 1857. That is all I have on him. The second George may be a bit older. 2) the son of Elijah Fenton (supposedly a different one than the one above) and Martha Chappell, who married in 1846. Their third child is listed as George, but when he was born I do not know. That is what I have. I do not know if either of the above will pan out. If any family members out there can help I would appreciate it.

I am going to post this question on several sites. Thank You all for your time and attention. Gil MacWhirter

Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Gayle (View posts)
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Hello, Gil. I was in contact at one time with Glenda McWhirter Todd. My Briggs family marries into McWhirter line. My Briggs also go into Abbott line at my grandfather, but there is some sort of connection to the Custis family. My Miller line is Simon Miller. Does any of this sound familiar? To have MacWhirter/Miller/Abbott sounds like it may be my family.

Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

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Gayle: The Briggs/ MacWhirter connection sounds familiar. I have an old friend that is a Briggs and he has MacWhirters in his family line. This is especially so if your Briggs and MacWhirters are from the east coast of Canada. My Millers and Abbotts though, are from a lot farther south and they had no connection with each other till my parents met. The other family names you mention are not at all familiar to me. If you would like to pursue the Briggs/MacWhirter connection further and the geographic area fits your family, let me know. This old friend and I always figured we were related but never were able to pursue that, although my dad thought he might know where the family came together. Thanks anyway for your input. - Gil

Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Gayle (View posts)
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I would be interested in any Abbott connection, as I am stuck. It is a very interesting line. I have not had time to research/document it but much of the line has notable, popular people. My immediate Briggs are Scots. Grandmother Brigg's line connects to Mac/McWhirter. Birdie Briggs.This is in Williamson Co., TX.

My Tx/AR Abbotts/Briggs/Miller/Lawrence families are very interwoven for generations. Rev. War land grants. This is all my father's side. Mother's side has Terrill/Miller/Reade, and also in the same families.

However, at Augustine Washington and Mildred Washington they meet with my mother's lines and go back together 26 generations, marrying into the same families to Edward III, etc.

Through the Washington line, the Briggs are English, but I have those, too.

I ran across one line of Abbotts that marry Mary Lawrence/Fraeme/Justice to Custis family. Custis (Sarah) same George Washington lineage that links to both sides of my family of Abbotts.

The Millers were shipbuilders in Eng. Capt. Simon Miller who is also a relation to the Reade family of Mildred Washington, and to my Lawrence lines (Adam Lawrence of KY). A very popular man on the Net.

I think it would be some weird coincidence that I have both of the Briggs lines in my family (father's side)and they are not related. My family tree looks like a basket. It weaves though both sides of my parents, back and forth, way too many times.

I am told that the father of my Benjamin Franklin Abbott b. 1812 AL, is Alexander Abbott. Ben's wife is Caroline Pickett Willis (Lots of Willis with Mildred Washington who m. Col. Henry Wilis). Ben's son is Wiliam Augusta Abbott, b. 1837, AL, m. Nancy Jane Weems. I have done little research on her, but her parents are likely related to Parson Weems, as her father is John Russom Weems. Son of William is Silas Alexander Abbott m. Martha Ann Layne. I read someplace in some notes that Alexander was from NY, but I can't find that document.

All of the family researchers are dead, dropping like flies recently, and one has been difficult to get in touch with. He is a former curator of the Brazoria Co. Museum at Washington-on-the-Brazos. He lives in Eng. and part time in San Antonio. The other person I had hoped to get info from just died. She had a lot of info., a former professor at UC Berkeley. She said that we were related to the Arch. B. of Cani., George Abbot.

The Abbott line I mentioned before with Custis is in the mid 1600-1700 timeframe, and in MD or MA.

My father had once siad that his family was Acadian. So, I am interested in any Abbotts/Briggs/MacWhirter ffrom Eng., Can., VA,TN, KY, AR, AL, TX. I guess.

Stuck in 1812 with Benjamin F. Abbott. Anything you think might link, I would really love to know.


Gayle Abbott

Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Lynn (View posts)
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I am researching the Abbott's of GA and ALa.My ggrandfather
was Henry M. Abbott married Elizabeth Watson.
They had about 10 children. Henry and Elizabeth's children
were born in Talladega, Alabama and late moved to Birmingham. My grandfather Arthur V. Abbott and his brother
Cliff Abbott opened a jewelry store in Birmingham. Arthur
later moved to Richmond, VA.
I would dearly love to find out who was Henry M. Abbott's
father and any other information you may have.

Thank you,

Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Gayle (View posts)
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Hi Lyn, I don't have anything on them. I am still stuck. No one seems to link past my Benjamin, b. 1812.

Only Watsons I have are:
Luther Watson m. Mau Abbott in 1926.
John Watson m. Mary Burnet Bassett.
Aamuel Watson b. abt 1832 m. Margaret Emily Jones

If you send surnames to look for associated with your Abbotts, I will keep an eye out for them.


Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Lynn (View posts)
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Thank you so much for your being willing to help me. I have
been searching for this information with my mother for over
fifty years. I am in SC so if I can look any thing up for you
please let me know and I will be glad to help. I feel we are
looking for the same family but they were so private we just
don't know much about them. I have been told my Abbott's
would not even entertain neighbors, they did not want to be
worried. So this has created a problem for all of us trying to
find our family's. Here is what I have about Henry Abbott
that I know can be documented.

Henry M. Abbott 1827 1901 Notice I have been leaving the M out for much of the information that was given to me is not

Mary Elizabeth Watson she went by Elizabeth Watson
1833 - 1904

Some of the Alabama Census say they are from SC or GA

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
Miss Ada Abbott 1853 1895 this may have been 1843
Mrs Ella Abbott Knighton moved to Sarasota, Fl.
Miss Kate Abbott 1857 1882
Walter Abbott 1871 1900
Frank W. Abbott 1866 1900
Henry Cliffton Abbott
Wilber C. Abbott
Arthur Vernon Abbott 1873 1964
Perry Abbott

Most of these Abbott's are interred in Elmwood Cem. or
Oakwood Cem. Birmingham, Alabama. With the exception
of the family that moved to Fl.

Henry Cliffton, Arthur Vernon and Henry M. Abbott opened
a jewelry on 20th Street in Birmingham, Alabama. Some of
the brothers worked on the RR and one was killed in downtown Birmingham while working on the cupling of the
two train cars. He was caught between the cars and killed.

One Abbott family moved to NO, La.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Gayle (View posts)
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My great-great-great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Abbott, b. 12-28-1812, I have NC. according to 1880 census, both parents of GA. He is listed as a farmer. He is also listed of AL by researcher from LDS. Benjamin m. Caroline Pickett Willis, m. date: abt. 1836 AL. Caroline b. 5-17-1817.
He died 8-29-1841, and she died, 5-27-1892. She married second, Joshua Bennett.

Their son:

William Augusta Abbott b. 9-16-1837, AL, died 4-2-1901, Williamson Co., TX. He is buried at Lawrence Chapel cemetery. This is close to Austin. I live in Houston. I just finished entering almost all of the people from several lists into my database. I probably have the most complete record of it. It was vandalized a few years ago, and some info was lsot, but I am just about to send it to the last compiler to update and merge. It is an old family cemetery and I buried my brother and sister there not long ago, so such is my interest in helping keep the list up.

I have never heard if Benjamin and Caroline had other children, as Ben died so young, but there may be other children. In ten years of looking for other related Abbotts, I have only come across one, the generation after William.

I have done a lot of gathering of cluster families, and so, if there are groups of my other surnames popping up with Abbotts, I can tell it is a cluster family, but can't get any information on my last Abbotts. Nobody else has them ANYWHERE! It looks like there are a couple of generations with no data, no relatives, then a few very, very collaterally tie in, but offer no help. Through a long route my Abbotts connect to the Custis family. Also through Caroline Willis to the Willis family of VA, but I cannot locate the book that tells exactly how, only that the Johnston/Willis line connects to the VA Willises.

As soon as I start to get info, from the older distant cousins, they die or get senile, and forget who I am. It is so frustrating. Through a 2nd cousin, Virginia Lawrence, I heard bits of her stories and research. She was a college professor in CA, and she gave me a lot of openings from the Lawrence lines. They are also related to the VA Willis family, i.e. Mildred Washington/Augustine Washington (father of George Washington) is where my mother's line, and my father's lines connect firmly.

About William Augusta Abbott: b. 9-16-1837, Al, d. 4-2-1901. He married Nancy Jane Weems, b. 7-22-1842. Her mother is Mary Ann Oliver, and her father is John Russom Weems.

William Augusta Abbott served in the Civil War as a medic in the
Confederate Army. He paid special attention to cleanliness after his
experience in the war. Often, he would build a fire under the old iron
washpot filled with water and plenty of lye soap. He would removed
every item from the house and scrub them thoroughly.
When his wife, Nancy became ill, he hung sheets around her bed to give
her privacy, and gave her special care.
Caroline told the children how fond she was of her mother-in-law. She
said Nancy was such a fine, good woman who helped her in many ways.
Blanche says in a letter to Faye, "Now isn't that a compliment, and so

Marker: W. A. A.: A sinner saved by grace. Bottom: Abbott

William and Nancy had: Silas Alexander Abbott (I was told by Virginia Lawrence that Benjamin's father is Alexander Abbott) The only one of them that could come close to fitting is an illegitimate child that I ran across on the Net. Supposedly, Alexander was from NY.

Silias is my great-grandfather. His siblings: John Franklin Abbott
James Cannon Abbott, William Pickett Abbott, Robert E. Lee Abbott, Charles Walton Abbott, Samuel Randall Abbott, Mary Alena Abbott, and Gordon Fletcher Abbott.

Silas m. Martha Ann Layne "Mattie". Their children:
Vernon (Verner?) Henry Abbott, Ralph William Abbott (my grandfather), Horace Bishop Abbott, Nan Layne Abbott, Clara Mae Abbott, Mamie Lee Abbott, Maude Mary Abbott, and Blanche Edna Abbott.

I once saw a list of second, and third wave of settlers that came to TX in an Austin movement and the Abbotts and Laynes were mentioned. The Lawrence and Miller families were in the original 300 Austin settlement.

Silas Alexander Abbott b. 1-18-1862, AL or TN, d. 3-5-1950, Salyton, TX.

Martha Ann Layne is the daughter of Henry Inlo (Inlough) Layne and Lucinda Lawrence. Lucinda's parents are Adam Lawrence and Sarah Lucinda Miller. Capt. Simon Miller and Sarah Lucinda Rucker are her parents. Capt. Simon Miller was holder of a Spanish land grant. His father, also a Simon Miller m. Lucinda Rucker. Simon Miller's father, is also a Capt. Simon Miller who m. Elizabeth Reade. Elizabeth's father is William Reade, mother is Mary Johanna Jones. This Reade line also connects at Washington family. Mary Johanna Jones's father, Thomas, married Sarah Hancock. That is the only connection that might go to that illegitimate Alexander Abbott in a Hancock lline.

Sorry to babble, but I keep hoping someone has some of these people some place and can help me connect to one of those darned George Abbott families that EVERYONE else is connected to. I have saved and photocopied bits of those lines, and the Lovejoy/Abbott line in OK, but nothing jibes there, except that in the OK line, there is a cluster of TRIPLETTs, and I have those in my mother's line near Reade/Willis/Washington/Terrill.

My grandfather, Ralph William Abbott was a Woodsmen of the World mason. He married Birdie B. Briggs in Beaukiss, TX (about a bllock long) next to Lawrence Chapel. I have two Briggs lines. One is Scottish and one is British. Absolutely nobody believes these families are related, but I think it is too coincidental that I have two, and guess who they connect with eventually....Washington line. My grandmtoher, Birdie's Briggs line goes through McWhirter/Balch line. Balch worked with G. Washington. Then on my mother's side, her Terrills are cousins to Washington.

If you have any of these surnames, please keep me in mind.

Since I have all of these Lawrence folks, and they connect to Willis/Washington, I noticed a Custis/Justice/Abbott line that also has one Lawrence connection in the 1600s. That line filters down to Mary Randolph Custis (niece or granddaughter to Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, who m. Robert E. Lee. I do know that Robert E. Lee Abbott is named after the general, and that Robert E. Lee visited the Abbott and Layne homes at one time. That my Adam Lawrence was present at the surrender of Santa Anna, as was Robert E. Lee.

The Terrills are a descention of Edward III, and so are my father's LAYNES.

Virginia Lawrence (Laurence) also said that we are realted to the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbot. But how, I do not know.

I am not concerned whether they are connect to famous people, only that opens doors to gain some Abbott connection somewhere on the planet.

Also that Custis/Justice/Abbott line has Bennetts.

It is so odd that I have at present day cousins with most of these surnames, still marriages with same old names. My mother's and father's lines connect for over 26 generations, back and forth. Surely someone has these same unusual connections.


PS...My father's second wife was Lynn Abbott. They lived in TN, whre there is another big Abbott group that I know very little about.

My Abbotts also have Todds with first name Perry, and Perry Enos. who are first cousins to my father, Robert Layne Abbott.

AND I noted that Mary Abbott m. James Bridges. This Mary is the dau. of Abagail Lovejoy and Neihmiah Abbott. Interestingly enough, the English name Bridges is what the Scottish name Briggs means.

That Justice line....Ralph Justice , son of William Justice and Mary Fraeme...William b. 1625...marries Mary Abbott, dau. of a John Abbott b. 1630 who m. Mary Lawrence (first m. to James Lawrence).

I really hope we connect. I have given up on the Abbotts.


Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Lynn (View posts)
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Please don't give up and thank you so much for all this information. I am taking the liberty of sending this information
to two Abbott's I am working with. I know one of them connects with you from the Washington line. I think I do to but
I need to find Henry to prove this. I hope they can hlep you.

Thanks again,

Re: Who Is This George Fenton That Married Gordon Co. GA Abbott

Gayle (View posts)
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