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Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

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Surnames: Wingfield, Strong
A number of years ago I posted this query to the Hanover County board. My search for this cemetery continues. I hope by re-posting this query someone may see it and have some information. I hope so!

I am hoping to find anyone with knowledge of a cemetery in western Hanover County; the cemetery is a small family one and it was located just off Route 54 (near Ashland) heading West (towards Beaverdam, Montpelier, etc.)

If you are driving from Ashland to Montpelier it was aprox. 3 miles west and located on the left hand side of the road. A private dirt road I think the road is named Whitewood, goes in front of where the old cemetery was located. Pungo House is at the end of this dirt road.

About 15 years ago I visited this small cemetery with my father. He told me his uncle, Thomas Wingfield was buried there. As a young boy during the 1920's he had gone to the funeral. He also believed his grandparents, Peter Chastine (Chastain) Wingfield and his wife, Susan Mildred Strong were buried there. At the time of my visit the cemetery was situated in the heavy undergrowth of the surrounding woods. A few stones were visable, but the names I do not remember (they had no connection to the Wingfield family that I am aware of). Large boxwoods formed a border around the grave sites.

I recently went back to the location of this cemetery and it is gone. Not a sign of a tombstone or boxwood bush that was once there. The land has been cleared.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this cemetery? It would be a great help to me to hear from anyone who knows of the cemetery or knows of any familes that were buried there. No matter how slim your knowledge of this cemetery might be would be a really big help to me!

Also does anyone have any idea how I should proceed in finding any written record of this cemetery in Hanover County?

Thank you for any help.
Sandy Satterwhite

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

Larry (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Loyd, Kimbrew, Kimbrough
Hi Sandy,
On the Hanover site at:::
there are a lot of cemetery listing for the area. It might take a little time but you might find what you need here. This is a great site.
Good hunting.

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wingfield

I hope this helps ..... I just got a book in called "Family Graveyards in Hanover County, VA." I looked your family up for you and there is a Wingfield Family cemetery called Marl Ridge. It is located on Route 54 between Ashland and the Courthouse. If this is what you are looking for just let me know and I'll give you all of the info I have on it.

Jennifer Breshears

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

Posted: 1129759576000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Strong, Wingfield
Thank you for responding to my query about the abandoned cemetery.

I do know of the cemetery at Marl Ridge. The cemetery I am searching for is located many miles to the west of Marl Ridge. It is near Beaverdam-Montpelier.

The cemetery I seek is the burial site of my great-grandfather, Peter Chastine Wingfield. He was born at Walnut Shade- which is right next to Marl Ridge. Peter Wingfield is related to the Wingfields buried at Marl Ridge.

The reason I think P.C. Wingfield was buried so far from his family is that he is buried in the cemetery for his wife's family. She was Susan Mildred Strong.

Thank you for responding!

Sandy Wingfield Satterwhite

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

R.c.Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 1133059178000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Richardson,Cobbett,Wade
In the book on Hanover Co Va graves , Do you find a William Richardson, Henry Cobbett. Andrew Wade, in the New Castle area?
Is the book available for purchase and if so where?
I would appreciate any info.


Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Richardson, Wade, Cobbett
Hi there,
I'm sorry but I don't see any of those surnames in this volume. There are 2 volumes available and I have the 1st. Additional copies of this book and the other can be purchased from the Hanover Historical Society.:

I do find, however, three Wm Richardsons in a book I own called ...... Hanover County, VA Chancery Wills & Notes. If this is something you still need on him, I can transcribe or photocopy this for you. Let me know.
In yet another book, I find no Cobbett but I do find Richardson & the same paragraph.:
"Other places around Cold Harbor, which, in most cases, are still owned by descendants who have built new homes or remodeled the old ones are: McGhees, Stewarts, Boshers, Boze, Woods, Martins, Williams, Burnetts, Wickers, Adams, Gauldings, Richardsons, Mathews, Fords, Allens, Wades, Woodys, Grubbs, and others."
From a book called.... Hanover County, Virginia A Retrospective

Hope this helps! Good Luck.

Jennifer Breshears

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

Jim Grubbs (View posts)
Posted: 1133190705000
Classification: Query
Am seeking gravesite for memebers of Grubbs family in Hanover County VA. Understand you have access to a book that lists such information. All help appreciatred.

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

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Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Grubbs
Here is what is in the 1st volume:

Spring Grove #2
This old graveyard off Route 623, near Hylas, pass Stanley's store, and a sawmill, turn at a cable which is the entrance to a house (one mile). The cemetery is situated in a boxwood grove. The stones have been vandalized and broken and are now hard to read. There are other grave sites, but the graveyard was so overgrown, these were the only visible stones:

William Grubbs (born Van Krupps) in
New York City. Served in the American Revolution.

Lieut. Hensley Grubbs
Enlisted and served in the
Continental army for the duration of the war. Member of the Hanover County Company 14th Regiment. Wintered at Valley Forge. His Major was "Sam Tinsley."

James T. Grubbs
Co. G, 4th Virginia Cavalry

Others listed in the book for this cemetery:
- Jordan Harris
- Thomas Tinsley, Lt. Col.
- William Tinsley, Capt.
- William Eli Harris
- Jesse Durrett Winn
- Parker Tinsley, Capt.
- Charles Corbin Tinsley
- Jesse Winn
- Deborah Harris Winn
At request, I can provide inscriptions for the above listed individuals.

Hope this helps!

Jennifer Breshears

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

Posted: 1139843538000
Classification: Query
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Is there anything on
William Thomas RICHARDSON b. 1875
Roland/Roling W. WOODY b. 1851 s/o Arthur & Martha

Re: Searching for Abandoned Cemetery in Western Hanover County

Posted: 1139848362000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Woody Wooddey Wooddy

No listings for Richardson.
Here's what there is in the index for Woody:
Clayton E.
Maria D., Mrs.
Mary Elizabeth
Mary W.
Reginald L.
Roland A. (infant son)
William Arthur

- Jennifer Breshears
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