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Denys Thomas (View posts)
Posted: 932658569000
I am pursuing a One Name Study of MORCOMs, MORCOMBEs and other variants world-wide and would be very interested in exchanging information with anyone else researching this family name.


Rachel Odgers (View posts)
Posted: 941405367000
Hi to anyone and everyone,
My great grandmother was a MORCOM prior to marriage and at age 95 is getting a little past recalling any family history.I would appreciate any and all info on the MORCOM family.All the info I have is the marriage cert. of her mother and father and that doesn't show much.
Iknow that they were in Maldon in Victoria in Australia.
Any and all info is greatly appreciated.


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george morcom (View posts)
Posted: 943527716000
i live in monroe va. my part of the family came here in the 1800's to a small area called stapleton to mine copper. his name was thomas morcom. he came with his brother, but i don't know where he went or what his name was. i have more information if you are interested. monroe is near lynchburg, va. where are you located.

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george morcom (View posts)
Posted: 943527868000
rachel, my family is from england. they came here in the 1800's to mine copper. i am in monroe, va, near lynchburg. is your grandmother from australia? i have more information if you want to write to me.

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Rachel (View posts)
Posted: 945286152000
My last name is MORCOMB. I don't know much about our family history, but my parents know a lot. I do know that we came over from england around the 1500's. I hope this helps some.

Morcoms in Virginia

Denys THOMAS (View posts)
Posted: 949579512000
I was very interested to see your message about MORCOMs in VA. I have details of about 40 MORCOMs in Amhert and Campbell Counties and particularly in Madison Heights but have been unable to trace how these presumably related MORCOMs arrived in Virginia. Please email fuller details to me at and I am sure we can help each others research.


MORCOMs in Maldon, VIC, AUS

Denys Thomas (View posts)
Posted: 949581945000
Sorry for the delay in answering your two messages which I have just seen. I have records of about 15 MORCOM/BEs being born in Maldon. Most of these are descendants of two brothers born in Gwennap Cornwall. James William MORCOM arrived in Victoria between 1851 and 1854, and his younger brother Edwin arrived in Victoria on the `Indian Queen' in Feb 1855. There are also three smaller MORCOM families in Maldon who may or may not be related to these brothers. Can you please give details of the marriage certificate of your great great grandparents. If not MORCOMs then details of the earliest known MORCOM in your line would help. Other MORCOM families settled in towns near Maldon so I cannot identify your line without some further details.

Morcom Morcombe

David Morcom (View posts)
Posted: 960491070000
Their are a number of Morcom familys in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan all related . I am an Iron Miner as are or were a number of Morcom men. our ancesters as we have been told came from Cornwall.

MORCOMs in the Upper Peninsula, MI

Denys Thomas (View posts)
Posted: 962455133000
Yes most of the MORCOMs who came to the States in the 19th Century were from Cornwall where the mining industry was in depression. The most well known of these miners was Captain Elisha MORCOM who worked at several locations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before being in charge of setting up the mine at Soudan in Minnesota which founded the industry in the Iron Range.
We are aware of several MORCOM families in the Upper Peninsula, and would be pleased to help in tracing your family back to Cornwall if you can give us more details.

MORCOMs in the Upper Peninsula, MI

Denys THOMAS (View posts)
Posted: 963035332000
David - if you like to email me privately with details of your ancestors as far back as you can go, I maybe able to link you into one of several 19th Century Upper Peninsula families which I have details of. Most of these we can trace back to their Cornish ancestry. My email address is
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