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lachman surname

lachman surname

Elizabeth Garnett Lachman Hagensick (View posts)
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Looking for information on my ancestors. My father was Richard Waggoner Lachman. His father was John Theodore Lachman. The original spelling had two "n"s on the end. Any information is greatly appreciated.


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I am also researching the Lachman(n) surname. I have found it spelled both ways, but in recent yeqars it was with two. I found my Grandfather and Great-grandfather in census records with one. Any information you have will help.


david de vries (View posts)
Posted: 932194111000
my grandfather, Joseph Lachmann, 1882-1961, born in Posen, Austro-Hungary, died in Israel, graduated medicine in Leipzig 1908, I'd appreciate information on his American relatives
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My Grandmother was Emma Horwege Lachman. She is buried at Holy Cross Cemetary in Colma, CA. Colma is a supberb of San Francisco. She was married for at least 3 years to Rudolph Lachman. They had a child Harry.
This particular Lachman family was in the furniture business. Lachman Brothers Furniture was at 2017 Mission Street in San Francisco. I have also been told that the original 'store' was in San Mateo, CA on 3rd Avenue. If this is so, the building still stands and is currently The Collective (antiques).
The Family Home, Lachman Manor, in later years was in Hillsborough, CA. It was this years (1999) Decorator Showhouse that was sponsored by The Coyote Point Museum Auxiliary. (Coyote Point Museum is in San Mateo, CA).
Emma Horwege (my grandmother) was found in the 1900 California Federal Census (She was listed as Emily), the wife of Rudolph Lachman. The document further states that 'Emily' Lachman was married three years and the mother of one child Harry, born in April 1898. By 1910 Emma would be a divorced servant in the Henry H. Davis household.

According to the 1920 Census, Harry was living on Willard Street in San Francisco, with my grandmother Emma. The records list Harry as 'head' (of household) and his age as 21. Also living with Emma and Harry, is my father Harold H. Davis.
Harry Lachman was "employed as a commercial traveler". he was renting the Willard street home. His mother was listed as a widow and his "half brother", Harold Davis, attended school.
According to my records,(research done by Universal Genealogy Center in Salt Lake City, Utah), Emma and Rudolph, with their son harry lived at 331 Capp Street, San Francisco.
Information passed down through my family is that the Marriage between Emma and Rudolpoh did not survive because the mother of Rudolph Lachman opposed this marriage because Emma was 'a gentile' and The Lachman family was of the Jewish faith.
My Uncle Harry Lachman and my father were close even though they were only half brothers. I knew my Uncle well. He used to work for Swift and Company when I knew him and at that time lived on King Street in Santa Cruz with his wife Lillian. They had one adopted son, Stanley Smith (that I had met but didn't know. He was several years older than I was). Stanley lived in Beverly Hills, CA at the time of Harry Lachman's death in the 1960's. My Uncle Harry told he he was baptised a Catholic, Bar Mitzvahed. His Funeral service was conducted by a Methodist Minister. He had a half brother on the Lachman side of the family by the name of Wesley.
Harry worked at the family furniture business but I don't know for how long. I used to have his gold signet ring that was inscribed "from the employees of Lachman Bros." (unfortunately it was lost). I do have several photographs of him.
Further research in a 1908 Polk City Directory lists several Lachmans, their occupation, business address and residence address in the San Francisco bay area. These directories were used before telephone books.
In this 1908 Directory, at the 331 Capp Street address, Bertha Lachman is listed as a 'widow'; Edward Lachman (Lachman Bros); and Rudolph Lachman listed, but no occupation; Gustave Lachman (Lachman Bros).
I also found a Davis - Lachman connection is this same Directory. Several Lachman Family members had an interest or business offices in The Monadnock Bldg. This building still exists today in downtown San Francisco on Market Street.
The Lachman's listed at this address in 1908 were as follows:
Lachman Henry, vice-pres Pac Blower Heating Co. Monadnock Bldg., r Alameda
Lachman S Co, H Lachman,pres Monadnock Bldg,
Lachman S H Estate, Monadnock Bldg.
Henry H. Davis, Attorney is listed in this directory as having his office in The Monadnock Bldg.

Christian Lachman

Nancy (View posts)
Posted: 950277882000
I'm responding to your message because you did not specify any dates or places. I'm looking for Christian Lachman my Paternal great grandfather. He was married to Molly Malloy had a daughter Sarah Lachman born 3/24/1899. Molly Malloy was from Dublin, Ireland. I believe that Christian was born in the US and probably lived in the Germantown, Pa. area. Did your Lachman have a brother? Where were they from?

Re:Christian Lacman

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I checked all my files and I do not have a Christian in my files.
I am looking fo Harry Elwood Lachman who married Clara Elizabeth Foreman.
They lived in Pottstown,Pa.I have not been able to find any info or dates on them.
My husbands father was Kenneth Ward Lachman. He was killed when my husband was 10 yrs. old and all his mother could do was tell me they lived in Pottstown,Pa
She did say he had a brother named Frank and one she could not tell me his name.
I have not been able to connect any of this info yet.I have been through all the 1850 image census,with no success.I guess I am going to have to write Montgomery Co.,Pa and maybe get a birth or death certificate
I think they may have come over from Germany.
If you come across any of these names please let me know and I will keep a lookout for yours while I'm searching.

Thanks, Hilda

christian lacman

Nancy (View posts)
Posted: 950366850000
Thanks Hilda, I'll keep those names in mind while I'm hunting. Lacman is not a very common name. I'm still trying to get in touch with my Aunt (that is her grandfather) she is the Last surviving ancester on that side that I have contact with who can tell me anything. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


christian Lacman

nancy (View posts)
Posted: 950555468000

Was your Christian Lachman born around 1875-1878. I know that one of his children was born 3/24/1899.

I'll keep my eyes open for the names you mentioned.



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Don't have much information on my Lachmann ancestors. My great-grandfather was Ferdinand. I have found him in 1870 census in US and he was listed as being born in Saxony. That is very broad. From information I have found in various places I believe his father was Christian - ie burial and Census records, although I have no proof yet.

Not sure this is much help. Ssorry it was so long, I just happened to check the message list.



Neil Barmann (View posts)
Posted: 952861518000
Isidore LACHMANN (b. either Berlin or Posen d.unk.) married Bertha MORAL (B. Posen?) c.1865. Isidore Bertha had 3 children (Arthur, Harriet Julia), all born New York City c.1870-1890. If you think you may have a connection with this family, please contact me.
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