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any hallewell''s that are connected with england

any hallewell''s that are connected with england

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if any one in the world is connected with this surname i would be grateful if you would e.mail me about yourself and your conection. thanks. mick.


Fred M (View posts)
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I had a gg grandmother from outside London whos name was Jessie Hollywell and I am not sure of the last name spelling right now. She married a William Haswell.

hallewells connected to England

David Hallewell (View posts)
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Hi, my father, Henry Lawrence Hopkins Hallewell, who passed away in Australia in 1955, came from the Yorkshire region of the UK. His mother: Edith Hopkins Hallewell. To date have not had any success in developing the family tree any further.


Bill Greenwell (View posts)
Posted: 974713852000
My great-great-grandfather's sister, Lizzie (Jane Elizabeth) married a Robert Hallewell in the 1860s. He was a master mariner, who absconded to Buenos Aires with his ship, organising matters so that it was given out that the ship had sunk. He'd actually sold it. By the time detectives reached BA, he'd gone, but the description of the man who'd owned the hotel in BA matched his. He was never heard of again, apart from a rumoured message sent to his son William, letting him know he was all right (probably apocryphal). William was the eldest of three - Annie and Ethel were his younger sisters. Ethel had five children. William (Willie) had four. All have living descendants.

Robert Hallewell was declared dead for legal reasons. His father was called Daniel Hallewell (of whom a portrait exists). He was also a mariner, and married a Maria House.

I don't know much more, but there are certainly one or two Hallewells born as recently as the 1970s.

Robert Hallewell

Bill Greenwell (View posts)
Posted: 974713931000
Forgot to say that he was from Sunderland, Co. Durham, England.

Hallewell from England

Brenda Beasley (nee Hallewell) (View posts)
Posted: 978621604000
My maiden name was Hallewell, and lived in Darlington, Co Durham but now living in Shropshire.


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My great grandmother's name was Olivia Lizzie Hallewell. She was born in South Australia in 1878 and came to NZ about 1907 with her husband Laurence Keyes. Her mother's name was Mary Isabella Hallewell from England somewhere. On her death certificate it says that her father was Noble Hallewell BUT on her birth certificate it says the father is Alfred hains. Do any of these Hallewell names ring a bell?


My dad might know.

Paul Hallewell (View posts)
Posted: 979190551000
Hi Dona, my dad will probably know. Send him an E-mail if you like.

See you later



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thanks Paul. I emailed your Dad this morning.

Hallewell's of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

Gary Hallewell (View posts)
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My-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Hallewell was born in Halifax in 1735, where he was a woollen manufacturer.
The direct line of Hallewells down to me is:
Benjamin Hallewell (born 1735) (father possibly George)
James Hallewell (1760-1819) married Martha Judson
Benjamin Hallewell (1789-1840) married Mary Broadbent of Bingley
Thomas Hallewell (1811-1879) married Eliza Hawkridge (1809-1874)
James Hallewell (1833-1889) married Emma Mitchell
John Herbert Hallewell (1860-1937) married Sarah Thornton
George Hallewell (1898-1936) married Edith Webb (died 1986)
Rodney Hallewell (1926-1996) married Dorothy Naylor
Gary Hallewell (born 1955) (ME!) married Mary Cepko (we have two children)
All the above were born in Halifax, and indeed I was the 6th generation to live in the same house (Moorfield House), where my great-great-great-grandfather moved in 1852, from the Skircoat Green area of Halifax.

I do have information of the siblings of all the above back through to and including Benjamin (1789).

I notice on the web site some interest in Hallewells in Australia. A younger brother of James Hallewell, named Bemjamin Hallewell, who was born on 27 June 1840, emigrated to Australia, where he died (I believe) on 14 January 1894. He was married to Mary Jane Scott.
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