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Shauna Flynn (View posts)
Posted: 932558095000
Looking for any Brabazons from Dublin.My mother's
name is Brabazon and my grandfather was John was born
in England late 1800 of Irish parents - John Delia Brabazon.
Hope to hear from some new found relatives!


Posted: 933831026000
Edited: 994801344000
Several people out there working on Brabazons. Kate Brabazon (email), and myself. THe original Brabazon who went to Ireland was Sr. Wm in or around 1534. Have you any info at all? Mari -

brabazon family tree

chris brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 943796821000
im chris brabazon 43 yrs. please contact me
im also interested in brabazon family tree

brabazon family tree

chris brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 943796938000
im chris 43 yrs. im also interested in learning all i cam of my family tree please contact me

Information regarding my father Sydney George Brabazon

Ian Brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 946766895000
My father left my mother when i was 5 years old.He was originally from Derby England.Has not been seen since 1969 when left us at the time we were living at Auburn, Sydney Australia.He was also previously married to his first wife who had 2 daughters - my half sisters ( whom Iv'e never seen ) 1 of the daughters moved to Queensland and was an accountant.Any information greatly appreciated

family tree

Debra-Ann Arlene Brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 948171349000
Dear fellow relatives, Hello, I am the only daughter of John Bert Brabazon and Erma Algard Brabazon....I am interested in assisting anyone with finding out which branch of the tree my nest is situated in.....I have access to some info and am interested in helpoing to locate any and all relatives so that we can start an american reuniion like the one they have in Ireland....also, With my background in journalism....i have a lot of knowledgs and access to me if we can get together..thanx d-a

first brabazon ever

Debra-Ann Arlene Brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 948171599000
It is my understanding that the name is originally belgian...Jacque the barbarian was William the conquorers right hand man or something like that....he was instrumental in the invasion of England and the subsequent relations that came form there. Also.....Many of our relatives had been sent to Australia and America as prisoners or outcasts....a gentleman by the name of Kevin Brabazon, orig fr. england or ireland, told me that the family history is very much alive and well in england and they even have a newsletter.......i will check my resources to see what I have available.

Hey Debba

S. Algard (View posts)
Posted: 950193081000
I was on this web site when i saw your message posted. Well i know i am related to you. Lol, I figured i would yous this oppertunity to get in touch with you. Feel free to e-mail me or get in tough so we can catch up on things. Hope to hear from you soon.

dublin brabazons

miriam brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 954074745000
hi shauna
read your message with interest
my family are all from dublin and go back several generations i am just getting
interested in our family tree it is
proving a little difficult as my father died
18 years ago he has a brother and sister in
england but they are quite elderly and dont
remember much!!!let us know more about yourself and your connection with dublin

all the best

to debra ann

chris brabazon (View posts)
Posted: 954682529000
i would love to get together e-mail or call me at 215-289-8788 phila. pa. usa
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