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My father was Sherman Astrop from South Hills Va. I am searching for others with this unusual last name in hopes of finding our roots. Please e-mail me for further communication.


Barbara Wireman (View posts)
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My GGMother was Susan Astrop, married to Elisha Meadows in Johnson County, KY. Her father was Jesse Astrop. I believe they were from Virginia. I do not have much info, but Jesse Astrop was married 3 times, do not know who his first wife was - the one I am decended from. It is an unusual name, and I would love to know more about the Astrops. All help appreciated.

family history

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My father was Grady Morgan Astrop, born l/ll/l0. His father was Grover Astrop, and his grandfather was Lon Astrop. That is as far as we can trace them. However, there are several other Astrops listed in the white pages under different search tanks. Most notably under where I found 13 of them, excluding my mother, who is also listed. My father had half-brothers and I am going to contact some names I think my be a link to them. I believe my father told us that the original spelling of the name was Aistrop. I have obtained a family name history for Aistrop telling about the original English surname as a corruption of Aisthorp. It is of toponymic origin, that is, it belongs to the category of surnames derived from the place where the initial bearer once lived or held land. In this instance the name is "one who came from Aisthorp", the name of a village in Lincolnshirebetween Brattlesy and Scampton, six miles north of Lincolnshire..... It goes on to say that today it is a rare surname and there is no recorded listing of a coat of arms having been granted to a family of this surname.

I have heard from a lady in Canada who has done some research on her Astrop relatives and found several of them in London, England. My search has not led me there, of course, but I am sure that all of us are related somehow as it is such a rare name indeed. If you have a fax machine, I could fax you a copy of the names I found but you can log on to under phone number and addresses for the surname Astrop and you may find someone who is linked to you. Another search engine if Yahoo, under the white pages. I believe there are some different names in Virginia listed there.
I don't know if this helps you but just to know there are others out there looking is a comfort in someway I'm sure. Good Luck to you in your search and you can e-mail me to let me know of how you do.

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I just got interested in this internet thing and was looking up some information about the Astrops on my end. My father was Grady Morgan Astrop, whose father was Grover Astrop, and grandfather, Lon Astrop, all of who lived around the Rusell County Virginia area. Just yesterday, I was searching the web for genealogy sites and somehow happened upon the Russell County Virginia web site. They have added some old records of people who had had access to them, which I am sure has been a tedious task. I clicked on to a site of marriages in the l800s and found some information. One was a Jesse Astrop who married on 2/2/l865 to Ellen Walden in Washington County, Virginia. (This was taken from a marriage register of Rev. Alexander Little, born in Russell County in 9/8/l834. I don't believe we are related to them but I thought it was odd that they lived in Russell County, same as my ancestors and being such an unusal name, I feel that somehow they could be related. The problem being that noone seems to know who my great-great grandfather's father was. I know that doesn't make sense and I can't understand why they didn't know more about their relatives but apparently they didn't. My mother doesn't know either but she thinks that it could have been Oliver Astrop who is listed under this same text as getting married in l2/28/l885. But nothing for sure here.

I have looked up Astrops in the search engine white pages for telephone numbers and found about l3 names ( My mother is listed here as well, but there is another site that I plan to go to and copy this list as well, (I think its I have heard from a lady in Canada who is searching for her Astrop ancestors as well. She sent me a copy of what she found but I don't see a connection to me. She said she found a lot of Astrops in London, England. She also said because it is such a rare surname that she is sure we are all connected someway.

Also, my father did tell us that the name was originally spelled as Aistrop and the "i" was dropped by someone earlier in his lineage. By the way, he didn't know much about them either. That is the sad part. It is almost a standstill as far as researching them. I have tried different sites on the web but haven't been able to identify yet with anything concert. But I will keep trying and coming up with new ideas. I will probably have to get one of the CDs that list immigrants coming over but that is a long short not knowing where they did migrate from, etc.

Good luck to you and your endeavors to get information. Let me know how you do.



Barbara Wireman (View posts)
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I found Jesse Astrop married to Mary in the 1850 Letcher County, KY census. He was born 1780, she=1808. Another Jesse Astrop, born 1820, married to Louisa, is in the 1880 Johnson County, KY census. They had 2 sons living with them, John, Albert, plus one grandson, Jack KING, 11. This makes three brothers sisters that I definitely know about.


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My GGgrandfather wrote "My grandfather Murphy married my grandmother Jane Astrop, in Russell Co. VA about 1830. They lived in Rusell Co. Va until about 1859 and they then moved to Johnson Co. KY where they lived until they died."

I Think Jane Astrop was b. about 1808; if Aistrop is from VA or NC, I do not know. I am looking for any information that may help me learn more about this family. Thanks.

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Sian J Astrop (View posts)
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My father is Ken J Astrop and we live in England. I believe there is only one other Astrop living in England, and that is my uncle Roy who lives in Northampton. There is a road in England that is called Astrop Road. My grandfather was called Albert Astrop and I have a brother called Ryan J Astrop. I believe there are several Astrops living in the USA.

further England Astrops

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As per my previous correspondence I forgot to mention that my Uncle Roy Astrop had two sons, Neil and Ian. They both near to Northampton and Leicester. My brother, Ryan Astrop, now lives in Hong Kong so there is an Astrop in Asia! My grandfather used to live in a seaside resort in Essex and my family, except my brother, still live in Essex, England. I do not of anyone else of the Astrop name living in London but my grandfather had brothers I think - oh yes there is a Jon Astrop who works as a carpenter on one of our TV DIY shows. If any one has any info on Astrops in England please email. Thanks, Sian

the Astrops

John Astrop (View posts)
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Dear Sian
There are quite a few of us Astrops in England.
I am the dad of the Jon Astrop you mention that is on the TV Real Rooms programmes. The Astrops came over from Scandanavia centuries ago
with the Vikings and settled in Lincolnshire. I have collected
a lot of family links and can let you have
a printout of the family tree that I have.
I think we may be linked. I have records of two Ken Astrops in my files.
Contact me if you're still interested.
I have a website at
Best wishes
if you make contact with me

more astrop research for sian

John Astrop (View posts)
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just had a look at my material on the Astrops
and I think I've found your dad, grandfather, g/grandfather
and gg/grandfather.
I have a Herbert (not Albert) John Astrop born 1911,
who had two sons Roy and Kenneth.
We may be distantly related if I've got this right.
My g/grandfather William Astrop was your gg/grandfather.
I have a picture of him on this website
Get in touch
all the best
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