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Surnames: Saunders Sanders
The Library of Virginia.
Colonial Records Project.
Colonial, Land, Bible Records, etc.
Sanders search 1801-1820 35 records
Saunders search 1801-1820 123 records

(some notes: For the entries of deaths & marriages listed from newspapers it should be noted that the date referenced is the date of publication in the newspaper unless otherwise noted. All counties are in Virginia unless otherwise noted. Most of the land records are digitized but the text was extracted from the library card and not the actual record.)

1) Margaret Sanders, 6 January 1801, 151 acres adjoining Peter Bowman and William Blain &c. Grantee(s): Loftus, John; Sarah Woods (late Sarah Loftus), George Loftus, Margaret Sanders (late Margaret Loftus), Ralph Loftus, Washington Loftus, James and Nathan Loftus (Heirs at law and legal representatives of Ralph Loftus dec’d.). Rockingham County.
2) Peter Saunders, 11 August 1801, grantee 134 acres on the head waters of Smiths River known by the name of Jacks Creek adjoining Thompson. Patrick County.
3) John Saunders, 1803, will in Chesterfield County.
4) Nancy Saunders, 25 June 1803, Married- On Saturday the 18th inst. Matthew Clay, Esq., member of congress, from this State, to Miss Nancy Saunders, of Buckingham county. (p. 3, c. 4).
5) John Saunders, 11 October 1803, grantee along with Archibald Haslerig 500 acres. Wythe County.
6) John Saunders, 11 October 1803, grantee along with Archibald Haslerig 279 acres. Wythe County.
7) Letterbook, 1803-1807, of William Hodgson (ca. 1765-1820) of Alexandria, Virginia, concerning Hodgson’s responsibilities as executor of the estate of his brother-in-law William Ludwell Lee (1775-1803) of Greenspring [Green Spring] plantation in James City County, Virginia. Correspondence details Hodgson’s administration of the estate, including his efforts to pay and collect debts, and to make sure the Greenspring plantation operates. References to accounts, slave purchases, agricultural production, freed slaves, and plantation upkeep form the bulk of the topics of the letters. There are also references to yellow fever outbreaks in Alexandria. Hodgson’s letters to Samuel Thorp of London, England, also include criticism of the administration of President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), American relations with Great Britain, and the war between Great Britain and France. There is substantial business correspondence as well as personal and familial notes. The correspondents include a number of business associates, family members, and prominent individuals, many of who had business or legal dealings with William Ludwell Lee. 236 page leather bound book. (There is apparently a reference to a Robert Sanders somewhere within but it doesn’t state what the reference is).
8) Sanders family bible record, The bible was found in a store in Roanoke, Va. No locations given in the bible. Dudley T. Sanders was born 31 October 1805, Ann H. his wife was born 17 January 1805. They were married 28 October 1828. Children: James Edward was born 2 August 1829, Lucy Ann was born 10 December 1830, Robert Dudley was born 13 January 1837, John Francis was born 4 October 1834, Thomas Wharton was born 16 February 1839, William David was born 25 February 1841, Mary Elizabeth was born 14 March 1843, Benjamin Minor was born 15 February 1847, Sarah Virginia was born 5 May 1849.
9) Saunders family bible, 1804-1907, link unavailable.
10) David Sanders, 2 December 1805, John Bourn grantee 1391/4 acres adjoining his own and the land of William Mickie, Evel Bowler, David Sanders, &c. Louisa County.
11) John Sanders, 26 May 1806, William Newton grantee 7 acres adjoining the land of the legatees of John Sanders. Buckingham County.
12) Stephen Saunders, 18 July 1806, Harald Smyth grantee 15 acres adjoining his own and Stephen Saunders land. Wythe County.
13) Vincent Saunders, Bond, 18 September 1806, between Vincent Saunders and Ritchie Alsop, and James Davis of King George County, Virginia.
14) John Saunders, 1807-1808, Enclosure "VI" contains the accounts of John Saunders & the Sheriff of Wythe County against the Commonwealth for carrying William Rowison, a free negro, from Wythe County to the State of Maryland according to the "act to prevent the migration of free negroes or mulattoes into this Commonwealth."
15) Sarah Saunders, Alexandria daily advertiser. Married- Yesterday at Friends’ Meeting House, Mr. Elisha Talbot, to Miss Sarah Saunders.
16) Robert, Fleming & Peter Saunders, 8 July 1808, grantees 110 acres on the south side of Pig River, Franklin County.
17) Nathaniel Saunders, 30 August 1808. Virginia herald (Fredericksburg, Va.). Died- Rev. Nathaniel Saunders of Orange County, age 73, at Greenville, the seat of John Wharton, Esq., of Culpeper County on Thursday the 18th inst.
18) John Saunders, 12 July 1809, grantee 105 3/4 acres On the waters of Dutch Creek. Amherst County.
19) Brinkley bible, Nansemond County, Admiral Brinkley son of Jacob was born 22 February 1809, Margaret Jane, daughter of Job Saunders, was born 27 August 1817. They were married 10 September 1835.
20) Judith Saunders, Died- Mrs. Judith Saunders, consort of Col. Robert H. Saunders of Goochland, on Friday, July 21 1809.
21) Lewis Saunders, 8 December 1809, Norfolk gazette and publick ledger (Norfolk, Va. : 1804 : Triweekly). Died- On the 4th inst., Mr. Lewis Saunders, for the last 4 or 5 years Deputy Naval Officer of this port (Norfolk).
22) Mariann Saunders, 28 December 1809, Enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1804). Died- Mrs. Mariann Saunders, consort of R. Saunders, Esq., of Williamsburg. No date.
23) Major John Saunders, 24 March 1810, Died- Major John Saunders, at Norfolk, on Thursday the 15th inst., for many years commandant at Fort Nelson. Visitor (Richmond, Va. : 1809). Died- On Thursday night at Fort Nelson, Major John Saunders, of the corps of Artillerists and Engineers of the U.S. Army and commandant of the Post. Funeral to be on Sunday at Fort Nelson, at 11 o’clock.
24) John C. Saunders, 17 February 1810, Visitor (Richmond, Va. : 1809). Married- At Norfolk, Mr. John C. Saunders, merchant, to Miss Mary Ann Campbell. No date.
25) Margaret Saunders, 3 March 1810, Visitor (Richmond, Va. : 1809). Married- In Brunswick County, on the 14th inst., Mr. Robert A. Taylor, merchant, of Louisberg, to Miss Margaret Saunders, of Brunswick.
26) Robert Saunders, 13 February 1810, Virginia Argus. Married- On Thursday the 1st inst. by the Rev. Mr. Ford, at Major John Trevelian’s in Goochland, Col. Robert Saunders to Miss Lucy Mayo, daughter of the late Joseph Mayo, Esq., of Powhatan.
27) Saunders family papers. Papers of Walter Herron Taylor (1838-1916) of Norfolk, Virginia, including correspondence, newspaper articles, printed matter, business papers, church records, and family papers, primarily concerning the Civil War. These papers are contained on 5 reels. Saunders family papers (1810, 1837-1892) are contained on reel 5 along with and the papers of John L. Saunders including a deed for a church pew (1847).
28) Peter Sanders, 14 November 1810, Daniel Sheilon Sr. grantee 80 acres on the waters of the west fork of Little River adjoining Peter Sanders and Richard Wells, etc. Montgomery County.
29) Aaron Sanders, 23 May 1811, grantee 3 acres 2 r. 4 poles adjoining the land of Francis Awbrey, Catesby Cock, Clapham &c. Loudoun County.
30) Samuel S. Saunders, Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1815 : Semiweekly. Married Eliza W. Davidson. 11 September 1812.
31) Robert Sanders, 13 May 1812, James Newell grantee 213 acres on the waters of New River adjoining Robert Sanders, Daniel Shaver, and extending. Wythe County.
32) Nancy Saunders, 9 November 1812, grantee 1065 acres. Pittsylvania County. Nancy is the wife of John Saunders. James Walker, deceased, lists his heirs who are all grantees of this acreage. Nancy is a child of Susannah McGraw and William McGraw. Susannah is a daughter of the deceased James Walker. Names all of the heirs of James Walker.
33) Wren Saunders, 5 June 1813, Virginia herald (Fredericksburg, Va.). Died- Yesterday Mr. Wren Saunders, a member of Capt. John W. Green’s volunteer corps and Sergeant-Major of the Regiment to which he was attached. He was sick when he arrived here last Wednesday with Capt. Green’s Company, from Norfolk.
34) Robert Saunders, 26 March 1813, Packet "B" includes three letters labeled 1-3. Enclosure #1 contains a copy of a letter from Robert Saunders, dated 26 March 1813, rejecting the Governor’s appointment of him as judge of the General Court.
35) James Saunders, 14 May 1814, Virginia patriot (Richmond, Va. : 1809), Married- On May 9, in North Carolina, Lieut. James Saunders of the U.S. Navy, to Miss Harriet Davis, daughter of Mr. William Davis, printer, of Norfolk.
36) Col. Robert H. Saunders, 19 Aprill 1814, The "Mutual Assurance Society, against Fire on Buildings, of the State of Virginia" was incorporated by the General Assembly on December 22, 1794, Insurance offered by the company was against "all losses and damages occasioned accidentally by fire." Henrico County. His dwelling, Short Pump Tavern, was insured and valued at $3750. (there are multiple entries for various properties insured by Robert in various years).
37) John Saunders, 10 November 1814, Farmers’ repository. Died- On September 9, near New Orleans, La., while on his way to Mobile, Ala., Lieut. John Saunders, of the U.S. Army, formerly of Charles-Town, Va. (now in W.Va.).
38) Saunders family bible, Judge Fleming Saunders – Flat Creek, Evington, Campbell County. Fleming was married on Thursday 19 May 1814 to Alice Watts, the 4th daughter of Mrs. Mary Watts. Robert C. Saunders married 28 April 1851 to Caryetta Davis of Charlottesville, Va. Peter Saunders was married 27 September 1855 to Betty L. Dabney of Campbell. Ann Marie Saunders was married 31 August 1845 to Thomas L. Preston of Abingdon. Louisa M. Saunders was married 4 October 1855 to Reverend Richard Davis of Charlottesville. Births of Children: Mary Elizabeth 31 March 1815, Sarah W. 16 July 1817, William W. 18 January 1820, Edward W. 4 November 1821, Peter 6 October 1823, Anna Marie 19 October 1825, Robert C. 26 May 1827, Fleming 18 July 1829, Louisa M. 1 October 1833. Deaths – Col’n Peter Saunders, father of Fleming Saunders, died on Tuesday, at his own residence, 17 August 1813. Cap’t Robert Saunders, brother of Fleming, died 21 October 1825. William W., Mary Elizabeth & Sarah W. all passed before adulthood.
39) Rev. John Hyde Saunders, 5 October 1814, Daily compiler. Married- In Powhatan County on Saturday, October 1, by Rev. John Rice, Maj. Ferdinand Prinizy, of Augusta, Ga., to Mrs. Mary Houston Adams, daughter of Rev. John Hyde Saunders, of Powhatan County.
40) Maj. James Saunders, 14 July 1815, Norfolk herald (Norfolk, Va. : 1813). Married- Last evening by Rev. Symes, Maj. James Saunders of Loudon County, to Miss Lucy M. Lee, daughter of the late Richard E. Lee of Norfolk (Mayor in 1806).
41) Mary Saunders, 1815, Baker-Copeland family papers, Judith Ann Hunter (1819-1880) married John R. Copeland on 11 October 1836. He was born on 11 November 1811 in Nansemond County, and was the son of John Copeland (d. 1861) and Mary Saunders.
42) Robert Saunders, 24 November 1815, American beacon and commercial diary (Norfolk, Va. : 1815 : Daily). Died- At Williamsburg on the 17th inst., at the house of Mr. Robert Saunders, Mrs. Mary Hunter, relict of the late William I. Hunter, of Norfolk, and eldest daughter of the Capt. Robert Barron of that same place.
43) Tarlton Saunders, 31 January 1816, Virginia patriot (Richmond, Va. : 1809). Died- On Tuesday, Mrs. Saunders, consort of Mr. Tarlton Saunders, of Whidby, near Manchester.
44) John Saunders, 7 June 1816, Norfolk and Portsmouth herald (Norfolk, Va. : 1815). Died- On Wednesday last, John Saunders, Weigher and Guager for the Custom-House Department.
45) Romulus Mitchell Saunders, 1791-1867, Daniel Harvey Hill papers on 3 reels, there are many locations referenced in the index, it does not state what details are revealed about Romulus.
46) Sir Edmund Saunders, Brookfield [Mass.]: Printed by E. Merriam and Co. 1816. Great Britain. Court of King’s Bench. The reports of the most learned Sir Edmund Saunders, knt. ... of several pleadings and cases in the Court of King’s Bench, in the time of the reign of His Most Excellent Majesty King Charles the Second. [1666-1672] With three tables: the first, of the names of the cases; the second, of the matters contained in the pleadings; and the third, of the principal matters contained in the cases. Saunders, Edmund, Sir, d. 1683.
47) Anthony family papers, 1816-1900, Bedford County, Saunders, Angeline Lewis, ca. 1824-1863. Saunders, Julius, b. 1820.
48) Lieut. James Saunders, 9 December 1816, American beacon and commercial diary (Norfolk, Va. : 1815 : Daily). Died- Lieut. James Saunders, of the U. S. Navy, on Saturday last, in the 24th year of his age.
49) Ann Saunders, 7 January 1817, Richmond enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1815 : Semiweekly). Married- On Wednesday, December 18, 1816, by Rev. Robert B. Semple, Mr. Archibald Brown, merchant, of King William County, to Miss Ann Saunders, of King and Queen County.
50) Rev. John H. Saunders, 25 July 1817, Richmond enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1815 : Semiweekly). Died- At his residence in Powhatan County, on June 24, Rev. John H. Saunders, in the 76th year of his age.
51) Fleming Saunders, 10 May 1817, grantee 2 3/4a. On the waters of Blackwater. Franklin County.
52) William Saunders, 16 July 1817, City of Richmond (Cloptons addition), insured by the Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia. 2 dwellings and 2 kitchens insured for $3000.
53) George Saunders, 15 July 1817, City of Richmond (Cloptons addition), insured by the Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia. 1 dwelling and 1 grocery store insured for $2500.
54) John Sanders, 1817, Scott County (Va.) John Sanders Marriage Bond, 1817. Consists of a bond from John Sanders and Samuel Estep to Governor Preston for the marriage of John Sanders and Rachel Estep.
55) Maria Louisa Sanders, 21 November 1817, Norfolk and Portsmouth herald (Norfolk, Va. : 1815). Married- In Baltimore on Wednesday, by Rev. Bishop Kemp, William Anderson, of the Island of Dominica, to Miss Maria Louisa Sanders, of Philadelphia. (p. 3, c. 3) .
56) William Sanders, 10 September 1817, Farmers’ repository. Died- William Sanders, shot accidentally by Abram Harter, near Paris, Ky. Sanders was from Baltimore. (p. 2, c. 4).
57) Mary Hudson Saunders, 25 August 1801, Virginia gazette, and general advertiser. Married- On Wednesday the 19th inst. by the Rev. James Dickerson, Mr. Samuel Adams, of Cumberland, to Miss Mary Hudson Saunders, daughter of the Rev. John H. Saunders, of Powhatan County. (p. 3, c. 5).
58) Amelia Gunnell Saunders, 16 December 1818, Farmers’ repository. Married- At Leesburg, on Thursday, December 3, by Rev. Griffith, Mr. John Augustine Parker Custis Washington, of Fairfax County, to Miss Amelia Gunnell Saunders, of Leesburg.
59) Saunders family bible, Buckingham County, On page 1 – negroes ages Silvey born 21 June 1819, Joseph born 20 August 1826, Ann born 5 July 1830, Elvira born 19 December 1837, Thomas born 20 November 1839, Martha born 1 November 1841, Mary born 10 April 1845, Rebecca born 11 May 1851, Frank born 23 June 1855. On page 2 - George D. Saunders & Mary A. Jones were married 30 November 1843 by Rev. Wm. Moore. Laura Jones Saunders was born 18 December 1844, Mary Virginia Saunders was born 7 January 1847.
60) William Saunders, January 1819, Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia, insurance for dwelling in Duval’s Addition in Richmond. $4500.
61) Col. William Saunders, 26 May 1819, Virginia herald (Fredericksburg, Va.). Died- On May 11, at his residence in Carolina County, Col. William Saunders, in the 57th year of his age.
62) William Saunders, 19 August 1819, Richmond commercial compiler. Died- Yesterday, Mr. William Saunders, bricklayer, of Richmond leaving a wife and three small children.
63) Tarlton Saunders, 3 October 1819, property in Richmond insured by Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia. Dwelling house for $1750.
64) Asa L. Saunders, 4 July 1820, Virginia patriot, and Richmond daily mercantile advertiser, Married- In Charleston, Kanawha County, Va. (now W. Va.) on Thursday, May 25, by Rev. Craddock, of Charleston, Va. (now W. Va.), Asa L. Saunders, to Miss Ann Wright, both formerly of Richmond.
65) Rev. J. Saunders, 26 January 1820, Virginia patriot, and Richmond daily mercantile advertiser. Married- On Wednesday, January 19, by Rev. J. Saunders, Maj. Edward Pescud, Editor of the Petersburg Republican, to Miss Susan Brooke Francisco, daughter of Peter Francisco, of Sumerville, Buckingham county.
66) George Saunders, 18 July 1820, Richmond enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1815 : Semiweekly). Died- At his father’s residence in King & Queen County, on the 11th of July, Mr. George Saunders.
67) Capt. Robert H. Saunders, 5 April 1820, Norfolk and Portsmouth herald (Norfolk, Va. : 1815). Married- Yesterday, by Rev. Jones, Capt. Robert H. Saunders, to Miss Sarah D. Mosely, both of Norfolk.
68) Samuel Shield Saunders (1785-1851), 28 May 1820, Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia. Insurance for dwelling in Richmond.
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