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roxburgh family tree

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My name is Robert F.Roseberry. I have an interesting story to present. First of all, I believe that my surname derived from Roxburgh. I have been engaged in a DNA project for the past 3 years and we have made some very interesting matches with Roseborough, and Rosebrugh which are known to be connected to Roxburgh. Please read the article written by Professor Donald McGregor contained in the following material.You will find that there are roughly a dozen surnames that Professor McGregor claims to have been derived from Roxburgh. My fifth great grandmother was born in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scoland in 1737. Please contact me at my email address if you find this information to be of interest to you. Here is my DNA Project information:


In September of 2007 a Roseberry DNA Project was initiated by Wendy Roseberry who is currently living and working in England. Wendy, I and other Roseberry researchers had been corresponding for several years and could not find a connection between her line which has as its earliest known ancestor a Thomas Roseberry Sr. Thomas was born October 31, 1752 in Belfast, Ulster Province, Ireland, and died Before September 26, 1840 in Jefferson Co, Ind. He married Catherine Earhart, daughter of George Earhart and Catharina. She was born August 08, 1778 in PA, and died Bet. February 14, 1844 - 1850 in Jefferson County, IN.

Children of Thomas Roseberry and Catherine Earhart are: Thomas Roseberry, Jr., born November 05, 1792, Nancy Roseberry, born November 07, 1794 , John Roseberry, born July 22, 1797 , Jane Roseberry, born July 07, 1799, , George Roseberry, born November 16, 1800 , Susannah Roseberry, born February 04, 1803 , Mary C. Roseberry, born November 16, 1804, Rebecca Roseberry, born October 16, 1806, Joseph Roseberry, born April 30, 1808, Elizabeth Roseberry, born March 31, 1811, Rosannah Roseberry, born January 29, 1813, Sarah A. Roseberry, born November 04, 1814, Samuel Roseberry, born November 02, 1817, William Harvey Roseberry, born February 02, 1820, and Milton Stap Roseberry, born May 09, 1822.

Wendy's father, Thomas Cook Roseberry and I were the first to have our DNA tested by DNA Heritage who has testing facilities in England and the United States. We both selected a 43 marker test and found that our DNA was a perfect match which proved that we have a common ancestor. He also had an additional SNP test which proved our Haplogroup as R1b3. In searching other DNA testing Laboratories, we found a Ron Roseborough who had a 26 marker test. To our surprise and delight his DNA also matched ours.

More on Haplogroup R1b3. Source:
"A common subtype of R1b haplotype is the Atlantic Modal Haplotype or AMH that is present primarily along the Atlantic coast in Europe and more specifically with the United Kingdom. AMH previously designated HT1.15 is defined by just 6 markers (alleles) as shown in Figure 2. Because of the high prevalence of AMH among the Irish and Welsh, some researchers consider this haplotype to be representative of the early Celtic migrations and a distinguishing characteristic among the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons.
The members of R1b3 (or R-M269, formerly known as R1b) are believed to be the descendants of the first modern humans who entered Europe about 35,000-40,000 years ago (Aurignacian culture). Those R1b3 forebearers were the people who painted the beautiful art in the caves in Spain and France. They were the modern humans who were the contemporaries - and perhaps exterminators - of the European Neanderthals."

Ron Roseborough. The results of the 26 marker test that he took were identical to the corresponding markers on mine and Wendy's dad. Ron has only been able to get back to a John Rosenborough, spelled with an 'n' who was born about 1804 in Mifflin County Pennsylvania. Ron told me that he has cousins who change back and forth from Roseborough to Roseberry as evidenced in public records. A recent additional test through DNA Heritage of 43 markers also showed that he was a perfect match with Wendy's dad and me.

According to DNA Heritage, our testing Lab, there are some simple rules of thumb for considering participants to be related through a common ancestor:
At 23 markers; 21/23, 22/23 and 23/23 matches
At 33 markers; 30/33, 31/33, 32/33 and 33/33 matches
At 43 markers; 39/43, 40/43, 41/43, 42/43 and 43/43 matches

Eight other individuals have been tested and their results are as follows:

Sidney Clay Roseberry is reported by some researchers to descend from a Jonathan Roseberry born about 1726 in Twickenham, England. He resides in Kentucky. We are still looking for proof of that connection. There was a Jonathan Roseberry found in the 1790 census as well as William, John and Isaac Roseberry who are my line. We have proof that Sidney descends from Charles Roseberry Sr, born about 1758 in Virginia.
Sidney had 2 markers that differed from mine and Wendy's dad. He was 41 out 43.

Phillip M. Roseberry is Wendy's dad's first cousin and he resides in Indiana. He also was a perfect match with 43 out of 43 markers.

Larry A. Roseberry resides in Illinois. He descends from William Roseberry born 1751, the first born son of Alexander born 1735. I descend from Isaac Roseberry born 1767, who was one of William's brothers. Larry and I and his first cousin, Marvin Meng were initiated into the Sons of the American Revolution in the Lawrence, Kansas Chapter of SAR in September 2008. Marvin's mother was a Roseberry. On the 43 marker test, Larry had only one marker that did not match.

Jerry D. Roseberry who resides in Georgia 15 had markers that did not match and is not considered to be related to our line. Nevertheless, he has the same haplotype of individuals born along the Atlantic coast of Europe and especially in Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales.

William A. and Michael Roseberry who are cousins from the same line are not considered to be related to our line. All 43 markers were identical to each other.They had 32 markers that did not match mine and Wendy's dad. Their DNA has roots in Central Europe, and they are possibly of either German or Austrian lineage.

Dean A. Rosebery, spelled with one 'r' also has roots in Central Europe, but strangely, his DNA is not remotely connected to William and Michael above. He had 15 markers that did not match William A. and Michael Roseberry. He also had 30 makers that did not match mine and Wendy's dad.

Chris Rosebrugh (yes his name is spelled Rosebrugh) His DNA had two markers that did not match Wendy's dad and mine. This is a very major find. Chris has well documented evidence that his line goes back to 1608 to a Patrick Roseborough born in Ayrshire, Scotland. The surname of Rosebrugh is one of many deviations of the spelling of our surname. Professor Donald McGregor, whom Chris descends from, wrote an article titled: Roxburgh as Place Name and Family Name Over the Centuries. Paste this URL into Google. It is a long read, but well worth your time.

William A. Roseberry of California had a 43 marker test and he too, like Michael, William, and Dean shared the same haplotype, I1a, but no relatonship to any of them. His markers were 12 of 43 compared to Wendy's dad and I, 22 of 43 compared to Dean, and
20 of 43 compared to Michael and William.

I realize that Roseberry is not one of the many surnames listed in the article that derive from Roxburgh, but nevertheless, we have a DNA match to both Roseborough and Rosebrugh. Professor Donald McGregor's article really intrigues me. He says early in the article that Roxburg in Ayrshire Scotland is where it all started. That fascinates me because we have proof that Alexander's wife, Margaret McConnell, was born and christened in Maybole, Ayrshire Scotland in 1737. The many surnames that appear in Professor McGregor's article are near the bottom of the article.

Wendy has documents found in the Genealogy Library at Carlisle, Cumberland County, PA where Alexander served in the Revolutionary War, while living in Shippensburg. Those records show that he was listed both as Alexander Roseberry and as Alexander Roseborough in Tax and Court records.

To see more information on these DNA related individuals, Use Google to search for "World Connect Project" , then enter in the search box the name and birth years of each of the below listed individuals.

Thomas Roseberry Sr. born 1752
Charles Roseberry Sr. born 1757
Patrick Roseborough born 1608

For additional information on the descendants of Patrick Roseborough, which Chris apparently descends from, you may search Google by copying and pasting the following URL:

We are currently seeking other individuals with Roseberry/Roseborough sounding names to volunteer for testing and hope to find our common ancestor. Our DNA which has a Haplotype of R1bc indicates that our roots are along the Atlantic coast of Europe and especially in Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. It is hoped that we can obtain a GEDCOM from individuals from these major lines. If we can merge them into one data base, we can run an error check to see if we can determine who our common ancestor is.

If anyone reading this Roseberry DNA Project information is interested in having their DNA analyzed, please contact me, Robert F. Roseberry, at or,
Wendy Roseberry at We can assist you with joining our project.

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