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Kevin Yocum is a Descendant of Gall Mussgenug

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Re: Kevin Yocum is a Descendant of Gall Mussgenug

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I ran across a lead and emailed a gentlemen named James Moose. Here is what he sent me in reply. I can't attach the file but I am more than happy to send anyone a copy. Just email me at Hope it helps :)


The family were originally from the Karlsruhe Area in Baden Germany. They lived in several villages, primarily Sollingen but also Grotzingen and possibly Durlach. The latter town is currently a suburb of Karlsruhe and but is older than Karlsruhe. Grotzingen is adjacent to Durlach and Sollingen close by.

The original family name was Mussgnug or Mussgenug which is quite an unusual German name. Muss is the same word as our must and genug means enough. However, I believe that muss also means or meant to strive after something. If that is the case then the name might be translated as sufficient striving.

The German Family German church records were mostly destroyed in the 30 years war and therefore the records become scarce prior to about 1600. The information assembled by our family really starts with the first Johann Nikolaus below. We are aware that his father was Gallus or Gall David Mussgnug. The dates for Gall David and the information on his apparent father, Martin Mussgnug, come from other family trees in Ancestry.Com.

Almost all of the family trees on Ancestry. Com, show that the first known Mussgnug was Martin Mussgnug who lived in Sollingen 1562-1611. . He was a Lutheran as were all of the other members of the family. His son was Gall David. The family historian, George Howard Moose of Charleston W.Va. however, says that Martin did not have a son Gall David so I have not included Martin in my tree since the records show we are descended from Gall David..

Gall David Mussgnug ( 1596- about 1675)The next recorded member of the family and the first certain member is Gall David Mussgnug who seems to have been born around 1596 and was living in Sollingen in the mid 1600s. He may have been named for St. Gall, an Irish Saint who settled in the Alps. His wife was named Barbara and a German family tree we received indicates her last name was Wentz or Wentzen. They had six children of whom two seemed to have died early. One of their children was Johann Nicolaus Mussgnug.

Gall David survived the Thirty years war (1618-48) when continual warfare between Catholics and Protestants reduced the population of Sollingen from about 750 to about 250. Gall David was a Protestant and Southern German, where he lived, was mostly Catholic although Sollingen was Protestant (Lutheran). Gall David is listed as a regular communicant of the local Lutheran Church.

Johann Nicolaus Mussgnug (about 1636-about 1700) was married on October 3, 1665 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sollingen to Elisabetha Repple. daughter of Friedrich Repple also of Sollingen. Johann Nicholaus and Elisabetha had nine children including one also called Johann Nicolaus Mussgung (2). They survived several wars and at least two lootings and destruction of the adjacent town of Durlach by French Soldiers. One of their cousins also named Johann Nicholaus Mussgnug was shot and killed by soldiers.

Johann Nicolaus Mussgnug (2) was born April 1 1685, baptized April 5, 1685 and died April 10, 1736 age 51 all in Sollingen. He married Anna Katharina Hess in 1708 who was born in Sollingen and the daughter of Ludwig Hess and Anna Katharina Armbruster. Ludwig Hess seems to have originally come from Munsingen in Wurttemberg but moved to Sollingen perhaps when he married Anna Katharina who was from Sollingen. Ludwig drove (owned?) wagons for a living. The Armbrusters were another old Sollingen family with Anna’s father Hans Martin and grand father Michael having been born in Sollingen. Johann Nicholaus and Anna Katharina Mussgnug had four known children; 1)Maria, 2) Johann Jacob, 3) Johann David and 4) Johann Christoph. All were born and baptized in Sollingen. Johann Jacob and Johann David both immigrated to America although separately.

During their life in Solllingen, the village was looted by French troops during the war of Spanish Succession ( 1702-1707) and they were forced to supply labour and funds to build fortifications for the French After Johann Nicolaus’ death the French returned in 1744 and 1745 and seized crops as well as apparently occupying the town.

Johann Jacob was baptized August 9, 1712 and migrated to the US. He arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship Nancy from Rotterdam via Cowes England on September 27, 1752 age 40. Johann Jacob married Anna Maria Meyer, was a blacksmith and settled on Jordan Creek near Allentown Pa. ( Northampton County) where he died in 1793. He had eight children including two boys Jacob and David. They seem to have originally used the name Muskenunk and Mussgenug and then shifted to Moose. Their son Jacob or Jake married Catherine Bachman and they migrated to the area of Dansville New York. Jake and Catherine had 12 children of whom 10 survived and 52 grand children. There is a Moose family in upstate New York which is largely descended from them as well as Henry (below).

Johann David, the second son, was born in Sollingen July 12, 1720. He was a saddler by trade. On July 14, 1744 in Grotzingen he married Elizabeth Kurtz daughter of Johann (or Hans) Georg Kurtz and Anna Eva Heydt (Heidt) Kurtz of Grotzingen. They immigrated to the US arriving in Philadelphia on September 16, 1751 aboard the ship “Brothers” from Rotterdam. It would have been a difficult and expensive journey with very little room on the ship for the two adults and two children. Probably it consumed most of their assets and Johann David would have had to find a job almost immediately to support the family.

They seem to have settled north of Philadelphia in Northampton County Pa. They had six children one of whom died as an infant. Their first two children Johann Georg (born May 1, 1745 and baptized May 3) and Eva were born and baptized in Grotzingen . The other three, Anthony, Henry and Jacob were born in the U.S. Anthony died in 1800 without male children. Henry (born 1755 in Berks Ct.) served in the American Revolution, married Maria Baer, settled in Ulster County NY (Saugerties) and had six children.

The North Carolina Family Two of Johann David’s sons migrated in North Carolina. These are Johann Georg or George Mussgnug and Jacob Mussgnug. Jacob married Barbara Buzzard and moved to Cabarrus County North Carolina, outside Charlotte. They had nine children and many descendents. Most of the North Carolina Mooses are descended from Jacob and Barbara Buzzard.

Johann Georg or George Mussgnug (1745-1807?)married Christina Anthony in 1770 who was the daughter of Sophronica and Paulus Anthony. They settled near Taylorsville in 1772 in what is now Alexander Co. N.C. (west of Statesville N.C.) He served in the revolutionary war in 1778-79 as a private in 1st troop Lee’s Legion Continental Troops. He was a tailor and small scale farmer and had four sons, George Jr., Anthony, John and Frederick. Anthony stayed in the Statesville Area and had fourteen children of whom two died in infancy. (George is on the DAR list of men who served in the Revolution.)
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