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Will of Solomon Lapham of Glocester, Providence, Rhode Islad

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Will of Solomon Lapham of Glocester, Providence, Rhode Islad

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Classification: Will
Surnames: Lapham, Brown, Whipple
Transcribed from SAMPUBCO copy by Sheryl Romasco
Glocester RI Will book GLO-3 page 44

The copy of this will was very faint and hardly legible. I have transcribed as much as I could read.

Will of Solomon Lapham

I Solomon Lapham of Glocester in the county of Providence in the state of Rhode Island yeoman being weak of body but of sound mind and memory (Blessed be God) do this 28th day of February AD 1800 and of American Independence the twenty fourth make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following (that is to say) In promise I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Silvia the third part of my household indoor moveables and also that my said wife shall have a home kept on my farm for her own use and also that she have half the room and priviledges in the southwest room on the lower floor of my dwelling house with the same priviledge in the East(?) rooms in the chamber in the west part of my said house with one third part of my cellar room all which I give unto my said wife during the time she remains my widow. And that my said wife shall have half the rooms in the garret of my said house during the aforesaid widowhood.

Second I give unto my son William Lapham to be added to his other land a certain piece of land off from the southwest part of my homestead farm _icate in said Glocester to bound on John Mathewson's land at the west end and from there to extend easterly so as to add a strip of land four rods wide from the said William's other land until it comes to the road be there more or less to him the said William his heirs and assign forever.

Third I give unto my son/in law Elisha Brown and unto his present wife Rebecah my daughter upon bond _____they ________ _______ support me and my aforesaid wife _____ ______ ____ _____ both in a comfortable manner and also that he the said Elisha Brown shall and do pay out all the leg___ there in ______ together with all my just debts and funeral charges on which condition I give ____ therein the said Elisha Brown and Rebecah his said wife and unto their heirs and assign forever all my Homestead farm including all my buildings and other improvements thereon that part given to my said son William ____ aforesaid only ex________. Also I give this ____ the aforesaid Elisha Brown and Rebekah his present wife all my farming tools money and live stock that I shall die seized(?) of

______ I give unto each of my three sons namely Thomas, William, and Duty two hundred good silver dollars a piece to be paid out by the said Elisha's wife as aforesaid ______-- my two daughters namely Rhoda, the wife of Nathan Harris and Ruth the wife of Isaac Thayer to each of them two hundred good silver dollars a piece to be paid by said Elisha and his wife as aforesaid.

____ I give unto Job Whipple my wife's son as a token of my respect to him fifty good dollars to be paid to him by the said Elisha Brown and his wife on the conditions as aforesaid.

____ I make and ordain my aforenamed son in law Elisha Brown and Rebekah his present wife the sole executors to this my last will and testament in witness whereof I the said Solomom Lapham have hereunto set my hand and seal the day month and year first above written.

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Solomon Lapham as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and the presence of each other subscribed our names as witnesses here to

Stephen Cook
Joseph Hines
Jonathan Harris

At a court of probate held at Glocester on the 5th day of July A.D. 1800 this will was laid on the Board by the Executors (who accept of their appointment) for Probate and Misters Jonathan Harris, Stephen Cook and Joseph Hines the witnesses to said will declared on solemn engagement that they saw the testator, Solomon Lapham sign, seal, publish and ordain this paper to be his last will and testament and that they in his presence and in the presence of each other subscribed their names as witnesses hereto. And that he the said testator in the opinion of the said Jonathan and Stephen was then of a sound and disposing mind and memory. And the said Joseph deposed (?) that he was there so short a time when he witnessed said will that he did not know whether the said testator was or was not of a suitable capacity to make a will. And after due consideration on the pre____ using had it is voted and resolved by this court that this will be proved, approved and allowed of as a good and lawful will and the same is hereby ordered recorded. Filed as _______ Per Order

Richard Steere, Probate Clerk

Received for record July 5th 1800 and Recorded by Richard Steere Probate Clerk

___________ ___________ Solomon Lapham of Gloucester the county of Providence and State of Rhode Island who departed this life some time in the month of June A.D. 1800 Did in and by his last will and testament name and appoint his son in law Elisha Brown of Gloucester in the County aforesaid yeoman and Rebekah Brown wife of the said Elisha Sole Executors of his said will and the said Elisha and Rebekah having since proved said will by and before a Court of Probate held at said Gloucester the 5th day of July 1800. These are therefore in the ___ of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation to order fully ____ you the said Elisha and Rebekah to take into your care and custody and possession all and singular the personal estate him the said Solomon Lapham that did belong to him at the time of his death and on the same fully to administer by paying all his just debts and legacies and to act and do in all matters of things relating the aforesaid will are required and directed to do and be the ___able times to render a just and true account of your doing or relative of the aforesaid forementioned then even you shall be legally called unto in to said Court of probate or their successors in said office. Given by and of said Court of Probate aforesaid and sealed with their seal the said fifth day of July. Richard Steere, Probate Clerk

Received for Record July 5, 1800 and recorded by Richard Steere Probate Clerk

A true inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels rights and ____ of Solomon Lapham yeoman late of Gloucester in the County of Providence in the state of Rhode Island D-----.

Imp---mus for his wearing apparel 53.41
Item his money 114.26
His notes for money
1. Dated Feb 2nd 1796 for 160 interest until
paid signed William Willcox 160.00
2. Dated Nov 27th 1798 for 18 Dollars with
interest signed Joseph Hines 18.00
3. Dated Nov 14 1799 with interest for two
dollars signed Solomon Owen 2.00
4. 25th 5mo 1792 for 11 dollars with interest
Joseph Darling with two _________ the
First May 3, 1794 for eighteen shillings
______ the second for thirteen shillings
_______ Feb 21, 1795 ?.84
5. Dated May 17th 1793 for L _ ..8 on
interest signed Lovel Puls----- 8.00
6. Dated June 7th 1797 for L__ ..6..3 on
interest signed Solomen Owen __ 4.37
7. Dated March 1st 1794 for L8..10..3
on interest signed _inah Willcox 28.37
8. 7th 4mo 1792 for L20..8..11 on
interest signed Jethro Lapham
Indorsed May 3rd 1794 L.7..10
Remains of the principal 63.15
9. Dated Dec 30th 1794 for L10p L.M
signed Elisha Bartlet 63.33
10. Dated Decem 21st 1799 for 9 dollars
1 cent on interest signed Stephen Cook 9.1
11. Dated Nov 21st 1799 on interest signed
Joseph Mathewson 7.83
12. Dated Oct 7th 1797 for 20 D on interest
signed S-l-amn Ballou 20.00
13. Dated 9th 2mo 1794 for L5..5..9 on
interest signed Mijamin Taft 17.41
14. March 29th 1785 for L2..19..6 on
interest signed __oul Raymond 9.91
15. Payable to _____ _____ dated Oct 23 1784
for L19..3..2 signed _isah Ballou assigned
___ to the said ____ 3.21
16. Dated Oct 29th 1790 for L35..10 on interest
signed Joseph Shepherd and over on the same
Aug 15th 1792 L3..18 Feb 11th 1793 L4..12..8
Remains due on the _____ 89.89 89.89
17. Dated May 29th 1786 for L_ ..16 on interest
signed Stephen Cooper endorsed /5 5.93
18. Dated Sept 18th 1797 55 on interest signed
Richard Lee 55.00
19. Dated 14th 10mo 1785 for L137..3 on interest
signed Moses Aldrich ______
Dec 5th 1785 ____ Dec 10th 1785 L58..10
And Sept 25th 1786 L12..17 _____ _____ 169.83
Due of the principal 835.7
20. Dated Sept 18th 1797 for 5 on interest
signed Richard Lee 5.0

The rest of the items on the list are virtually unreadable and there is no real context for the items that are listed on the page. I can only make out single words like “buttons” and “platters”.

The total of the estate was $1625.24
The appraisers were Simeon Steere
Jonathan Harris
John S____

At a court of Probate held at Gloucester the 20th day of Spetember AD 1800 after Elisha Brown son of David and Rebekah his wife executor and executrix of the last will and testament of the said Solomon Lapham deceased has been engaged _____able to ___ to setting forth the articles contained in this inventory. It is voted and resolved that this inventory be approved allowed and accepted of and hereby is ordered, recorded, voted and ______ Richard Steere Probate Clerk

Received for record Sept 20th 1800 and recorded by Richard Steere Probate Clerk

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