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Detailed 1894 Newspaper Article on Family Genealogy Various Surnames (including Going) Attached

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Detailed 1894 Newspaper Article on Family Genealogy Various Surnames (including Going) Attached

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Surnames: Cady, Going, Whitcomb, Drury, Vilas, Clay, Smith, Cushing, Randall

I came across an amazing article while doing some research for my own family. I only wish I were related to any of the names contained within this article, but I'm not, nor do I know of anyone that is related. There are various names and states mentioned (including Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Vermont).

I hope this helps:

Lowell Daily Sun
Lowell, Mass, Tuesday June 26th, 1894

"Proud of Ancestry


His Little Girl Has a Great-Great Grand-
mother, a Great Grandmother and a Grandmother.

The luckiest man in Lowell in one re-
spect is C. Frank Going. If we are to be-
lieve the men who crack jokes for comic
papers at a given rate per line he is an un-
lucky man, and the fact that he is num-
bered among the 77 hardly offsets this un-
luckiness, in the opinion of many. But
Frank is lucky in a long line of mothers-

Mrs. Edith Going's mother, or Mr. Go-
ing's mother-in-law, is alive, as are also
her mother, her grandmother and great-

In other words there are five genera-
tions, beginning with Baby Going's great-
great-grandmother, and ending with her-
self, a little tot of about a year old.

It might be supposed that Mr. Going
would feel diffident in marrying into such
a family, but, on the contrary, he is proud
of the longevity shown by the old families
from which his wife descended. He likes,
also, to see these maternal ancestors, and
but recently, when they were all on a visit
to him, he had them seated in line in or-
der of their age and photographed.

Their story runneth thus, beginning
with the youngest, Gladys Going a year old:

Her mother, Edith Whitcomb, was born
Nov. 5, 1874, at Landaff, N.H. and is now
20 years old.

Grandmother, Jennie Drury Whitcomb,
born also at Landaff, N.H., Feb. 2, 1856:
is now 38 years old.

Great-grandmother, Sarah Ann Clay
Drury, born at Concord Vt., Oct. 19, 1835;
is now 59 years of age.

Great-great-grandmother, Annie Vilas
Clay, born at Alstead, N.H., Feb. 28, 1797;
is now 97 years and 3 months old, and re-
sides at Wildwood, N.H., formerly Land-

The mother of the last named was Livi-
na Cady, born Sept. 20, 1777, and died
April 18, 1833, at the age of 56 years.

Grandmother Whitcomb had five chil-
dren, two boys and three girls: her mother
had four children, and her grandmother, or
Mrs. Vilas Clay, had nine children, three
of whom are dead, two having died in in-

This makes nineteen-descendants in all
who can be traced to her.

She is today as smart on her feet, al-
most, as any of her daughters. She has
complete possession of her faculties and
can relate stories of events that took place
in her youth.

She has been but seldom sick. In fact,
the only time she remembers having been
sick was for a few days when she was 18
years old, and again for a brief period at
the age of 40, when she had a fever.

She worked a good deal in the open air
at harvesting and planting, and to this she
attributes her good health and long life.
She was in youth a regular attendant at
the Universalist church, where she and
her future husband sang in the choir.
Her husband was a mechanic and died in 1843.

Mrs. Cushing of Tyler street, Lowell,
widow of the late assessor, is a sister of
Mrs. Sarah Anne Clay Drury and, of
course, a daughter of the maternal
patriarch, so to speak--Mrs. Anne Vilas

Mrs. Smith of Missouri, now visiting
Mrs. Cushing, is a sister of Mrs. Cushing,
while a third sister, Mrs. Randall, resides
in Minnesota

None of these sisters have large families,
and Mrs. Cushing has no children.

Mrs. Annie Vilas Clay resided here for
some time when about 75 years of age,and
felt as lively and blithesome as a girl.
Since that time she has spent her years in-
active work, making rugs, mats, quilts
and other articles for use in the house-

Her mother died of paralysis, and she
was at one time threatened with some-
thing of the same kind, but completely
overcame it.

She is hale and hearty, and gives indica-
tions of living to complete the century and
perhaps several years more.

As the representatives of the succeeding
generations are all in good health, and of
good constitution, it is not unlikely that
some of them may hold the honorable title
of great-great-grandmother."

Cady, Going, Whitcomb, Drury, Vilas, Clay, Smith, Cushing, Randall

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