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Gloyne Decendency Chart.

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Gloyne Decendency Chart.

Luke Gassien (View posts)
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Surnames: Gloyne Gloyn Glowen Glown
Hi all

Been a while since I posted to this board, or it's sister board on that other site.

I thought i'd bring people up to date one what my research has netted me so far.

I'm going to reiterate what i've said on the other site, in case some readers of this haven't seen my other posts.

First, let me state, that Burly's ancestors emmigrated much before the John & Fred's emmigrated... and although they are sure to be connected it could well go back to the 1600's to make the connection, but.. maybe less time, only further research will reveal that.

Secondly, something to keep in mind, is that there was a Frederick & John Gloyne who emmigrated, then... their nephews Frederick and John (with two other siblings) emmigrated. This has caused some misunderstandings in the past, as I'm sure you could imagine.

I'll start this decendency with Walter, born circa 1755.

Walter, his birth and parentage still unfound as of yet, (though i know who they were, or more specifically i know who his grandfather was)

He married Joan Hobbs (or so said the marriage register) 6 apr 1790. However Joan Hobbs was in fact a Widow.
Her previous husband was John Hobbs... and John Hobbs & Joan Gloyne (Yes... GLOYNE) married 28 Jun 1775

Joan Gloyne, was the daughter of Richard Gloyne & Elizabeth Reckard, she was baptized 26 Nov 1751 in Lamerton, Devonshire, England. her parents were married there 24 Jun 1745. And although i have speculation as to who her father was, I can't yet confirm it, (nor will I likely be able to) Her mother still remains a mystery.

Joan & her first husband did have 5 Children, one of which (Jane) died an infant... the children were John, William, James, Jane & Joanna.

With her second husband, after she'd reverted back to her original name. she had 4 children with Walter.
the first three died in infancy, (Richard, Walter & another Walter) Leaving only the fourth child, who was christened John Gloyne, 9 Dec 1798 in Milton Abbott.

John Gloyne married to Elizabeth Maker 1 Apr 1826 in Tavistock. They lived on a farm in Lifton parish, called Tinney (which is now a hamlet rather than just a farm)
Elizabeth Maker was chr: 26 Aug 1804 d/o John Maker & Mary (nee Pengelly) (more info on her ancestry... LOTS more if you want to contact me)

John Died rather young, (actually, i believe he died before his father, who was over 40 when John was born.) Leaving his widow to raise the children.

At this point, i'll revert to the more standard decendency chart, as it's rather large.

John Gloyne
+Elizabeth Maker
--John Gloyne c:12 Nov 1826 Marytavy
--Walter c: 26 Apr 1829 Lifton
--+Keziah Samels c: 17 Mar 1833 Boyton d/o William & Elizabeth (more info available)
-----John Henry c: 13 Sep 1859 Stowford
-----Susan circa 1862
-----+William Mounce
-----Emma Jane c: 17 Apr 1862 Stowford
-----William c: 25 Dec 1868 Stowford
-----Walter c: 26 Mar 1871 Stowford
--Elizabeth c: 29 Apr 1832 Lifton1 Sep 1834 Lifton
--Mary c: 1 Sep 1834 Lifton
--William George c: 22 Mar 1837 Lifton
--+Elizabeth (Betsy Frize) <contact for more info>
-----William Frize Gloyne b: 22 Apr 1861 Lifton
-----+Mary Jane Littlejohns d/o William & Joanna b: 29 Jul 1863 Lewtrenchard (more info avail)
----------William George
----------John Frize
----------Albert Norman
----------Charles Walter
-----Emma circa 1862 Lifton
-----+Reg. Col. Charles James Morris. mar. Sept qtr 1896 Tavistock
-----Frederick James b: 24 Sep 1864 Lifton
-----+Elmira Maria Miller
----------Ethel May
----------William Frederick
----------Mary Elizabeth (but I understand he had one more)
-----Elizabeth circa 1868 Lifton
-----+Norman Keast
-----John Norman b: 7 Apr 1871 Lifton
-----+Sarah Gray (this line is well documented)
----------John Norman
----------Walter Joe
----------Elizabeth "Lib"
----------Rose Mary
-----Lucy circa 1874 Lifton
-----Walter circa 1879 Lifton

I don't think there's too much point in going much beyond this, as the information beyond is pretty accessible.

Now, Here's what else i've dug up BEYOND Walter up top

Matthew Gloyne married Margaret <unknown> circa 1671 perhaps in Lewtrenchard, but this is uncertain as of yet.

they had the following children:
Richard c: 29 Mar 1672
Agnes c: 17 Apr 1675 bur: 12 Jan 1689
Mathew c: 19 Jun 1677
John c: 11 Oct 1680
William c: 8 Apr 1683
Walter c: 13 Dec 1687
(all children baptized in Thrushelton)

Son Matthew married to Grace Cory 19 Sep 1707 in Tetcott.
and had Johan, John & Matthew.... at the moment the further decendents of this Matthew are really sketchy, but Johan married Christopher Trick, John seems to disappear, but could've married and had children in the Lydford/Marytavy area. Matthew (the third) most likely had two wives, the second being Joan Mason. having several children, whom i've found burials for, but not baptisms.

Sons Richard, Agnes, John & William, these two I've as of yet been unable to specifically locate, though there are some definate possibilities popping up all the time.

the last child, Walter (1687) married to Elizabeth MATHER or MATHES (the writing in the marriage register is attrocious) 9 Apr 1721 in Lewtrenchard, then they went to Coryton to have their 5 children, and 4 years after the last, they both died within 17 days of each other. (sep 3rd and 20th 1739, walter first)

the children were:
Walter c: 25 Jun 1722
<could be more children elsewhere between these two>
Elizabeth c: 13 Apr 1728
John c: 4 Jan 1731
Margaret c: 15 Jun 1734
Martha c: 10 Apr 1736

John married Elizabeth Tickle 22 Oct 1758 in Bridestow
and I believe they had children Elizabeth & Richard, (likely more) the baptisms remain yet unfound. but there were two John & Elizabeth Gloyne's having kids at that time, so the information is questionable.

the three girls, i've not yet located, but, if you consider the age of Walter or John, and consider when the first Walter I mentioned was born (1755) the timing is perfect, and the areas are within 1 to 5 miles of one another.

I have looked at most of the nearby parishes to find the information that would be needed to make the final links to connect this eldest group to the younger, but no luck so far. Ashbury, a parish which had the parish registers destroyed in a fire is one possiblity that remains. Perhaps a look at Bishop's Transcripts if i ever get the chance might have some information, the other possibility, (and more likely) would be Pyworthy. A parish that did have gloyne's at the right time frame, but I've not yet had the opportunity to peruse the registers.

The research to get to this point, has been long and hard (and not to mention expensive) But i'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. I truly would love to see the Burly lines connect into these, same decendencies But i doubt that it will.

In my research i've dug around many many other Gloyne lines, and welcome any questions if you're trying to place a Gloyne who was born in Devon or Cornwall.

As I alluded in the body of the message, many of the wives i've traced quite extensively, Elizabeth Maker for example goes back to the Visitations of Devon & Cornwall, (some dates in the 1300's and before) (well, i'm still seeking total proof of it, lack of records in the right dates might prove that impossible however.. but any assumptions made are beyond obvious.. with names like Shilston & Bathsheba Carwithen it's pretty obvious)

Hope this chart all in one helps you all to understand how each of you are related to other posters, because this should place almost ALL of the posters except the Burly decendents. John Whedon's Martin Gloyne of Milton Abbott seems to be a different line too, but I suspect decending from a brother or first cousin (named John) of the eldest Matthew in this list. A mention of a Lennawick marriage in a post I believe is also involved in that same line as Martin's but could be from a third parallel line.

Many of the decendents of Matthew used an alias of Glanville from time to time, (and Matthew himself may have) and it is completely possible that he may have his roots traced back to the ancient house of Glanville (which is easily traced back to royal lines) However my opinions on this, and the origins of this alias are split. they were never referred to with any honorific attached to their names, which if they were in fact Glanvilles, then such an honorific would be attached unless they'd been disowned. (perhaps Matthew or his father was a base child of one of the duaghters of the Tavistock Gentry) Also possible would be that they were trying to usurp the claim of nobility.

All the best to all of you
Luke Gassien
(my site needs an update really badly, but does have some useful information)

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