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John Dare

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Re: John E. Dare of Newport, Monmouth, Wales

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Surnames: Dare, Bowen
I have recently been researching the Glamorgan and Monmouth Dares. Many of the families seem to originate from across the Bristol Channel. Though I do not have your John E. Dare listed, I believe that the Glamorgan Dares came from Somerset County, and before that, from Lyme Regis in Dorset County. I do have a very poor photograph of a very old Glamorgan Dare Family Bible, sent to me by its owner, so if you would like a copy of that, please send me an email at I will double check my Southern Wales Dare Family records to see if this John might be listed there. I can also send you the 1881, 1891, and 1901 census records for this John. The birth record for John shows him as John Emanuel, born between Jan and March 1857, but the 1901 census record clearly shows the same children and wife, yet calls him John Edward, so perhaps he changed his middle name before 1901. A number of southern Wales Dares emigrated to New England (through Boston) and other northern edge US states and I have been in touch with several who may be your cousins. We hope to piece this branch of the Dare family together eventually! PS: I also have an extensive tree of the Bowen family of Wales, who I see from the census records were next door neighbors.

I have attached a list below, of what I believe are the oldest recorded Dares in the British Isles.

Ancient Dare Family Timeline:

1265 - William Dare owns a property on the North side of Coomb Street, Lyme Regis, next to George Wakely.

1280 - Court records mention a Mill on the present site in town. We believe the Dares built this mill.

1329 - William Dare is listed as Vicar of St. Michael's Church in Lyme Regis. Either this man or a descendant with the same name is honored in the church with a shield on a pillar and the initials WD. (The initials may also represent Mayor William Dare who was in office in the 1490’s when the church was renovated.)

1340 - The King granted a license for a new water mill to be built next to the old one with a trench (or leat) to divert the water. Two water wheels drove two millstones.

1439 to 1442 - Robert Dare is elected Mayor of Lyme Regis. He was also reprimanded in the court in 1440 for not cleaning out his ditches.

1451 - Richard Dare serves in August on a jury of 12 to select the Mayor of Lyme Regis.

1451 - Robert Dare, Jr. is chosen to serve as Constable of Lyme Regis.

1470 to 1490 - Richard Dare is elected to serve as Mayor of Lyme Regis.

1490 to 1496 - William Dare is elected Mayor of Lyme Regis.

1492 - (May) - William Dare is charged in court with over-charging for his flour as miller at the town Mill.

1492 - (October) - William Dare is ordered by the court to keep the weir next to the mill in good repair or pay 40d.

(a weir is a small overflow-type dam commonly used to create mill ponds. A weir will artificially reduce the upstream water velocity, which can lead to an increase in siltation if the flow is not kept up.)

1496 - John Dare hands over some of his land to the town of Lyme Regis. A Lyme Regis rental agreement also mentions William Dare and Joan Dare.

1498 - John Dare serves on a jury of 18 to choose a Mayor. He is selected as Coroner.

1499 - John and William Dare serve on the jury to select the mayor. John Dare once again chosen as Coroner.

1499 to 1501 - William Dare elected Mayor of Lyme Regis.

1505 to 1506 - William Dare elected Mayor of Lyme Regis. John Dare once again chosen as Coroner.

1500-1700 - Lyme Regis' most profitable time period began, with its merchants and sea captains trading with the Mediterranean, West Indies and Americas. Lyme was a major English port and even as late as 1780, it was still larger than the port of Liverpool.

1504 thru 1515 - Widow of Robert Dare and second husband William Parrot sue William Dare over Lyme Regis property.

1507 - Will of John Dare of Lyme Regis.

1540 - John White, Virginia Dare's grandfather, was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England.

1542 - Will of John William Dare - merchant of Madras, East Indies.

1563 - Ananias Dare was born. He was the father of Virginia Dare, the first European baby born in the New World.

1563 to 1564 - Thomas Dare elected Mayor of Lyme Regis.

1571 - Will of John Dare, ordinary seaman on HMS Bedford.

1587 - Virginia Dare was born - first European born in the New World. She was the daughter of Ananias and Eleanor White Dare, and granddaughter of Governor John White of Roanoke, Virginia.

1588 - The battle between the Spanish Armada and Sir Francis Drake within sight of Lyme Regis.

1589 - John Dare bequeaths land to the corporation of Lyme.

1589 - John and William Dare pay off mortgages on their properties.

1590 - August - Governor White is finally allowed to, and makes it back to Roanoke, Virginia to find his granddaughter, Virginia Dare, gone with the rest of the colonists. We now know that they were taken in by friendly Indians and later taken captive and forced into slavery by enemies of those Indians. They most likely intermarried with these Indians based on historical evidence and family tradition and DNA testing efforts.

1597 (June 27) - Robert Nokes and Robert Satchfield, supposed kinsmen, apply to the Canterbury court to administer Virginia Dare's half brother, John Dare's estate in the St. Brides parish of London, since his father Ananias Dare, of Roanoke, has been declared dead. (Another probate record indicated that John Nokes left his daughter an estate in the St. Brides parish of London.)

1626 - will of Samuel Dare, husbandman, of Wootten Fitzpaine, Dorset.
1644 - During the two month long "Seige of Lyme," 43 houses were destroyed by Royalist ships because the town supported the Parliament. 2000 oak trees were given to the town after the war to rebuild the town. Edith Dare is one of 8 to receive 20 pounds for losses during the seige.

1648 - September 7 - Captain Robert Dare's ship - the "Constant Warwick" is hired by 18 year old Prince Charles II.

1648 - Captain Robert Dare and his men aboard the Constant Warwick succeed in capturing an Irish "Great ship" with 22 pieces of ordinance and the "Irish rebel" - the Earle of Antrim.

1657 - William Dare signs a proposal to turn the "shambles" (from the mill) into a (woolen) cloth market.
1661 - a Miller's house was added to the Lyme Regis Town Mill.
1667-1669 - John Dare, sailor was held for ransom by Algerian pirates.
1667 - William Dare's grandfather dies, leaving his estate called "Yaul" to William Dare. William Dare's father, Nicholas, has already died.
1670-1680 - Edward Rose Dare listed in documents as a Gentleman from Uplyme, Devon.

1681 - Humble petition of Thomas Dare of Taunton, Somerset (just north of Lyme) to Parliament concerning his imprisonment.

1683 - William Dare of Lyme Regis and Cohansey sells 50 acres (called "Kuldry") of his land near Cohansey, West Jersey (N. America) to David Sheppard of Ireland, an Englishman who had migrated to Ireland, seeking religious freedom. This is the first date of evidence that he came to the New World before 1683. (He was fortunate that he emigrated before the next occurrence on this timeline.)

1685 - The Duke of Monmouth lands in Lyme Regis to begin his ill-fated rebellion against his uncle King James II. Many of those in Western England who followed him, were exiled to the West Indies. Once he defeated the Duke, King Charles II publicly executed a number of citizens of Lyme Regis for their part in the battle. Therefore some of our relatives ended up in the West Indies. Little has been done to trace them. Others fled to other parts of England or America.

1690 - a will is recorded of “Thomas Dare, Goldsmith, now a merchant of Amsterdam, Holland.” (Court of Canterbury)

Mar 1720 – June 1720 – Captain William Dare dies and bequeaths his Uplyme and Lyme Regis property to his son William Dare in his will. No mention of this property appears after this.

1754 - Henry Edwards apprenticed to Thomas Dare of Charmouth, Dorset.

1774 - Thomas Dare, miller and William Dare, Samuel Dare, and Susannah Dare are listed as living next to the mill in Uplyme.

1826 - William Dare was apprenticed to William Tucker, butcher of Lyme Regis.
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