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David Yusi (View posts)
Posted: 991040410000
Hi Brenda,
You may be interested in this email from Dennis Yusi (see below) he outlines
his family comes from Alta Villa or Altavilla, near San Pietro, in the
mountains above the city of Cosenza, Italy. Dennis also has links to the
Yusi' in Port Chester and Rye, New York where my family is from. I now live
in Australia but was born in Port Chester.

I have two sons Joseph and Zach, and My wife's name is Ann-Marie.
My father's name was Joseph Yusi he worked for many years at the Appawamis
Club in Rye as a Caddie Master. He was born in PortChester on March 15,
1907 and died in 1967 aged 60. He is buried with his brother Peter, and
My Grandparents Louis Yusi 1869 - 1937 and his wife Marie A. (nee Spinelli)
1887- 1958 in the Port Chester Cemetery. As I was born in 1958 so I never
my Grandparents. But was told that he was from the south of Italy from the
Calabria Area but I don't know which town. Marie A. was from Naples.

My Father had five brothers; Eddy, Steve, Peter, George, Micky and
John. and five sisters;Rose, Angie, Kate, Clair, and Florwente (don't trust
spelling) I don't know if any are still alive.

When I was last in Rye in 1992 I asked my aunt Rani who is my Uncle John's
Wife about the Yusi side of the family and who we were related to. Her
answer was that she thought all the Yusi in the Rye PortChester area were
related but she did not know the exact links. She also said the spelling was
different. Iusi

She spoke to me about Dennis's fathers shop but could not tell me how we
were related other than to say we were. The other relitive she told me
about out side of this area was a person in Hawaii, Anthony H Yusi who
also comes from PortChester. She
again knew he was a relative but did not know how.

Some years back I was in touch with a Ray Yusi also via e-mail

If you can ever find any of our family links or develop a family tree please e-mail or write again. or you are welcom to just keep in touch. Thanks again also my direct email is

This is the email from Dennis Yusi

-----Original Message-----

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dennis Yusi <>
>To: <>
>Date: Monday, November 22, 1999 11:32 AM
>Subject: More Yusi info
>>Dear David
>> Just a quick note: I have a family tree from Raymond D. Yusi. His
>>address in California is Raymond D. Yusi, 1295 Windover Way, Monterey
>>Park, CA 91754-4633.
>>His e-mail is Raymond lives with his wife "Betty."
>>Just a few tid-bits to fill you in on what started as an internet name
>>inquiry initiated by my son, Daniel when he e-mailed Raymond's son (a
>>Jr.) in Grenada (I believe you've already been in contact with Daniel
>>[2-10-99]who attends Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.).
>> Raymond: A retired civil engineer; came by the family tree through his
>>contacts with a cousin, Dr. Maggorino Iusi of the University of Calabria
>>in Cosenza;
>>His folks came from Altavilla, as did ours; Raymond, Sr. has affixed a
>>few tags onto the right side of the tree…hope you can read them. One of
>>the names is a Kathyrin, and Daniel did get another e-mail from a "great
>>aunt Kathyrin" --- maybe the same?
>>Her e-mail is She relates that the research by
>>Maggorino was difficult because four languages were involved including
>>Italian, several versions of Latin, and Spanish.
>>Our family comes from Alta Villa or Altavilla, near San Pietro, in the
>>mountains above the city of Cosenza, Italy.
>>Raymond has visited Altavilla several times, starting in 1945, during
>>WWII. He said he has been back 5 times and the area is the best kept
>>vacation secret in the world due to its beautiful scenery and lakes.
>>Raymond was born in Spokane, Washington;
>>attended Gonzaga University, there (a Jesuit school). He married Alice
>>Snow who descended from Nicholas Snow who came over on the Dove in 1623.
>>Her name is Betty on the chart, but he includes a tag saying that the
>>legal name is Alice (which he also called her in his e-mail to me).
>>Raymond will be 83 in April, 1999. He has two "red-headed" daughters;
>>says that his grandfather, old Luigi Iusi had red hair and light gray
>>eyes (occhi de gato-cat's eyes). He has called me once on the phone, and
>>sent a picture of he and his wife as well. Apparently, Alice, who is 77
>>is experiencing problems with her ability to walk…(peripheral neuropathy
>>in which the nerve sheaths slough off), so I guess Raymond is busy
>>helping her in many ways.
>>It's difficult to see a direct link to Raymond's family tree because
>>people kept using the same names over and over. My great grandfather was
>>Salvatore. There is a Salvatore on his list, but no wife. Our tree
>>states that he married a Maria Iusi, a fifth cousin. My grandfather was
>>Erminio, married to Rosa DeBartolo, also of Altavilla. Their children
>>included, Mary (d), Armondo (d), Raimondo (Ramon) (d), Arcilia (Elsie),
>>Aquila (Vivian), both living, and Aqualina (died at 2).
>>Pg.2 Dennis Yusi Lineage
>>Salvatore's siblings included a Michael, Antonio, Giovanni, Rosa, and
>>Maria. Maria siblings included Raphael, Luigi, Gaitano, and Pasquale.
>>Erminio's siblings were Francesco, Amilia, Philomena, and Sestino.
>>I will look over a few things during Thanksgiving break, but I really
>>don't know as much about the Yusi's as I'd like. They seem to be a
>>closed group. My father's sisters didn't like the fact that he married a
>>Polish woman, so we were somewhat excluded from family things early on.
>>Things got better later on, but only on a surface level. The Marino's
>>were actually more in touch with us, but still I only really knew my
>>cousin Paul who died at 48 from hepatitis complications from a bad blood
>>transfusion. Paulie was a great loss to the family because he was the
>>one who really loved family ties and was the one who instigated whatever
>>reunions we had (only two that we were informed of in the fast 20 years).
>> I think it's a shame. We never learned Italian, although my brother and
>>I studied Latin, and I've dabbled in Spanish due to a mission trip and
>>audited course I took. Paul learned Italian so well that you'd have
>>thought he "came over on the boat." For an American, he had the
>>strongest Italian accent of the entire family. He lived in the same
>>house as our Nonna Rosie, so there's no wonder how he picked it up. My
>>Aunt Vivian husband Lenny just passed away about a month and a half ago.
>>He was a Rossi. Always a nice man. I miss the Italian Christmasses! I
>>learned how to make Tordidi's, but that's the only Italian fried
>>cookie-pastry thing I've carried on. So much for now.
>>God be with your family…
>>Take care, Dennis
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