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Loyalist Pensions 1843-1846 York County, NB

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Loyalist Pensions 1843-1846 York County, NB

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Surnames: Adams, Allan, Allan, Anderson, Bate, Beard, Bonnell, Brown, Bruce, Cain, Carville, Chandler, Collins, Collings, Cornelison, Drake, Dunlap, Fero, Fisher, Flint, Fowler, Grant, Gray, Harper, Hayward, Hazelton, Heustis, Hillsgrove, Howard, Keach, Kelly, Lawrence, Madgett, Manzer, McDonald, McKenzie, McPherson, McPherson, Mills, Moore, Munro, Munroe, Pond, Reach, Regan, Rigar, Rudh, Seabrook, Sheppard, Stewart, Stone, Sutherland, Thompkins, Thornton, Todd, Turner, Vance, West, Whitehead, Whitelock, Wright, York, Young
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A Schedule of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and their Widows chargeable on the Relief Fund, 1843.

NEW BRUNSWICK. Schedule of Persons now receiving Relief under the Acts for the Relief of the Old Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and their Widows, specifying their ages, the Counties in which they respectively reside, and the year in which relief was first granted, - Furnished in answer to Address if 8th February. {1843}

(Lists of Pensioners found in the printed volumes of the Legislative Assembly papers, and there are files that support application for these pensions. The records that follow are found in the volumes for 1843 and 1846, Appendix pp. xcvii to cxxi.)

(NOTE: Dates in [ ] prob. same as last date listed before it in original list.)

Isaac Adams /81/[1840]
Dorcas Allan /69/[1842]
Peter Allan /79/[1840] {dead}
Sarah Anderson /70/[1840]
Lucy Ann Vance /81/[1842]
Sarah Bate /83/[1839]
Ruth Beard /88/[1840]
Gershom Bonnell /82/[1840]
Sarah Brown /66/[1840] {removed}
Elizabeth Brown /69/[1842]
David Bruce /89/[1840]
Nelly Cain /84/[1839]
Lavinia Carville /74/[1839] {removed}
Elizabeth Chandler /75/[1840]
Ann Collings /63/[1839]
William Cornelison /70/[1840]
Catherine Drake /74/[1840] {dead}
Martha Dunlap /59/[1840]
Catherine Fero /72/[1840]
Mary Fisher /83/[1840]
Catherine Flint /83/[1840]
Mary Fowler /97/[1841]
Ann Grant /69/[1840]
Lyman Gray /84/[1840]
William Harper /83/[1841]
Charles Hazelton /82/[1840]
Timothy Heustis /74/1841
Julianna Hillsgrove /90/[1840]
John Howard /72/[1842]
Mary Kelly /67/[1839]
Elizabeth Lawrence /56/[1841]
Catherine M'Donald /66/[1839]
Donald M'Donald /85/[1840]
Alexander M'Kenzie /84/[1840]
Mary M'Pherson /78/[1842]
Wm. M'Pherson /88/[1840] {dead}
Joseph Madgett /85/1842
John Manzer /84/[1839] {since stopped}
Isaac Mills /87/[1840]
John Moore /79/[1839]
Ann Munroe /60/[1839]
John Pond /77/[1839]
Mary Reach /63/[1840]
John Regan /72/[1840]
Andrew Rudh /74/[1840]
Nathaniel Seabrook /88/1839
Lydia Sheppard /64/[1841]
Catherine Stewart /79/[1839]
Joshua Stone /85/[1840]
Abigail Sutherland /65/[1839]
Jacob Thompkins /../1840 {removed}
Thomas Thornton /79/[1839]
Ruth Todd /77/[1840]
Holden Turner /80/[1840]
Catherine West /89/[1840]
Sarah West /62/[1842]
Mary Whitelock /75/[1840]
Musco Wright /88/[1839]
Mary York /70/1839
Sarah Young /82/[1841]
Mary Young /82/[1841]

Sarah Anderson /77/Southn.
Ruth Beard /91/Douglas
Gershom Bonnell /87/F'ton
Sarah Brown /70/Southn.
Anne Bruce /65/St Marys
Elizabeth Chandler /80/Pr. Wm.
Anne Collins /71/St Marys
William Cornelison /77/Queensbury
Martha Dunlap /67/Southn.
Catherine Flint /78/Southn.
Anne Grant /71/Douglas
William Harper /86/Pr. Wm.
John Hayward /73/Kingsclear
Charles Hazelton /88/Queensbury
Julianna Hillsgrove /98/F'ton
Mary Keach /72/Queensbury
Mary Kelly /81/Kingsclear
Elizabeth Lawrence /60/Douglas
Donald M'Donald /94/St Marys
Anne Munro /62/St Marys
John Pond /82/St Marys
John Rigar /78/Pr. Wm.
Andrew Rush /78/Pr. Wm.
Nathaniel Seabrook /83/Dumfries
Lydia Shepherd /64/Douglas
Joshua Stone /90/Douglas
Abigail Sutherland /69/St Marys
Thomas Thornton /85/Southn.
Ruth Todd /82/Douglas
Lucy Ann Vance /86/Douglas
Sarah West /64/Kingsclear
Elizabeth Whitehead /61/Douglas
Mary Whitlock /79/St Marys
Mary York /76/F'ton

{Signed: Geo. J. Dibblee, Clerk Peace, York County.}

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