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A look at the barony of Hanyng, parish of Galston, in 1593.

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Re: Mike of Brisbane's reply to "Second look...etc...."

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Mike of Brisbane: This is in reponse to your query regarding Margaret Wallace, Dame of Hanyng.

REGISTER of the GREAT SEAL of SCOTLAND. Volume V (1580 - 1593), page 792, footnote number "1".--This footnote names the men who served on an assize which was dated January 18, 1592. Although I have alphabetized their names, the original order of their signing is indicated by the number at the beginning of each name. Only the last two men were designated by saying they lived "in" such and such a place. However, the only thing of real importance to us are the names of those who were associated in this action, the point being that the Ross's of Hanyng in 1592 most certainly knew some of the Wallace's.

(9) John Craufurd younger of Craufurdland
(10) George Dunbar of Barmure
(1) John Foullartoun of Dreghorne
(12) John Mure of Spittelside
(8) Martin Mure of Middiltoun
(4) GEORGE ROSS of Hanyng
(3) John Schaw of Sornebeg
(5) John Stewart of Halrig
(13) Adam Wallace of Balhous (sic; ?Hilhous?)
(15) Adam Wallace in Blakhous
(11) John Wallace of Auchinweit
(14) John Wallace in Monktounhill
(2) Robert Wallace younger of Carnell
(7) William Wallace of Barnweill
(6) William Wallace of Brighous

REGISTRUM MAGNI SIGILLI REGUM SCOTORUM. Volume VII (1609 - 1620), page 579. Entry Number 1606. Dated March 11, 1617. Apud Edinburgum.
--"REX.....confirmavit cartam Henrici Steuart de Barskymming, --(qua,--pro impletione contractus matrimonialis inter se, Jonetam Reid sponsam suam et Adamum S. ipsorum filium et heredem apparentem ab una, et Margaretam Wallace dominam Hayning, coronatorem Davidem Boyde de Tuyirgill tunc ejus sponsum, Mariam Ros filiam dicte Mar., D. Jo. Wallace de Cairnhill militem, M. Math. Ros de Hayning et Rob. Ros de Thorntoun, ab altera partibus, de data apud Kilmarnok et Mauchline, 23 et 4 Sept. 1610,--cum consensu dicte Jonete, concessit dictis ADAMO STEWART, et MARIE ROS ejus future sponse, in ejus pura virginitate,--9 solidat. terrarum vocat. Millerland de Stairquhat alias Barskymming antiqui extentus, cum molendino, astrictis multuris &c., in Kyle-regis, vic. de Air:--TENEND. dictis Adamo et Mar. in conjuncta infeodatione, et heredibus inter eos legitime procreandis, quibus deficientibu, heredibus et assignatis dicti Ad. quibuscunque, de rege:--cum precepto sasine:--SALVA dictis Hen. et Jon. libertate scindendi et conservandi silvas durantibus ipsorum vitis:--TEST. M. Petro Prymroise ministro de Mauchline, Martino Mure de Middiltoun, Davide Durie de Garpall, Roberto Aickine notario:--presentibus scriptis per Hugonem Powar notarium in Kilmarnok:--Apud Mauchline, 2--Oct. 1610.)"

Mike: Even though my two years of High School Latin classes date from 1940 and 1941, I am going to try to tell you what the above says:

1. In 1617, the King who is at Edinburg, consents to a charter which had been drawn up by the notary, Hugh Power, on Sept. 23 at Kilmarnok and Sept. 24, 1610 at Mauchline.

2. It is a marriage contract between two parties:
FIRST PARTY consists of Henry Stewart of Barskimming and his wife Jonet Reid, their son Adam Stewart who is the heir apparent of said Henry.
SECOND PARTY consists of Margaret Wallace, Dame of Hanyng who is now the wife of David Boyd of Tuyirgill; Mariam (sic; she is later referred to as "Marie") Ross who is the daughter of said Dame Margaret and of her former husband John Wallace of Cairnhill, a knight; Matthew Ross of Hanyng; Robert Ross of Thornton.

3. Henry Stewart of Barskimming and his wife Jonet concede-- TO -- the said Adam Stewart and to the said Marie Ross who is to become his bride and who is in her "pure virginity", the 9 solidat land called Millerland of Stairquhat, alias, Barskimming of "antique extent" with its mills, farm land, etc. lying in Kyle Regis., County Ayr.

4. This land is enfeoffed to both Adam and Marie, conjointly, and to their heirs legitimately procreated; if these are deficient (there are no heirs so procreated), then the land of Millerland may be assigned to whomsoever by the said Adam.

5. Henry and his wife Jonet reserve a portion for the remainder of their lives.

6. This marritage was completed in Mauchline on Oct. 2, 1610.

Mike: We now have sufficient facts to enable us to draw up a time line:
(1) Marie Ross, the bride to be, was probably born about 1592; making her mother Dame Maraget Wallace of Hanyng born about 1574. And the next question becomes who was Dame Hanyng's husband?

(2). For a long time I placed her as the wife of George Ross, the son of John Ross and Mariota Stewart, and who was born about 1550 or before. HOWEVER, with your information that she married (2) Colonel David Boyd and had further issue, it is a pretty safe bet that Dame Margaret was the wife of the son of George Ross, Junior, of Hanyng and who was the grandson of John Ross and Mariota Stewart! Previously, I had no reason to think that George Ross, Junior ( he died about 1597) had ever been married -- BUT -- that is in error, as I now believe.

(2). The party of the second part included her two uncles, (1) Matthew Ross of Haning who became possessor of the barony in 1597, following his nephew, George, who died about 1597, and (2) Dr. Robert Ross of Thornton who is known to have established Portavo on the Ards peninsula in County Down, Ireland.....This Matthew Ross had a grandson, George Ross, who held Quintin Castle further south on Ards, and had descendants living in that area until after 1800.
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