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Subject: Michigan: Shalau or Recore
Author: lumael
Date: 28 August 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Shalau, Recore, Ricore, Ricard, Therrian, Terrien

We are trying to identify the Native tribe and family of my great grandmother, and who we think is her mother. Leah Recore Therrian (1890-1965), and Nettie Shalau (1860/70s).
Leah and possibly Nettie were orphans from Chippewa County, Michigan (Trout Lake?). Leah was a "servant" girl in the census, and lived with the Recore family until she married Joseph Therrian (1874-1949) in Altona, NY.
There may be a Shalau family currently in Michigan connected with the Trepto family, who recently had their 100th reunion, but none of the latter attended so we could not make contact.

Family Tree DNA: Chris Gilfilian
Family Search: GSRK-DZF
GED Match: EA4194138